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Ice Fishing In Ontario: 10 Best Spots

Ice fishing is a fantastic way to tip-ups & spend time during the cold winter months in Northwestern Ontario. It’s time to gear up and go ice-fishing when winter approaches and lakes are coated in a thick coating of ice.

Ice fishing tournaments are commonly held around the region, as it is one of the region’s most popular winter sports. To catch trout or arctic char for dinner, all that is required is an ice drill, a rod, anglers, bait, and a little luck. Well, depart basecamp on snowshoes with all of the essential gear to reach the lake. Your guide will show you how to dig a hole on the ice and how to fish effectively.

Later, well warm yourselves by a fire at a neighboring cabin and maybe prepare the day’s catch! Ontario’s landscapes are influenced by water and significantly change with each changing season, with over 250,000 freshwater lakes, rivers, shore, and streams bordering four of North America’s five Great Lakes.

The Complete Guide to Ice Fishing in Ontario

Ice fishing in Ontario is as fantastic as it gets, whether you realize it or not. Ice fishing in Ontario is about as excellent as it gets anywhere in the world, thanks to the wealth of lakes, a diverse range of attractive species, and knowledgeable operators who know how to make sure you have the greatest time possible.

Ice fishing in Ontario has a long and illustrious history. While this outdoor activity has a lengthy history, it has never been more popular than it is now. That’s because ice fishing is all about unplugging from the alerts that plague daily life and taking a breather (and hopefully a fish or two as well).

Ice fishing
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The Rules and Regulations of Ice Fishing in Ontario

Up to date information:

For those who choose to go it alone, they’ll give you a rundown of the guidelines to follow as well as describe the regulations below, but you can find a comprehensive list in this.

  • A current fishing license is required. They’re now quite simple to manage online, and you can establish account details and purchase & pay an Ontario fishing license here. A one-day license may be sufficient in some circumstances.
  • Keep track of the open and closed seasons on your site, as well as any fishing restrictions. The Ontario Fishing Laws Overview, an annual reference to activities such as fishing in that region, is a bit of a complex text, but those who are interested may go a little deeper.
  • You must be registering your ice house in Fishery Management Zones 9-12 and 14-20. The ice hut’s registration number must be placed on the outside. You’ll also need to agree on a date for the removal of your ice house. This is to guarantee that it is not left unattended for an extended period. You may use the same number on all of your ice huts, and you won’t have to connect again if you already have one.
  • It is free to register ice huts, but you must first create an account on the Natural Resources Registry. Otherwise, it would be suspended.

Which Lakes in Ontario Offer the Best Ice Fishing

In the North region, there is no scarcity of lakes worthwhile fishing on, and this is true throughout the year. For your purposes, they’ll examine the well-known ice fishing lakes which people have sought for a long time.

1. Simcoe Lake is a large body of water in Ontario, Canada

It’s difficult to envision any ranking of Ontario’s top ice fishing not even including Lake Simcoe. The sheer variety of species that may be caught makes ice fishing on Lake Simcoe so popular.

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Herring fish, White Fish, and a variety of other species can be caught on this site. It’s most renowned, though, for capturing massive Yellow Perch. You’ve seen a few videos of the Perch circulating YouTube if you’re into this sport. A list of ice hut rentals businesses may be found here. All of Tim Hales Fish Huts, Lucky’s Sons Ice Huts, and Floyd Hales Fish Huts are excellent options.

2. Scugog Lake is a body of water in the Canadian province of Ontario

Scugog is located about an hour outside of Toronto, directly next to Port Perry. It’s a popular ice fishing spot, especially for catching Black Crappie. Perch are plentiful in this lake, as they are in many others.

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Lake Scugog is a good spot to start if you’re in Toronto and want to try out this activity for the first time. Scugog Ice Adventures is highly recommended since they will set everything up for you. All you’d have to do is show up with a grin.

3. Lake Ontario is a large body of water in the (Bay of Quinte)

Because Lake Ontario is so large, we would like to make it clear that we are advising the Bay of Quinte area particularly.

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If you’re looking for Walleye, Trenton Bay is your best chance, but Belleville Bay is likely to be just as excellent. The Telegraph Narrows and Hay Bay are two other locations to visit. As you may have guessed, the region offers some of the best ice fishing in Ontario.

4. Wawa Lake is a lake located in the state of Wisconsin

Wawa is one of Ontario’s ice fishing capitals, located on the northeastern side of Lake Superior. For context, Sault Ste. Marie is roughly a 2.5-hour trip northeast.

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Wawa is home to one of the province’s most renowned ice fishing tournaments. In fact, in the past, they’ve given out over $150,000 in payment and prizes during their annual ice fishing derby. By the way, this derby is the talk of the ice fishing forums.

5. Hamilton Harbor is located in Hamilton, New Zealand

Although don’t think Hamilton Harbor is in Ontario, it’s such a short drive from Toronto that it’s worth noting.

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Since such Walleye population has rebounded to full strength, Hamilton Harbor has seen an influx of ice fishing cottages, which has turned into a full-fledged trend.

6. Lake Rice is a body of water in the United

Rice Lake is well-known for being a summer playground in that region, but it also has a strong winter reputation.

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Rice Lake, in particular, is famed for producing huge Carp, Pickerel, bait, and Muskie. Golden Beach Resort (in Roseneath, Ontario) provides multi-day packages services that include your heated ice hut rentals, as well as all of the necessary bait, poles, and other equipment.

7. Windy Lake

Windy Lake Provincial Park is a great location to go ice fishing. Windy Lake is an excellent location for ice fishing, but they’re mentioning it mostly to remind folks that Ontario Parks offers fantastic ice fishing options.

Windy Lake Provincial Park

You’ll need to book ahead of time, but Parks now offers packages that include a stay in a winter lodge as well as all ice fishing equipment. Previously, many people could do exactly that while also getting in some cross-country skiing at Windy Lake Provincial Park.

8. Lac des Mille Lacs (Mille Lacs Lake) is a large lake trout

Lac Des Mille Lacs is a huge lake located a little over 150 kilometers northwest of Thunder Bay. It covers almost 250 square kilometers. It’s Ontario’s winter Walleye capital, and the lake is also known as a Pike Mecca.

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Pine Point Resort is a popular stop for ice hut anglers who want to sleep in a nice bed at night but also want to have a heated ice fishing tent.

9. Three Mile Lake is a body of water in the United States

Three Mile Lake, located in Muskoka, is famed for its pickerel, perch, and smallmouth and largemouth bass. Three Mile Lake is included in this list primarily to include Muskoka.

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It’s entirely up to you whether you choose to fish on Three Mile Lake, Lake Rousseau, Lake Joseph, or Lake Muskoka, but it’s worth mentioning that Muskoka offers some excellent Ontario ice fishing.

10. Lake Erie is located in the United States

On Lake Erie, two people, in particular, have put together a fantastic package for anyone looking to catch some good fish over the winter.

Photo by Jake Blucker on Unsplash

For starters, Bayside Ice Fishing in St. Williams, Ontario, focuses on making ice fishing a peaceful experience for people who are new to the sport. They strive to cater to “those who desire the joy of fishing and the warmth of shelter,” as they put it. They typically fish Long Point’s inner bay, which is perhaps Ontario’s Perch capital.

What Should You Bring On An Ice-Fishing Trip If You Plan

You’ll need different things depending on the type of lodging you pick. Call your lodge ahead of time to double-check what’s advised. Here are some important items to remember to bring:

  • A fishing permit
  • Warm clothes and good boots are essential.
  • Fishing equipment (optional)
  • Food and beverage
  • Chair, phone, hook
  • Individual amusement (cards, board games, etc.)
  • Flashlight
  • Bait, toiletries, a sleeping bag, and a pillow (overnight accommodations)
  • Please note: plastic bags or plastic bottles are suspended

Still waiting? Don’t worry if it was the middle of February or March and you haven’t made your travel plans & program yet. Unplanned expeditions will still yield fish; just keep an eye out for fishing seasons and regulations before you go to guarantee a good trip. There are a plethora of simple methods to organize your getaway!


Considering 38 percent of the country’s population, first nations Ontario is the most populated province in Canada. It is surrounded on the north by Hudson Bay and James Bay, and on the south by Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario, as well as significant rivers like St. Lawrence, Niagara, and Pigeon.

Furthermore, the province provides a diverse range of fishing services & opportunities, ranging from the day outings just outside of a city center to fishing resorts and distant fly-in camps on gorgeous wilderness lakes.

Anglers come here to fish for walleyes, trout, muskies, and bass, as well as the legendary salmon runs. If you want to get away from the crowds and throw your line into a beautiful wilderness lake like Eagle Lake, which is known across the world for its muskellunge fishing, head to northern Ontario.

What are you still waiting for? You may go to the ice fishing huts website account or use google to find out more information; you can contact them directly through their website. Note points that they also have a transportation company for the shop and sell; for more details, go to their mail & google portal.

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