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Where You Can Find The Best Pizza in Calgary – 11 Amazing Suggestion

All the Best pizzas in Calgary are mentioned in this article.

Before starting with this delicious topic of the best pizza in Calgary, let’s gain a little knowledge about Calgary. So hop right in and have an amazing reading, be sure to look out for little details and trivia.


The largest city in the Canadian province of Alberta is called Calgary. Calgary is still renowned for its “can-do” spirit and business-friendly atmosphere.

Along with British Columbia to the west, Saskatchewan to the east, and the Northwest Territories to the north, Alberta shares a border with the United States

Calgary is located where the Bow and Elbow rivers converge in the prairies, just east of the Rocky Mountains. The prairies start to move eastward into the heart of Canada from this point, in the Grassland region of Alberta. 

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Since the Rocky Mountains offer a striking background to the city, Calgary is frequently referred to as the entryway to the range. The town of Banff and its world-class skiing are just a 90-minute drive away.

Calgary is the principal metropolitan hub for Alberta’s southern region. It is surrounded by a stunning natural landscape, mainly untouched and abundant in resources.

If you choose to live in Calgary, you’ll probably hear a lot of country music because Calgary is very proud of its legacy in that genre. Many radio stations in Calgary, like Wild 953 and Country 105, specialize in this genre only.

Calgary has a huge selection of cafes, restaurants, and pubs. They all have a commendable selection of restaurants.

There are many excellent steak and Italian restaurants across the city because Alberta is known for its “Berta Beef.” Still, Calgary offers a wide selection of gourmet dining at affordable prices. 

If you want to indulge yourself any day of the week, several restaurants in Calgary offer daily specials that are especially affordable.

Pizza lovers

My favorite food is pizza, and I believe I’m alone. Most individuals worldwide concur that pizza is one of the most well-liked, delectable, and soothing foods. What’s not to enjoy about something fast, simple, and provides delicious meal?

Each has its allure, from a simple Mozzarella cheese pizza to one with crispy, thin-crust, and mouthwatering toppings. You won’t be disappointed whether you want to eat in or have pizza delivered. 

The variety of pizza is one of the things that makes it such a great cuisine. Italian pizza was its initial form, and although it has changed significantly over time, its core remains the same.

In a Latin manuscript from the town of Gaeta in central Italy, which was then a part of the Byzantine Empire, the term “pizza” first appeared in 997 AD

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There seems to be the perfect pizza for everyone, whether they prefer handmade or takeout, meat lovers or vegetarians. A lot of people have strong opinions on pizza. 

Everybody has a favorite crust thickness, crispiness level, topping variety and distribution, and position of the cheese layer concerning the sauce. Are you craving a large slice of deliciously topped, greasy, and juicy pizza?

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the best pizza in Calgary to help you satisfy your desires. We looked for those that were the most reliable in terms of food quality, delivery timeliness, and cost. So be ready to feel hungry.

Trivia: The largest pizza, “Ottavia,” which has a total surface area of 1,261.65 m2, was made on December 13, 2012, in Rome, Italy.

Best pizza in Calgary

 1. Posto Pizzeria and Bar

Address1014 8 St SW, Calgary AB T2R 1K2

To begin with the article on the best pizza in Calgary, this is the first pizza top to hit the list. Posto Pizzeria & Bar is a neighborhood restaurant that serves pizza, small plates, craft beer, and excellent wine. 

It was created out of passion and enthusiasm for good food. Because the business is operated by people who enjoy fine wine and wonderful food, you can trust that their products are of the highest caliber.

Posto Pizzeria & Bar, one of Calgary’s top pizza establishments, also offers a happy hour deal for those who want to continue the celebration and fun while enjoying a few beers and slices of pizza. 

This pizza in Calgary serves delicious pizza due to its light, thick crust, decadent toppings, and fresh ingredients. The gorgonzola, fig, potato, creme fraiche, smoked pancetta pizza, and rosemary pizza is a crowd favorite in Calgary. 

You’re in for a surprise if you’ve never tried potato on a pizza before, but everything on the menu offers a lovely balance of flavors. They serve truffle honey which is really to die for and are incredible.

Customers highly praise Posto Pizzeria and Bar for their amazing pizza, welcoming and excellent service, and satisfying meals.  They also have a cool vibe, fantastic prices, attractive interiors, a pleasant atmosphere, and imaginative design cocktails. Once you visit this place, I bet you will visit again.

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2. Crispy Crust Pizzeria

Address: 3111 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

The goal of Crispy Crust is to offer the greatest goods and services in the current pizza market. Due to its authentic Greek-style pizza, Crispy Crust Pizzeria is one of Calgary’s top pizza places

Their specialty is homemade pizzas with regional and seasonal ingredients. Favorite among residents, guests, and tourists in Calgarian. 

To perfect the flavor and leave you needing more, Crispy Crust Pizzeria also takes pleasure in employing the best and freshest ingredients that are painstakingly blended into each pizza dish.

When ordering the hot wings, you can choose between moderate, spicy, buffalo, extra hot, BBQ, sweet sesame, or spicy golden wings. Visit and sample their toppings, which include premium meats, cheeses, dressings, and daily fresh-cut vegetables. 

The famous BBQ chicken pizza, pepperoni pizza, mushroom and sausage pizza, vegetarian pizza, Hawaiian pizza, and asparagus and feta cheese pizza are just a few of their specialty pizzas. Greek salad, Caesar salad, chef, Chinese chicken, and antipasto salads are among the salad options they provide.

Customers of Crispy Crust Pizzeria suggest them for their wonderful pizzas with great pizza crust to everyone who appreciates eating nice food. They are renowned for producing the best-baked pasta dishes and Greek salads ever.

3. Azzurri Pizzeria

Address2404 Edmonton Trail Ne, Calgary AB T2E3M8

So the next best pizza in Calgary is Azzurri Pizzeria which isn’t luxurious but is a little off the regular route, but those seeking a great Italian-style pie love their pizza. 

The Ricioppo family owns and runs the eatery, which serves Napoletana thin-crust pizzas made with hand-stretched dough and classic toppings.

Know that every item they serve is prepared with only the best ingredients. Each bite is bursting with flavor, and you will undoubtedly fall in love with all their dishes immediately. 

Even their San Marzano tomato sauce is imported directly from Bella Italia. They serve delicious pizza such as Margherita pizza, Leonardo, Primavera, and much more. 

They offer great prices on their pizza. There is no question why Azzurri Pizzeria has grown to be the preferred pizzeria of many in Calgary, thanks to their helpful service and delicious food.

Canadian Pizza
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4. Pulcinella

Address1147 Kensington Cres NW, Calgary AB T2N 1X7

The thin-crust pizzas at Pulcinella are designed to be eaten with a knife and fork, just as they are in Naples.  Pulcinella is the first restaurant in Canada to receive official certification from the Napoletana pizza authorities in Italy.

Domenic Gudda, the owner, is well-versed in pizza because he spent his formative years working in his parents’ legendary Stromboli Inn, which was situated in the same Kensington neighborhood as Pulcinella is now. 

Additionally, Gudda offers Italian antipasti and spaghetti and his homemade gelato.

They have a friendly service and provide the best pizza in Calgary. Get your whole family and enjoy the best pizzas such as capriccioso, Formaggio Pomodoro, marinara (Napoletana), double zero pizza, kale caesar salad, CAPRESE salad, and many more.

 They have tasty pizzas and are unique in their taste; they serve unexpectedly good pear pizzas. Their pizzas are all freshly baked to order. Every day, they make fresh pizza dough in-house. Gluten-free pizzas are available upon request from the customers.

5. PZA Parlour

Address: 297-9737 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary AB T2J 0P6

The next line of the best pizza in Calgary is the PZA parlor, which has really good pizza and a large dining room on McLeod Trail that welcomes families and is run by Tony Nicastro, a different member of the Tudda family.

PZA parlor’s interior is appropriate for the magnificent decor. The pizza is slightly thinner and crispier than the Greek style but slightly thicker than the Napoletana style.

 The unique toppings, which are supposed to be shared by the entire family, are primarily composed of traditional Italian meats and cheeses.

In this tavern, the Italian food is delicious. All the dishes are going to make your taste buds dance. The best foods are calamari, bacon, and a perfectly cooked mushroom pizza. 

They pair their meal with a fantastic wine. The menu choices include bruschetta, the Kim spinach salad, Caesar salad, and different pasta dishes, including kids’ pasta, burgers, una pizza, kids pizza, UNDICI, and many more.

Best Pizza in Calgary
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6. Noble Pie Pizza

Address720 11 Ave SW – Back Alley Entrance, Calgary AB T2R 0E4

Noble Pie results from years of practice, perseverance, and relentless experimentation. 

Mike Lange, a self-taught pizza maker, and the owner, gives your pie meticulous care and attention after being inspired by visits to many of North America’s top pizzerias. Their dough recipe is dynamic; it’s always being improved.

Their goal is to go from a pop-up pizza restaurant to a permanent site in 2021: straightforward, painstakingly produced pizzas. This is also considered one of the best pizzas in Calgary.

They provide great service to all the customers. They provide tasty items on their menu, such as sweet chess pizza, Mariana, bikini bottoms, etc. 

So plunge right in and try two amazing pizzas in one; they also offer half-and-half pizza alternatives.

7. Gaga Pizzeria

Address1236 12 Ave SW, Calgary AB T3C 0P3

Gaga Pizzeria‘s goal is to ensure everyone who can sample their pizza does so with satisfaction and happiness.

They offer a variety of pizza tastes and work hard to welcome regular and new clients.

Gaga Pizzeria guarantees that every customer will leave the restaurant with their cravings satiated and their stomachs full as one of the greatest pizza restaurants in Calgary. What more do you need?

It is understandable why people would recommend Gaga Pizzeria as they serve pizza with a thin crust that is very excellent while not being overly oily.

best pizza vancouver
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8. Double Zero Pizza

Address1133-6455 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary AB T2H 0K8

Even though Double Zero Pizza is another place with a thin crust and is more conveniently placed in CF Chinook Centre, it is a far cry from the regular mall food. 

Daily batches of imported 00 flour are used to make the hand-rolled pizza dough, which is then allowed to ferment for four days to produce an extremely light and airy crust before being topped with premium Italian ingredients.

All the topping possibilities are fantastic, but the mortadella pizza with pistachio, basil, and mascarpone cheese has got to be a residents’ favorite.

9. Pauls Pizza & Steakhouse

Address528 2 Ave SE, Airdrie AB T4B 1S2

Since 1995, Pauls’s Pizza & Steakhouse has been a lounge that serves high-quality food at a reasonable price.

They have a sizable and varied menu compared to other restaurants and provide excellent service.

They have developed an exceptional reputation over the years and have been honored with numerous honors. You can visit Paul’s Pizza & Steakhouse whenever you like. 

They have everything from delectable steak and fries to delectably sweet iced tea. That’s why it is known as the best pizza in Calgary.

They have bread with either a thin, crispy crust or a thick, chewy crust. Additionally, they offer a vast selection of pizza and sandwich selections, so there is something for every palate. 

They have friendly, pleasant employees, and on Mondays, $2 is donated to a neighborhood cause for each pizza sold.

10. UNA Pizza + wine

Address: 618-17 Ave SW, Calgary AB T2S 0B4

A neighborhood restaurant called UNA Pizza + wine offers thin-crust pizzas, wine, and as much locally sourced food as possible, along with cuisine with influences from California and Italy.

The city was first introduced to chic thin-crust pizzas at Calgary’s first date night pizzeria, UNA Pizza + wine, best enjoyed with a fine glass of wine. 

Pizzas topped with flavorful mixtures of prosciutto, hard Italian cheese, and San Marzano tomato sauce are UNA’s specialty.

Although it is a pleasure to eat at this busy little restaurant, if you need a quick fix (there is frequently a wait), head over to UNA Takeaway next door and buy a pie to go. 

In the southwest of Calgary, they are open seven days a week from 11:30 am to 1 am for lunch, dinner, and late-night dining, and seven days a week from 4 pm to 11 pm for delivery.

Photo by Ivan Torres on Unsplash

11. Bow tie pizza

Address1922 37 St SW, Calgary AB T3E 3A3

The last one in this article about the best pizza in Calgary is Bow tie pizza. When Bow Tie Pizza first started in 2017, they claimed that they meticulously made all of their pizzas to produce high-quality flavors. 

Additionally, they provide each of their customers with top-notch cuisine and service.

They consistently serve only cuisine prepared from scratch, making them one of the greatest pizza restaurants in Calgary. Their pizzas have amazing flavors and textures for the palette.

Customers highly praise Bow Tie Pizza because they provide generous portions, making it the finest pizza they’ve ever had. 

A range of delectable pizzas, including pepperoni, Hawaiian, dressed up, meat lovers, baked lasagna, village Greek salad, and cheery, on top, a delectable cheesecake, are available on their menu. The baked lasagna served here is amazing. It is quite tasty and cheesy.

Some clients have additionally stated that this is their new go-to pizza joint. So make your judgment! Come here, or you may miss out on something very amazing.

Closing Thoughts

These are a few of the best pizzas in Calgary’s top locations. There is usually a pizza nearby, and as long as the pie is hot and topped with your preferred ingredients, you will probably have a satisfying supper on the go. 

Whether you are looking for Mexican pizza, the best gluten free pizza, veg pizza flavors or absolutely delicious pineapple pizza. Awesome pizza like donair pizza.

If you liked this article about the best pizza in Calgary, If you wanna know more about pizza types and categories here is something for you.

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