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Everything you can do at Cochrane Ontario

Why just settle for the well-known tourist places take off and explore the true magnificence of Canada which resides in the heart of these small yet incredible towns in Ontario, Canada. Those who look out for peace, nature, cuisine, and adventure retain this place on their bucket list.

Do you like swimming? And what if we say you can get the possibility to swim with the polar bears. yeah, you could do that nowhere but exceptionally in Cochrane, Ontario. Even the polar bear himself will welcome you on the verge of Cochrane as a large polar bear statue whose name is “Chimo”.

Cochrane is situated in the northeast part of Ontario. The town is known for its polar bear habitat and Tim Horton who is known as one of the greatest NHL players in history and also the founder of the famous North American franchise “Tim Hortons” commonly called “Tims or Timmies

Tim Hortons
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Experience the journey of Northern Ontario, the edge of the Arctic, traveling from Moosonee to Moose Factory. Canada, Cochrane serves you the nature of green to the nature of white snow. Cochrane Ontario welcomes you with great hospitality and a variety of experiences from great adventures to explore to different delicacies to enjoy and provide you with a memorable stay.

Summertime in Cochrane, Ontario

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Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat is the only home for polar bears run by humans present on earth surrounded by the largest enclosed lake within a total natural area of seven hectares.

The famous Henry, Ganuk, and Inukshuk are living their best life in the polar bear conservation. The eldest one and the father of Ganuk fostered in Fort seven, Ontario. Ganuk is 11 years old and he lives in the polar bear conservation for the longest. Henry is 9 years old and he has been brought from Australia. He was the first polar bear born in Australia in 30 years.

Now they are living their best lives in polar bear conservation.

Polar Bear
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A few miles away from Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat you could site Heritage Village which is all about the 1900s period. You’ll be able to find some crazy artifacts, an art gallery from the 1900s, and historical buildings. It also includes a general store, doctor’s office, blacksmith, homestead, and gas station.


Must visit the snowmobile museum to see vintage sleds, historic photographs, and something unique memorabilia. The museum is one of the largest kind in the whole of Ontario. As Cochrane is known for its best snowmobile trails, the museum also kept its snowmobile heritage.


In the wilderness of Cochrane, Ontario about 8516 hectares of natural park, the Greenwater Provincial Park is present with 26 kettle lakes. The best part of the park is the campgrounds, sandy beaches, and outdoor adventures. The pastimes enjoyed incorporating canoeing, fishing, picnicking, camping, swimming, and hiking.

greenwater park
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Hiking trails also give a chance to view and discover more about the wilderness and wildlife in the province.

Green Trail: A 1.2 km trail is a relatively easy-going trail consisting of some steep hills leading to Amik Lake. The trail is depicted with an interpretive sign labeling the plants and trees in the park.

Sunset Trail: 1.3km trail is a fairly easy-going trail exploring along an esker cliff procuring views of the forest and many lakes.

Kidney Lake Trail: A 9 km trail moderately difficult trail exploring the outback wilderness areas in the park giving views of lakes and wildlife.


Everyone’s childhood dream is to ride on a sled-like Santa did. And you can fulfill that in Ravens Adventures Dogsled Tour with human’s best companions dogs. You are also provided with the alternative of riding your dog or asking for their dogs. Dog sledding lasts for up to an hour. before the sledding, they provide proper instructions and how to hook up the dogs.

The total hour and more of the tour includes moonlight tours, and ice fishing excursions, and there are also custom-made trips you can plan for overnights with tents and wood stoves available. This comes up with a threat, not advisable for a faint-hearted person.

They also provide a venue for several events like weddings, winter carnivals, birthday parties, and many more.

Dog sledding
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If you want to experience all the jazz of adventure beside the Abitibi river and in the snow, you should visit Abitibi canyon base camp in winter where you could do the best snowmobiling. Joe McDonald and Michael Lobb, owners of Abitibi Canyon Base Camp have been working hard since they bought it to make it a world-class destination for adventurers.

Along with fuel and food, they also provide accommodations for snowmobilers to experience all the ultimate snowmobiling.

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Outtarange Outfitters is located in Northern Ontario. The activities that they include are remote hunting, fishing, kayaking, snowmobiling, and bird watching. They have two camps which are situated on Grassy and Leonard lake. Both camps can be easily accessed through boats in summer or spring and in winter well-groomed snowmobile trails are available.


Smooth Rock Falls is tracked down on the shore of the Mattagami Rivers. The smooth rock falls are flexible in all four seasons you can visit here in any month of the year. The region that smooth rock falls cover is heaven for snowmobilers as the snowmobile trails cover a total network of over 1,000 kilometres goes through beautiful woods. Ahead of the Mattagami rivers, the Mattagami Ski Club also presents a well-maintained trail. Other than that many activities are also provided by smooth rock falls such as golfing, fishing, canoeing, and swimming.


Cochrane Air Services provides you with fishing and hunting activities in the wonderful wilderness with excellent equipment. You can experience their 20+ outpost cabins and lakes which are beautifully maintained and taken care of. This will be the best experience for hunters and frequent flyers as they get the chance to fly and hunt in the wild.


Tim Horton museum is dedicated to Tim Horton, one of the best National Hockey League players to be known until now who took birth in Cochrane, Ontario in 1930. Tim Horton is the one who founded the famous Tim Hortons doughnut, a coffee food chain in 1964.

The memorabilia that are present in the museums are photographs, books, jerseys, and 568 hockey pucks that represent the number of the usual seasons and playoff points the Tim Horton great scored while playing in the NHL, playing for the Toronto Maple Leaf, including when they won Stanley Cups in 1962, 1963, 1964 and 1967.

A movie is also shown over there regarding his playing days.


The Polar Bear Express Train is a popular form of transportation in Cochrane, Ontario which runs from Cochrane to Moosonee whether you will be able to sightsee hydroelectric dams, isolated homes, and wilderness while traveling.

The train also stops in between the journey for hikers, canoeists, and their equipment to disembark the train so that they could start their adventure journey. The polar bear express train is one of few excursion trains left in the world.

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The Best Western Swan Castle Inn in downtown Cochrane is near shopping malls and sightseeing you could easily access the opportunities for different activities and adventures such as snowmobile trails which will be nearby the accommodation.

After a long hectic day, you may wanna relax in the luxurious yet comfortable and spacious room. The Castle Inn offers the best services through their best staff to have a wonderful relaxing stay.

STATION INN at Cochrane, Ontario

You can also stay at Station Inn, located atop the historic train station. It is located near the Polar Bear Express train service to Moosonee, as well as you could site the Polar Bear Habitat, Tim Horton’s Event Centre, and world-class snowmobile trails. When you take a step into the hotel you will be amazed by the services provided by the Station Inn’s staff. You will have the most comfortable, memorable stay at the Station Inn.


If you ride motorbikes or snowmobiles in Cochrane, you don’t have to worry about where to stay and park your vehicle. You have a great option to stay in a roadside motel with a fine restaurant for accommodations.




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Timmins is located in Northeast Ontario of Mattagami rivers. A bus or car would take around an hour or more to reach Cochrane from Timmins. This is an all-year-round travel destination for travelers and adventurers. The region around here combines 1000’s lakes and rivers, backcountry gravel roads, and forests.

Activities in Timmins

In the months of summer some of the additional outstanding activities relished in the local parks, provincial parks, and throughout the outback are hiking, water skiing, boating, camping, golfing, fishing, and others.

In the winter months, activities enjoyed in the region include downhill skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, xc skiing, ice fishing, dog sledding, and snowshoeing.

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