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Access the latest Clubs, Grips & Shafts, Shoes, Golf Balls, GPS, bags, apparel, and Accessories at Canada’s most fantastic golf shop, the Golf Town Whitby.

Whitby is a city in Durham County, Ontario, Canada. Whitby is on the northern coast of Lake Ontario, east of Ajax and west of Oshawa in Southern Ontario. Golf town Whitby is located at 1635 Victoria Street East, Whitby ONTARIO L1N 9W4 CA.

Whitby, Ontario, is a tiny town on the north shore of Lake Ontario, located approximately 25 minutes east of Toronto. It is recognised for its tiny rural atmosphere while offering ample city conveniences. Whitby has a considerable number of unique architectural heritage in the downtown area due to its rich history.

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In terms of quality of life, Whitby offers the perfect blend: convenient proximity to Toronto’s business centre as well as beautiful nature, including calm trails along the Waterfront Trail. The community is friendly and hospitable, with a snug population of mainly European heritage.

With property stores spanning 18,000 square feet, they have an outstanding collection of all the greatest brands in golf at the lowest prices. They provide anything you need, from clubs, bags, and balls to footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and gifts.

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1. Golf Town Whitby

Since its foundation in 1999, Golf Town Limited has evolved into Canada’s golf marketplace. They have locations across Canada and supply everything you could want to perform at your best. Golf Town Whitby Limited sites are excellent for golfers looking to try, play, study, and improve their game.

Golf Town is a location where golf fans can use their passion for the game by learning about and sharing the newest industry trends. Many people join them and experience a highly professional environment where they can share all the enthusiasm for maximising game enjoyment.

They use the hashtag Come out and play on their business blog page to help reach more golfers. Golf town Whitby is operational throughout the week. You can visit their website and check the official working hours.

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They also have an event from women’s that is a one-day event where they recognise the importance of girls and women learning how to play golf and developing lifelong talents. Except where the law forbids everyone is welcome to attend Women’s Golf Day. Women’s Golf Day makes no differences based on gender, race, colour, religion, disability, or medical condition.

Golf Town Whitby provides the most excellent service to their customers. If a Golf Town Limited Expert Fitter fits you, but your club purchase does not meet your requirements, one can return it for a cash refund within 30 days after buying, even if you’ve played it. They also custom fit for you so you can have it as you want it to be.

Golf town also provides an offer on trade-in; golfers can get their old golf clubs and sets and put their value for new merchandise that golf town Whitby has to offer; they make this process quick and easy for the customer, so if you’re looking for new clubs you can pick your old equipment now and visit the store for a trade-in.

2. About the Sport

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Unlike some other ball games, golf does not have a fixed playing area and requires players to adapt to the different sceneries encountered on different courses. The game is usually practised on an 18-hole course, but outdoor courses can be more minor, with nine holes standard.

Golf is a club-and-ball game in which competitors use as few shots as possible to hit balls into a set of holes on a course.

Some rules that need to be followed while playing gold are mentioned below:

  1. A player must play the ball exactly as it is. In golf, players should hit their ball where it landed after the last stroke. Unless penalties or relief are imposed, the player must hit the ball wherever it stops.
  2. During competitive games, people are not supposed to hear or give recommendations to anyone, including other players, coaches, or spectators.
  3. Don’t take another shot until everybody is out of the way. While this is not a mandatory rule in the golf rulebook, it is essential for the players’ and spectators’ safety. No player should shoot when there is a chance of hitting a player or group ahead of them.
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  4. The clubs are in the bag. During the competitive games, golfers are only permitted to bring up to 14 clubs, most of which must be carried in a bag. If the player finds more than 14 clubs, they may be given a penalty stroke.
  5. Time to start looking for the ball- If a player loses possession of the ball during the game, they have three minutes to find it, and any time spent further than that results in a penalty shot.
  6. Each golfer’s swing is unique. The ProShop Technicians and Certified Fitters at Golf Town can make you modify your clubs, taking full advantage of your game. They can fine-tune and make exact modifications old or new clubs using cutting-edge technology.
  7. The player who shoots to the furthest has the first chance to play. This rule is most commonly used in competitive games, where the player who shoots the farthest ball in the past round is given the first shot for the next round.

3. Online Buying

On your computer, recreates the in-store atmosphere. In every area, you can shop with trust and explore their great selection of anything you need to play your greatest. Visit their website for additional information and to read and learn about anything.

This store has been given reviews as one of the top retail outlets for golf equipment, with a fantastic and knowledgeable staff that answers all client questions and ensures that they have the best experience possible and the best merchandise available.

Location: 1635 Victoria Street East, Unit A14, Whitby ON L1N 9W4

Phone: +1 905-579-7486

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