10 Fun Things To Do in Mississauga

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10 Fun Things To Do in Mississauga 1

Guide to the best things to do in Mississauga!

Mississauga is a neighbor to Toronto and a large Canadian city on its own. It offers its tourists several places to visit. Along with that, there is a whole list of things to do in Mississauga. It is home to the most famous and the biggest airport in Canada.

This makes it a comfortable trip for all those planning to visit. It is also known as the place of celebrations. Mississauga offers several reasons to celebrate their holidays there.

It has a strong system of public transportation and an excellent sustainable program. Both of which have transformed its city hall completely. These days it is focusing on expanding it into several year-round activities.

This will keep all its visitors entertained. There is so much to see, from the self-guided art tour to visiting historical sites. The local shops, the Braeben golf course, and Fo Guang shan temple add to the things to do in Mississauga.

For instance, there is so much to explore in the city—the Adamson estate, Pearson international airport, and tennis courts. The port credit and the paramount fine foods center are also part of the same clan.

This article will take you on a journey through the waterfront of Mississauga and its real estate. It will acquaint you with all that it’s famous for and all the things to do in Mississauga.

Top Things To Do in Mississauga

1. Visit Lake Ontario-

The city of Mississauga itself is situated on the shores of Lake Ontario. It has a list of places one can visit, and these come under the things to do in Mississauga. It is one of the best lakes in North America. It is surrounded by Canada’s Ontario and the United States New York.

things to do in mississauga

By: Mustang Joe/Flickr

Lakeview Village

Its location is very fortunate, as it is at the beautiful shores of Lake Ontario. It is very close to Queen Elizabeth Way. It also offers an easy commute distance of the Lakeshore campus from Humber College. From this Lakeview village, one signs up for a fun day. They can do fun things in the lakefront promenade park.

Lakefront Promenade Park

It is an important part of things to do in Mississauga. One can always count on having a fun day with their families at the Lakefront Promenade Park. There is a pathway at the waterfront, which is fun. The sandy beaches make it an ideal place for hanging out with the whole family.

2. Go Shopping

Mississauga has a range of malls, from the Square One Shopping mall to the Erin Mills Town Centre. The city offers several places to shop during their trip. It is the hub for holiday shopping for a fun time with the whole family. It includes a massive trail of farmers’ markets. Along with other fantasy fairs, and is also nearby jack darling park.

Square One Shopping Centre

Square One is popularly known as the Square one shopping center. It is among Canada’s largest shopping centers. It has bagged the 2nd position with its variety. The Square One Shopping Center spreads across over 2,200,000 square feet. This is its retail space. It also has more than 360 stores.

Dixie Outlet Mall

This shopping center is located only 20 minutes away from Toronto. This makes Mississauga a neighbor to the downtown. It has a vast parking lot. This makes the visitors do hassle-free shopping with their whole families. It offers one all the sources to shop till their heart desires.

Mississauga Flea Market

We have already talked about the Shopping malls that are famous centers to shop from. Apart from those, there is a flea market located in the main street. It has street parking. It offers the shoppers so much to look at. It also puts on display their permanent collection.

This might not sound very convenient, but it gives the visitors a chance to live like the locals. It offers several green places and fantasy fairs. This is one place where the visitors can bring a smile to their loved one’s faces.

A friendship bell is a popular activity to do the same. It is also close to the adamson estate. It is among the many things to do in Mississauga.

3. Arrange Picnic

With the number of picnic areas, the things to do in Mississauga increase by 10 fold. Apart from the Lakefront Promenade Park, other places that one can always count on for picnics are as follows:

1. The Kariya Park

2. Robert Speck Parkway

3. Erindale Park,

These are a sight for sore eyes on a rainy day and are no less than a fantasy fair.

Kariya Park

10 Fun Things To Do in Mississauga 2

By: Nayuki/Flickr

Kariya Park is a very famous Japanese Garden located in downtown Mississauga. During the Spring season, it is even more crowded. The Magnolia trees and the cherry blossoms can also be enjoyed virtually, bloom here.

Another interesting fact about this Japanese Park is named after Kariya. Kariya is popularly known as Mississauga’s sister city. It has a replica of the city hall in their city, called the “Mississauga Park.”

Erindale Park

10 Fun Things To Do in Mississauga 3

By: Mustang Joe/Flickr

The Erindale Park offers several Outdoor adventures and outdoor activities.  One can indulge in them with their whole family. It is the largest park in Mississauga, and it uses the waterfront trail. It also uses the trail for the views of Credit River and Ravines.

One can explore nature, and bird watching purposes can be fulfilled. It counts as one of the significant experiences under things to do in Mississauga. It also offers fun activities like fishing. It avails the toboggan hill during the winter season and the mullet creek.

4. Jack Darling Memorial Park

10 Fun Things To Do in Mississauga 4

ATT Clips on Shutterstock

There are about five parking lots, picnic areas, beaches, playground, spray pad, and tennis court. Half of the things to do in Mississauga are possible in the Jack Darling Memorial Park. One can explore its waterfront and bring their families there—especially the kids, to have a good day at the spring pad during the summer season.

There is a waterfront trail that crosses through the Jack darling memorial park. It makes the place all the more beautiful and fun. Not only that, but the visitors can also acquaint themselves with the walking trails. These are in the Rattray Marsh Conservation Area.

5. Celebration Square

10 Fun Things To Do in Mississauga 5

By: Saku Takakusaki/Flickr

The Art and Culture celebrated in Celebration Square is not one to overlook. With the prime location of downtown, this is an outdoor public square also. It is an event venue and an urban park that families would like to visit. It is a permanent stage for events as well as concerts.

Mississauga’s largest outdoor ice rink is availed during the winters. It has turf space and shaded gardens. It also has a fountain during the summer season. Moreover, it has approximately 25 digital program screens. Along with that, there is a theater that seats around 300 people. They make the wheelchairs for the needy accessible along with free wifi for all.

All the licensed cafes and the food vendors keep the crowd entertained. They are always at people’s service.

Features of the Celebration Square:

  • Legends Row
  • Public Art
  • The Rink
  • The Queen’s Jubilee Garden
  • The Fountain

6. Walking & Biking

Mississauga is all about staying active and making most of one’s time outdoors. It has several trails to offer. There are almost 295 km long and massive trails throughout the city. A few famous ones among those have been mentioned below.

The Burnhamthorpe trail

The Burnhamthorpe trail runs from the Loyalist Drive to Garnetwood Park.

Moreover, the Burnhamthorpe Trail is for multi-use. So the hikers, bikers, and in-line skaters can come down and enjoy their time. The trail is an uninterrupted path. It runs through the downtown with painted “crossroads” at selected intersections.

The Queensway Trail

The Queensway Trail is also a multi-use trail. This makes it one of the best trails for biking, walking, or even jogging. This waterfront trail runs through the hydro corridor.

The corridor is between Etobicoke Creek and Glengarry Road. Trees and greenery are abundant. This makes it a scenic route for those who decide to explore the place.

David J Culham Trail

The David J Culham Trail is another multi-use trail. It is inclusive of urban and natural settings alongside the Credit River. Currently, there are three sections within the park. This includes the south section, the middle section, and the north section. The south section begins on Dundas Street to the Barbertown Road. The middle section runs to Velebit Court from Church Street.

The section on the north runs throughout Meadowvale Conservation Area. Furthermore, there are also solid connections that it has made. These are with the Erindale Park, Riverwood Community Centre, Streetsville Memorial Park. The University of Toronto Mississauga also falls on the same route. This list speaks volumes about its easily made yet deep connections.

Waterfront Trail

The Lakeside Park contains walking trails. They go on to connect themselves to the very bottom of the waterfront. Here one can enjoy skipping stones and the beautiful scenery.

The trail itself stretches from Etobicoke Creek to the Oakville Border. Not only that, it also has public restrooms available for use. This makes the visitor’s trip hassle.

7. Visit Port Credit

10 Fun Things To Do in Mississauga 6

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Port Credit is very popular for the events that it hosts. It is the Entertainment hub of Mississauga. The dinner at the waterfront and the music are extraordinary. It is also the hub of shopping. This place, Port Credit, has something to offer to one and all.

With a line of restaurants and retail shops, it provides services and goods to people of all ages. Moreover, Port Credit has cafes at walking distance. It is hardly 26 Km away from downtown Toronto.

It has a minimal number of people. The walk around the Harbour and all the restaurants and stores, besides the lakeshore, makes it more fun. It has the best breakfast places and scenic dining places. This makes Port Credit a beautiful way for one to spend their day. It is only a few kilometers away from the hustle of the city. Therefore, it provides the taste of both worlds.

Port Credit also offers tranquility with opportunities to jet ski. Along with that, there are several marine sports. These include boat rides. The port credit lighthouse cannot be compared to a fantasy fair and is scenic.

8. Credit River

10 Fun Things To Do in Mississauga 7

By: Mustang Joe/Flickr

In Mississauga, the Credit River is located in southern Ontario. It flows from headwaters above the Niagara Escarpment neighboring Orangeville. It also flows to Caledon East to empty it into Lake Ontario at Port Credit. It drains an area that spreads to a place of approximately 1000km.

The total length of the river along with its tributary streams. It is spread over 1500km, approximately. The City of Mississauga has been exploring opportunities on its waterfront. Their waterfront is not limited to the waterline. It is more of a community that is built.

The revitalization of this area will also help deliver on the City’s Strategic Plan action. This is of creating a model sustainable creative community on the waterfront.

On a single visit to Credit River Retirement Residence, one can see the distinction. In terms of amenities, food, services, programs, and the little touches that make it feel like home. Every single day, people living there create opportunities for their residents. These are to discover new things about themselves and have more unique experiences.

Senior Living has, in reality, changed over the past decade. They try to make them more observant of the people around them and the world that they live in.

They want to show their visitors an honest view of what Retirement Living is all about. This helps them redefine what it means to be aging together as one unit.

9. Small Arms Building

The Small Arms Building is situated as First Nation peoples’ historical and traditional territory. It is transforming a historic WWII munitions site into a modern creative art space. It is filled with contributions from local schools as well as artists. It is the standing portrayal of what Canada is all about.

It indeed doesn’t get more Canadian than this. Moreover, it has been a part of the lake view community since 1939. It is popularly referred to as the “community living room” and the garden. It is a hub of all the spaces it shares. The art gallery and the Situ art installations are a piece of history.

The factory was known for employing women during the second world war. It grew to be named as a heritage site. The City of Mississauga is currently conducting a feasibility study. It would set in order a vision and a plan for the rehabilitation of the north side. The building comprises approximately 24,000 sq ft of space.

10. Art Gallery

Visiting the Art Gallery is a must among things to do in Mississauga. It is one of the things which should most definitely be on the list. Although not very spacious, this art gallery in downtown Mississauga is located inside the City Hall. It is very close to the Square One shopping mall.

It has a small number of rooms. However, it is free to visit for one and all; as they say, you cannot put a price tag on art. Moreover, the gallery has a permanent collection as well as rotating exhibits. Apart from that, there is a highly intriguing work of sand art in the Art gallery of Mississauga.

The sand art is meant to be temporary for apparent reasons. It is one that all the visitors are often in awe of. The designs it has are very colorful and beautiful. It is a treat for the visitors as every single month, the gallery transforms. New pieces are put on display for one to visit. There’s a wide diversity of work.

You should visit the Art Gallery of Mississauga. It is very close to the famous Celebration Square or Square One, through the civic centre. There are pieces by local artists, Indigenous artists, and regional, national, and international artists.

Follow the attached video to find more fun things to do in Mississauga.

Mississauga is a sought-after destination and the closest suburb to Toronto. It is a one-stop destination for one and all. It gives people the comfort of a home. Moreover, it provides them with a list of things to do in Mississauga. This, in turn, keeps them entertained throughout.

It has over 400,000+ employees who work for approximately 55,000 businesses and 1,300+ multinational firms. Not to forget the 500 Canadian head offices and 61 of Fortune standing strong in this city. Port credit, Toronto Pearson international airport, and the paramount fine food centre list are never-ending.

On top of that, Mississauga city center, civic centre, food district, and other green spaces are a must-visit. Among several fun things to do, swimming in the indoor pool, outdoor pools and to read the Mississauga written artifacts are a must to experience.

The Hershey centre, braeben golf, mullet creek, rec room, pet cemetery, and eating from the food trucks top the list.

There is another perk that is also the most important one. No, we are not talking about craft beer or fresh fruit tea. All the things to do in Mississauga come at a very reasonable price if compared to Toronto. All in all, Mississauga is one place that is convenient for one and all alike.

However, your journey and insight on things to do in Mississauga don’t end here. People from any part of the world can relate to at least one of the parts from their diverse culture. It encourages them to take a part of Mississauga with them at the end of their visit.

If there is anything you want to know from us, feel free to write to us. We will be sure to work on the same. Until then, do keep a lookout for our new articles on https://icycanada.com/.

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