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Amazing Facts about Drake House Toronto: Your Complete Guide

Canadian rapper Aubrey Graham, commonly known as Drake, took the internet by storm when he showed off his extravagant, new house in Bridle Path, Toronto. The mansion was custom designed by Canadian interior designer and architect Ferris Rafauli, and it cost the singer approximately $100 million- even though money was seemingly the least of his concerns.

The artist named his mansion ‘The Embassy,’ keeping up with the “overwhelming high luxury” of the house itself, as described by Drake.

Drake house Toronto is filled with astonishingly over-the-top amenities that one wouldn’t even dream about having in their home.

Ranging from an indoor basketball court and backlit pool to an awards room and chandeliers on the stairwell- this mansion has it all. This magnificent property includes a spa, screening halls, massage facilities, fitness centers, basketball courts, underground pools, and a heated tub.

The mansion was first shown off to the world in a feature article by Architectural digest. Each room in Drake house Toronto seems to have its own story and meaning behind it.

The Scale of the Mansion

Measuring a whopping 50,000 square feet, the size of the mansion is fitting of the interior and the over-the-top furnishings as well.

The property is surrounded by 4.4 meter high walls that prevent any unwanted incidents from taking place, keeping his mansion safe and looking majestic. The maximum height that the city of Toronto allows is 2 meters. Even though Drake house Toronto is more than double the maximum height, he managed to get the city to make an exception.

First Glimpse into ‘The Embassy’

Since Drake house Toronto was the filming location for his song ‘Toosie slide‘, we got a sneak peek at it in the visuals of the song. The mansion was also the star of the song’s music video, giving fans a full view of the house.

Drake - Toosie Slide (Official Music Video)

The several different rooms that each held a different purpose and aesthetic caught fans’ eyes. The video tours around his house, showing off the posh marble, well-lit chandeliers, and extravagant home decor.

However, this was not the only music video the house starred in. The house was also featured in the single video for two solo songs, ‘When to say when’ and ‘Chicago freestyle.’

Location of Drake’s House in Toronto

The mansion of the rapper is situated in North-East Toronto, in an exclusive Bridle Path neighborhood. The area is also called the ‘Millionaire’s path,’ Canada’s version of the ‘Billionaire row’ in New York.

This neighborhood is a lavish area in Toronto lined with houses that famous people once owned. The list includes many celebrities such as Prince, Gordon Lightfoot, and Celine Dion- some of whom are Drake’s neighbors even today.

The Artist Started Working on His Dream House in 2016

Drake bought the $6.7 million plot of land in Toronto back in 2016 and built his mansion ground up. He had a vision and huge plans for his Bridle Path plot. He kept his fans updated about his plans for the construction through photos on his Instagram stories.

Even after the construction was complete, the rapper continued to post photos and videos of the finished house for his fans and later invited ‘Architectural Digest’ for a photo session and a grand tour of his mansion.

He had been crafting his house over the past six years, alongside Rafauli.

Drake said that every part of the house delivers his message. From the materials to the size of the rooms- it all reflects the years of hard work that he put into this house. It is visible in every corner of the house.

Inside Drake’s $100M OVO Mansion Tours NBA Sized Court, Luxury Bathroom, Vintage Candy Room

What Inspired Drake’s Style

Drake had big plans for his mansion. His house in Toronto resembles the Beaux-Arts architecture, with standard features being grandiosity and intricate details.

The Canadian artist told Architectural Digest that since his mansion was built in his hometown, he wanted its structure to be strong enough to stand firm for hundreds of years. He wanted it to be of monumental scale and also feel grandHe also said that Drake house Toronto will be a part of the legacy he leaves behind, so he wants it to be “timeless and strong.”

The now 33-year-old artist also said that the house shows the faith and dedication 27-year-old him had to take on this difficult task and see it through. He thinks that his house will forever remain solid in his hometown.

He seems very intent on keeping Drake house Toronto as a remembrance, which makes sense as it would be a while before he could find a buyer who has the money for a house this grand.

Ferris Rafauli and His Role in the Process

Ferris Rafauli is an interior designer and architect who has his own namesake luxury build and design firm in Ontario. He was the one who assembled majestic materials such as limestone, exotic woods, and bronze with utmost craftsmanship. He helped in making Drake house Toronto turn from a dream into reality with meticulous planning and thorough execution.

The designer said that in every way, this mansion is very similar to a 19th- century limestone structure. Only the exterior is more minimal, and the finishing is neater. He pointed out that this isn’t a cardboard house with gaudy paint and fake gold. Neither is that what The artist wanted, not what the designer works with.

Notable Features of Drake house Toronto

Home’s entrance

The entryway to Drake house Toronto is covered with Escarpment Light and Nero Marquina marble flooring and is adorned with two sculptures made by Kaws, an American artist, and designer. One can also see a bespoke bronze marble chandelier made by Rafauli by the entrance.

Concert grand piano

A custom Bösendorfer concert grand piano is the centerpiece of ‘The epic great room.’ The room sets the tone for the adornment with walls covered in solid limestone with parts of Nero Marquina marble. The ceiling is just as fancy, with an antique mirror framed in bronze.

An Austrian piano maker Bösendorfer designed the piano along with Rafauli and the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. The designer piano carries a graphic skull print.

Master bedroom suite

The master suite is 3,200 square feet; that is larger than the average person’s home. It consists of a dressing room, a hot tub, a steam shower, a kitchenette, and many more features.

The bed is made by Hästens and Rafauli, from their new line called Grand Vividus. The bed and its frame weigh approximately one ton and cost more money than several people’s homes as well.

The headboard is accented with channel-tufted leather and an antique mirror, with an alcohol bar comprising champagne and whiskey on its backside. The nightstand is adorned with mother-of-pearl inlays, and the pendants are by Jonathan Browning Studios. A hummingbird tapestry by Alexander McQueen was incorporated into the bedding.

The great room carries one of the greatest pieces in this house full of gold. A remake of Lobmeyr’s iconic Metropolitan chandelier, which was initially designed by Hans Harald Rath in 1963. The grand chandelier comprises 2000 pieces of hand-cut Swarovski crystal, making the sculpture the second largest installation of its style.

The master bedroom suite also has an added 1,100 square feet of covered terraces. The star mentioned that the bedroom is his favorite spot in the house.

He told architectural digest that the bed lets him relax and take a break from the world at the end of the day, and where he starts each morning to seize the day.

The bed gives you wings, the shower lets you forget reality and compose yourself, and the wardrobe makes you feel like talking out loud while getting ready for the day.

Image by musicisentropy, Flickr /Copyright 2022

Black granite-sheathed indoor pool

Over the pool is a backlit slab of Nero Assoluto granite that allows for the atmosphere lighting to be changed.

The design for this room is inspired by the modern art deco style, making the room a stand-out backdrop in his music videos, like many other rooms in his house.

The room’s charming points are the lavish golden-yellow lounge with a Venini- glass chandelier a foliate ceiling of concentric backlit hexagonal panels covered in Alcantara faux suede. The materials used included, but were not limited to, dyed ostrich skin and mohair to Macassar and bronze.

Basketball court

In addition to a full display of basketball jerseys such as Kobe’s, Drake house Toronto includes an NBA regulation-size basketball court which is branded with Drake’s owl logo, OVO. The logo stands for his lifestyle brand and record label, October’s Very Own.

How fitting for the global ambassador for Toronto Raptors!

The court is one of the key highlights of the mansion, with a full shot clock, a scoreboard, as well as a center-court couch bench. The court, also known as ‘The Sanctuary,’ features a 21-square foot long pyramidal skylight. The entire arena is dark blue-themed.

Master bath

The key feature of the master bath is a 4,000-pound tub made out of faceted black marble carved from one single block. The dramatic effects of the fancy amenities match the other features in the room as well.

Drake’s two-story closet is just as extravagant. Made with amethyst hardware, polished nickel studs, diamond-tufted shearling seats, and rock crystal, the wardrobe is the perfect place to showcase the rapper’s extensive clothing and sneaker collection and his infamous collection of Hermès Birkin bags.

Another feature that we cannot forget to mention is the toilet. Drake house Toronto has a comparatively unique toilet that plays calming music and songs to relax you while you use its amenities. Additionally, it projects colorful lights, and the automatic lid opens on its own. Using Drake’s bathroom would be quite an interesting experience for sure.

Awards room

The trophy room contains all his lifetime awards on display, in museum-like vitrines. It takes us to the beginning of the story of Drake, from his childhood years to his accomplishments on the Canadian television show Degrassi to the next phase in the life of a star as a Grammy-winning artist.

Recording studio

It is no surprise that the ‘Toosie slide’ singer loves music. Hence, he has an in-house, world-class recording studio. Drake mentioned that in this room, he listens to “eccentric 1970s studios mixed with Annabel’s in London.”


The heart of the home is the kitchen. Drake’s often used kitchen features the first stove from Rafauli’s new line in collaboration with La Cornue.

Image by musicisentropy, Flickr/ Copyright 2022

Collector’s pieces

We know Drake loves to own and show off rare collections. From an erotic watch to NBA championship rings- the star likes to collect it all. It only makes sense for his house to be completely filled with many such pieces to remember, such as his collection of basketball jerseys which includes that of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

Can You Visit Drake House Toronto

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of his album ‘Take Care,’ his brand initiated a virtual experience that takes visitors on a tour of Drake house Toronto. This initiative was a clever marketing strategy that used his home for showcasing the artist’s merchandise.

The tour starts from the entrance of Drake house Toronto, from which visitors can follow links to a bedroom, lounge, and recording studio. Each room is filled with strategically placed products that visitors can click on to buy themselves.

More About the Rapper

Drake House Toronto is not his only real estate. The star, like most other celebrities, seems to have an interest in real estate with his several houses, a mansion and, a ranch.

He owns his own record label, OVO Sound, and a bourbon whiskey brand, Virginia Black. He has endorsement deals with several major brands such as Nike, Burger King, and Apple.


Over his career, Drake has won 192 awards. He is a 4-time Grammy-winning artist with 47 nominations from the Academy. He has also won a record 29 awards at the Billboard Music Awards, such as Artist of the Decade.

Drake has 9 number 1 Billboard Hot 100 hits, with songs that went viral such as ‘God’s Plan’ and ‘One Dance.’ He was the first artist to hold 9 out of the top 10 spots on the Billboard charts.

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