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There is a plethora of ice skating Vancouver indoor rinks and a select few outdoor rinks. In Vancouver, skating gives you a sense of liberation like nothing else, whether you bring your own skates or hire a pair. Skating is a classic Canadian winter pastime and a great place to start if you’re inquisitive. Vancouver’s mild winters mean ponds seldom freeze over in time for ice skating. However, technological advancements have made it possible to skate on outdoor, artificial rinks.

The following are 12 outdoor ice skating locations in the Vancouver area:

1. Ice Skating Vancouver in Outdoors Plazas

You have the option of skating at any one of the three outdoor rinks that are located around the Greater Vancouver area. Although the one in the downtown area is the most convenientthe other two are located on the North Shore.  Skate plaza is located inside the city of Vancouver <span class=” mf-jss4062 mf-jss4175″>in British Columbia. 
Because there are so many indoor rinks in the Greater Vancouver area, skating is popular pastime that can be enjoyed any time of the year.  The North Shore was the location for some roller skating.

1) Ice skating Vancouver at Robson Square

Ice skating Vancouver
Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash/ copyright 2022
The Robson Square ice Rink is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver <span class=” mf-jss649 mf-jss736″>and is well-liked site for locals and tourists who want to enjoy game of ice skating.  Skating is possible on the ice surfaces thanks to the covered glass dome so that you can enjoy the sport regardless of the temperature or precipitation during the winter.

2) Ice skating Vancouver at North Vancouver Shipyard Commons

Ice skating Vancouver
Photo by LOGAN WEAVER | @LGNWVR on Unsplash/ copyright 2020
The revitalized Shipyard Commons in North Vancouver,located close to the Lonsdale Quay, has recently added brand new ice rink to its amenities. The municipal administration of North Vancouver is putting a lot of effort into finishing the 12,000- square-foot building as quickly as possible so that it may begin serving clients as soon as possible. 

3) Ice Skating Vancouver at Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver

Ice skating Vancouver
Photo by Braden Barwich on Unsplash/ 2017

A pond near the peak of Grouse Mountain is perfect for outdoor ice rink skating in the city of the north. When snow falls in grouse mountain, and the mountains are covered with white snow, the location is breathtaking and the best public space to visit. Skating is included in the price of your Grouse Mountain admission pass.

4) Harrison Hot Springs Ice Skating Vancouver

Ice skating Vancouver
Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash/ copyright 2019

This year’s renowned Lights by the Lake winter celebration in Harrison Hot Springs also features outdoor skating. They’ve built a rink with special synthetic ice unaffected by weather, so you can go skating whenever you choose the location.

Skating will be available outside at the world-famous Lights by the Lake winter festival, which will be held in Harrison Hot Springs this year. They have constructed a rink with a unique kind of synthetic ice that is not influenced by the weather in any way, which means that you may go skating anytime you select the place.

5) Ice skating Vancouver at Spectacular Olympic Venue in Whistler

Vancouver Downtown Public Ice Skating Winter's Fun at Robson Square Rink

In the winter, Whistler’s Olympic Plaza becomes an outdoor rink.

6) Ice Skating  Vancouver on the Tsawwassen Fairway in the Tsawwassen Springs

Ice skating Vancouver
Photo by Matthew Fournier on Unsplash/ copyright 2018

Each year on Christmas day, the Tsawwassen Springs golf course transforms from its usual groomed greens into a skating rink. On bright days, the North Shore mountains are clearly visible.

7) Ice Skating Vancouver at Starlight Skating Rink

Ice skating Vancouver
Photo by jaemin don on Unsplash/ copy20right 20

This skate plaza is under the twinkling lights of the holiday season at the new outdoor synthetic ice rink in Harrison Hot Springs this winter. Lights by the Lake now have a rink for visitors to enjoy.

8) Ice Skating Vancouver at George, Prince

Ice skating Vancouver
Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash/ copyright 2018

Skate plaza may whiz over 400 meters of ice at the Prince George Outdoor Oval. The Outdoor Ice Oval Society of Prince George maintains the outdoor oval outdoor ice with support from the City of Prince George. The rink is open most days of the week, but you should verify its availability and ice conditions online before making the trip. Skating tips from professional Nordic blades and speed skaters may be available to a select few Sunday morning attendees. The Prince George Blizzard Speed Skating Club meets every Wednesday night.

9) Ice Skating Vancouver at Stuart Park

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash/ copyright 2020

The outdoor ice rink in downtown Kelowna has a Christmas tree, a polar bear glows blue in the dark, and an up-close view of Okanagan Lake.

10) Ice Skating Vancouver at Heaven on Earth, Surrey’s Five Acre Plot

Ice skating Vancouver
Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash/ copyright 2021

It has been two years since a Surrey farmer decided to flood his field to help his neighbors.

In perhaps the most Canadian celebration of skating ever witnessed, friends, family, and strangers were welcomed to skate on the handmade ice rink, play pick-up hockey, and drink Tim Horton’s coffee supplied by the company. Over the previous five years, Jas Singh, a local farmer, has donated half a million pounds worth of his harvest to those in need. If the weather cooperates this winter, he plans to flood his land again.

11) A park in the heart of the city, Langford in Ice skating Vancouver

Ice skating Vancouver
Photo by Robbert Esser on Unsplash/ copyright 2018

From summer water parks to a year-round ten-pin bowling alley, City Centre Park has it all for active recreation. A synthetic outdoor ice skating rink at City Centre Park is open throughout the months. The rink is open in December and January if the ice is safe to skate on.

12) Ice skating Vancouver at Joseph F. Dockrill Memorial, Telkwa, Vancouver

Ice skating Vancouver
Photo by Irena Carpaccio on Unsplash/ copyright 2019

Volunteers at Ice skating in Vancouver take care of this family-friendly community rink. This outdoor skating rink, located close to Smithers and renamed the “Riverside Rink,” has a picturesque view of the Bulkley River. Skating rinks for people of all ages have been built and maintained in communities around Vancouver.

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