What To Do In Vancouver: Tourist Guide Highlights

One of the most stunning towns you will ever see, ocean, parks, and mountains encircle Vancouver.

There are often inquiries regarding things to do in Vancouver when visiting the stunning province of British Columbia. We hope that this travel guide will be useful in assisting you with that!

Tourism is a significant contributor to Vancouver’s economy. Vancouver is the second most visited city in Canada after Toronto. 

Tourist attractions in Vancouver include Capilano Suspension Bridge, Dr. Sun Yat Sen, Vancouver aquarium, and Vandusen Botanical Garden, to name a few.

Places To Visit While In Vancouver:

1. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

This marvellous classical Chinese garden is in the center of the famous Chinatown. 

You can visit Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s Chinese garden with your family and friends and learn more about Chinatown’s history by partaking in various tours and exhibitions trade along with this Chinese garden.

While in Chinatown, you can also enjoy the famous dim sum; here, you can enjoy a piece of China without going to China and looking at beautiful plants, flowers, bridges, and ponds.

2. Vancouver Convention Center

The Vancouver convention center hosts public and private events; whether you want to attend a show or host an event, the Vancouver convention center should be your go-to option.

3. Granville Island

If you love having delicious food, shopping, art, culture, history, and architecture, you would love to visit Granville Island in Downtown Vancouver.

granville public market
Photo by Sean Driscoll on Unsplash

Known for its food, Granville Island has an abundance of markets, food stalls, restaurants, and lounge bars. 

The Granville Island public market is one of the famous spots in Granville Island and is one such place where you can buy fresh produce, seafood, baked goods, unique gifts, and a lot more.

4. The Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver aquarium is a good option for fun with your companions. 

Situated in Stanley Park, this aquarium has animals from all around the world and has been deemed one of the best aquariums in North America. 

It also has been successful in rescuing animals in need throughout the years. Therefore you cannot go wrong with it.

5. The Richmond Night Market

Richmond night market is an annual summer market that you can find in Richmond, specifically at night.

The Richmond night market, the biggest market in North America that is only open on the weekends, offers a wide selection of delectable foods, mostly from Asian cuisine.

What better way than to spend your summer weekends and enjoy fantastic food?

6. Sea To Sky Gondola

What better than enjoying a spectacular view while sliding over it? Sitting in this four-walled glass box, you will have the experience of your lifetime.

With maximum safety precautions taken into care, here you will not only have a tour of the city through the sliding carrier. 

But you can also indulge in many activities, including hiking, yoga, and having a great meal while enjoying a great view of the sunset on the Summit Lodge Deck.

Source: Shutterstock.com

7. Gastown

The Gastown neighbourhood is your one-stop destination for the perfect Instagram-worthy pictures; the famous Steam Clock, various art galleries, and impeccable eateries are some of the exciting places you will find in the Gastown neighbourhood.

This region has some unique restaurants, which will give you pleasure after walking and exploring the neighbourhood all day.

Additionally, Gastown features a wide variety of gift shops and galleries that feature one-of-a-kind items if you want to stock up on souvenirs.

You will find that Gastown has also played a significant role in the history of Vancouver; therefore, walking instead of taking a ride will allow you to soak in all the facts about the history of this area.

8. Stanley Park

stanley Parks
Source: Shutterstock

Stanley Park, located in Downtown Vancouver is one of the most famous tourist spots. This park is not your standard park; it encompasses the famous Vancouver Aquarium and an outdoor pool; if this isn’t enough, the park’s beauty, thanks to the beautiful flowers and plants, will leave your mind blown.

If you have arrived in Vancouver, Stanley Park is one place you cannot miss visiting; this park includes various tourist attractions.

9. Capilano Suspension Bridge

Above the Capilano River, the Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver is just a few minutes away from Downtown Vancouver.

The Capilano suspension bridge will give you a lot to enjoy. The Capilano suspension bridge and many new exciting attractions have been added to this place over the years. 

Such as the treetop adventure, the cliff walk, the Capilano River Story Center, and guided excursions. Additionally, you must see the stunning Canyon lights in December when in Vancouver.

10. False Creek

False Creek is the one for you if you are a fan of breathtaking views. You can walk or cycle to Sunset Beach along the False Creek Seawall. 

You can also enjoy the various restaurants, cafes, pubs, and other places to visit while in False Creek.

 It is also within walking distance from the Science World and Granville Island, and the Museum of Vancouver is not too far from False Creek.

11. Rose Garden

Who doesn’t like flowers? Enjoying a garden full of roses is everyone’s cup of tea, whether for clicking aesthetic pictures or just enjoying mother nature. 

The beautiful rose garden weather in UBC or Stanley park is worth your time. Stanley Park features forests, large lawns, beaches, lakes, and more.

The UBC garden has a spectacular view of the mountains and the ocean, where you can have a lunch date with your loved ones or have a family picnic.

 If you are a photographer looking to capture some fantastic shots, your search is over; these gardens should be your next chosen spot.

Photo by Matt Anderson on Unsplash

12. Grouse Mountain

What to do in Vancouver? one of the suggestions is hiking; you cannot leave hiking while in Vancouver

One of the most popular hiking trails in North Vancouver, famous for its adventurous and steep trail, is Grouse Grind in Grouse mountain. 

Within Grouse mountain, you can go hiking, zipline adventures, Skyride, and much more.

The most popular activity at Grouse Grind is hiking. The mountain has wooden stairs as well, which are there to prevent the earth from eroding because so many people utilize Grouse Grind for hiking and exercise.

13. Lynn Canyon Park

If you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket and still want to enjoy your visit to North Vancouver, then you should consider Lynn Canyon Park. 

The free activities here won’t compromise your adventure because they aren’t expensive. You can go hiking, stroll across the suspension bridge, eat delicious meals at cafes, and much more.

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14. Pam Rocks

The Pam rocks are a group of stones of varying sizes; this area is known explicitly for marine life, especially for the seals and birds, easily visible from the pam rocks.

Looking at cute seals is the perfect solution to boredom and what to do in Vancouver. You can sit for hours watching the seals play with each other, splashing in the water and enjoying. 

Diving enthusiasts can also have a good time exploring marine life, and if you are a non-diver but want to explore the area, a pleasant boat ride should satisfy you.

15. Museum Of Anthropology

If you are the kind who likes to know about the past and visit museums and art galleries in every country you visit, then you wouldn’t want to miss the famous museums in Vancouver.

One of the most famous museums in Vancouver is the Museum of Anthropology, located within the University of British Columbia, which is renowned for its collection of artifacts and relics from different parts of the world.

The Museum of Anthropology holds various exhibitions and events showcasing marvellous carvings, weavings, and other historical objects.

16. Science World

The famous Science world’s jaw-dropping architectural structure will make your visit worth the travel, with various events like exhibitions, galleries, theatres, and so much more. 

The Science World amazes many tourists, and people of all ages visit this location. The whole event is held indoors. 

Therefore you need not worry about the weather while visiting Science World. Not only this, but an additional benefit includes getting the membership of Science World if you see it more than three times a year.

17. Spanish Banks

A sunny day well spent at the beach is what you need to find the solution to what to do in Vancouver; playing beach volleyball, flying kites, running carefree on the sand, and building sandcastles sounds like the perfect plan.

 The Spanish Bank is one such beach that offers you an excellent view and safety for the little ones due to the low tides.

18. Wreck Beach

Another University of British Columbia attraction, this famous beach in Vancouver, is the Wreck Beach; unlike the Spanish Banks beaches, clothing here is optional; you heard it suitable if you want to be all-natural. 

This beach is the answer to what to do in Vancouver for the daring ones. This is the beach for you. Click aesthetic pictures on one of the best nude beaches globally. 

However, remember to respect others’ privacy and not take other people’s photos without consent. 

It is the number one rule at Wreck Beach. Several local vendors are present on this beach, plus frequent events are also held.

source: Shutterstock

19. The North Shore Mountains

The North Shore Mountains are famous for the two suspension bridge and various activities, including hiking, biking, skiing, and other attractions, a paradise for adventure sports enthusiasts.

 If you love shopping, North shore has covered you; with various malls and community shopping districts, you will be sorted for a good shopping day.

20. Christ Church Cathedral

Known as the oldest church in Vancouver, the Christ Church Cathedral, an Anglican cathedral, is situated at 690 Burrard Street. The church is known for its beauty and welcoming environment; you will also be astonished by the well-synced 35-member choir. 

If you are religious or just into beautiful architectural structures, Christ Church Cathedral is the answer to the question of what to do in Vancouver.

21. Lions Gate Bridge

When it was completed, it was the longest suspension bridge in the entire British empire; as the name suggests, there are concrete lions on either side of the bridge.

It is also a three-lane suspension bridge that links West Vancouver, North Vancouver, and the city centre of Vancouver. This suspension bridge is renowned for having stunning nighttime beauty.

Vancouver bridge
Source: Shutterstock

22. Stanley Park Totem Poles

The first Totem Poles of the nation in Stanley Park are the most visited sight in Vancouver, British Columbia, and maybe all of Canada! 

In Stanley Park, many stunning totem poles are located in two distinct areas of the park.

Except for three totem poles and three Welcome Gateways, all of the totem poles and Welcome Gateways are placed in a magnificent meadow setting near Brockton Point in Stanley Park.

At Stanley Park Junction, where the Miniature Train runs, just one totem pole is Children of the World. Two more totem poles on the Miniature Train route can only be viewed by taking the train journey during the day.

23. Bloedel Conservatory

Bloedel Conservatory is a domed green paradise in Queen Elizabeth Park on the highest point in Vancouver. 

More than 100 exotic birds, koi fish, and 500 exotic plants and flowers thrive within its temperature-controlled habitat.

This was the list of tourist spots where you can go for great food, beautiful pictures, shopping, adventures, exploration, spectacular views, and much more while visiting Vancouver city.

Vancouver has many tourist activities, like hiking, sightseeing, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, and cycling, among many others. 

Several tourist attractions like parks, suspension bridges, the well-known Chinatown, museums, beaches, and much more are also nearby.

24. Vancouver Public Library

Online and offline public library
Source: Shutterstock

This haven will be your ideal go-to place if you’re a bookworm. The Vancouver Public Library houses a vast collection of books and digital information. 

The library offers community information, activities for children, teens, adults, and homebound delivery. 

Furthermore, the library provides access to information and reference services, text databases, and interlibrary loan services.

25. English Bay Beach

English Bay is bounded north by West Vancouver, east by the City of Vancouver, and south by the region from Kitsilano to Point Grey.

It is a breathtakingly gorgeous harbour with breathtaking vistas in every way. 

There isn’t a terrible position in West Vancouver, whether you’re at the western portion of the Stanley Park seawall or everywhere from Ambleside to Dundarave and Lighthouse Park

The views from Kitsilano, Jericho, and Spanish Banks beaches in the south are just as breathtaking. From English Bay, there are fantastic trails for riding and walking along the water.

On one route, they go all the way to Stanley Park, while on the other, they go all the way to Point Grey through Science World, Granville Island, and Kitsilano Beach.

26. Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens is officially a National Historic Site of Canada. As you go around The Gardens, you’ll see relics of the old cement plant and millions of bedding plants in over 900 types.

The Butchart Gardens, a beautiful 55-acre complex, brims with five central gardens, magnificent fountains, exciting sculptures, and trickling streams and erupts with wave upon wave of colour throughout most of the year. 

Whichever year you wish to visit, you will undoubtedly discover something new.

Butchart Gardens
Source: Shutterstock

27. Lonsdale Quay Market

The Lonsdale Quay Public Market is a well-known landmark in North Vancouver’s Lonsdale Quay and Lower Lonsdale Districts. 

Visitors may discover anything from fresh food to local artisan crafts at the market, home to 60 locally-owned and run enterprises.

The Lonsdale Quay Public Market was built in 1986 as a carnival-style marketplace attraction for Expo ’86. Expo ’86 was Vancouver’s World’s Fair in 1986. 

Since then, the market has kept most of its historic architecture and is a must-see on the North Shore.

The renowned Q tower is another prominent feature of the market. Although it seems like a tedious visit, the scenery is worth it. People can access the tower by exiting the building onto the patio and climbing 77 steps to the summit. 

28. Main Street

Main Street is one of Vancouver’s most visible and well-known thoroughfares. There are intriguing stores, cafés, and restaurants along with select blocks.

Main Street is not a tourist destination in the same way that Robson Street and Granville Street are. 

However, it has many sights worth seeing and is popular with residents. The route connects Gastown and Crab Park in the north to the Fraser River in the south.

29. Maritime Museum

Source: Shutterstock

The Vancouver Maritime Museum is an excellent location for families to explore and learn about the sea and the ships that sail it.

Climb aboard the famous St. Roch, the first ship to transit the Northwest Passage from west to east. Explore the decks and imagine yourself as a crew member that worked onboard the ship in the 1940s.

The underwater world allows children to fantasize, create, and play. At the same time, the entire family may visit galleries and exhibits documenting the rich nautical heritage of the Pacific Northwest and the Arctic.

Take through exhibitions on shipwrecks, lighthouses, early fur trade, fireboats, battleships, deep-ocean exploration, ship models, the Arctic, and more.

2. Activities To Do While In Vancouver:

2.1 Skiing And Snowboarding

Vancouver, BC, offers a good range of ski resort choices, where you can spend your weekends and savour your passion for skiing and snowboarding; whether a beginner or a pro, Vancouver has something for everyone.

Vancouver, BC, has many trails where you can safely go skiing. Grouse Mountain is one location where you can ski

It has many parks where beginners, intermediates, and advanced skiers can have the time of their lives.

2.2 Visiting Art Galleries And Museums

If there’s a creative worm in you or you are interested in knowing about Vancouver’s history, then stopping by the famous art galleries and museums will be no less of a delight.

Vancouver Art Gallery, Bill Reid Gallery, and Audein art museum are a few of the many options you can choose from. The Museum Of Vancouver, and Museum Of Anthropology, among others, should be your go-to options.

2.3 Hiking

If you love outdoor activities, hiking in Vancouver should be your tea. Vancouver has a good number of hiking trails.

 The mountain’s lush forests make the hiking experience a lot more pleasant and venturesome while simultaneously providing breathtaking, spectacular views. 

Grouse Mountain, Stanley Park, and Capilano Canyon are a few examples of places in Vancouver that can provide you with a great hiking adventure.

2.4 Cycling

You’ll probably appreciate using a bike to explore the city. For bikers, Vancouver offers a variety of trails and routes.

The perfect destination for a great cycling experience would be the infamous Stanley Park and other parks like Queen Elizabeth Park and other Vancouver parks.

2.5 Kayaking

One popular water sport, kayaking, is significantly enjoyed by those who love adventure; it is considered a fun activity wherein you have to paddle your way through the water.

In Vancouver, you may go kayaking in several locations, including False Creek, Alice Lake, Port Moody, and others. Weight loss, better stamina, cardiovascular advantages, and enjoyment are all advantages of kayaking.

If you are in the mood for a full-body workout but want to do it in style, then kayaking should be your pick.

2.6 Shop Till You Drop

Downtown Vancouver provides you with various options for the shopaholic in you. 

Downtown Vancouver offers a wide variety of goods, from well-known brands to unique vintage items. You can discover everything here, whether you want something luxurious or inexpensive.

CF Pacific Centre, the largest mall in Downtown Vancouver, Oakridge Centre, and many public markets will ensure your shopping list is all ticked.

2.7 Whale Watching

Whales from March to October migrate through the waters of Vancouver; this is also the time when guided tours are offered for whale watching in Vancouver.

Various whales come around the Vancouver region, where you can savour the fun of watching these mystical water creatures enjoying and playing in the waters of Vancouver.

Whales are social creatures, and people enjoy watching them swim here and there in the water and making famous whale noises, which many people find attractive. 

You can see the whales outdoors or indoors, depending on your chosen guided tour company.

2.8 Visit Parks

An affordable yet straightforward answer to the question; of what to do in Vancouver is to visit parks. 

For your next picnic or family adventure, consider Stanley Park, Pacific Spirit Regional Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, or Lynn Canyon Park.

Stanley Park is the most popular and largest one in Vancouver, named after the Governor-General; this urban park plays a significant role in Vancouver’s history.

2.9 Attend a Vancouver Canucks game

The Vancouver Canucks are a professional NHL ice hockey club based in Vancouver that plays their home games at Rogers Arena.

These are some of the activities you can participate in while in Vancouver. Now let us look at some famous tourist attraction spots you can visit while in Vancouver city:

3. Visiting Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island well represents Western Canada. It has Rugged mountains, raging oceans, and lush rainforests.

It’s a terrific spot to visit any time of year, thanks to the limitless outdoor leisure possibilities and enormous wildlife opportunities (orcas and bears, anyone?).

There’s scuba diving, surfing, swimming, and fishing to attempt, as well as other activities and many other Islands (large and little!) to visit that are only a short ferry or paddle away. 

If ocean water isn’t your thing, drive inland and soon come across a mountain-framed lake.

Biking and golfing can be seemingly done all year. If you’re prepared to put in the time and effort, you can surf and ski on the same day. On Vancouver Island, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Strathcona Provincial Park, as well as the Pacific Rim National Park, are located on Vancouver Island. 

The two excellently illustrate the landscape’s variety; gorgeous beaches and rainforests on the coast and calm lakes and mountains in the interior.

Smaller Provincial Parks, including Cape Scott (rugged coastal wilderness), Cathedral Grove (giant trees! ), Sproat Lake (the heart of the lake region), and Goldstream (even more enormous trees!), round out the image.

Closing Thoughts

Vancouver will provide value for your money because public transit will enable you to travel without incurring high costs.

As a result, you can travel more affordably and then relax later when you are in the location you need to explore. In light of the preceding, the question of what to do in Vancouver has been resolved.

You can locate your favourite activity or sport to enjoy while visiting Vancouver by reading through this quick guide on what to do in Vancouver.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Can You Make A Budget-Friendly Trip To Vancouver?

If you want to spend less but still have the whole tourist experience, you will love the public parks in Vancouver. 

Some famous parks include Stanley Park, Lynn Canyon, Pacific Spirit Regional Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, and many more.

Other public places that are free of cost include visiting churches like the very popular Christ Church Cathedral and other places like Grouse Mountain. 

Here, you can hike due to great hiking trails and visit Granville Island, where you can experience the chaos of the local markets.

 You can opt for bus rides or cycling, but the old-fashioned way of exploring the city on foot is the best. You can also look at the creative art created by talented local artists on the streets of Vancouver. 

2. What Are the Attractions of Exploring Vancouver?

If you decide to visit Vancouver, you cannot go back without a sightseeing trip to the city, where you will be able to see the famous spots in Vancouver. 

They are primarily revered for their historical significance or their aesthetic appeal. The variety of locations Vancouver has to offer will astound you.

This sightseeing tour will be guided and cost you a bit; however, if you are an experienced traveller, you can explore the city and find new exciting places.

3. What is the Eating Scene like In Vancouver

If you are a foodie, the food tour in Vancouver will not disappoint you due to the variety of delicious food options Vancouver has, and you will not find it hard to find an answer to what to do in Vancouver.

 The most loved and popular foods include Japanese hotdogs, dim sum, ice cream, fried chicken, pasta, poutine, and the list goes on and on. 

Thus, Vancouver has you covered if you’re concerned about lunchtime drama. Having a hearty supper at Prospect Point in Stanley Park doesn’t sound horrible.

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