What are the Jobs in Canada for Immigrants? 14 Options

Canada stands unparalleled regarding job opportunities for immigrants from culturally distinct nations and contrasting communal backgrounds. 

The Great White North has been promoting multiculturalism for ages and is constantly welcoming talents from oceans apart. If you are looking to immigrate to Canada, you may ask – what are the jobs in Canada for immigrants?

Don’t worry – we will help you out. With one in every five workers born outside the country, Canada has a talent pool that powers the nation’s growth and economic output.

There has been a steady increase in job-seeking immigrants in Canada, with around 3.5 million people immigrating to Canada in the last 15 years. 

Employers in various professional sectors, from industries to technology companies, acknowledge the immigrants’ ideas and experiences to give birth to new approaches, strategies, and models.

Compared to the US, Canada has shown lesser elevation in technology and opportunities but is still emerging as a vibrant occupational hotspot for immigrants. 

Many employers look for opportunities to hire individuals from other counties and work with companies that run businesses overseas. 

Here are Some of the best-appreciated jobs in Canada for immigrants.

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1. Software Engineer

This is one of the most sought-after positions in the Canadian IT sector. 

Employers readily welcome skilled technology workers and software developers from countries to the Canadian provinces, with over 100,000 positions paying an average salary of $53.14 per hour.

Employers looking for immigrant software engineers could be found in Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Ontario. 

Companies with well-paid salaries absorb skilled and highly qualified immigrants. As an immigrant, one needs to have a Canadian equivalency assessment as a requirement.

2. Doctors

As an immigrant international medical graduate (IMG), you need to have your medical school listed in the world of medical schools so that Canada recognizes your school. 

In case your school is not enlisted in the directory, you will be required to enter a residency program called CaRMS.

Next, you are required to qualify for Canadian medical exams to acquire your license to practice. 

Exams like the Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Exam (MCCEE) part I and II are used to screen foreign medical candidates. 

Employment opportunities for doctors are extensively present in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, and Ontario, paying an average salary of $76.29 per hour. 

Surely, it’s among the top jobs in Canada for immigrants – and one of the more popular ones too.

3. Lawyers 

One of the top jobs in Canada for immigrants, it pays well too.

To become an immigrant lawyer, you should complete law school in Canada to qualify for the provincial bar exams, get certification for practice, and have expertise in Canadian laws.

This profession has a high demand in Toronto, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba paying around $55.39 per hour.

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4. Chartered accountant

In Canada, fully certified accountants from other countries with regulated status can apply here as accountants. 

An undergraduate degree and a few exams could land good positions in Canada. 

Your expertise and acclaimed skills must be highlighted during the recruitment processes to get your hands on accountant jobs in just a few weeks. With experience, you can earn $29.49 per hour as an accountant in Canada.

5. Computer support specialist

The average salary for computer support specialists in Canada is $4,000 monthly. 

This IT-industry support specialist position would require an immigrant to work relentlessly from dawn to dusk in this fast-growing Canadian IT province to assist customers and fix technical issues in their systems.

This job in Canada is desirable since you will interact with new people from different walks of life. 

The work environment is decent, with benefits like a cafeteria, casual attire, paid leaves, reimbursement, and much more.

6. Database Administrator 

Database Administrator job allows you to deal with diverse problems. This field is advancing in the industry, and the job involves learning the ropes as you work. 

Joining afresh as a database administrator in Canada might prove a bit hectic as this job demands you to build a fine grip on background processes and structure. 

You must have a good command of English to interact with foreign clients proficiently. In Canada, the database administrator position can let you make around $44.63 an hour.

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7. Business analyst

As a business analyst in Canada, an immigrant might find difficulty in perceiving the local business practices and the required business etiquette. 

The job is to resolve conflicts and induce facilitation, for which you must be familiar with navigating the multi-cultural job environment.

In addition, you must possess strong analytical skills and the ability to challenge opinions and perceptions. 

As an immigrant, it would take you around 3-5 years to rise as a good business analyst in the Canadian industry. On average, the salaries paid are $6,604 a month.

8. Network Engineer

Immigrants must have good experience and certification to land a network engineer position in Canada. 

The job lets you work with highly skilled and competent people while configuring and troubleshooting issues.

Immigrants and locals unite while mapping ways to approach a specific issue and predict future demands to meet expansion in the network.

 The job environment experiences less stress and has comparatively loose schedules with an average pay of $7,465 per month.

9. IT professional

Compared to the US, Canada has limited IT-sector jobs and has still grown and advanced in recent years.

There are around 811,200 IT professionals working in Canada, and the country requires 182,000 more talents by the coming year. 

It remains among the top jobs in Canada for immigrants. However, several provinces in Canada offer adequate work suitability for the IT professions. 

Provinces like Ontario, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia have denser opportunities due to the significant demand for talent and work in this industry.

10. Data Entry Operator 

Canada has many openings for highly detail-oriented foreign candidates to work for one or more data management and operations positions. 

With an average pay of $3,033 per month, this work is easy and entertaining simultaneously.

A data entry operator in Canada is assigned to collect data on companies, restaurants, wineries, hospitals, and industries established within the country and input the standard data into the system.

11. Computer Programmers

Newcomers and immigrants can flourish as computer programmers in Canada with a good degree and expertise in C++. 

And other programming courses are required to attain a high-paying computer programming position in Toronto and Vancouver.

There are ample opportunities in well-established corporate sectors paying around $34.15 an hour.

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12. IT Manager 

With the right blend of technical and business skills, an immigrant can easily be placed in well-reputed, globally connected IT management positions. 

To create perfect opportunities, job seekers must bridge applications that combine training in the Canadian work environment, business practices, and proficient communication. 

To sustain in IT sector positions, newcomers must have a labor market outlook and local business experience. 

IT managers’ positions are more open in provinces- British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

13. Design Architects

Most architects in Canada have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in architecture from universities approved by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB). 

Immigrants have an alternative way to obtain an architect position in Canada through an apprenticeship offered by the RAIC syllabus.

14. Sales Engineer

Immigrants with a sales understanding and a combination of engineering background and sales talent in electrical, mechanical, and chemical fields stand a high chance of settling as Sales Engineers in top companies in Toronto and Quebec.

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Closing Thoughts

The above discussed are job opportunities and tips for international graduates in Canada. The Canadian workplace respects every culture and all backgrounds. 

Now, one last thing to remember is that all the job search you will do will be completely useless without mastering the art of English speaking properly. Canadian employers don’t hire employees for career opportunities, even in low-paying services-related jobs, if the worker can’t speak regardless of the customer base or location.

Immigrants must engage with local people and businesses to support their job hunt in Canada, increasing the chance of winning job offers. Thus, Learning the national languages (English and French) will play an important role in raising your placement probabilities.

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