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Your Guide to June Motel Sauble Beach: 7 Amazing Activities

what if say that you don’t need to look for different websites but can get everything you need to know about the june motel sauble beach in a single article. yes, you are at the right place because here you get to know each and every detail about the june motel started by two best friends and made their way to their own netflix show. Know about the rooms, registrations, events, shops, restaurants and a lot more.

Sauble beach is one of the most famous beaches in Ontario, but do you know what is more famous than this? The June motel Sauble beach. Sarah sklash and April Started back in the summer of 2017 with the second franchise of the June motel on the Sauble beach.

The very first June motel was opened in Prince Edward County. The June motel Sauble beach is not just an average motel but the most beautiful vintage motel you could ever find in Ontario with a glass of good wine.

the june motel sauble beach
by Agnes Happen/ flickr.com copyright 2021

The Sauble beach is so quiet and yet full of noises, noises of memories, laughter, love, and millions of footprints left on the sand. But the June motel Sauble beach is the silver lining to the beach.

The motel of Sauble beach got immensely famous the moment it was opened, and there are so many reasons why people love the June motel so much? I will share everything you need to know about the June motel at Sauble beach, so let’s get started;

What makes June motel Sauble beach unique?

Everything about the June motel Sauble beach makes it different from the rest of the motels, whether it’s their location, theme, makeover, set-up, hospitality, events, or just the vibe.

The June motel has made its entry into the world of Netflix with its show, ”motel makeover”.
the june motel sauble beach
by thejunemotel.com

It’s a beautiful show with lots of things to learn and know about how the motel makeover. The owners build the June motel Sauble beach with love and passion, and this show is all about women’s entrepreneurs and success.

Other reasons which make it unique

1. The perfect location

For any motel to get famous in a bit of time is because of its location, and the June motel played well on this factor.

The Sauble beach attracts thousands of tourists every day but what people want is more than just lying in the sand or playing around the sea.

the june motel sauble beach
by Tom Page/flickr.com copyright 2015

The June motel Sauble beach fulfills people’s wishes who visit the Sauble beach. Sauble Beach is just a short walk away from the motel, and it is also near the public parking area of Sauble beach.

These two reasons are enough for a family to book the motel at Sauble beach, the closest to the beach, and parking.

2. Lively vintage theme

Oh my god! This is my favorite reason to visit the June motel Sauble beach and will become yours too; keep reading.

This motel’s vibe is everything about love, peace, quietness, and relaxation. The motel is painted in beige and pink, making it aesthetic and calm.

The rooms are so beautiful, with a light vintage vibe that will win your heart no matter what room you book. The rooms are perfect for 1 or 2 people with basic facilities and amenities a person looks for in a room.

3. Indoor-outdoor restaurant

The June motel Sauble beach has beautifully provided its customers with the best features. The staff will offer you complimentary coffee or tea on your arrival, which you don’t have to pay for.

june motel sauble beach
by thejunemotel.com

 They also have a lobby bar that offers the best vines, mimosas, beers, and cocktails.

The hotel owns both sittings inside and outside, so if guests want to enjoy the weather, they can sit outside in a unique outdoor setting with a fantastic dinner if you want to feel the vibes of the hotel and the interior experience their indoor sitting. 

4. Hop in the heated pool

the june motel sauble beach
by thejunemotel.com

The June motel Sauble beach is famous for its heated pool, and it’s the most beautiful thing about the whole motel.

Solar panels are used to heat the pool, and I am sure you will have a great time in the heated pool of June motel with a glass of mimosa.

The pool is open for the guests only, but you cannot bring your food since the motel itself will offer everything, so you get your best swimsuit on and enjoy the warm pool water.

5. Enjoy the heydays

The heydays are the highlight of the June motel at Sauble beach. The best drinks are served to the guests, and they hit different when the drinks are cold, and the pool is heated. Take your families to experience the heydays on Saturday to make your weekend special.

the june motel sauble beach
by thejunemotel.com

Heydays will give you all summer vintage vibes with their most popular lobster rolls that you can’t miss. These are all about the old-school vibes with the best coastal menu of the house.

by thejunemotel.com

6. Explore and experience the events

The June motel Sauble beach organizes a bonfire for their guests. It’s beautiful to sit around the fire with your loved ones and enjoy the night with a great vine or beer.

june motel sauble beach
by thejunemotel.com

The June motel Sauble beach became different from any average motel when they exclusively introduced majestic events for their guests. The events are unique, and each event is worth experiencing.

a. Yoga on the poolside

It would be exciting to perform morning poolside yoga to detox your body. I think it’s the best way to start your day.

the june motel sauble beach
by thejunemotel.com

To become a part of it, the registration is essential to watch the schedule and the timings on their website.

b. Beach yoga is all you need

The June motel also offers a yoga performance or session only for their guests on the Sauble Beach, which is a memorable thing to do.

the june motel sauble beach
by thejunemotel.com

The registrations are done when your book and the guests are asked to meet in the lobby and travel straight to the beach together isn’t a fun way to start your day.

c. What’s about some live music

the june motel sauble beach
by thejunemotel.com

The June motel Sauble beach surely outstands everyone by bringing a live music night by the poolside and on the heydeys patio. The guests can hear from the best local artists and enjoy the site.

7. Go to the gifts shop of the motel

Take a step out of your hotel rooms and explore what’s new in the motel other than great food, and you will find the motel’s silver lining shop, which offers everything you need for your room.

the june motel sauble beach
by thejunemotel.com

You can get everything from bubbly covers or door sign posters, tote bags, or bathroom essentials.

I tried my best to everything about the June motel at Sauble beach in one single article, so you don’t need to look anywhere else to know anything about the Sauble beach motel. If you liked this article, here’s a link to similar content you might like.

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