Things to do in regina Things to do in regina

Adventures in the Queen City: 13 Incredible Things to Do in Regina

Some of the things to do in Regina, even after Regina is a small city with big activities. It is the capital city of Saskatchewan. The name Regina comes from the Latin word “queen“, named after Queen Victoria because of which it is known as the queen city.

The city has got more green spaces with lots of parks surrounding it. There are different types of sunsets which are full of pink, gold, purple, etc which is the reason why Saskatchewan is known as the “Land of the living skies.” So without further wasting any time let’s deep dive into the list of “Things to do in Regina.”

1. Saskatchewan Science Centre

The Saskatchewan science center is not only a center but has also got a big screen on which visitors can enjoy movie time. Science lovers this place will be mostly liked by you. The center has got mixed exhibits which keep on changing within a few months.

While you are at the center, don’t forget to buy a ticket for the IMAX theatre show. As the Science center has got the biggest screen in Saskatchewan. The screen is 52 feet tall and 73 feet wide which makes you feel like you are also part of the show.

The center has got various exhibit centers that have got the best photograph background for your Instagram posts. There is one room that is upside down, which can get you memorable photographs. This place is good enough to visit with your family and friends and should be definitely added to the list of things to do in Regina.

Things to do in regina
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2. Explore As Many Parks

Even though Regina city is small but as mentioned above that it has more greenery which is because of the large number of parks. Some people say that Wascana Park is worth visiting but that’s not true.

There are way too many options to explore. Lakewood Park is one the parks which is a beautiful spot to take a walk with your loved ones. There’s also a waterfall park in the middle of the lake.

There is also one park that is especially for children named Crosbie Park, which is also known as the Pirate Park because of the fun activities available in the park. There are two huge ships with canons, bridges, telescopes, etc.

There are even picnic tables so that the parents can relax till the time their kids enjoy the slides. Kiwani’s waterfall park is also one of the popular parks with a sunken water garden, grassy area, walking paths, and many more.

These are some of the parks above mentioned which are to be included in the bucket list of things to do in Regina.

Things to do in regina
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3. Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Royal Saskatchewan museum is famous for its largest Tyrannosaurus rex in the world. The rex gallery was discovered in the year 1991 and was named after a bottle of scotch. The largest dinosaur’s bones were removed from the rocks of Frenchman River Valley.

The Tyrannosaurus rex weighs around 19,000 pounds and is 67 million years old. The Royal Saskatchewan museum opens from 9.30 am in the morning to 5.00 pm every day.

The Royal Saskatchewan museum showcases the history and traditions of indigenous people. It also showcases the World’s First Nation artwork and displays thousands of animal species that were found in Saskatchewan. Fossil lovers will definitely love the royal Saskatchewan museum and this place is also one of the things to do in Regina.

Things to do in regina
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4. RCMP Heritage Centre

The RCMP heritage center is called the home of Regina and the RCMP training academy. Police training was started back in the year 1885. The popular thing about this place is the parade.

The parade takes place every Tuesday to Friday at noon. To enjoy the parade you need to pre-register at the RCMP Heritage Centre Guest Services before 11:45 a.m.

The fun thing about the RCMP heritage center is that it is open seven days a week and the entrance fee for adults is around $10 CAD and $6 CAD for children.

There is also a small theatre where films play on a regular basis inside the RCMP heritage center. You can experience the stories of the RCMP through historical and modern-day exhibits. This place is not that much mind-blowing but can be added to the list of things to do in Regina.

Things to do in regina
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5. Regina Floral Conservatory

Regina floral conservatory is a place that makes you like you are stepping into a tropical garden. It has got different species of flowers, trees, plants, etc. You’ll see Norfolk pines to fig trees.

This is the best place to grab a coffee and sit and relax with your loved ones where you can lush the greenery and escape the cold. Not only the loved ones you can even come and meet your friends at this place.

The flowers keep on changing every couple of months according to the season. The conservatory is open seven days a week from September until the beginning of June. The timings are from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm in the afternoon. The fun part is that admission is free.

But donations are welcomed anytime.

Things to do in regina
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6. Fenek Farms

Wanna see a real farm with baby animals? Fenek farm is the place. Fenek farm is basically a working private farm that offers tours on daily basis. You’ll see every time something new depending on the season.

You’ll get a chance to interact with some animals such as chickens, sheep, ducks, rabbits, kittens, etc. The tourists are also allowed to feed the animals. If you are not satisfied with this you can pick up some fresh vegetables like tomatoes, apples, cherries, or even a dozen of eggs.

If you are going to a farm that doesn’t mean that you’ll return in tidy clothes. So don’t forget to buy separate clothes before going to the farm if in case the clothes get dirty. The entrance fee is $9 per person. This place can be added to the list of things to do in Regina.

Things to do in regina
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7. Government House

You have enjoyed the picnic at parks, beaches, lakes, etc. what if I say that you can picnic at the government house? Yes, there’s a government house in Regina that offers you this. The building was built for the Lieutenant Governor in 1891. But not the Government house serves as a museum of artifacts, and galleries and it also has the current lieutenant governor of Saskatchewan.

You can enjoy the picnic at the beautiful Edwardian Garden and enjoy the treats among the flowers. More than 10,000 artifacts are currently present of which many are real artifacts.

If you are present here at the Christmas event then you are going to experience various new things. The house gets transformed with 17 trees, 100 poinsettias, thousands of lights, etc. They offer sleigh rides, hot chocolate, and caroling to tourists every year.

Tours are allowed in the indoor museum and the outdoor garden. This place is much better to visit with the family and is one of the things to do in Regina.

Things to do in regina
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8. A trip to Regina Beach

If you wanna escape the rush of the city then around 45 minutes away from Regina there’s Regina Beach which is also one of the best things to do in Regina. Regina Beach is the perfect place to chill out and relax under the sun, take a swim and taste some food. The beach is located on the shores of the Last Mountain Lake and is one of the most popular beaches in the province.

The beach has a large sandy area, volleyball courts, a dock for fishing, and many more fun activities. There is a Blue Bird Café which serves the best fish and chips since 1928. Give your order and just sit and relax till the order comes. After it’s ready take it to the beach and enjoy the aura.

On a hot summer day don’t forget to try the desert from the Sundae Times. They offer mini donut poutine with over more than 30 flavors of ice cream. The best thing about the beach is that there is no entry fee and no parking fee which makes it more affordable enjoyment. If you wanna get the closest spot on the beach you need to come early on the weekends.

Things to do in regina
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9. Trampoline Park

Trampoline park is one of the best places to visit with children and one of the best things to do in Regina. Get Air Regina is one of the best places to experience the trampoline park. There are various different activities such as vertical trampolines, basketball hoops, foam pits, a ninja course, and a special kids section for the little ones.

The best days to visit this place are Friday and Saturday nights from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Because on these two days the music gets turned on and the lights are turned off. So make sure to wear lighter clothes so that they will glow more in the dark.

The fun part begins when you show off your skills, jump into giant form pits and then watch yourself on the giant TV screen everything recorded. Make sure to buy a pair of socks from the front counter so that you won’t get slipped while jumping the trampoline. The price is 20$ for two hours of jumping but special offers reduce the actual cost of tickets booked online. This place is going to be loved not only by the children but also by the elders.

Things to do in regina
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10. Take A Visit At The Legislature and Wascana Park

The visit to Regina won’t be completed if you haven’t visited the Legislature and Wascana Park. Even though Regina is a small city and Wascana park is located in the middle of the city and is three times bigger than new york’s central park. It’s a great place to walk around with your loved ones and enjoy the view of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building.

The legislative building is made up of cream-colored Tyndall stone and a copper dome which makes it look more beautiful building. But in the past, the dome used to be a shining bright copper like a new penny but turned black because of the exposure to different elements.

The interior of the building is designed with marble brought from Italy and Cyprus. The Queen Elizabeth II Gardens has 25,000 beautiful flowers which are planted every spring. The tours of the buildings are free and will be fully completed within 30 minutes time. On the tour, you’ll see Trafalgar fountain which is worth visiting for some photos.

The past fountain used to be in London’s Trafalgar square from the year 1845-1939 and was given as a gift to Canada in the year 1963. While walking in the park take a look at the Waterfowl Display ponds.

The park provides freedom to feed the geese, ducks, etc. If you wanna see baby birds then coming in the month of May or June will be the best time for their sightings. This kind of experience will make you add this place to the list of things to do in Regina.

11. Mosaic Stadium

Mosaic Stadium is an open-air stadium that has multiple levels of seating. Your excitement will get more boost when you’ll see 30,000 fans cheering for the riders. The stadium has a wide variety of snacks and food where you can choose accordingly. The two-foot hot dog is way popular in the stadium as it can easily feed you.

The South End zone which is known as the Pil Country is a standing room because of which the price of the tickets is way less cheap than the actual price. You’ll enjoy any game you see because of the cheering of the crowd. But Labor Day Classic is called the best day in the stadium because it is one of the best seasons.

You’ll be seeing the rivalry between the two teams, the Winnipeg blue bombers and the Roughriders. So wearing blue won’t be a good idea. This place is the one of best things to do in Regina and you’ll enjoy this place more if you hang out with your friends.

Things to do in regina
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12. Drive-in Movie

Nowadays drive-in movie theatres aren’t as unique as they used to be but they definitely are one of the best things to do in Regina. But that doesn’t mean they are not fun. Regina also provides one Drive-in movie theater. It can be a fun road trip and enjoying a movie on the big screen in front of your car.

The Twilite drive-in movie theatre is located in Wolseley, Saskatchewan. The theatre is about an hour away from Regina on the #1 Highway. The theatre is old for more than 65 years. It offers movies on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. If you wanna make a night come with your loved ones and campers are most welcome to the spot.

You can even bring your own tent if you wanna spend a night with your loved ones after the show so you don’t need to drive back home late at night. The price is 25$ CAD per carload. If you wanna buy a season pass you can do that too at a cost of 65 $ CAD from which you can watch as many movies as you want to see.

The second spot is Moonlight Movies which is located on the Pilot Butte Rodeo Grounds and is about 15 minutes outside Regina city. But the fun part about this place is that the movie screen is permanent. So movies play in all sorts of weather. They even offer a movie night in the month of January. There’s a huge crowd and the price is 20$ CAD per car and 30$ CAD for double feature nights.

Things to do in regina
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13. Eating at a Local Restaurant

Wanna experience the French bakery in Regina? Le Macaron is a french bakery with Paris-style decor and delicious pastries. They’ve got 21-foot special glass display cases which are fully loaded with fancy desserts that also include three-layer mousse cakes. Before heading to the room at the back of the cafe don’t forget to grab some of the cafe’s namesake, macarons with buttercream filling.

If you are more interested in the Canadian dish then head to the Coney Island Poutine. They offer classic fries, cheese curds, and gravy with some of the largest selection of poutines you’ve ever seen before. The Cheeseburger Poutine and Honey Garlic Rib are two of the famous poutine. The Elvis burger with bacon and melted peanut butter is also one of the most popular items there.

If you are the guy who loves homemade shakes then they also have one of them. There are various different flavors such as raspberry, Pina colada, apple pie, salted caramel, and many more.

We talked about the snacks now what about lunch and dinner? Skye Cafe Bistro offers you that. This is one of the fantastic restaurants currently available in Regina. It is located in the Saskatchewan science center and has outdoor dining facing Wascana park which gives a nice view of the park.

They offer various different cuisines such as the Mediterranean Bowl with local lentils and chickpea falafel, shrimp tacos, or smoked salmon zucchini latkas. Each cuisine has its own authentic taste. The dining area is full of windows and plants that create a nice aura and outside you’ll find a garden where they grow the ingredients for their authentic meal.

This place is worth visiting with your family and friends and is one of the best things to do in Regina.

Things to do in regina
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