Which Are the Top 5 Must-Listen Canadian Podcasts?

In recent years, podcasts have taken the spotlight as a treat for commuters and those with any regular desk job. We live for conversations, pertinent encounters, music, and what is happening around us, and podcasts are undoubtedly the best substitutes for conventional media or streaming channels that keep you updated.

Canadian podcasts
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Canada is eminent for its abundance of podcast hosts and podcast networks. From talk shows to podcasts that delve into the Canadian music and entertainment industry, history and culture of the country, politics, actual crime scenarios, sports, arts, and local food – Canadian podcasts have everything covered for you! 

2019 statistics on Canadian Podcasts show that around 36% of Canadians listen to podcasts monthly.

Top Canadian Podcasts

Here’s a list of the Top 5 Famous Canadian Podcasts you can listen to, based on prominent genres, namely, Comedy, Music, Science, News, and Business.

a) Stop Podcasting Yourself

One of the top Canadian podcasts, Stop Podcasting Yourself, is hosted by Dave Shumka and Graham Clark. They bring in comics, or well, ‘hilarious guests,’ as their podcast says, weekly.

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The podcast covers a plethora of topics ranging from tattoos and New York to Richie Rich and high school and Billy Joel and skinny-dipping and so much more! If you’re into comedy or sitcoms, Stop Podcasting Yourself would be a great listen. 

The podcast, which started around early 2008, stands at its 607th episode as I write this. While the podcast is more like a compilation of extremely relatable conversations and hilarious experiences, it also exposes you to a rich profusion of comedians and podcasters.

The average running time of an episode is around 1 hr and 30 minutes, and let me tell you – nowhere in this podcast will you feel like they’re dragging it. Don’t miss out on Dave and Graham and their weekly dose of happiness.

b) Polaris Podcast

Music podcasts have been on the rise for a while, especially as a platform for artists to gain more exposure. Polaris Podcast, aired in 2016, was the first of its kind, focusing on the analysis of Canadian records and albums.

The Polaris Music Prize is awarded every year to the best Canadian collection, based solely on its quality. The episodes uncover details about albums, artists, and various music genres, and factors that make an album unique.

Polaris podcast provides insight into the best if you’re into the entire music scene and want to know about and appreciate talent in Canada. A gentle heads up –this Canadian podcast is not all music. It is a talk show, firmly based on expert analysis of artist interviews and various records, with occasional snippets of the same. 

Another similar podcast you might want to check out would be Rave & Drool – an ongoing podcast that talks about Canadian rock, where it falls in today’s scenario, various bands, and their records. 

c) Tai asks Why

One of the most sought Canadian podcasts hosted by CBC, Tai Asks Why throws light on why things happen the way they do, and questions we fail to find answers to in our daily life.

Tai Poole is a young, curious Canadian 7th grader with a quest for science and philosophy. 

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You probably encounter numerous incidents daily – a dog barking at you, dreams, intuition, bad decisions, and so many events you disregard.

Have you ever asked yourself what makes you fear? Or why do some take to bullying? Or why do animals give us joy? It is curious who pulls the chain first.

Well, Tai seems to have figured out the answers to most of them. If you are curious, make sure you check out this Canadian podcast, Tai Asks Why. 

d) The Big Story

The Big Story, no doubt, has got to be one of my personal favorites. Hosted by Frequency Podcast Network, this podcast covers news items, current issues, and culture. The talk show focuses on significant events that influence Canada and its people. 

With an average running time of 25 minutes, The Big Story is one of the best go-to informative Canadian podcasts. It covers a variety of topics, from basics about Canadian elections and politics to Covid-19 and how it has affected Canada. All-in-all, the podcast allows the understanding of the country, its system, and society. 

As a bonus recommendation, you could add Black Tea, another Frequency podcast aired in 2018, by Andray Demise and Melayna Williams.

The podcast emphasizes diversity in Canada – their Black communities, to be specific. They have some of the most worthwhile discussions on issues faced by them, representation in films and shows, their music, and queer rights. 

e) The MapleMoney Show

The business clique of Canadian podcasts has no other like The MapleMoney Show. There are several podcasts covering investments, the stock market, trade, entrepreneurship, and economics in Canada.

The MapleMoney Show is a self-financed podcast hosted by Tom Drake that guides Canadian residents on making money and being more financially self-sustainable.

If you plan to settle in Canada, your first question would possibly revolve around the best job opportunities in Canada. A long-term settlement plan comes with a lot more than just earning in dollars

In this podcast, Tom talks about issues related to start-ups, understanding investments, ways to save money, budgeting, financial aid, deposits, and almost every complication in the world of finance and economics.

If you want to turn your part-time hobbies into full-time gigs and don’t know where to start, Tom has your back! He also highlights essential lifestyle habits such as gambling being an addiction, and travel hacks that help lower your final budget, and guide you to make a profit out of freelance writing and other related ventures. 

I find this podcast unique in its way as Tom drops essential tips and tricks that would help handle money in an organized and fun way.

Check out The MapleMoney Show if you do not want to miss out on one of the best ways to manage your finances, earn more, and save even better. 


These are a few hand-picked ones from the variety of content that Canadian podcasts offer. A few exclusive podcasts you might enjoy tuning in to –

Welcome Toronto (Sports), I’ll Go First (Mental Health in Business), Breaking Beauty (Fashion), Nothing Much Happens (Narrative), The Secret Life of Canada (Culture), Canadian True Crime, CBC Election Podcast (Political), and the list continues.

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Don’t forget to plug in your earphones, tune into your favorite Canadian podcast, and keep your work on!

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