4 Fun Facts Behind the Magic of Bala Cranberry Festival

The Bala cranberry festival is around the corner, and people across Canada are super excited about it. Keep reading to know more about this amazing festival and how it is celebrated!

1. Bala Festival- How It Started

Ontario is a beautiful city with so many tourist attractions. There’s so much to explore from beautiful beaches to classy museums in this city.

To celebrate the tourist season across the country, the Bala cranberry festival is celebrated every year. A dedicated group of volunteers came forward to make this event a grand success.

This festival can make your fall season memorable. There are so many beautiful stalls from where you can try a variety of good stuff.

You will find another level of positive energy here. The soulful live music and dance performances can make your weekend exciting and entertaining.

2. How To Enjoy The Festival

Bala cranberry festival
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The Bala cranberry festival is held at Maple Avenue every year. On entering the place, you will be welcomed by super excited volunteers.

You’ll get to explore the end number of stalls in the area. From handmade Muskoka artisan products to fresh cranberries, there are a lot of things that you can buy.

The cranberries are the main attraction of the festival. You will find various delicious dishes made from cranberries. Freshly picked cranberries dipped in chocolate will leave you drooling for days. Finely chopped cranberries topped with sugar powder taste simply amazing!

3. The Farmer’s Market

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The farmer’s market is a huge market where people put their stalls and sell their homemade products.
It is a great way of advertising their small business.

Everyone should buy from these locals as you will not only get the taste of original and authentic food items but will also get a chance to support them.

These local vendors are the hidden gems of Ontario that can be discovered only during this festival. Buying fresh homemade materials from the locals is a part of the Muskoka lifestyle.

4. The Cranberry Shops

Walking around the streets, you will notice many shops selling cranberry dishes.


The people in Ontario celebrate the Bala cranberry festival with full enthusiasm. The locals prepare delicious cranberry products and display them on their stalls for sale.

You can taste these mouth-watering dishes and can take the best one home. The prices are very nominal, and the taste is priceless. The main highlight of the Bala Cranberry Festival is these small shops selling cranberry products.
To get an exceptional shopping experience, be a part of this festival and discover the beauty of Muskoka lake and farms.

Tickets To The Bala Cranberry Festival
If you wish to be a part of this astounding festival, you need to get the passes or the tickets from the official site of the Bala Cranberry Festival.

There are two separate tickets for the festival. One is for the entry, and the other is for the Muskoka Lakes farm and winery.

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What People Have To Say About The Festival

Every year, thousands of people gather together to celebrate this festival. The people celebrate this festival with full enthusiasm and energy, from art exhibitions to live music.

Some people enjoy every moment, while others expect a little more from it. Let’s have a look at what people have to say.

Elsa Buendia Beneda, who attended this festival three years ago, was amazed to see how locals decorated their stalls and how excited they were for the festival. She says, “I’m glad I attended this festival. The vibe, the energy, everything is so positive here. The helicopter ride was the best part of this festival. I can’t describe how beautiful the city looks from above.


Not just Elsa but many more people enjoyed the festival thoroughly. Their happiness and satisfaction are pretty visible in their online reviews.

I visited this place in 2021, my first time attending this festival. I read about the Bala Cranberry Festival online and was keen to know more about it. The vendors were very sweet and polite. I tried cranberry dipped in chocolate, and it was so delicious! I would love to come here once more and experience it all over again.” says Patrica, who attended the festival in 2021.

While Patrica and Elsa enjoyed the festival weekend to the fullest, some people like Christina Haddrell are quite disappointed with the Bala Cranberry Festival.

She says,” There was ample space where more stalls could have been laid down. There were very few stalls selling very limited products. I went to the ride section to lift my mood, which was even more disappointing. I’ve attended the festival previously, but this year it was pretty boring“.

The reviews can vary from person to person. Most people who have attended this festival have enjoyed every second there. You need to experience it yourself to understand the beauty of this festival.


If you are in Ontario town in the fall and have not attended the Bala Cranberry Festival, you have missed something very important.
The fun and entertaining festival a group of volunteers celebrates to attract more tourists can make your weekend special.

The roads are decorated with lights, and the stalls are laid up for the visitors to come and shop. During this season, people harvest cranberries and prepare delicious food items for their stalls.
You can buy some good quality homemade cranberry products from the locals and can enjoy the fun rides with your friends and family.

Do buy tickets for Muskoka Lakes Farm and winery, as its the main attraction of this festival. Experience the taste of local wine and learn how cranberries are harvested.

This festival is an all-in-one festival. From fun rides to shopping, you’ll get to explore so many things here. Don’t forget to carry your camera with you to click some awesome pictures.

If you are in Ontario during autumn, you must be a part of this fun-filled weekend. Visit this place with your loved ones and enjoy your quality time here.


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  1. The Cranberry Festival sounds super interesting! Cranberries are full of antioxidants and taste so great in sweet dishes. What a great way to celebrate around them than to have a festival. I bet the local dishes and especially chocolate-coated cranberries are really popular with the buyers.

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