A close-up of waffles with white chocolate drizzle. A close-up of waffles with white chocolate drizzle.

Be Part of the Legendary Gastown Food Tour of Vancouver!

Attention foodies! Be a part of the Legendary Gastown Food Tour of Vancouver being organized on various dates throughout the year on afternoons at Gastown, Vancouver

If you love trying out different foods and cuisines, then this tour is definitely for you.

The Legendary Gastown Food Tour offers you a chance to explore Gastown, the oldest neighbourhood in the city of Vancouver.

A delight to your taste buds, the tour is a culinary experience like none other; so bring along your friends and family and gear up your knives and forks!

1. Highlights of the Legendary Gastown Food Tour 

Embark on an exploration journey of the quaint neighbourhood of Gastown as you walk around the cobblestone streets of Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhood.

Along the tour, you will stop at 8 different and unique spots in the neighbourhood to taste 7 mouthwatering food samples and sip on 3 alcoholic tastings (worry not because there are non-alcoholic alternatives too).

Immerse yourself in Vacnouver’s plentiful gastronomic landscape as your guide takes you through the neighbourhood of Gastown on a 2.5-hour learning expedition

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2. What to Expect?

The Legendary Gastown Food Tour of Vancouver will take you on a mouth-watering food journey around the oldest neighbourhood in Vancouver, Gastown. 

Relish the explosion of flavours and tastes as you feast on foods ranging from juicy chicken to tantalizing vegan cauliflower.

But make sure to leave room for dessert because after the main course, awaiting you are sweet treats like waffles, soft ice cream, and an award-winning cheesecake

A walk around an aesthetic neighbourhood, delicious food, and an entertaining yet educative guided tour, what more does a memorable fun afternoon need?

3. Details about the Legendary Gastown Food Tour

The Legendary Gastown Food Tour of Vancouver is available on many dates throughout various months. 

The tour takes place twice at 2 pm and 3 pm, with a duration of about 150 minutes. The commencement point for the tour is the Waterfront SeaBus Terminal.

There are no age restrictions for this tour, all ages are welcome! Children will be required to have their own tickets if they are going to be eating on the tour.

Discover Gastown: Vancouver's Trendy Neighborhood Unveiled - Episode 4  🌆✨


The Legendary Gastown Food Tour of Vancouver is guaranteed to take place regardless of the weather conditions, be it a sunny day or a rainy day.

You would need to inform about any dietary restrictions/needs beforehand.

The tour offers to cater to only vegetarian and gluten-free needs, accommodation would not be available for others and there will also be non-alcoholic beverage options available for children and anyone not looking to get tipsy!

The ticket charges for the tour do not include tips for the tour guides, but they are always appreciated.

4. Tickets to the Legendary Gastown Food Tour

The tickets for the Legendary Gastown Food Tour of Vancouver are priced at CA$ 129.50 and are available for sale on FeverUp.

This is a regular ticket valid for all age groups.

5. Explore the Neighborhood with Vancouver’s Legendary Gastown Food Tour 

  • What: Legendary Gastown Food Tour of Vancouver.
  • When: Various dates throughout the year.
  • Where: Waterfront SeaBus Terminal, Vancouver, V6C 2R6.
  • Time: 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm.
  • Tickets: To reserve your tickets today, visit FeverUp.com.

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