A building of the Richmond’s Aberdeen mall A building of the Richmond’s Aberdeen mall

Exploring Aberdeen Centre Mall: A Taste of Asia in Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver is known for its luxury Malls, department stores, and chain stores. If you are in Vancouver, then this is the right place for shopaholics to visit Richmond’s Aberdeen Mall to have a great shopping experience and spend quality time with their loved ones.

Aberdeen Centre Mall offers everything from food courts, malls, and arcades to high-end luxury brands and many more attractions under one roof!

Address at 4151 Hazel Bridge Way, Vancouver, Canada Line, near Aberdeen Sky Station,

Aberdeen Mall is also known as “Xiang Gang Zai Zhong Xin” in Chinese, which translates as “Hong Kong Guy’s Centre.

1. History of Richmond’s Aberdeen Mall

A fountain at the Richmond Aberdeen Mall
Website Screenshot- Richmond’s Aberdeen Mall

Built-in 1989,

Aberdeen Centre Mall provides a proper balance between Asian stores and Japanese stores. Aberdeen Centre initially opened its doors to the public in 1989 in Asia West.

The original Richmond’s Aberdeen Mall’s design closed its doors nearly 20 years ago to be demolished and transformed into a new, glitzy, curved glass-roofed mall.

Richmond’s first Asian-style retail complex re-opened its doors in 1990 in Asia West. This mall is also known as an Asian mall as it represents Asia. It is an area with a high Asian population.

One of the first Asian malls in Vancouver. It was redesigned by Bing Thom Architects in 2003.

The complete vibe of this mall will make you feel like an Asian mall in North America. The Aberdeen Centre has forever altered Richmond, BC.

1.1. First Asian Shopping Centre in Canada, Downtown Vancouver

Today, this renowned Asian mall in Downton, Vancouver is a shopping attraction.

It has a unique retail format that combines shopping, entertainment, and dining all together. Apart from that, the Mall’s facade is designed with colourful and translucent curved glass.

Aberdeen Mall’s new design has a stronger Asian feel, highlighting the mall’s cultural distinctiveness.

2. The Revery Architecture of Richmond’s Aberdeen Mall

Following the Revery Architecture, Aberdeen Centre showcases a bright facade illuminated from within, giving the structure the impression of a billowing Chinese lantern at night.

  • The roof of this shopping centre is designed like a disc, with round skylights punctuating it.
  • Many consumers are drawn in via the concave entrance by the flowing design of the building’s exterior
  • The shopping mall has three levels.
  • The first and second floors of Aberdeen Centre consist of fashion brand stores followed by beautiful and lavish interiors.
  • Multisensory interior packed with light displays along with a beautiful fountain.
  • 3rd Floor consists of a giant Food Court providing mouth-watery and delicious food.
  • Aberdeen Mall also has a Mercedes-Benz dealership inside it.

3. Special Attractions of Richmond’s Aberdeen Mall

A dinosaur statue at the Richmond Aberdeen Mall.
Website screenshot- Richmond’s Aberdeen Mall

With more than 160+ retail stores in its building,

Aberdeen Centre is a great place that provides a wide variety of choices to its customers ranging from budget-friendly brands to luxurious brands, it covers it all.

  • Aberdeen Centre consists of three floors with a massive area of 380,500 square ft.
  • Each floor has been divided as per the stores located in this mall.
  • This shopping centre consists of Asian stores like Luk Fook Jewellery, Osaka Optics, Daiso, and many other brands.
  • The universality of Asian brands is a noticeable feature of Asian-themed malls.
  • Aberdeen Centre Mall has modern shop architecture.
  • The mall provides an engaging experience that goes beyond evident shopping.
  • It has a considerably more prominent presence that is visually pleasant to passers-by and focuses on the lifestyle and culture of a certain place.

3.1. Famous Restaurants and Cafés of Richmond’s Aberdeen Mall

Aberdeen Centre’s Food court has more than 20+ restaurants and cafés. All restaurants and cafes have great reviews serving distinctly Asian flavours to our taste buds.

The food court of Aberdeen Mall is on the 3rd floor. You will find popular restaurants like Nine Ninety, Fu Tea, Fresh Slice Pizza, Qianwei Kitchen, Mambo Café, and more.

3.2.1. Entertainment

Aberdeen Centre has numerous entertainment stores and shops worth trying and value for money. The mall provides tons of entertainment to its customers, especially for kids.

3.2.2. Play Zones & Fun Activity Area for Children

A game show at the Richmond Aberdeen mall
Website Screenshot- Richmond’s Aberdeen Mall

Aberdeen Centre Mall consists of a lot of play zones & fun activity areas which kids love the most to visit and have their best time.

The Mall has –

  • Cineplex Cinemas, Aberdeen Mall,
  • Allevity Entertainment (Gaming & fun)
  • Extreme Fun Centre Aberdeen (bowling alley & Gaming)
  • Fun4Kidz Play Centre (Kids’ play area)

All these stores will provide real entertainment to freshen your mind and create a lot of fun and loving memories with your loved ones.

3.2.3. Chinese New Year and Performances

  • Aberdeen Centre is known for its tourist attractions as they plan their trip during January to attend the Chinese New Year.
  • Chinese New Year includes interesting and lively performances like the Lion and Golden Dragon during Chinese New Year.
  • Events like the Flower & Gift Fair, and Chinese Music Association performances, are major attractions for customers.
  • Every year, the Chinese New Year Countdown starts from January 13 till January 22 each month.
  • The Chinese New Year enlightens the whole atmosphere of Aberdeen Centre and provides a mesmerizing experience to its customers.

3.2. No Place for Fraudulent Business in Richmond’s Luxurious Richmond’s Aberdeen Mall and Scam Stores

There are many websites and scam stores like G Cosmetics which are available in the market selling fake products.

They are selling fake products and copies of popular products in malls encouraging and allowing scam stores.

Richmond, BC is known for providing its customers with the best experience of shopping by only allowing established brands to shop in their mall. Aberdeen Centre only offers branded products to their customers to prevent fraudulent stores from opening. There are many websites and other malls which allow such stores but Aberdeen Mall does not allow scam stores.

3.3 Other Facilities and Information for Customers

  • Richmond BC Aberdeen Centre Mall is open all over the year for 365 days.
  • The mall also offers parking facilities to its customers as well.
  • People can bring their pets to the mall since it is pet-friendly.
  • Customers may also use the mall’s smoking area and properly maintained restrooms.
  • Versante, The Western Centre Mall, Holiday Inn Express, Radisson, and other hotels are near this mall.
  • The Gas stations like Aberdeen Esso and Petro-Canada are only 0.4 km away from Aberdeen centre.


Richmond’s Aberdeen Mall is a complete package of entertainment and shopping experience with your loved ones.

Aberdeen Centre Mall is a great example of a modern-designed mall, bringing the flavours of Asia to Richmond, BC from the 1990’s, and remains a popular mall for all the city’s residents.

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