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First Markham Place: 4 Cool Things You Need to Know

Malls are essentially public spaces where the desires and needs of a community are fulfilled. First Markham Place is one such shopping center in Ontario.

The mall opened in 1998. On the south side of Highway 7, between Warden and Woodbine, is First Markham Place. The mall boasts a unique location, with a few other shopping complexes surrounding it, but with its excellent service, it has carved its place as a multi-cultural shopping center with Asian influences.

One can spend their weekends in the mall, and you can find all directions on its website.

Ontario is a beautiful place to live in. And guess what, it is not just its unique education system that makes it attractive, but the places of interactions that the provincial state of Ontario has constructed, such as the classic First Markham Place, that bring about the beauty of the place.

Just like any other place in Ontario, First Markham Place has its own uniqueness. Like the first Markham place, Pacific Mall, which is the largest Asian shopping mall in the Western world, is also located in Markham. The mall’s opening has a great ambience, attractive décor, and a large influx of immigrants from China to Canada.

More than 170 shops and services are currently housed in the mall, including its major tenants, the Asian grocer FreshWay Foodmart and the Japanese home goods store Oomomo.

1. First Markham Place

The shopping center is located on the South Side of Highway 7 East, centrally located between Warden Avenue and Woodbine Avenue. It was established just a year after the setting up of Pacific Mall, which is the largest shopping mall in the West. Because of the fame of being the largest mall in the West, the Pacific Mall had initially shadowed the presence of First Markham Place.

First Markham Place - Shopping Centre: 4K Walk Toronto & GTA, Ontario, Canada

But with its excellent services, First Markham Place has marked its presence in Canada. It has around 180 retail stores where people from all ethnicities and ages come. People come here for various reasons or just to have a break from their busy lives.

The first Markham place is open seven days a week. It runs from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM from Monday to Saturday and 11 AM to 8 PM on Sundays.

The structure of the first Markham place sopping complex with an indoor mall and a strip plaza is distinct from the other malls in Ontario. The shops and the Markham place food court are situated in the indoor arena. The restaurants in the Markham place food court have been placed along the strip plaza.

2. Food Court to Satiate Your Cravings

A good shopping day has to end with good food, right? After you are tired from all your shopping throughout the day, the delicious food you can devour at the food court will make your already wholesome day even more extraordinary.

With its 24 food court outlets spread across the indoor mall, First Markham Place is almost always buzzing with people wanting to have their comfort foods served hot. They have Japanese, Chinese and Malaysian cuisines food stalls.

So, if you are in a hurry to go to the next store, but your tummy is grumbling, First Markham Place has some of the best affordable food courts where you can grab your light lunch and then be ready to go for your next shopping endeavour.

These are some of the famous food places that you definitely need to check out when you are at First Markham Place.

[4K] 🇨🇦 First Markham Place Asian Shopping Mall Walking Tour | Toronto Ontario Canada

2.1 Malay Thai Famous Cuisine

The two famous dishes that are extremely famous here are Hainan Chicken rice and Curry Laksa. The soup they make is a combination of thick and thin noodles, which makes the eating experience all the more fun. Moreover, they also provide tofu to go with the broth, making for an extremely enjoyable eating experience.

The location of the Malay Thai Famous Cuisine is 3255 Highway7. You really cannot afford to miss out on their food.

2.2 Tianjin Fine Foods

Famous for its pork and soft leak dumplings, it is a favourite place of many. With the correct flavour and affordable prices, this is one of the favourite food courts in First Markham Place. Here the bbq pork is also very tasty.

2.3 Korean Food Express

This place is essentially known for the warm staff and the homely food they cook. They make food that makes you feel at home even when you are away. The prices are reasonable, and the staff entertains customers’ special taste requirements. So you don’t have to feel awkward requesting them to add less salt to your dish. One can have a Korean pork bone soup.

3. Restaurants That You Can Find at First Markham Place

The mall is not just known for its amazing stores and services but also for its splendid restaurants. It has around 22 sit-down restaurants. I know you’ll be confused; when you have so many terrific choices to eat at the food court, why would anyone prefer restaurants, right?

Well, food courts would give you that instant satisfaction that needs to be satiated after a tiring day of shopping. But if you are up there at First Markham Place to spend a leisure day with your family, enjoying the calm ambience and devouring good food, then the restaurants are the best places for such occasions. Here are some cool restaurants that will make you fall in love with Asian food.

3.1 Bingz

The Bingz is known globally, with more than 60 locations across China. Obviously, they are famous for their crispy burgers. Still, they also have other mouth-watering stuff like black pepper beef and cumin pork, and if you are trying to eat healthily, then their famous Healthy Veggie, made of fresh vegetables and pepper oil, is a must-try. So, all you need to do is, enjoy your meal while sitting at the spacious insides of the restaurant.

Their location is 3229 Hwy 7, Unit 11&12, Markham, ON L3R 3P3.

3.2 The Owl of Minerva

They serve authentic Korean food here. They don’t have a lot of variety on their menu, and that’s because the main attraction is their traditional Korean food, such as tofu soup, spicy squid, and bibimbap. So, whenever you are craving Korean cuisine, Owl of Minerva should be your go-to- place. They are known for leaving their customers with a happy smile and a well-filled tummy.

4. Other Entertainment

Well, who doesn’t love a combination of good shopping and the pleasure of watching a movie? The mall has its movie theatre within the complex, called Cineplex Odeon multiplex movie theatre. There are boutiques, bakeries, dessert outlets, jewelry shops and other services available there.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t worry. They have a good parking space too. Plan your Saturday and take your family shopping or make them try your favourite Asian dishes from your favourite restaurants. Or, just contact your friends and make a sudden plan to have a wholesome meal in one of the popular food courts at First Markham Place.

Malls are the best places to visit when you are bored or just closeted up in your room; the feeling of the hustle-bustle of First Markham Place is bound to make you feel good and help free your mind.

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