Largest Cities in Canada Largest Cities in Canada

Largest Cities In Canada 2021 Guide

Canada is a beautiful place that accounts for around 3.8 crore people. How huge do you think Canadian cities would be? This article will throw light on some of the largest cities in Canada.

Canada is a country full of beauty and tourism. Moreover, it has several universities that shape so many youngsters’ futures. Canada is divided into provinces which are further divided into cities and towns.

This article will give you insight into the major towns and cities in Canada that have a considerable population or are large.

Largest Cities In Canada: In Terms Of Area

The following are the largest cities in Canada in terms of area.

1. Largest Cities In Canada: Toronto, Ontario

Toronto, located in Ontario province, is Canada’s largest city. The greater Toronto area alone accounts for 7,123 sq km of land while downtown Toronto for 16.6 sq km of land.

2. Largest Cities In Canada: Cities In British Columbia

British Columbia is a region in Canada. It is located on the West side of the country. This area is defined by its location; Beautiful mountain ranges and long coastlines.

It accounts for around 5 million people. It is also the third most populous province in Canada. Till 1871, this region was ruled by the British. Later in 1885, it was declared free and merged into Canada.

British Columbia was a part of Great Britain and was automatically at war when the British were fighting the world war. Around 56 thousand British Columbians served in it.

British Columbia
Photo by Vladislav Vasnetsov/

Here is one of the most famous and most significant cities located in British Columbia:

Cities In British Columbia: Kamloops

Kamloops is a beautiful city where the Thomson river meets from the North and South. It covers around 299 km of area, and its elevation is 345 meters above sea level.

Here are a few lesser-known facts about this beautiful coastal city:

One Of The Largest Cities In Canada: The Bee City

This city in British Columbia became a “Bee City” in 2016. This was because several organizations took charge to save bees and their habitats. This was a unique initiative taken on by this Bee City.

Parks In British Columbia

Eighty-three parks in British Columbia are located in Kamloops alone.


This British Columbian city is also known as the Tournament Capital of Canada. This is because it hosts over 100 tournaments every year!

3. Largest Cities In Canada: Edmonton

Edmonton is the capital of a Canadian province called Alberta. This city is next on the list of the largest cities in Canada.

Edmonton is the Northernmost city of North America and the fifth-largest in Canada, the largest in Alberta. It is one of the fastest-growing cities of Canada in terms of its population.

You will be surprised to know that Edmonton gets around 17 hours of sunlight in the day during summers. This makes it pleasant to visit this city, particularly during this time.

Have you ever heard about the Northern Lights? It is a display of natural light in the sky. You can also see the Northern lights regularly in Edmonton. The scene is breathtaking.

The Edmonton airport is functional most of the time, with over 60 non-stop national and international flights. You can take a quick flight to places like San Francisco from here.

Other than this, you can visit these amazing places in Edmonton:

West Edmonton Mall

If you like shopping, there is no better place than the Edmonton mall for you. You can buy anything and everything you want from here.

The country’s largest shopping center has game zones, theatre, and shopping areas.

Royal Alberta Museum

Western Canada’s largest museum, the Royal Alberta Museum, is a must-visit attraction. There are several nurseries and live invertebrates on display. You would be fascinated to see history and nature combined.

Ukrainian Cultural Village Heritage

Often known as ‘The Village,’ Ukrainian Culture Village Heritage was established around 1970. It contains the culture of people who migrated from Ukraine and settled in the Canadian province of Alberta.

Several historical buildings are visible on the site; most are rebuilt.

Muttart Conservatory

Four pyramids in the South Bank of the North Saskatchewan River are home to rare species of plants. This area is called the Muttart Conservatory.

Each of the pyramids shows different features of nature and helps us understand its beauty. You can sit there and enjoy the prepossessing view of the pyramids.

K Days

K Days is a 10-day festival celebrated in Edmonton. Parties, entertainment, and parades are the specialties of this event.

It is a fun event formerly known as Capital Ex and is held at the end of July every year.

Largest Cities In Canada: In Terms Of Population

Canada is divided into municipalities, and this official authority checks the population every few years. Let us look at some of the most populated cities in Canada.

1. Toronto: The Most Populated City In Canada

Toronto is one of the largest cities in Canada, both by population and area. It is located along the shore of Northwestern Ontario and holds a lot of significance in the country.

Various populations from all over the world come to Toronto to study. Toronto Proper is one of the most densely populated areas in the city.

This place is known for its beauty and is also home to famous universities, the most famous being, The University of Toronto.

Toronto is also a place with some famous tourist spots. Some of them are noted below:

CN Tower

Located in downtown Toronto, CN Tower is a famous tourist attraction. It is a 553-meter tall communication tower that is worth watching.

Royal Ontario Museum

Famous for history, culture, and art, the Royal Ontario Museum is an unmissable attraction located in Toronto. It is the largest museum in Canada and one of the hugest in North America.

Here, you can dive into the cultural heritage of Canada and listen to the stories of the past. People who are interested in history must visit the Royal Ontario Museum.

Art Gallery of Ontario is another popular museum located in Toronto. It is located in downtown Toronto and takes you through all the significant events of Canada.

Toronto Zoo

Do you like animals? If yes, the Toronto zoo is the best place for you to visit. The area is around 2.9 km huge, and there is a diverse collection of animals that you can spot there.

It is quite clear why Toronto is so famous amongst the people of Canada.

2. Montreal: An Urban City

Montreal is next on the list of the largest cities in Canada in terms of population. This populous city accounts for around 18 lakhs of Canada’s total population.

Here are some of the most amazing facts about Montreal:

Montreal: The Host City Of North America

Montreal is often called the host city of North America for all the events held here throughout the year.

May it be the International Jazz festival or the Just For Laugh festival, tourists and citizens are always excited to be a part of the vibrant celebrations.

Give Peace A Chance

John Lennon’s famous song, ‘Give Peace a Chance,’ was written in the city of Montreal. He refused to go to the United States of America and wrote this song in the Queen Elizabeth hotel. This song eventually became the anthem for the anti-war movement in America.

Education At Montreal

More than 18,000 students from different countries come to Montreal to study every year.

French Montreal?

You will be surprised to know that Montreal has the most prominent French-speaking population after Paris. Many people, especially in downtown Montreal are bilingual.

French is becoming more and more popular in the city of Montreal every day. Many people living in the town greet each other by saying “Bonjour,” which means “hello” or “Good Day” in the French language.

Mont-Royal For Montreal

The city was built around Mount Royal and derived its name. Frederick Law Olmsted made the Mont-Royal Park.

You will be surprised to know that he was also the designer of Central Park in New York City.

Largest Cities In Canada: Restaurants Of Montreal

Montreal’s urban characteristics are visible in the number of restaurants it has. The restaurants in Montreal are cosmopolitan. Moreover, they provide a massive variety of food on its menu.

Underground City

Montreal has an underground city that runs for about 32 km. This city is made by connecting several tunnels with malls and other attractions.

Here are some of the most exciting tourist destinations within the city that the Canadian population loves to visit:

Place Des Arts: Montreal’s Dedication Towards Visual Arts

Place Des Arts is one of the most amazing places located in Montreal. This place revolves around visual and performing arts. It is home to the world of art, music, dance, events, and films.

When you go inside, you will get surrounded by decorated works of art and water cascades. Place Des Arts is not just a prepossessing attraction but also an experience.

Besides these destinations, you can also take a trip to places nearby. You can go on a day trip with your family and friends to Quebec City or enjoy the day touring Montreal

3. Vancouver: A Densely Populated City

Vancouver is located in the province of British Columbia and is next on the list of the largest cities in Canada. It is one of the best regions to visit in the country.

This city is trendy for film shoots, theatre, arts, and music. It is a land that promotes talent and culture. However, this is not just what Vancouver is famous for.

North Vancouver is one of the best tourist spots in Canada. It is especially famous for fun activities like skiing and hiking. Beautiful mountains surround this region, making it worthwhile.

Here are some of the lesser-known facts about Vancouver that you should know before you visit it:


Green peace is a popular eco-activist group founded in Vancouver in the year 1971.

Largest Cities In Canada: Stanly Park Vs. Central Park

Have you heard about the famous Central Park in New York? You will be surprised to know that Vancouver’s Stanly Park is 10% larger than New York city’s Central Park!

The most crucial part that you need to see in this park is squirrels. New York city gifted this place eight pairs of grey squirrels in 1909. Their descendants still reside in Stanly Park.

These exciting things make this place a must-visit destination.

The West Of Vancouver

Many areas in the West of the city were British properties and neighborhoods to the urban elite classes. Many people were not counted as privileged Non-white and Jewish populations] and were denied access to this area.

Fortunately, this has changed considerably, and the city is much more diverse now.

Botox: The Cosmetic Treatment

Have you ever heard about the Botox treatment? This was invented in Vancouver.

4. Calgary: One Of The Largest Cities In Canada

The next most populous city in Canada is Calgary, located in the province of Alberta. The city’s population accounts for 3% of Canada’s population. Around 11 lakh people reside in this beautiful city.

Calgary is the largest city in Alberta, with the fourth largest metropolitan area in Canada. This region is also amazing for tourism. Tourists often take a day trip to Calgary and visit the following places:

  1. Banff National Park
  2. Lake Louise
  3. Abraham Lake
  4. Rocky Mountain
  5. Ice Field Parkway

These famous tourist attractions are the primary reason for Calgary’s popularity. Several companies provide day trips to these prepossessing destinations at affordable prices.

The University Of Calgary adds to the glamour of the city. It is one of the best universities in Canada, and people from various places worldwide take admission here. Hence, making Calgary one of the four most significant metropolitan areas in Canada.

Pack your bags and dive into a world of art and culture while getting to meet warm and welcoming people! There are several tours and travel services that you can opt for and visit some of the largest cities in Canada. What are you waiting for?

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