A tray of baked pastries or cookies. A tray of baked pastries or cookies.

Explore Granville Island with the Guided Vancouver Food Tour!

Book your slot now for Granville Island Market: Guided Vancouver Food Tour on Granville Island on various dates from 10:30 a.m. and set yourself on a delicious adventure that is going to intrigue your senses! 

Get yourself ready for an exciting cultural and food display in Vancouver. It will be taking place on the city’s very own Granville Island.

Come prepared with your taste buds, as over 20 scrumptious Canadian treats will be waiting for you to drool over the excitement of tasting them. 

Dive into this lively community of foodies and gather some mouthwatering memories without waiting in those long lines.

A local guide is going to lead you on a culinary journey that will showcase some of the finest foods, farm-fresh products, and astounding works of art. You surely don’t want to skip this very opportunity!

1. About the Tour

This guided food tour in Vancouver will allow everyone to explore the beautiful Granville Island as the island is like a paradise, whether you are a foodie or an explorer.

The art and culture here are also very fascinating which makes Granville Island the second-most visited attraction in Canada after Niagara Falls

2. Highlights of the Tour

  • Explore Granville Island, which is the heaven of food, culture, and art.
  • Enjoy over 20 varied flavours of Canada that include organic bread, cheese, charcuterie, freshly prepared doughnuts, and much more.
  • Dive in with the feeling of togetherness and passion for food with the extremely helpful local guide beside you at the Granville Island’s food tour.
People standing in a group to explore Granville Island with the Guided Vancouver Food Tour
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3. Additional Info

  • Location: This appealing food tour is going to take place on Granville Island.
  • Dates and timing: The food tour will happen on various dates and the timing for the beginning of the event is 10:30 a.m. The dates can be selected by you according to your preferences. 
  • Duration: The deliciously designed food tour will include 120 minutes of walking and having good food, along with gaining some knowledge. 
  • People who are vegetarians, piscivores, or have been sensitive to gluten are required to make a request well in advance so that their preferences can be considered.
  • The Granville Island food tour will take place regardless of the weather.
  • A maximum of 16 guests are allowed to be a part of a group.
  • Meals ranging from savory to sweet or included in this walking tour through the city.
  • The VIP skip-the-line access is available at some of the top-rated restaurants in Vancouver.
  • You need to present your tickets to the tour guide, who is going to accompany you, at the point of the meeting.
  • This food tour can be assessed by those in wheelchairs.

Ultimate Food Guide at Vancouver's Granville Island Public Market


4. Tickets and Pricing

A ticket for an adult who is 13 or older in age will cost $105 and are available on Fever.com for purchase.

5. Be a Part of the Exciting Granville Food Tour Today

  • What: Granville Island Market: Guided Vancouver Food Tour.
  • Where: Granville Island.
  • When: Various dates available.
  • Timings: 10:30 a.m. for two hours.
  • Tickets: You can join this scrumptious event by purchasing your tickets from Fever.com.

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  1. I would love to take part in this exciting food tour in Granville. I am looking forward to experience culture and culinary of the place.

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