thngs to do in Vancouver thngs to do in Vancouver

Top 7 Most Exciting Things to do in Vancouver

Vancouver is a western city located in Canada that offers exciting and fun things to do in Vancouver. Mountains cover the city, have many shivering music scenes, art, theatre, and many more exciting things to do in Vancouver.

There are many exciting things to do in Vancouver that let tourists visit the city worldwide. This is the reason for an increase in population per year. Vancouver city holds the most population density in the province region. In 2016, the population raised to 631486 from 603,502 in 2011. The greater Vancouver region has a population density of 2,463,431. For this reason, Vancouver is now the third-largest metropolitan city in Canada.

Vancouver is one of the most rhetorical and ethnically diverse cities all over Canada. Vancouver is constantly mentioned as one of the five worldwide cities for its quality and livability of life. The city is the most expensive city all over Canada because the city consists of the world’s top 4 expensive housing markets, which are spreader globally. The Vancouver government is also planning to make its city the greenest city by 2023.

About 10000 years ago, this city was traditional and consisted of many unceded territories of the Tsleil Waututh people, Musqueam people, and Squamish people. Initially, the Vancouver city was originally known as Gastown, which grew on the western edge of Hastings Mill, which was owned by Gassy Jack and was built on 1 July 1867.

In 1886, the Gastown city was registered through a deal with the Canadian Pacific Railway or CPR ( runs over the Pacific Ocean) and named the city Vancouver.

Vancouver has hosted several international events and conferences such as Paralympics, 2010 Winter Olympics, FIFA Women’s World CUP in 2015, 1989 and 2009 Fore Games and World Police, APEC Canada in 1997, Expo 86, UN-Habitat I, Commonwealth Games in 1954, and many other events and conferences.

In 2014, Vancouver city became a permanent house for the TED conferences. The Port Metro Vancouver in Vancouver is the fourth largest and busiest port all over Canada. Vancouver is a well-known urban centre which is surrounded by urban parks, art galleries, beautiful nature, outdoor year-round activities, wildlife refuge, live music, tennis courts, film production studios, including in nearby cities such as Burnaby, which made North America earn its nickname as Hollywood North.

Vancouver is home to many interesting and vibrant areas such as Yaletown, West End, South Main, South Granville, Robson street, Lower Lonsdale, Kitsilano, Granville Street, Granville Island, Gastown- Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhood, Davie Village, Commercial drive, Coal Harbour, Chinatown and many other places in Vancouver or neighbourhood of Vancouver.

Vancouver is a city that hosts all events from the first month of the year, starting from culture to culinary, pride to performing arts, family-friendly fun to films. You will find and observe many special event and festivals throughout the year which shine through the spotlight to your interests.

Arts And Culture

exciting things to do in Vancouver
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Arts and Culture in Vancouver consists of television, film, dance, and theatre.


Many of today’s tv shows are filmed on the set of Vancouver. The first national series- Cold Squad, was first filmed and produced in Vancouver. Other series set in Vancouver city is These arms of Mine, The Switch, Shattered, The Romeo Section, Robson Arms, Primeval: New World, Northwood, Motive, Intelligence, Godiva’s, Edgemont, Danger Bay, Da Vinci’s Inquest, and Continuum.

TV shows which are priced in Vancouver and are set by Canadian studios or America are The X-files, witches of East End, Van Helsing, Tru Calling, The Magicians, The Tomorrow People, Supernatural, Supergirl, The Good Doctor, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, izombie, Once Upon a Time, The Man in the High Castle, Life Unexpected, The Flash, Cedar Cove, Caprica, The L World, Haters Back Off, The Commish, Chesapeake Chores, Almost Human, and many other popular shows.


The Vancouver International Film Festival is a year-round festival held in the city of Vancouver. Over 250 films are shown to Vancouver people for two weeks each September per year.

The Vancity Theatre of the Vancouver International Film Festival is a non-commercial film center that runs independently throughout the year, including the Rio theatres and the Pacific Cinematheque.

Vancouver is a major film location also known as the Hollywood North. Some of the cities films which are produced and set are Happiness and Prosperity, and Sundance screened- it is an award-winning film by Mina Shum, Hard Core Logo- recognized as the second-best Canadian film in the last 18 years, Sharon Stone, They Wait, Terry Chen and Jaime King, and thriller movies like Intersection. There are many several films which the Vancouver International Film Centre produces.


The Scotiabank Dance Centre is a performance venue and performance venue for Vancouver-based choreographers and dancers. It is a converted bank building situated on the corner of Granville and Davie. Dances performed by professionals is a semi-annual dance event.

Art Club Theatre Company and Bard on the Beach are prominent theatres which are located on Granville Island. Smaller companies such as Studio 58 and Touchstone Theatre are as prominent as other theatre companies. Metro Theatres, Pacific, United Players, The Firehall Arts Centre, and The Cultch are all theatre season.

Annual festivals which are hosted in Vancouver include Vancouver Fringe Festival during September and Push International Performing Arts Festival during January. People enjoy such events and festivals in theatres. The Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company ran for over fifty years until March 2012.

Libraries And Museums



things to do in vancouver
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Vancouver Public Library is a famous library. This library’s main branch is located at Library Square, designed and built by Moshe Safdie. The Vancouver Public Library has over twenty-two branches which occupy 2.25 million volumes. Canada’s original lending library is the Vancouver Tool Library.

The Vancouver Public Library consists of over 10000 collections of books written by Emily Carr and many other works by many other famous writers. Downtown Vancouver is home to one of the famous libraries- Contemporary Art.

The Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery are a minor contemporary Vancouver Library that includes the work of the University of British Columbia.


things to do in vancouver
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Museums such as The Vancouver Maritime Museum is located in the Kitsilano district, the Vancouver Museum, the H.R MacMillan Space Centre in Canada, Vancouver are the major civic museum. Museums such as Bill Reid Gallery are one of the famous art museum galleries of Northwest Coast Art.

The Museum of Anthropology is located in British Columbia is one of the leading museums of the Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations culture.
Vancouver also consists of diverse and various collections of public art done by local artists.

If you are new in Vancouver, Canada, and looking for exciting kinds of stuff and things to do, you are on the right page because mentioned below are some points that will help to make your day beautiful and more enjoyable things to do in Vancouver.

Happy reading!

List of Exciting Things to do in Vancouver

1. Explore Vancouver

things to do in Vancouver
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Stanley Park

Exploring is the most basic and exciting thing to do in Vancouver. Stanley Park is the most renowned tourist attraction in the peninsular region of British Columbia, Vancouver. Stanley Park is surrounded by the water of English Bay and Burrard Inlet.

Stanley Park is the best place to start your exploration. You will get to know more about the history of Stanley Park. Initially, the Stanley park was used by many indigenous people for thousands of years before the British colonized British Columbia.

Vancouver Aquarium is Canada’s largest aquarium located in this park. Researchers have discovered many marine life species such as dolphins and wild whales, and many other species. Whale watching and sea lions in the Vancouver aquarium attracts tourist the most and even locals. You will also find many spectacular views in the park such as birds, children’s Farmyard and zoo. The Children farmyard is the successor of the original children of the Farmyard.

In December 1997, the Stanley park zoo was closed after the last corpses of animals in this zoo. Now at the present day, the zoo consists of only bears and entertain the crowds visiting the zoo in the park. It is now estimated that soon the Stanley park zoo will be closed, and the animals will be shifted to another zoo with a better facility.

2. Enjoy Vancouver From its Peak

things to do in vancouver
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Grouse Mountain

The Grouse mountain is also called the Peak of Vancouver, located on Vancouver’s north shore, British Columbia. Grouse Mountain has a maximum elevation of about 4100 feet or 1200 meters.

Watching an aerial view from the peak of Grouse Mountain is one of the exciting things to do in Vancouver. In grouse mountain, you will enjoy guided eco walks, helicopter tours, tandem paragliding, zip-lining, mountain biking, disc golf, scenic chairlift ride, Skyride, birds prey demonstration, and cliff walk.

Every year operations include wildlife refuge and a 100 seat theatre at the mountain top of the grouse mountain and perform their fun things to do in Vancouver. In summer, the grouse mountain involves their visitor in outdoor activities such as Grouse Grind hiking trails from May to October and ski and snowboards in winter months that is from December to February.

Many events are hosted in grouse mountains, such as the annual Grouse Grind Mountain Run for women, Annual Grouse Grind Mountain Run for men, and Overall Unofficial Record. Grouse mountain is a very attractive and beautiful place with a temperate climate. Therefore you will enjoy yourself a lot through your exploration.

3. Shop at Luxury Markets

things to do in vancouver
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Richmond Night Market

Shopping is a kind of fandom for almost every person. Shopping at night is the most exciting thing to do in Vancouver. Richmond night market is a year-round night market located near River Rock Casino River in Richmond, British Columbia in Canada. Richmond night market has spread in international places as well.

Vancouver people and many tourists from all over such as the world, appreciate Richmond night market. The Richmond night market provides ethnic and delicious food, which includes a lot of entertainment. People also like to prefer Granville island public market, which also offers branded clothes effectively.

This night market is crowded mainly during the summer season. In Richmond, some famous malls are Aberdeen Centre, Parker Place, McArthurGlen Vancouver, Landsdowne Centre, and Richmond Centre. Richmond is composed or made of 8 local neighborhoods. They are Hamilton, East Richmond, South Arm, Steveston, West Richmond, Thompson, Thompson, and Sea Island.

Richmond is a place with many famous gardens you can visit, such as Rose Garden, Richmond Garden, and many other Vancouver parks and gardens you will enjoy to your fullest. People buy toys, clothes, eat street food stalls, and many more. So after exploring places of your choice, visit the Richmond Night Market for shopping and enjoying the moment.

4. Discover Authentic Gardens And Parks

things to do in vancouver
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Downtown Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver is located in British Columbia. The place is a business city and a trendy neighborhood of the metropolitan city- Vancouver.

Downtown Vancouver covered most of the False Creek inlet in the north shore and gave Downtown Vancouver’s name as Downtown Peninsula. The Stanley Park and Downtown Eastside are together known as Central Vancouver. Other Vancouver parks include Queen Elizabeth Park, Lynn Canyon Park, and Urban Park as well.

In Downtown, Vancouver shopping is diverse as the place has several famous malls such as Robson street shopping which attracts tourists in Vancouver city. You will enjoy exploring Downtown Vancouver because the place offers many things to in Vancouver.

Gardens in Downtown include the City Garden, dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Chinatown, British Columbia, is the first Chinese garden in Downtown Vancouver. Many other beautiful and mesmerizing gardens in Vancouver include Vandusen Botanical Garden and VanDusen Garden’s Elizabethan Hedge Maze.

5. Find Your Favourite Food

things to do in vancuver
image source- Lisa, pexels, things to do in Vancouver

Chamber Restaurant

Vancouver is filled with superb and classy Restaurants. If you are looking for the best restaurant to dine in, CHamber restaurant is the best choice for you because this restaurant provides delicious various types of food. Even ethnic and other country food.

You will get the chance to enjoy your food with live soothing music. You can visit the Chambar restaurant by public transportation. You will get to see cobblestone streets through your scenic ride, which include beautiful buildings through the suspension bridge in Dim Sum, China Town.

Chamber restaurant has the best customer service with delicious food. A must visit this amazing restaurant to make your day more special and even more enjoyable.

6. Fly Over Canada

things to do in vancouver
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The Flyover Canada is located in Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. The fly-over gives people a ride to witness Canada.

Once you fly over Canada, you will observe many mesmerizing beaches such as Wreck beach located in Endowment Lands in British Columbia, Canada Line, the Suspension Bridge Park in North Vancouver, and the Capilano River.

You will enjoy the flight because the rise gives you experience with spherical screen tv, and scents to enhance your boost of being active throughout the whole rise.

You will get to see other places are Spanish banks, national geographic features which includes forest, Vancouver Canucks, which is also known as Canada’s hockey country, Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver Convention center, and many more amazing places.

Flyover Canada is one of the most famous activities that tourists always prefer because this is the only way offered to tourists by the Canadian government to visualize Canada very prominently. So that people from all over the world visit Canada without any hesitation. So if you are planning to visit Vancouver, make sure that you fly over Canada to make your day even better

7. Explore Gastown

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The famous steam clock is located in Gastown, British Columbia. The clock is powered by steam. This is why it is named the steam click. This stream clock is present in an urban public space or an urban oasis.

Most of the steam clocks are built by Raymond Sanders in the United States, Japan, Port Coquitlam, whistler, and many other British Columbia places. People worldwide or worldwide prefer visiting Gastown to witness the steam click at night time because the steam which is given out is much more prominent at night.

So after dining, you can prefer visiting the amazing steam clock in Gastown- Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood and enjoy your day with breathtaking sceneries such as growth forests, parks, gardens pam rocks with the help of an observation deck.

Vancouver’s History

Vancouver’s history includes archeology, indicating that aboriginal people are already living in Vancouver for over 10000 years. The city was discovered in territories of the Coast Salish group.

Vancouver was filled with villages such as the Stanley Park, Point Grey, Vancouver Convention Center, Kitsilano, West Vancouver, False Creek, Fraser River, Western Canada, and many other places. The area where Vancouver is now located was a contemporary Halkomelem which means- broad at the end or bottom.

Simon Fraser, an explorer and the Trader of North West Company, was the first European who stepped first in Vancouver. He traveled from the east of the Fraser River, walking distance to the Point Grey.

Climatic Condition in Vancouver

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Speaking about its climatic condition, Vancouver has a very moderate temperature throughout the year. In wintertime, you will observe many Canadian snowbirds flying over Canada to visit South America.

Snowfall in the winter months occurs from December to February.
People sometimes visit Vancouver just for watching snowfall which is really very exciting and beautiful. Summer months are mainly dry. Vancouver receives only 1 to 2 percent of precipitation throughout the summer season.

Vancouver is Canada’s wettest city. Howsoever, precipitation sometimes varies, which is measured by Vancouver International Airport. The highest temperature in Vancouver International Airport ever recorded was 34.4 degrees Celsius that is 93.9 degrees Fahrenheit.

Vancouver’s Government

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Vancouver is currently governed by eleven members of the Vancouver City Council, Park board, and school board. An increase in the budget is always deposited in various funding by the Vancouver government.

The reason for depositing in a fund is to raise property taxes as a part of permitting construction process. Visit the official site of the Vancouver government and get more data about the city in detail.

Vancouver is a very famous place with a lot more things to do. The city is exciting and always allows its visitors to enjoy their day with positivity and fun. The scenic location of Vancouver makes it a famous tourist destination. Vancouver city is considered to be a stressful and busy city because all places in Vancouver are always crowded.

Vancouver has hosted many international events such as the World Exposition in 1986 and also many sports events such as polemic and many other festivals.
Vancouver also consists of many schools and universities which the Vancouver School Board runs.

Also, there are many post-secondary institutions, elementary schools.
Therefore you can also start your day by exploring those study programs hosted by universities for future learning. Vancouver has many places to visit and many places which are yet to explore and discover. Tourists worldwide enjoy visiting Vancouver because there are many exciting things to do in Vancouver.

Vancouver is a mesmerizing place that will blow up your mind with beautiful scenery, monuments, buildings, parks, gardens, rivers, beaches, mountains, and many more features. Visiting and exploring places in Vancouver will help you to gain experience. The place has markets with branded products at a very affordable range.

Tourists also like to visit restaurants that provide you with the best customer service, including serving delicious meals with live pieces of music and dance to enjoy your meal even more in a better way. You must visit Vancouver and mention above are seven most exciting things to do, starting from exploring A park or garden to exploring the whole of Canada.

You can hire a self-guided tour to know more about a specific place. Guided tours are available in tourist attraction places or destinations in Vancouver.
You can hire them which will help you to collect more data about the place you’re visiting.

Above mentioned points are a few options for you to do exciting things in Vancouver. Even there are many more things to do in Vancouver, but above points are special things to do in Vancouver to make your visit worth the money.

So grab your pieces of stuff and set out for Vancouver with a lot more fun and many exciting things to do in Vancouver.

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