How Far is Buffalo NY from Ontario: 4 Ways

How far is Buffalo NY from Ontario Canada? Buffalo is one of the United States’ most architecturally rich cities and the second-largest city in the United States. Ontario is known for its natural beauty as we all know due to the famous national parks located over there and both are the best destination that you can ever visit! But what if you want to visit both of them?

Well, leave that question on us! We are here as an assistant in your travel plans who will guide you about the total driving distance from the famous Buffalo Ny to prominent Ontario, Canada. We will give you all the alternatives to reach your location. So let’s start to calculate distance!

How many hours is it from Buffalo NY to Ontario Canada?

Well, this question varies from different types of journey modes visitors choose according to their factors but we will be sharing all the possible best routes.

 How Far is Buffalo NY from Ontario Via Road

How Far is Buffalo NY from Ontario if going through the bus? The total driving distance from Buffalo NY to Ontario is 593 miles i.e 954 kilometres which is a tiring drive. It will take around 9 hours 44 minutes if the average speed is 60.9 mph. It’s practically not possible to drive for nine hours straight and that’s why it is always advisable to take a halt.

If you are travelling to Toronto, then this can be one of the stops but it is just 159km away from Buffalo which implies that you will have to plan an early morning drive to Ontario. If you are coming from Ontario to Buffalo then Sudbury could be a great stop and it is a halfway point.

There is no direct bus from Ontario to Buffalo if you are heading from Buffalo to Ontario then till Toronto, the bus goes daily. But the average bus price is $35 and then you will have to take a bus drive from Toronto to Ontario which can cost you around $80, so if we calculate all of them then you will have to pay a lot while travelling through the bus and yes, the map is recommended!

Crossing USA Canada Border from Fort Erie, ON to Buffalo, NY via Peace Bridge

How Far is Buffalo NY from Ontario Via Flight

How Far is Buffalo NY from Ontario if going through the flight? Assuming that you will be taking a flight from Buffalo Niagara International Airport and will be landing in Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport then it will take around 1 hour 19 minutes if we consider the distance between the two cities of the countries then it is 406 miles I.e 653 km (as the crow flies).

The plane can save a lot of time if you are running late in your schedule then you can choose to fly. The plane is expensive than any other medium and it will cost around $274-$593 which is very much expensive. The only advantage you get while travelling from the plane is that it reduces the duration of travel time. Flying is a cheaper option than a train.

 How Far is Buffalo NY from Ontario Via Train

How Far is Buffalo NY from Ontario if going through the train? There’s one daily train that runs from Buffalo to Toronto and that train name is Amtrak Maple Leaf which is alternatively expensive than a flight and the ticket can cost you around $52.75 and it will take around 4hour 27 minutes. There’s no direct link with Buffalo New York to Ontario and you will probably have to change trains.

The distance from Toronto to Ontario is 2143 miles I.e 3447 km and it will take 84 hours 24 minutes and will cost around $313 Calculating all the things together we find your loss while travelling by train. At first, you have to change the train then almost devote 4 days to travelling which is insane! And the total price will be heavy on your account so yes, this is our least approved mode. The straight line distance is 3444 km so there isn’t much difference between the straight line and travelling from the train. The map is recommended!

How Far is Buffalo NY from Ontario With The Best Route

Planning a road trip? The world loves planning a road trip and the more they love is the drive but the drive is a subject of time, it all depends on your driving speed and it will take how much time to reach your locations. Road trips and best routes create stories which we all love sharing. Land means is always preferred than air or any other mode.

For example, you have started driving from Hamilton, Ontario you will encounter wide highways with lots of scenery around. The QEW is the only highway in Ontario that takes you to Niagara Falls and is considered to be one of the best routes. Normally this highway is awfully busy especially during weekends and statutory holidays.

You can take rental cars as well but we can assure you that a car ride will be worth it and yes it will take you less time than travelling by bus or train. If we look at the gas charges and how much they will cost you then as per the current gas rates it will be around $92 and for the round trip, it will be $184. You will be required to fill up your tank with almost 24 gallons of gas and the regular cost is around $4 per gallon of gas.

After calculating and having an estimate of how much we have to spend and getting to know the distance between Buffalo NY to Ontario we have concluded which mode is the best and economical. If we talk about flight, then flight distance is way less than any other medium but is expensive plus no sightseeing.

If we talk about the road trip then this is considered to be the best option. The driving distance is very much similar to the road trip. Though driving distance covered with a bus is very tiring and a bit expensive than a car. Especially you would have to plan your schedule according to the bus timings. So we have numbered the modes from 1st to 4th, the best one stays at the top. After all the figures, we have collected, it’s time to show which figure suits the guest.

  1. Road Trip by Car (car will make your route and the trip worth everything!)
  2. Bus (All the miles of travelling through bus can be tiring but it is similar to the car but needs to change the bus from halfway point)
  3. Flight (expensive but fits the tight schedule)
  4. Train (time-consuming, expensive and have to change the train from halfway point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from us and we answered in the best possible way.

How far is Buffalo NY to Ontario, Canada border?

Two different countries but Buffalo New York is just 45 kilometres away from the Canada border and the closest city of Buffalo NY is Toronto although there is no commercial traffic allowed.

How many hours does it take to reach New York from Ontario Canada?

The shortest route between New York and Canada is 3.240 miles i.e 5,200 km and it almost takes 62 hours and 4 min to reach over there.

Is crossing the domestic border is allowed?

Yes, the domestic border crossing is allowed. There is no such strict rule if you are coming from the USA to Canada or vice versa. The travel time can be cut down due to such proximity. It is also easy to take your car on a different route and you can explore all the routes without any restrictions doesn’t matter how many kilometres you have travelled.

Looking for hotels?

Here are some of our recommendations if you are looking for hotels near the mentioned locations near Buffalo New York

Country Inn and Suites by Radisson


This 3-star hotel has received lots of recommendations due to its great location. This modest Inn has all the amenities you will ask for except the spa. It has a casino and special activities for children. To search for check-out timing is noon and check-in timing is 3:00 pm and for booking, we suggest visiting the official website. Keeping in mind the pandemic situation, hygiene kits with sanitisers are available. The Inn gives free parking, breakfast, and Wi-Fi with a pool and hot tub facility!  So, if you wish to enjoy yourself in a fancy inn then this one is for you.

The Westin Buffalo


The famous 4-star hotel is worth staying in if your budget allows you to do so. The elegant building with modern touch has a lot to give to their customers! You can enjoy bicycling, golf, and horse riding on the property itself. It has a grocery shop, gift shop, fitness centre, and many things which will make you feel like you are living in an apartment.

The only minus point is that there is no pool and hot tub available but it hardly matters when you will be engrossed in other activities. The comfy beds can help you recover from the long drive from Ontario. The check-out and check-in time is the same in almost all the hotels.

Embassy Suites By Hilton Buffalo


This 3-star hotel has a great bar and is near to the international airport. Breakfast is free and even has a great restaurant for dinner and lunch. This place also has a grocery store, gift shop, full and self-service laundry with lots of activities for kids, and an indoor pool. This hotel is also certified as environmentally sustainable by an independent organization. The check-in time is different in the Embassy Suites, you need to leave the hotel at 11:00 am and a fresh entry in the hotel can be registered at 4:00 pm.

How far is Buffalo NY from Ontario? we hope that we answered everything related to this question. We have discussed four types of transportation methods and even ranked them according to comfort and price. We have shared details about three accommodation places which will be a great place to live in if you came from Ontario to Buffalo NY! So now on all you. Plan your trip according to your budget and comfort and enjoy nature and beautifully serene.

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  12. An informative piece answering the doubts that every road traveller has while visiting a different province or crossing a country’s border via road. Since I plan my trips this way with rental cars it helps that this article has answered all the quarries, I had about the gas pricing and the time that’ll be required to make the Buffalo to Ontario trip

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