City of Lethbridge: 8 Must-See Destinations

The city of Lethbridge is situated in the state of Alberta, Canada.  The not so far the Canadian Rocky Mountains add to the city’s charming summers,  winters, and windy weather.

Lethbridge has a  population of 101,482 in its 2019 municipal census. This amazing city became the fourth Alberta city to excel 100,000 people.

The Amazing City of Lethbridge

Here are 8 amazing things that you can try doing in the city of Lethbridge.

1. Fort Whoop-Up

Fort Whoop-Up Orientation Video

Fort Whop Up is the wondrous and historic place which tell you about the story of the past trade and politics, good and bad. This is a nickname given to a whiskey trading post, originally Fort Hamilton, near the city of Lethbridge, Alberta.

Fort Whoop-Up is a representation of an original fur trading fort built in the late 1800s. It tells you about the long lost story of buffalo robe and illegal whiskey trade from the emergence as well as the downfall.

The story includes the Niitsitapi (Blackfoot), other First Nations, Métis, Canadians, Americans, and British.  Well, you can see a lot of history associated with this amazing historic place which no doubt makes the city of Lethbridge worth visit.

​2. Galt Museum

Galt Museum & Archives - Lethbridge, Alberta

Galt Museum & Archives is the historic museum in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. It is the largest museum in the province south of Calgary in the city of Lethbridge.

This museum is also one of the most visited ones as it contains a large amount of historic information and artifacts which are worth watching.

It has over 20,000 artifacts and 300,000 documents and photographs which depicts the history of Lethbridge and Alberta. It also attracts over 50,000 visitors every year.

The Galt has since been awarded many brilliant and amazing awards which are as follows:

  • Award of Merit for “History on Tap” program, Alberta Museums Association, 1991
  • Programming–Exhibits Award for Akaitapiiwa–Ancestors Exhibit, Alberta Museums Association, 2003
  • Marketing Excellence Award Finalist for Year of the Coalminer, Alberta Tourism Marketing Awards, 2004
  • Marketing Partnership Award Finalist for Year of the Coalminer, Alberta Tourism Marketing Awards, 2004
  • Tourism Partnership Initiative Award for Year of the Coalminer, Chinook Country Tourist Association, 2004
  • Museums and Society Award for Year of the Coalminer, Alberta Museums Association, 2005
  • Change and Innovation Award, Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce, 2007
  • Collections Award in Collections Management for Operation Homecoming, Alberta Museums Association, 2007
  • Programming Award in the Exhibits Category for Auschwitz: The Eva Brewster Story, Alberta Museums Association, 2007
  • Marketing Excellence Award for Auschwitz: The Eva Brewster Story, Chinook Country Tourist Association, 2007
  • Community Organization Award, The Aboriginal Council of Lethbridge and the Lethbridge Aboriginal Awareness Week Planning Committee, 2011
  • 5 Blooms for the Native Prairie Plants Garden at Galt Museum, Communities in Bloom, 2012
  • Leadership Award for Engagement, Alberta Museums Association, 2013
  • Award for Excellence in Museums Finalist, Governor General’s History Awards, 2016

These achievements justify the greatness and glory of the Galt museum in the city of Lethbridge.

3. Nature Centre

The Natural Leaders Project at HSNC
The Nature Centre, more commonly known as the Helen Schuler Nature Center is an amazing and brilliant project carried out under the name of Helen Schuler in the city of Lethbridge.
They are a team of volunteers, staff, and partners dedicated to offering a wide spectrum of various programs and events which are mainly dedicated and focused on creating awareness towards nature and the environment.
It also connects the local people residing in the city of Lethbridge to the surrounding nature and encourages people to protect and preserve the natural wealth.
​Opened in 1982, the Helen Schuler Nature Centre is operated by the City of Lethbridge. From the start, this program was very much appreciated and accepted by the locals.
In its first year of operation, over 8,500 people visited the Nature Centre and took part in its nature well-being programs. The Nature Centre now has become well known and receives more than 47,000 visitors each year.

Who was Hellen Schuler?

Helen Schuler was an environmentalist.  She was contributory towards imparting environmental education programming in local schools of the city of Lethbridge.
Helen Schuler passed away from cancer in 1977, at age 46.  Her incredible contributions towards the environment are appreciated even today in the name of the Nature Centre.
Also, the programs carried out by her played a major role in the development of the Nature Centre.

4. ENMAX Centre

ENMAX Centre Building Enhancement Tour & Information

The ENMAX Centre is nothing else but a 5,479-seat multi-purpose arena, in the city of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

It is an outdoor sports field and has the capacity for 2,000 people. But sadly this capacity is no longer proximate to the center, it was made into a parking lot.

The purpose behind the construction of the ENMAXCentre was to host the 1975 Canada Games and the Lethbridge Hurricanes, of the WHL. It consists of a full-size ice rink and a walking track which are spectacular.

The ENMAX Centre has so far has hosted concerts, three-ring circuses, multicultural events, national curling championships, basketball events, banquets, and skating events. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld and Elton John have also performed at this place.

This large infrastructure is a must visiting place in the city of Lethbridge.

5. Casa Community Arts Centre

Casa Community art Centre is an amazing and incredible place of the art niche located in the city of Lethbridge, Alberta.

Casais a shining opportunity for all those who have the blessings in the form of arts. This particular place provides them a platform to exhibit their works and achieve their goals.

According to too the center “It is about experimentation, incubation, learning, and growing”.

Casa was built to serve a wide range of people and to help and support them to fulfill their dreams. This community is open to all age groups, religions, gender, and art disciples.

Designing the building was a complete process driven by Nyhoff Architecture from (Calgary) working in parallelism with the local architectural firm of Ferrari Westwood Babits.

The Architectural team visited numerous arts education institutions and artists to know their needs and the platform they wish would be the best and most useful to them so that it could be the most supportive and amazing infrastructure mastered in a way it is supposed to be.

Finally, after all the work and struggle for this amazing place, the outcome was very much fruitful and yes this place is truly amazing.

Funding for the project was provided by the Federal Build Canada Fund ($6,000,000.), the Provincial MSI Fund ($14,900,000.), and the City of Lethbridge ($200,000).

All the history, the dedication, and the great agenda behind this center is surely contributing towards making this place a must-visit in the city of Lethbridge.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery: Art & Culture Tours

The Southern Alberta Art Gallery (SAAG) is situated in the city of Lethbridge, Alberta. It promotes the extraordinary artists who work beyond the boundaries.

They inspire broad public engagement and promote awareness and search for inventive interpretation. This is widespread to local, national, and international communities.

This art gallery has provided the platform, the exact atmosphere, and support to many emerging artists. It has proved itself as a stage where the unstoppable artists who like the challenge their boundaries and the others.

In today’s generation of technology, art is lagging and people tend to be ignoring this most important part of our life gifted by our ancestors.

Centers like this are a very big hope and support system for those people who still have respect and intriguing connections with various art forms.

SAAG plays an important role in holding up with the art forms and being the platform for various people to exhibit their works. One must visit this place once in a lifetime situated in the city of Lethbridge.

7. Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden

Nikka Yuko - Japanese Garden [Lethbridge]

Nikko Yuko Japanese Garden is named in honor of the unbreakable and inspiring friendship between Japan and Canada is situated in the City of Lethbridge.

It is the perfect and most specific place to learn about the artistic importance and development of the Yakuta, a casual cotton summer festival dress.

You will have the noblest experience of the symphonic equilibrium of lush green vegetation,  figurative compositions, and much more. Listen to stories about the gardens’ design, symbolism, and history on a complimentary tour.

Check out the Nikka Yuko events calendar for upcoming festivals, celebrations, demonstrations, and more. Every season is wonderful – from blossoms in spring to the ingenious autumn.

You can also take a tour of the garden here as well as the amazing tea Pavillion is must visit in the city of Lethbridge.

8. Exhibition Park

Exhibition Park Saturdays Farmers' Market - May 23 - Oct 24, 2020

Exhibition Park is located in the city of Lethbridge, Alberta. It is one of the most important parts of Lethbridge city.

So far it has been warmly welcoming more than a century of agriculture, tradeshows, midways, rodeos, sporting events, and numerous special events. This specific Exhibition Park is governed by a Board of Directors representing members of the community.

Exhibition Park is also known as the Lethbridge & District Exhibition, the fourth oldest Agriculture Society in Alberta.

This particular park is a major part of the agricultural development and improvement in the city of Lethbridge and else.

People of Lethbridge has always appreciated this particular event and always participated and contributed towards it. If you plan to visit the city of Lethbridge than Exhibition Park should surely be on your list.


Thus above mentioned are some of the most important places and attraction sights located in the city of Lethbridge. Make sure to add them on your list and explore, adore, and educate yourself with all that Lethbridge has to impart to you.

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