Best Province to Live in Canada – Your 5 Options!

Are you a new immigrant looking for the best province to live in Canada? Or are you just curious to know about the province you should settle in in Canada?  Provinces vary there are the richest and poorest province in Canada. Don’t worry! We have a detailed guide here just for you.

Everyone has heard of Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver in the news or somewhere else but who knows if those places are the best ones to live in Canada for a new immigrant?

Canada often ranks at the top of lifestyle lists; it offers employment opportunities; it has decent standards of healthcare and education.

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, one of the most difficult choices will be choosing the best province to live in Canada. It depends on a lot of factors like rent, other costs of living, job opportunities, climate, and many other things. It is also a safe place as there is no presence of the Russian armed forces in the province of Canada or any known military involvement on Canadian soil.

Here we have curated a list of the top provinces to live in Canada.

This list looks at the famous cities of different provinces that are most accessible to new immigrants as well as the not-so-well-known but affordable towns.

Take a good look here, and then you can decide which is the best province to live in Canada for you!

Best Province to Live in Canada

Below are some of the best provinces to live in in Canada.

1. Alberta

Check out these cities in Alberta.

1.1 Calgary

This is the largest city in Alberta and the third-largest urban area in Canada that is spread over 825 square kilometers, No need to now convert acre into square kilometers using a calculator and one square kilometer formula.  Calgary is also known as the world’s cleanest city. The city boasts clean sewage systems and the availability of good drinking water.

Also, the air pollution level is quite low. That’s why Alberta is the smartest province in Canada to live in.

Calgary’s rapid growth is due to the city being at the centre of the country’s oil industry. The job opportunities are diverse and include something for everyone in the banking and financial sectors, transportation and logistics sectors, and technology.

The city is well known for being attractive, especially for engineers, mechanics, miners, and entrepreneurs. It is the richest province in Canada.

The school system here is progressive, and it has abundant parks and playgrounds, making it a charming and friendly place to raise kids.

The crime rate in the area is relatively low, and unemployment is slowly improving when more and more new immigrants are coming to live and work in Calgary.

Even if you want to buy your own house in Calgary, the cost will be a lot lower as compared to other provinces. A two-bedroom single-unit house in Calgary costs around 400-500K Canadian dollars.

As the Calgary population continues to grow, housing sales are rising, but rent prices are slowly declining as we see an increase in rental property availability.

Being another diverse area, Calgary has numerous visible minorities, which include South Asians, Chinese, and Filipinos.

I put Alberta here as the first on the list of the best provinces to live in Canada Because of several reasons. Not only does Alberta provide a wide range of job opportunities, but it also has better educational institutions for your children.

Besides that, the best part of Alberta is its incredibly low tax system. Alberta is the only province in Canada that provides a flat rate in provincial tax, which means the people of Alberta pay lower prices than the rest of the Canadians.

This is also one of the reasons why the cost of living there is way cheaper than in the other provinces. Making it the cheapest province to live in Canada.  All these reasons probably make Alberta the best province to live in Canada for new immigrants.

2. Ontario

Look at these Ontario cities.

2.1 Toronto

Toronto is often ranked as one of the happiest cities in the world. It ranks well both in the educational and job sectors, especially for young professionals and newcomers. Its city life is also amazing to explore for new ones.

If you’re looking for a career in arts, culture, media, or technology, Toronto is a great place for you. It is well known for its high quality of life and demonstrating excellence in innovation, health, safety and security, and ease of doing business.

Photo by TRphotos from Shutterstock

With incredible food and cultural diversity, and the best sightseeing, the capital of Ontario is a beautiful place to live and raise children. If you’re looking for a dynamic and friendly neighbourhood, you might consider living in Toronto.

Toronto is also ideal for healthy and self-sufficient seniors. If you are one of those people who enjoy a friendly and lively environment( much better than the rest), then you should opt for a retirement home in Toronto.

2.2 Burlington

This is a perfect place for those who want a big city living close to nature and the great outdoors.

The lifestyle available is excellent. This place provides families with plenty of school and college choices from which they can choose the best. Residents have high healthcare facilities.

Photo by 94Mark from Shutterstock

Burlington is one of the more expensive cities in the ranking. However, this city earns a high reputation for a very low percentage of unemployment.

It has a pleasantly mild climate as compared to other Canadian cities. Based on FBI crime data, the low crime rates of this area are impressive.

The chances of falling victim to a crime are 1 out of 31 in Burlington. Also, finding a job is relatively easy in Burlington. The leading industrial sectors are food processing, packaging, electronics, transportation, business services, chemical and environmental.

There’s been a significant decline in the real estate prices of Burlington so that you might be just in luck. But there’s been an increase in the rent of apartments present in the prime regions.

The area is becoming increasingly diverse of the current Burlington population, the most represented visible minority, 33%, claims South Asian heritage. Following the South Asian community, 16% of the black population and 15% of the Chinese population are close behind.

Income in Burlington is higher than the average income of the province.

2.3 Oakville

Oakville is a great city to live in Ontario. This suburban town is located in southern Ontario. It is merely a 30-minute drive from Downtown Toronto.

According to the Ontario news, the city allows residents easy access to the amenities and job market in both Toronto and Hamilton while maintaining the benefits of a smaller suburb.

Oakville itself offers a broad range of employment opportunities while focusing on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Oakville is an accessible location for life science companies specializing mainly in pharmaceuticals and eldercare.

You can surround yourself with nature in Oakville with beautiful attractions like Shell Park, Lakeside Park, and Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park. You can also enjoy various outdoor activities at the lakeshores to make the most out of this city.

2.4 Ottawa

Ottawa has a very low crime rate, a high quality of life, excellent public transit, and a small population. The city is known as one of the most educated cities in the country, as it is home to high-profile universities such as the University of Ottawa, which makes it a centre of attraction for students.

The cost of living in this Canadian province may be considered higher than in some cities in Canada, but it is still affordable. Unemployment in Ottawa is relatively low and stands at 5.3%.

The most growing areas of employment are natural and applied sciences and related; education, law and community, and management occupations.

English is accepted everywhere, and learning French might benefit you in terms of integrating faster into the community or getting certain types of employment.

Ontario provides the largest industry in business services. All these great cities that offer immense job opportunities along with safe neighbourhoods and low cost of living are present in this province, which rightfully makes it the second-best province to live in Canada for new immigrants.

3. British Columbia

Look at these cities in British Columbia.

3.1 Vancouver

Vancouver BC has been ranked as the most livable city in Canada, with a lot of job opportunities.

It is the largest population centre in British Columbia. Surrounded by water on all of its sides, Vancouver provides us with one of the mildest climates of all cities in Canada.

It generally has charming, warm weather, and heavy snowfalls during the winter are a rare occurrence here.

Photo by Mike Benna on Unsplash

It features a growing economy and an unusually diverse population. Vancouver has been a popular destination for Indian, Chinese, and other South Asian immigrants.

Vancouver offers the best of the best when it comes to outdoor activities. It is an active centre of arts and culture and a growing social spot.

Vancouver is family-friendly and full of fun things to do with your loved ones as well as highly-rated educational programs, which makes it a great place to raise children like the famous Sweden Eritrean festival filled with dance and singing options.

The cost of living and housing prices are high compared to other locations in Canada, but the average income and style of living in the area are making significant compensation.

Vancouver has one of the lowest rates of unemployment in Canada at just 4.5%, although the cost of living is a bit high, which is a huge drawback for some. A two-bedroom single-unit house in the central location will cost you around 1 million Canadian dollars at the very least.

50% of BC’s population is said to live in the metropolitan areas of Vancouver. The standard of living might be considered high here, but the broad field of jobs makes it the third-best province to live in Canada.

4. Quebec

Take a look at these Quebec cities.

4.1 Montreal

Montreal, in Quebec, has a diversified economy. It is Canada’s second-largest city. It is practically one of the best places in the world to raise kids.

Kids of Montreal will grow up to be culturally diverse and will get to learn two languages- English and French. Not just the kids, even the parents will lead a happy life here. The job opportunities are vast. Single parents also have an enormous option of work to choose from.

The cost of living in Montreal is generally more affordable as compared to the other major cities in Canada. But more than a few countries like Australia because of Australian dollar exchange rates.

Rent is low for apartments and can be as low as 500 Canadian dollars per month, which is more than the Australian dollar rate but less in general, while that of houses starts from 700 Canadian dollars, not Australian dollars. Other utilities have an average Canadian dollar as well.

The standard of living is good, as the work options are vast, making this capital city an excellent choice for immigrants. You can even find nice weather conditions here to live.

4.2 Quebec City

Quebec is beautiful. Apart from that, it also provides newcomers and immigrants with a very high-quality life. You don’t need a university degree to get a good job here.

Even with a high school diploma, you will be able to earn your living, and if you know French, this is the best place in Canada to get a job quickly.

Apartments in a central location or the heart of the city as you’d call it will cost more. But apartments in the usual outskirts have an average value and are quite affordable.

The average cost of living in Quebec City is quite affordable. Groceries and other essential daily items have an average price too. Tuition fees are affordable.

The biggest perk of staying in Quebec City is its free healthcare. In Quebec City and the surrounding region, French is the official language.

The people of this city are friendly and amicable and know how to respect cultural diversity. Every year, this place attracts millions of tourists from all around the world.

A high-quality lifestyle and friendly neighbourhoods make Quebec rightfully the fourth-best province to live in Canada.

5. Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, have a look at this amazing city

If you want to fall in love with the peaceful East Coast lifestyle, then Halifax is the ideal place for you.

Low property taxes, and the vast availability of federal government jobs as well as other private jobs, make Halifax look pretty good in terms of livability. It boasts one of the safest and cleanest environments in Canada.

Photo by Liatsh from Shutterstock

Halifax provides a combination of urban and rural living, which attracts thousands of new immigrants. Also, the cost of living is reasonably low here as house prices are low in comparison with other North American cities.

Fishing and trawling are the most basic and primary means of living here. Though being a fisherman might not sound too exciting, it gives you the quiet and peaceful life you want to live.

Nova Scotia gives you that calm and tranquil lifestyle with a low cost of living and useful jobs, making it the fourth-best province to live in Canada. You can get a better understanding with the help of a map of Canada with provinces. So, go through that as well.

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Closing Thoughts

The foremost country in the world, Canada, attracts both tourists and ex-pats. Which region should you select to settle in if you intend to relocate to Canada? You can find the answer to this question in the above paragraphs.

Photo by Daniel Avram from Shutterstock

Currently, there is a significant effort in the nation to lure more residents there. Over the next three years, the government plans to accept just over 400,000 new permanent residents annually.

But choosing the best province for you can be difficult because there is so much to offer and so much variation. With such a large ex-pat population, Canada truly has something to offer everyone, and you’re bound to meet some like-minded individuals there.

Also, you get the added advantage of adjacent Canadian province areas like the province capital, national parks like Jasper National Park and Riding Mountain National Park, access to the Pacific Ocean, and many international schools for international students at reasonable fees.

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    1. Saskatchewan is a great place to live. Friendliest people in Canada. Fabulously place to raise a family

  1. I am a former Quebecer and you missed the most importantly thing about all of Quebec. You kids HAVE TO GO to FRENCH school and they do not teach ENGLISH. You have to be fluent in French to live there. My children were educated French which was a big asset for them but their mother tongue is English. I could write a book on my experience living there. I was born and brought up there and lived with HATE my entire life. No matter how we tried, names of kids – French- sent to French school however still called names and discriminated against. No fond memories of Quebec from childhood till we left. Never been happier!!!!! So when you write the article you owe it to anyone looking to move there- you kids have to go to French school. Ask my kids about the Americans who came and their kids had to enter school in grade 5 not speaking one word ofFrench. Wasn’t long before the family was transferred back to USA and the company moved to Toronto.

    1. The experience described above is very sad and unfortunate, and it is true that it is highly recommended that a person aspiring to live in the province of Quebec should learn at least a conversational-level of French if they are not entirely fluent. Montreal is fairly mixed in terms of both languages; nonetheless, French tends to dominate English in the outer regions of the province. However, no child is obliged to go to a French school; therefore, the statement above is false. Quebec has nine English school boards. I went to an English elementary school, an English high school, a French college, and I am currently studying at an English university in an honours program. I am fluent in both English and French, and I continued to take classes in both of these languages until I had finished college. If you have no intention to learn a basic level of French, then Quebec may not suit you. If you already know some French, or if you are planning to learn, then Quebec can actually be a great place to live.

      1. I disagree with what you have said . I am born in Montreal , parents are Canadian citizens but came from Europe .
        I was FORCED to go to French immersion . Hated it but was DEF forced on me and both my siblings by school boards n government .
        Can’t wait to move the hell outta here . I speak and write French better than any “pure laine” . Quebec is the worst place any “immigrant” can come to . People are ridiculous here. Along with most business hiring people that speak ONLY french for custome service type businesses . PLUS WE OVERPAY ON TAX AND GOBERNMENT FEES LIKE PLATES , LICENSES ….
        Hopefully I’ll be out sooner than later!

    2. I agree French is mandatory to enjoy life in most of the Quebec province, in Montreal, well not necessarily. There are people born and living in West Island for instance who never bother to really learn French… There are anglophone schoolboards and French schools do give English language classes. Many anglophones in Montreal actually, a reason me (a French native) and my immigrated German Wife moved from Longueuil there to ease her integration. She has now a functional French despite we use English as its our original way of communicating. Montreal is very diverse and one can survive easily in either French or English there.

      1. Well if they don’t know French their up the creek when looking for a job especially if you don’t have a french last name.

    3. I agree with you, my family lived in Quebec for 5 years. The discrimination was horrendous, got a job offer recently had to deny it as the school would not allow me to register my children even though they speak French, but according to Quebec they don’t speak the right French..

  2. Your information about Montreal rental and home prices has changed drastically compared with the low prices quoted in the article above. Without French, employment opportunities are very challenging.

  3. This comprehensive guide offers valuable information for new immigrants looking to settle in Canada, covering diverse provinces and cities. The detailed descriptions of each location, including factors like job opportunities, cost of living, and quality of life, provide a well-rounded perspective. The inclusion of cities like Calgary in Alberta, Toronto and Burlington in Ontario, Vancouver in British Columbia, Montreal and Quebec City in Quebec, and Halifax in Nova Scotia, showcases the country’s diversity and opportunities. The article serves as a helpful resource for those navigating the decision of choosing the best province to start a new life in Canada.

  4. This comprehensive guide provides valuable information about different provinces in Canada and their suitability for new immigrants. It covers various aspects, including job opportunities, cost of living, climate, and lifestyle factors.

  5. The guide serves as a valuable resource for those considering immigration to Canada, offering a well-organized and informative overview of different provinces.

  6. The best province for an individual depends on their priorities, such as job opportunities, cost of living, climate preferences, and cultural considerations. It’s recommended to research each province thoroughly and, if possible, visit potential locations before making a decision. Additionally, consulting with newcomers and local communities can provide valuable insights into the lifestyle and opportunities each province offers.

  7. The guide offers a good overview of several provinces, and it’s clear that each has its own unique advantages and considerations. If there are any updates or changes to the information, it would be helpful to provide them to ensure the guide remains current and reliable for those seeking information on immigrating to Canada.

  8. Canada is a beautiful country and there are provinces. There are richest and poorest provinces in Canada. If you are a new immigrant looking for the best province to live in Canada, then this article provides an overview of the top provinces to live in Canada. It discusses the pros and cons of major cities in each province, including Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Halifax. The main factors to be considered are job opportunities, cost of living, lifestyle, education and natural beauty. It hilights Alberta for job opportunities and low taxes, whereas Ontario and British Columbia provide desirable cities like Toronto, Burlington, and Vancouver. Quebec and Nova Scotia also offer affordable living standards and mixed cultural communities.

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