Camping Niagara Falls: Everything You Need to Know

Niagara Falls is situated on the Niagara river Southern Ontario, Canada, connected with the US by the rainbow bridge. The city is the namesake of ‘Niagara Falls waterfalls.’

Camping Niagara Falls has many options to choose from the camping sites in the area because it is surrounded by the most famous falls of the world, and here nature is thriving at its best.

The exact location of the Niagara Falls-

There is always confusion surrounding related to the exact location of the waterfalls of Niagara Falls. The falls are situated on the Niagara River, which links two of the five Great Lakes. Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, together, and the waterfalls are named Niagara Falls.

It consists of three distinct waterfalls: The American Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls in the USA, and Canadian Horseshoe Falls in Canada.

The Niagara River is an international border between the USA and Canada. Therefore, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, Niagara Falls, New York, United States of America.

Interesting historical background of Niagara Falls-

Photo by Ivan Torres on Pexels

1) Niagara Falls comprises two waterfalls on the Niagara River, the border between Ontario, Canada, and New York, USA. American Falls are situated on the American part of the border, and the Canadian or Horseshoe Falls are located in the Canadian region.

2) To the right side of American Falls is a tiny waterfall; it has been disassociated by natural occurrences, normally known as Bridal Veil Falls.

3) The falls are considered to be formed 12000 years ago; the tip of the falls was seven miles farther downriver than it is today.

4) The water arrives from the Great Lakes to the falls. Ninety percent of water travels to the Horseshoe Falls. Per hour a total of 5.5 billion gallons of water goes over the falls. Today to minimize the erosion, the amount is under the supervision of both the Canadian and American governments.

5) Moreover, the water from Niagara Falls is transferred to Canada and America to supply electric power, making Niagara Falls the world’s largest electric power source.

6) The Horseshoe Falls are 170 feet high, and the American Falls are 180 feet tall.

7) Annie Edison Taylor is the first woman and the first person to explore Niagara Falls in a cask in the year1901. She was a widow and worked near the falls as a street vendor for twenty years.

8) In the year 1848, for the first time the  Niagara Falls go dry because of the stronger westerly winds which keep the water in Lake Erie.

9) Roger Woodward, age seven, is the only human who went over the falls without protection and survived the boating accident on July 9, 1960.

10) In 1953, Marilyn Monroe walked through the Niagra falls in the film Niagara.

Camping near Niagara Falls-

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Camping Niagara Falls is a perfect atmospheric spot for campers and hikers; there are hiking trails throughout the region filled with trees and biodiversity.

There are tons of choices for camping in Niagara falls if you are an expert in building your camping area, hop on your car, RV (recreational vehicles), Jeep, or other means of transport, and go fancy camping in a cabin or cottage.

Places Suitable for Camping Niagara Falls:-

There is plenty of camping near Niagara Falls. Set up your camp and explore the area of Niagara Falls, find tourists spot, hike, take pictures and absorb the beauty of camping in Niagara falls.

Below are some Niagara falls camping areas to checkout-

1) Four Mile Creek State Park

This site is considered the most convenient camping site since it’s just fifteen minutes from the falls. On the other hand, it is one of the massive campgrounds in the state.

They offer two hundred seventy-five campsites to select from. A protected natural region, this camping Niagara falls provide you near and clear view of flora as well as sneak through indigenous wildlife, namely whitetail deer and blue herons.

You will get the opportunity to wander around the expansive Lake Ontario. From here, you will see a profound sunset view along with water activities.

2) Jellystone Park

Photo by Wordshore/Flickr

Yogi bear’s Jellystone Park is only 3.5 miles far from the Niagara Falls waterfalls. The camping Niagara falls have a private shuttle bus service that runs to falls several times a day.

Here you can book a cottage, cabin, and camp for weeks, the world’s largest 34 feet tall inflatable waterslide.

Kids will adore this camping Niagara falls site, one of the reasons being the enormous playground, warm outdoor pool, and splash pool as well.

The campsite has a picnic table and fireplace and a mini-golf course, arcade, and peddle bike for rent.

You have to spend $310 a night for lodges with a capacity of eight people and $44 a night for platonic campsites.

3) Long Beach Conversation Area

Beach areas are always an appropriate spot to chat with your folks, and this camping Niagara falls is just perfect.

It is a camping area comprising 225 campsites with beaches and water views. Lay down your camp tent, then hop out on the beach area for jet skiing, fishing, or relax under the sun rays.

There are also 56 hectares of land of flat forest area for hiking.  The cost of campsites ranges from $34 to $50 a night.

4) Niagara Woodland Campground

Covered with dense forest and family-friendly, this camp area is one of the convenient spots for camping in Niagara Falls, situated just five minutes from Lake Ontario in western New York and 25 minutes from the Falls.

If you want an isolated area to admire the lakeshore beauty alone or with your family, then this campsite is suitable for you.

That being said, the Niagra Woodland camp area has so many facilities ranging from mini-golf, playground, horseshoes, poolside, volleyball, and basketball courts, 20 Rv-only parking sites, including 30 and 50 amps electricity hookups along with water and sewage.

Laundry facilities for families and solo travelers looking for a long-term stay.

5) Niagara Falls Grand Island KOA

Located just seven miles from Niagara falls is this striking camping site.

Appropriate for the kid, many facilities range from two heated pools, a play area, and kids’ favorite trampoline.

This camping Niagara falls have a facility for 39 and 50 amps electricity and back-in RV sites.

Tent campers are also welcome here to select the sites that suit best for camping.

The Niagara falls grand island KOA staff is well-versed in suggesting tour packages to the falls and ticketing and transporting information for nearby tourist attractions, like Martin’s Fantasy land.

6) Niagara Hartland Campground

An operated RV and family-run resort situated on the Charles Lake shoreline, Niagra heartland campground is a cozy getaway with families and friends.

Also, the devoted RVers are welcome here. They can stay off the road and a forty-minute drive to Niagara Falls.

The relaxation hall provides huge pull-thru and treed sites. The rental amenities offer kayaks and fishing equipment which comes in handy during a trip to the lake.

From daily organized facilities to outdoor activities provided here include a playground, basketball, and badminton courts.

7) Niagara’s Lazy Lakes Campground

Yet another family-owned camping resort located in New York, planning a visit with your whole family, check this camping Niagara falls because it offers every family-vacation appropriate activity.

This site has a large playground, swimming pools, fishing spots, and row boating in continuation with the above line.

The resort offer RV sites and a cabin with 30 and 50 amp electrical hookup in addition to four bedrooms with washrooms, laundry space, and a dump station for waste, and a full-time security watch for your safety.

These were the convenient seven campsites near Niagara falls to check out whenever you plan a vacation or small getaway to Niagara Falls.

Tourists attractions near Niagara Falls, Canada-

1) Skylon Tower- 

Image by Bishnu Sarangi from Pixabay

With 235 meters just above the falls, the tower offers a panorama view of Niagara Falls, the city, and the Niagara Escarpment.

The Skylon Tower is both an indoor and outdoor observation area, and its interior includes two restaurants.

The fascinating part of the tower is the ‘revolving dining room.’ There is a ‘summit suite buffet,’ which is a non-rotating family align restaurant.

Access to the observation area is free if you are dining as well.

2) Hornblowers Niagara Cruises-

Photo by shankar s./Flickr

If you want a close-up tour of the falls from all three sides, then book yourself a ticket on this 700 passenger catamaran boat.

The Cruises are available all day long and at night as well when Niagara falls look beautiful.

Since you are willing to see a close-up view of falls, be ready to get wet even though rain jackets are provided, chances are you will get drenched.

In Canada, this Hornblowers cruise is the only option for boat tours near falls.

3) Butterfly Conservatory- 

Photo by Darryl Kenyon/Flickr

It is home to 2000 non-caged butterflies with 40 different species of butterflies. The place is open all year round.

These were the top three popular attractions in the vicinity. Still, there are plenty of activities to do while camping in Niagara falls, from watching Niagara Falls fireworks to exploring as many tourist spots as possible to visit amusement parks and walk through the serene Niagara parkway. One can never have enough of the Niagara Falls visit.

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