A skyline view of British Columbia in Vancouver. A clear sky during the sunset time and a waterbody beneath the sky. A skyline view of British Columbia in Vancouver. A clear sky during the sunset time and a waterbody beneath the sky.

Best Places for Skydiving in Vancouver for You

Whether you want to do it the first time or have already done it a few times – the skydiving experience is second to none.

And you have a fair few places to try skydiving in Vancouver. Where can you get them? In this article, we will learn about those places and what type of skydiving you should do. Imagine Vancouver from the air, as it appears to be so beautiful from the ground. You could end up falling in love with the city.

To go skydiving in Vancouver, you don’t need to be athletic or have a fit body type; you will get instructional training before your jum.

Skydiving in Vancouver: Top 3 Skydiving

Introduced to the world in the final years of the nineteenth century, it is now renowned as a sport as a result of technological advancements.

There are no words that can adequately capture the elation and adrenaline rush experienced during a skydive. Overcome your fears and take your adventure level a notch higher with skydiving. Here are a few places you can go.

A scenic view of the rainbow sky and green trees near a waterbody under the blue sky during the daytime.
Photo by Sharissa Johnson on Unsplash Copyrights 2020

1. Thrilling Tandem Skydiving

Tandem skydiving is a wonderful experience in which a person is going to experience the thrill of Skydiving without any previous experience or any kind of training in tandem skydiving. The participant is tied up with the harness. And the instructor controls the jump.

The experience of skydiving is briefed by the instructor. And he positioned your body to get at it. Jump properly. Once. You are ready. You will board an aircraft, and then you will jump. From the plane. Then the countdown begins, and the thrill you feel is unbelievable. With a leap of faith, the tandem pair exits the plane and plummets through the sky in a thrilling freefall. During this adrenaline-pumping descent, the participant can experience the incredible sensation of pure freedom and weightlessness.

You need to put your faith in the rope and the Parachute. During the freefall. It is a Rushing Experience. And you will feel pure freedom. And will feel like a bird. After flying out in the open for some time, the instructor will open your parachute and the tandem pair that come with your canopy, and then you will enjoy the breathtaking views when you land on Earth. During the entire experience, the instructor will take care of all the technical things, and you are just there to experience the adventure.

Tandem skydiving is considered a safe and unforgettable experience because the instructor is with you all the time. It is accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels, and if you have a dream of doing this type of skydiving but feel you can’t do it, then you should try tandem skydiving. Because it is safe, and you can do it.

Tandem Skydiving with Skydive Vancouver Island!

2. Skydive Vancouver Island

If you are considering doing a tandem skydive, then you need to experience this from the place that has the most experienced instructor training. If you are doing this for the first time or for the 100th time to have an unforgettable experience, you need to try. It is at Skydive Vancouver Island. There are strict training protocols that guarantee a secure and enjoyable experience for all thrill seekers.

The unique experience of skydiving in this place is breathtaking because the location is surrounded by the ocean and the sky. If you see the spectacular sites, you will be amazed. Moreover, in the world, the best feeling is to feel freedom like a bird on earth.

Beautiful location. And easily accessible from all the locations, whether you want to come from Victoria, Vancouver, Turn Fino, or Any ferry terminal. The skydiving experience with your friends and family. No matter what the size is, they are available, and if you are going on a solo trip for a tandem jumper with your loved one or on your outing, then you should book this skydiving experience.

An aerial view of the sea while skydiving in Vancouver.
By Thomas Lipke / Unsplash Copyright 2019

3. Abbotsford, Canada

It is present in the location of Abbotsford Skydive, Vancouver. And its experience is unique. The experience of falling from the sky It is an adrenaline-rushing experience to jump. And it is one of the crowd’s favourites. The place to try the skydiving experience. They have highly trained instructors and equipment that offers safety.

A person who wants to try skydiving in Vancouver. In Abbotsford, there are also other experiences you can try. For those who want to do other things than skydive, you can try this seaplane tour.

For the half-day, we’re watching Adventure and other facilities. Also, these tours have a unique perspective, and you can go there and have quality time if you like still to do and know about wildlife. Then you need to go on the whale-watching tour in Vancouver.

And you can observe those shown by Whales.  The experience is wonderful, and you will love the Aquatic life. Those who want to explore the city can go on the Vancouver City Sightseeing Tour and discover the highlights of Vancouver by going to places like the Capilano Suspension Bridge and the Vancouver Lookout.

You will feel the beauty of the city and its history. Those who are interested in films can go on the Hollywood N Experience tour, which takes you behind the scenes of the Canadian film and video industry and is also present in Abbotsford.

Amazing Skydive in Vancouver Canada- September 2021


In the article, we have read about all the places where we can do the heart-beating first jump experience of skydiving. In this skydive, Vancouver is the ultimate choice for people who can feel the rest of the adrenaline, and the views are amazing.

And the experience will stay with you for a long time. You can also try skydiving in Abbotsford. With the awesome skydive encounter and creating memories, the adventure here is simply stepping out of your comfort zone, and Vancouver is ready to provide it.  All you need and all your dreams You can book your skydive Vancouver adventures online or go directly to the places.

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