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Best 101 Guide to Yukon University; Campus and Admission!

Yukon College has been designated as Canada’s first full-fledged university north of 60 degrees latitude. It has taken years for it to transition from high school to university.

On May 19, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared the new status of the Yukon institution. “Our government has already provided $26 million for a new science facility as a cornerstone for this new step,” Trudeau said.

Yukon University has been providing students with a distinctive northern experience in Whitehorse since 1983. It has more than 50 degrees, diplomas, certificates, trades, and university preparatory programs focusing on northern and Indigenous science, culture, and industry.

Yukon has been researching and engaging with government agencies and industry specialists to help them reach this milestone since 2012.

Introducing Yukon University

Yukon University is a government-funded institution that offers diverse programs to both local and international students. Yukon has built a reputation for delivering excellent teaching and small class sizes, resulting in a positive educational experience for their students. Students and organizations in the Yukon and beyond benefit from their initiatives.

Around 50 full-time international students attend Yukon University from 16 countries, including Germany, Switzerland, France, Poland, Ireland, Norway, Austria, Korea, UK, China, Taiwan, Japan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Venezuela, and the United States of America.

It has 13 campuses and notable programs such as the Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Governance, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Northern Environmental and Conservation Science, and Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Social Work, all of which are offered in collaboration with the University of Alberta.

1. Representing the ‘Stronger, More Resilient North’

According to Dr. Karen Barnes, Yukon University President and Vice-Chancellor, YukonU’s journey has been “one of ongoing evolution to suit the changing demands of [its] students and community” since 1963. The university pledges to continue addressing educational and research needs, providing learners with accessible pathways and developing a strong and resilient north.

Currently, Yukon is working on its application to join Universities Canada.

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In a press statement, Canada’s Minister of Education, Tracy-Anne McPhee, said, “The progress of Yukon College over the past 57 years has been nothing short of fantastic, and I am very proud to see it take these significant steps, becoming the first territorial university in Canada.”

The institution is marking the occasion with a new name for its website, a new logo, and a revamped social media presence. Despite the fact that campuses are closed due to the pandemic, online applications for fall semester programs are still being accepted.

“A crocus inspired YukonU’s logo design. It’s the first flower to blossom in the Yukon after a long, hard winter, signaling the approach of spring. In an email reply, Yoshie Kumagai, Manager for International Education, remarked, “It’s a little flower, but it’s extremely robust and lovely.”

2. Since 2016, MSM has been a partner institution

MSM congratulates YukonU on this incredible achievement as a proud partner since 2016. We’re looking forward to seeing the university’s ambitious new goals and initiatives emerge as it continues to welcome and accept more international students from around the world.

“MSM congratulates YukonU on this fantastic achievement – another dream realized through hard work, continual collaboration, and the creative spirit of their university community.”

MSM pledges to be YukonU’s lifelong partner as it “opens up the entire north to more students from across the world and helps them become happy and successful,” according to Sanjay Laul, CEO and Founder of MSM.

3. Yukon College Campus

University drive its decision through board members! The governance of the university is conducted through the board of governors, executive council and the university senate; both of which were established in the Yukon University Act.

Yukon University Tour by Driving Around the Campus in Spring

Each of the Yukon’s thirteen campuses offers post-secondary education.

  • Various clubs on campus offer extracurricular refreshments such as weekly art courses, fitness programs, skiing, and so forth.
  • A student union is also responsible for coordinating student programs and experiences such as pub nights, films, lectures, sports, and barbecues for those in need.
  • On-campus, there is a campus store that sells it all, from reference books to snacks, apparel to development learning allowances, and so on.

4. Degree Programs For September Intake at Yukon University

After the 12th DIPLOMA PROGRAMS:

  • Liberal Arts Diploma 2 Years Arts in 12th Grade or Graduation Arts with a grade point average of at least 50%
  • 2 years of aviation management diploma with a math grade of 50 percent or higher in 12th grade
  • Studies in Two-year general diploma In the 12th grade, any subject might apply for more than half of the required marks.
  • Business Administration Diploma 2 Years Math in 12th Grade with a grade of 50 percent or above
  • Environmental and Conservation Sciences in the North 2 years diploma with more than 50% in physics, chemistry, and math in grade 12
  • A two-year diploma in multimedia communication Any 12th-grade student with a minimum of 65 percent in English is eligible to apply.

5. List of Yukon University Degree Programs: January Intake


  • Liberal Arts Diploma 2 Years Arts in 12th Grade or Graduation Arts with a grade point average of at least 50%
  • 2 years of aviation management diploma with a math grade of 50 percent or higher in 12th grade
  • 2 Year Indigenous Governance Diploma In the 12th grade, any subject might apply for more than half of the required marks.
  • 2 Year General Studies Diploma In the 12th grade, any subject might apply for more than half of the required marks.
  • Business Administration Diploma 2 Years Math in 12th Grade with a grade of 50 percent or above

Northern Courses :

  • 2-year diploma in outdoor and environmental studies In the 12th grade, any subject might apply for more than half of the required marks.
  • 2 years of chemistry or math in 12th grade with a grade point average of at least 50%
  • Justice and Criminology Diploma 2 years Math in 12th grade with a grade of 50 percent or higher
  • 2-year diploma in studies In the 12th grade, any subject might apply for more than half of the required marks.

6. Procedure for Submitting an Application

Study in Yukon Canada | Study in Canada | Yukon University | Crown Immigration

International students who wish to apply for admission to Yukon College should follow the steps outlined below:

  • Open the official webpage of the application portal
  • Fees for applications: $100
  • Transcripts from high school or post-secondary education are required documents.
  • Application for on-campus housing or a homestay

Other needs may differ from one program to the next.

  • IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL iBT – 79 IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL iBT – 79 IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL iBT – 79 IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL iBT – 79 I
  • IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL iBT – 79 for diploma and certificate programs
  • Students from India, China, Vietnam, or the Philippines must have an IELTS score of 6.0 overall, with no part below 6.0.
  • IELTS 5.0 or TOEFL iBT – 45 for Culinary Arts, Office Administration, and Trades programs.

7. Scholarship offered at Yukon College

International students can apply for scholarships to study in Canada through the college. To apply, students must have a 2.0 GPA. Scholarships are typically awarded based on academic or personal accomplishments.

  • To apply for a scholarship, you must complete the following two documents:
  1. Application for Financial Aid for Students
  2. Waiver Form for Student Financial Awards
  • There are two categories of scholarship awards: entrance awards and general awards. The deadline for most of these awards is September 30, 2020, with others extending to January 31, 2021.
  • Yukon University is additionally sponsored by the government through grants and student allowances and is associated with outside organizations to give financial aid.
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8. Yukon College has a number of residence halls

  • Campus housing is available on the Ayamdigut Campus in Whitehorse.
  • Single and double dorms, as well as apartments, are up for rent.
  • Shared kitchens, washrooms, lounges, and laundry services are provided in single and double dorms.
  • The Apartments, on the other hand, are entirely self-contained, with their kitchen and bathroom.
  • Each apartment features a queen-sized bed and two single beds, and a dining table for four people.
  • There are also homestay options available for international students who want to experience a homelike setting while learning about Canadian culture.

9. Yukon College offers a variety of programs

Yukon University offers a variety of certificates, certifications, and degree programs.

  • Liberal arts, business administration, northern sciences, social work, and visual arts are just a few popular courses accessible.
  • Specializations in Business, Culinary Arts (cooking), Early Childhood Development, and Renewable Resources Management are also available.
  • Additional research facilities are available; students can work with a faculty member or at the Research Services office.

10. Yukon Research Centre

The Yukon Research Centre (YRC) conducts research at the University of Yukon. It produces innovation on climate change, cold climate innovation, environmental science, society and culture, and technology innovation with national and international partners.

Through relationships with the government, First Nations, businesses, universities, communities, and entrepreneurs, the YRC addresses northern problems with northern knowledge. The YRC is also dedicated to enhancing our students’ research culture and capacity conducting University and across the Yukon.

You can get engaged with Yukon Research Centre (YRC), which was placed second in the country for research activity and tenth for research funding in Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges 2013 report.

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11. The Yukon Research Centre uses northern expertise to solve northern problems.

Answering northern scientific problems, supporting and advancing local innovation, and conducting research services for visiting researchers are all goals of the research center.

To better the lives of Northerners, they collaborate with the government, industry, entrepreneurs, First Nations, and communities. They can answer your research questions and satisfy your innovation demands thanks to their in-house specialists, links across the poleward north, and student participation. All Yukoners are welcome to come in.

The Yukon Research Centre, thirteen campuses play, which has a growth laboratory and an atomic emission spectrophotometer, works on mine rehabilitation, climate change, cold climate construction, natural, social, and technological innovation are among their key themes. YRC research colleagues and six main programs help to support these areas.

It also offer some of the best post secondary institution grounded in traiditional values it delivering education and tailored learning opportunities.

They place a high value on awareness and education relevant modern times and promote Expeditions and human services social work, a program that brings science and technology to kids, teachers, and the general public.

So, this is all about Yukon University Canada. We hope this article helps you get a clear view of Yukon and the program it offers.

So, what are you waitng for? Yukon University Canada invite students to visit today!

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