Haliburton Ontario – 14 Fun Things To Do!

Looking for some fun things to do in Haliburton Ontario? Well, there’s quite a lot to explore and do in Haliburton Ontario!

Haliburton Ontario is one of the most peaceful and serene places in Canada. The county is known for its tourism and renowned artists.

The county of Haliburton Ontario was established in the year 1874 and had four municipalities under it. It is the home of over ten communities in Canada.

Haliburton Ontario can be called the land of rivers and lakes. There are over thirty lakes and rivers present in the county, which boosts the region’s economy.

With the presence of such amazing places, the adventure-filled activities excite tourists and locals to the core. So let’s gather some information about the fun things that can be done in Haliburton Ontario!

Amazing Things To Do in Haliburton Ontario

Here is a list of 14 wonderful things that you can try doing in Haliburton Ontario.

1. The Haliburton Sculpture Forest

Haliburton Ontario
Fakeman73, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the most fun places to visit around Haliburton Ontario is the Sculpture Forest. The forest has preserved around thirty-six sculptures made by local and international artists.

The sculptures are huge and are kept in open spaces. Every sculpture has its description, story as well as a lesson to share with its audience.

The sculptures are kept in a series. Haliburton Sculpture was established in 2001 and is under the care of a Non-Profit Organisation.

The place can be explored during any season of the year. During the winter season, people enjoy skiing, and during summer, biking is preferred.

The Haliburton Sculpture Forest isn’t just a forest with trees and sculptures; it is also home to wildlife like Red Fox, deer, and snakes that can be easily spotted.

It is one of the serene and mind-boggling places to visit in Haliburton Ontario. For gaining some additional information about the sculptures of the forest, you need to click here!

2. Haliburton Highlands Museum

Haliburton Highlands Museum
Photo from Haliburton Highlands Museum website

Visiting the museum of any city is quite important because it gives you a brief understanding of the historical events that have affected the people’s culture and thoughts.

Haliburton Highlands Museum was founded in the year 1967. The museum has preserved over twenty thousand artifacts. Even the house where the initial journey of the museum started is considered a huge artifact.

The museum was founded to commemorate the memories of the great people of Canada. It was initiated by the infamous Ron Curry, the founder of Curry motors and the Rotary Club.

The motive behind the Haliburton Highlands Museum’s creation was to promote and educate the future generation about the local heritage. The displays are changed after some time so that the museum can maintain that freshness.

The museum is always bustling with people because events and programs are organized regularly. Lost Haliburton Boat Tours, Cookie decorations, and lots of other fun things keep the visitors entertained and engaged.

3. Hawk Log Chute

Hawk Lake Log Chute in Algonquin Highlands, Ontario | Travelling Foodie

Hawk Log Chute is worth the exploration because it is not something that people come across regularly.

In Haliburton Ontario, there is a long human-made trough that is used for the transportation of water. It was in use for a long time, and its construction date goes back to 1829. The log chute helps in navigating the water from Chaudière Falls.

Earlier, several wooden chutes were present in the area, but now only one has remained in good condition. The log chute is one of a kind in the area of Haliburton Ontario.

You can witness the amusement of Hawk Log Chute only during the summer, spring and fall, because during winters, the water freezes, and parks remain close.

Tourists get to witness the 2 million old rocks here at Hawk Log Chute in Haliburton County. You can walk through the trails and learn about the history of Hawk Log Chute.

4. Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve

Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve
Photo from Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve website

Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve are one of the must-visit places in the county of Haliburton Ontario. It is not just a wildlife reserve but also an educational center, which promotes sustainable energy.

There is a lot to do and explore in the forest. There are basic amenities provided for the convenience and ease of the visitors. Camping is one of the best things visitors enjoy; in Haliburton Forest, visitors have the option of lakeside camping.

Every season offers a different set of activities in the forest. During summers, visitors enjoy hiking, camping, mountain biking, and tours organized in the forest for better convenience.

During winters, sledding and ATV rides become major attractions. Some activities, like fishing and visiting wolf centers, are done throughout the year.

The best way of enjoying this wildlife reserve in Haliburton Ontario is by spending a night at the campsites. This ecologically sustainable forest has products to offer to its visitors. You can shop for lots of wooden items from Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve.

5. Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls is one great spot for relaxing while enjoying the view. The fall is not made naturally. It originates initially and then cascades on the human-made wooden chute, which is two centuries old.

The waterfall’s length is around a hundred feet, and its height falls at around fifteen feet. There is a trail around the waterfall, which is also wheelchair accessible, and a bridge crosses over the fall, which provides stunning views.

The river that flows through the falls is the Kennisis River. Buttermilk falls are one of the best waterfalls in Haliburton Ontario, and it continues flowing throughout the year.

The water flows rapidly through the human-made area; it blasts out on bedrock, making the river white. That is one of the reasons why it is known as buttermilk falls because of its colour and rapid speed.

These evergreen falls remain open throughout the year and are one of the great resting spots on the way of exploration around Haliburton Ontario.

6. Haliburton Skyline Park

Skyline Park is one of the must-visit places in Haliburton Ontario. The skyline park is located at a higher altitude, giving you an awesome view of the city.

The town’s 360-degree view will give you a better perspective and understanding of the city’s expansion. The best time to visit Skyline Park is during the falls, as the forest turns into a beautiful yellow and orange paradise.

The location of Haliburton Skyline Park is quite remote, and for reaching there, you need to visit by private vehicle.

7. Ski-Mazing Watersports

Photo from Ski-Mazing Watersports website

Haliburton Ontario is all about the lakes and rivers, which means there will be a lot of water sports. There is a school named Ski-Mazing Watersport, which provides all kinds of sports that can be enjoyed in and around the water.

Some of the best sports to enjoy here includes parasailing, and water skiing, and even some flight adventures are included as well. There is no limit to the level of adventure and enjoyment.

The watersports are best enjoyed during the summer season, and there is a negligible requirement of skill or experience as a team of experts guides the sports.

8. Boating

There are numerous lakes present in Haliburton Ontario, that facilitates boating. Experiencing nature from a deeper level will only be possible if you go canoeing in one of the county’s lakes.

Photo by Brian Lasenby from Shutterstock

Some paddle enthusiasts explain Haliburton as the paddlers’ paradise. The experience of canoeing is very soothing and calm; it is equivalent to visiting a therapist.

If you are not quite experienced in canoeing, then guided tours are available for the visitors’ convenience. Several tours and organizers have been partnering with Haliburton tourism to offer better boating services to tourists.

9. Humdinger Bicycle tours

Bicycle tours are one of the best ways of exploring local destinations. Biking has always been a peaceful, eco-friendly, and fun-filled activity. If you are new to Haliburton Ontario, and the concern is about the routes, then guides are provided.

The knowledgeable guides will keep you entertained and the journey adventurous. The bicycle tours are very flexible; you can book them on an hourly basis and for a whole week.

Exploring the places on two wheels is equally satisfying and peaceful. You will get to experience a lot of things on tour, including tasting handcrafted beer, visiting artisans, and a lakeside accommodation as well.

10. Fishing

Fishing is another relaxing activity that visitors can enjoy. With the abundance of lakes in Haliburton Ontario, fishing has become quite a common activity.

Almost every other lake has been blessed by nature, and a variety of fishes can be spotted in the water bodies. Fishing gear is available at the shops for renting.

Fishing is one of the most enjoyable activities in the county, and people of all ages can be spotted near every lake of Haliburton Ontario.

Paudash Lake is one of the county’s most recommended areas for fishing because it has a plethora of fish and mesmerizing views.

11. Farmer’s Market

Visiting Famer’s Market becomes compulsory while you are exploring any city or town. Haliburton Ontario doesn’t just have one farmer’s market, but there are three locations where it remains active.

The market has lots of freshly supplied and locally grown fruits, vegetables, and lots of other things. The market remains active during summer and remains open throughout the day.

There are lots of food, handicrafts, and decorative items available in the farmers’ market, which attracts tourists’ attention.

12. Oxtongue River Ragged Fall

One of the best spots of attraction in Haliburton Ontario is the Oxtongue River Ragged Fall. The fall is only a kilometre long, but the wonders of nature never fail in mesmerizing people.

Located in a day park, you should make a stop at Oxtongue River Ragged Falls to witness the greatness of the falls.

The waterfall has a great height, and the sound automatically attracts visitors. The sight of the fall is powerful and leaves you in awe for a while.

13. Visit the Beaches

Haliburton Ontario is known for its lakes and rivers, but several beaches are present in the county. Visit any of the beaches nearest to you, and enjoy the winds, sand, and refreshing water and its views.

Some of the beaches are lakeshores, but it is worth your time, and the aesthetics are just pleasing to your eyes. There are over five options of beaches present for the visitors, you can visit the nearest one or all of them, and the choice is yours!

14. Explore the Hiking Trails

There are numerous trails present in Haliburton Ontario, and you have the freedom to explore them by hiking or biking. James Cooper Lookout trail is one of the best trails present in the area, and it is only two kilometres long, which makes it quite easy to explore.

If you are looking for biking exploration, then there are over three hundred kilometres of trail present for you around the county. The best way of experiencing nature is through walking or riding a bike.


These were a few amazing places that need to be explored in Haliburton Ontario. May it be the Sculpture Forest, or the Buttermilk Falls, everything has its beauty and charm, which leaves the tourist feeling overwhelmed.

Apart from the mentioned amazing places, there are many other things to enjoy in Haliburton county. From the option of experiencing relaxing activities like canoeing and fishing, you can also enjoy adrenaline rush-filled activities like parasailing and ATV rides.

The county’s rich arts and culture will allow you to explore the other side of the region. While you are exploring Haliburton and Ontario, give a read to Canada’s Best Travel Destinations.

Overall, the experience is going to be an everlasting memory in Haliburton, Ontario. There are still many activities that can be enjoyed in Haliburton County and several other places that can be explored.

In Haliburton Ontario, the weekends are never spent inside because of the option of numerous outdoor activities that are available here. These were 14 things that you should do for sure when you are exploring Haliburton Ontario! We hope you enjoyed reading this informative article!

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