Top Private Schools Ottawa: 6 Best in the Capital

top private schools ottawa

We understand quality education is the greatest policy.

In today’s time, education is the most valuable thing. And finding the right institution for your child is equally important because it is the school that lays the foundation of a child’s future.

There are so many things to keep in mind when looking for a school; you have to look for a structured environment where your child could grow properly; it should also have a creative space. And finding everything that meets your child’s needs can be a tricky task.

However, finding a good school is not that difficult in Ottawa. As the learning environment in Ottawa cannot get better than it already is. Getting your education in Ottawa is a matter of privilege, be it in public or private schools.

And as a matter of fact, the top private schools Ottawa provides a better learning and growing space than anywhere else. The Ottawa private schools are popular all over Canada for the kind of education and experience it provides.


Top Private Schools Ottawa: Best 6 In The Capital!

In this article, we list the 6 top private schools Ottawa, and you can choose for your child without any trouble.

1. Elmwood School

Address: 261 Buena Vista Road, Ottawa, ON

Elmwood School is an all-girls school in North America, popularly known to be the most innovative capital.

Elmwood School

Photo by Ross Dunn/ Flickr, Copyright 2021

The Elmwood School is located in the historic neighborhood of Rockcliffe Park and was opened in the year 1915. Elmwood is ranked among Canada’s best 25 independent schools.

They create a very innovative and approachable space for the girls and encourage them to try out new things and grow in an environment that is not quite familiar. They have also been well recognized all over Canada for their academic excellence.

They provide schooling from Pre-Kindergarten to Standard 12. And Elmwood is the only school in that region to provide all the International Baccalaureate Programme levels.

2. The Element High School

Address: 425 Marché Way, Unit 201, Ottawa, Ontario

The next school on Ottawa’s top private schools’ list is the Element High School, located in the Lansdowne Park area. It is a Montessori school.

The Element High School

Photo from The Element High School website

In Element High School, the class sizes are from grades 7-12. And as the name suggests, the school focuses on placing each of their students into their respective ‘elements.’

They believe when students are well placed in their elements, they are fully motivated, energized, and give their best into everything. That is the basic foundation of modern Montessori education.

They are known as the school, offering ample opportunities in different fields to outshine and grow. They have various curriculum activities, outdoor events, and trips. Click here to know more about Element High School.

3. Macdonald-Cartier Academy

Address: 270 Crichton St, Ottawa, Ontario, K1M 1W4

On number 3 on the list of top private schools in Ottawa, we have the Macdonald-Cartier Academy. It is one of the best private schools in Ottawa, as considered by parents.

Macdonald-Cartier Academy was opened in 1990 to offer a challenging academic experience to the growing youth. The school provides grades 7 and 8 and focuses on preparing them for high school and university.

The school also brings about a sense of the region’s history and culture through its academic curriculum. The student body is limited to a maximum of 60 students every year.

The school’s rankings are comparatively good too.

4. Bishop Hamilton Montessori School

Address: 2199 Regency Terrace, Ottawa, Ontario

Bishop Hamilton is a not-for-profit, Montessori school established back in 1983.

Bishop Hamilton Montessori School

Photo from Bishop Hamilton Montessori School website

Bishop Hamilton is a CCMA (Canadian Council of Montessori Administrator) accredited Montessori school in the Ottawa region. And there are two more other than Bishop Hamilton.

They believe that strong values are the foundation to success, and they help students learn those values and explore what is morally correct and important.

They help shape students academically, physically as well as spiritually.

5. Blyth Academy, Upper School

Address: 397-B Richmond Rd, Ottawa

Next up on the list of top private schools Ottawa is Blyth Academy, located in the beautiful Westboro Village.

Blyth Academy, Upper School

Photo from Blyth Academy, Upper School website


Blyth Academy, nestled in Westboro village’s beautiful neighborhoods, is surrounded by wonderful art galleries and parks. Your child will be around a space that is inspired by nature.

Blyth Academy is an Upper School, offering teachings to only the 11th and 12th grades. The school comprises around 140 students to focus individually on each student and their strong points.

The school offers a broad range of courses. And they focus on outdoor and fitness activities as well, such as cycling and hiking.

6. Lycée Claudel

Address: 1635 Lycée Place, Ottawa, ON

And the final school on the list of top private schools Ottawa has for you is Lycee Claudel.

Lycée Claudel

Photo from Lycée Claudel website

The Lycée Claudel school is a private French school in Ottawa built in the early 1960s. The school runs on a multilingual instruction style.

The school is also associated with the Agency for French Education Abroad and is one of the best French schools. The association allows students who speak French from any country to receive education in this school.

The school provides an unparalleled learning environment, with a variety of activities to take part in. They encourage the students to take active participation in various innovative educational projects.

Lycée Claudel has a unique curriculum, and it offers uncommon courses including Latin, Spanish, Films & Audiovisuals, and more.

So, these 6 are the top private schools in Ottawa. Each of these schools follows guidelines recommended by the Ministry of Education. Your child’s future is safe in their hands.

Each of these schools has a different learning environment, but they all provide a space where a child can grow beautifully. Choosing a private school can surely be challenging, confusing, and choosing one in Ottawa is the hardest.

There are many good options, but we have listed the 6 top private schools to help solve your challenge a little. You can check any of these 6 for your child and choose the best according to his needs.

Meanwhile, let us know what you think about these 6 top private schools Ottawa over the comment section.

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