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Programs And Admission For Lakeland College

Lakeland College is located in Alberta, Canada. This college is a public fund and a post-secondary college. Lakeland college consists of two campuses- Vermilion school campus and Lloydminster campus. Lakeland college serves over 8000 students from all over the world through their academic sessions.

The Lakeland college offers part-time students and full-time students for studying there. This college is the only inter-provincial college among all the universities in Canada, serving Saskatchewan residents and Alberta residents.

In 1975, they agreed to have a partnership agreement between the two provincial governments for student wellness. The Lakeland college is one of the members of the Alberta Rural Development Network and Colleges and Institutes Canada( CICAN).

In 2013, this college offered $1 million in scholarships, bursaries, and awards to its students. This college has also joined a program founded by Rick Hillier called a scholarship program for Canadian forces members.

Scholarships of Lakeland college for the first nation, aboriginal and metis student includes TransAlta Aboriginal Educational Award. New bursaries will be awarded to the qualified Saskatchewan Aboriginal students who enroll in a full-time study from the beginning of the session.

List Of Information About Lakeland College

If you are looking for admission, programs, and other information about the Lakeland college Alberta, Canada, here you will find everything you want to know:

1. Lakeland College Serves:

  • Bookstores
  • Library
  • Parking
  • Free meal option for students living on their campus
  • Nurse
  • Counselor and wellness advisor
  • Safe walk and security
  • Health and dental plan
  • Student employment
  • Lakeland app
  • International department
  • Student’s association
  • BYOD wireless
  • Financial Aid and awards
  • Recreation
  • Residence

Students from all over the world choose to study in Lakeland College, Alberta because they ensure the ability of crucial skills and knowledge needed by their students to build up their careers.

Lakeland’s comfortable setting allows tight-knit learning to their student to gain more knowledge in their chosen career. The college sets up award-winning programs every year to ease the easy transition for their students on further study and into the workforce.

2. Lakeland College Programs

Lakeland College Canada - Overview

When Lakeland College was established, it provided only agricultural training and programs for its students. But today, Lakeland college has spreader its educational programs beyond agriculture.

Due to Lakeland’s comfortable setting, students choose different courses and study options such as University transfer, Street rod technologies, pre-employment trades training, environmental sciences, interior design technology, human services, apprenticeship, health and wellness, fire and emergency services, business and agricultural sciences.

Students who are involved in interior design technology programs have won many Student-Designed Contests, national and international. Lakeland college plays a major role in award-winning programs because many universities and post-secondary institutions take part and learn about many study options and the workforce.

Its assessment and appraisals program is licensed to teach its students about real property assessment by the University of British Columbia. Students reviewed a certificate for joining this assessment from the University of British Columbia.

The Emergency Training Centre offers those authentic pre-professional, corporate training in fire, municipal, pre-hospital, and many other emergency service programs for students who choose fire and emergency training programs.

Students are trained in both emergency and fire medical response. Then they are specialized in one of those disciplines.

3. How To Take Admission  In Lakeland College – Step-by-Step:

If you are desperate and want to get admitted to Lakeland college, here are the few steps you need to follow for your admission

Know About The College:

To know about Lakeland college at first, Explore their educational programs, and explore their pathways. Find your interest in a specific course that will help you to make your own Lakeland College Viewpoint.


Search for students for the day in Lakeland college and visit the first website. You can also have a tour on a book or counselor, an open house campus, and an info session for the experience.

Prepare To Apply:

For applying to this college, the admission requirements needed are- English speaking proficiency. Next, you need to sit for the entrance exam, including the admission fee. Before the admission test, contact a specialist for enrollment.

Documents And Transcripts:

Local students need to transfer cervical from their previous school or university, and international students need to pass the SAT exam and submit their high school’s document.


Apply on the Alberta webpage, then provide apprentices Register. you will be provided with Part-time studies, including all online programs

After Your Are Selected:

Apply for residence including tuition deposit, academic instructors, transfer agreements, registration schedule, and Pay tuition

4. Vermilion School

Enrolment | Vermilion Campus and Student-Managed Farm Tour 2020

Lakeland college opened in 1913 as Vermilion School, where their main focus was on agriculture. Vermilion school mostly perform their learning outdoor on Emergency Training Centre ground, college farm, environmental science field labs. Over 2000 students live on the Vermilion campus, making it for them to go to their perspective classes on time.

The school provides modern computer labs and classrooms with more than 8 disciplines and award-winning programs, and a large basketball court for their students to gain knowledge in the best way worldwide.

5. Athabasca University

360 Virtual Tour of Athabasca University

This university is a research university in Alberta linked with Lakeland college. This university was the first university established in 1970 whose main focus was on distance education.

This university is linked to more than 350 national and international collaborators. Through Athabasca University, the Lakeland college performs its programs and projects for its students’ further study.

The Athabasca University is Canada’s exclusive university known as the fastest growing university in Canada. This university hosts Canada Research Chairs.

Faculties Provided by Athabasca University:

Faculty of science and technology, Faculty of business, Faculty of graduate studies, Faculty of health discipline, Faculty of humanities and social sciences, Faculty of art and music.

6. University Caliber Education

On account of education, Caliber university provides education to their student in humanistic education of Confucius and ancient Greek. They explore ancient Chinese education and much other international education for the benefit of their students.

Caliber education is one of the highest forms of human education. If you want to gain a caliber education from Lakeland college, you will never fall for any other courses and achieve harmonious development.

Students of Lakeland college get proper learning on Caliber education without big crowds, red tape, and distraction.

Studying at this college, you will find more than 50 diverse study options, including:

  • Diploma
  • University transfer
  • Certificate
  • Online programs

The campus of Lakeland college’s comfortable setting offers clubs, social activities, recreation, athletic, and housing available for single students or students who moved with their families. Despite Alberta’s large centers, located on the western Canada prairies, Lakeland college offers different sorts of experiences for their students.

7. Lakeland College Ranking

Ranked 827 in World University Rankings in Canada by Unibank

Ranked 2338 in World University Rankings in World by Unibank

Ranked between 120-150 in Reginald University Midwest in the US by world repost and US news.

Ranked 33 in Top Performer of Social Nobility by world report and US news.

Lakeland College is a very famous and respectable University in Alberta, Canada. Students from all over the world take admission to this college because of its proper educational settings based on environment, business, art, humanities, and many more courses available.

They provide their students with the best caliber education And programs. Students enroll in different programs for experience before they start their new session.

Every facility provided by Lakeland college is the best and of good quality. The college is also an award-winning ranked college. Admission and programs are available for all types of students.

They even held cross country running sport on different occasions. The services and other educational activities are very well maintained, which attracts students from worldwide per year.

If you get admitted to this college, you must be active in international partnerships and projects, supporting international students, linking to international studies, and opportunities in the internship.

This college hosts many students working managed farms in Canada. This involves the study of livestock and crop. Students learn and get involved in Student-Managed Farm(SMF). Lakeland College is one of the best universities among all the universities in Canada.

Faculties Provided by Lakeland college:

Faculty in trades and technology, Faculty in human services, Faculty in health and wellness, Faculty in fire and emergency services, Faculty in energy and petroleum technology, Faculty in education, Faculty in business, Faculty in agricultural sciences, Faculty in environmental studies.

Other Courses Available:

  • Pathways
  • Agriculture
  • Skills training and adult basic education
  • Business
  • Driver training
  • Home and leisure
  • Online
  • Oil and gas
  • Trades
  • Fire and emergency service
  • Corporate training
  • Music, art, and drama

If you are willing to take admission to this college, visit their official browser and sign in there. You can also prefer the different sites to know more about this college and its related schools and universities.

All the above-mentioned information about Lakeland college is authentic and latest. Lakeland college consists of more than 3000 students from national and international. Almost every Canadian student prefers this college because they provide the best educational service, programs, and projects.

The outdoor programs of this college cheer its students up in learning and gaining more knowledge and data through exciting projects. So you must know about this amazing college. I hope this article will give you an idea about all data and statistics about admission and programs of the Lakeland college you need to know.

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