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Top 5 Whale Watching Tours in Vancouver You Don’t Want to Miss

Are you considering making a trip to Vancouver soon? If so are  you might be interested in whale watching excursions in Vancouver? This article is for you if you are interested. 

Vancouver, located in the lower mainland of British Columbia, is an amazing city to visitThere’s a lot you can do upon your visit to Vancouver. However, one thing that you should be doing is taking a whale-watching Vancouver tour.

For marine lovers, watching the marine wildlife in their natural habitat can be one of the best experiences of their lifetime

And the Vancouver whale-watching tours very well understand that. This is why the various companies in Vancouver offer whale-watching trips like no other. Let’s look at the five best whale-watching tours in Vancouver.

Whale Watching Vancouver Tours: Top 5

 As thousands of whales time & again frisk around the Gulf Islands and migrates near the Vancouver waters and in the Strait of Georgia, you can easily see them on your trip.

The whale-watching season in Vancouver is from March to October, and you can see the wide variety of whales passing through. 

The most often sighted are the humpback whales, orcas, killer whales, minke whales & the common gray whales.

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1. Wild Whales Vancouver

Address: 1806 Mast Tower Lane Vancouver

Wild Whales Vancouver is a whale-watching company departing from the Grandville Islands. It is regarded as one of the oldest & best whale watching companies.

Established in 2003, The Wild Whales offered an opportunity to learn closely about the diverse wildlife in their natural habitat by providing an experience for every kind of adventurer out there.

Wild Whales features three types of tours: Partly-Sheltered, Open Air, & Zodiac. There are three different tours for three different adventurers: the bold, the curious, and the bold type.

The company’s prime focus on marine conservation & education makes the trips more fun & interesting.

2. Vancouver Whale Watch

Address: 12240 Second Ave #210, Richmond

Up next on the list of best Whale Watching Vancouver tours, we present Vancouver’s best whale watching experience with the Vancouver Whale Watch.

For over 20 years, Vancouver has provided whale watching tours with professional wildlife guides. T

Heir whale-watching tours are about 3-5 hours on average and start in the historic West Coast fishing village of Steveston & travel through Gulf and the San Juan Islands.

The tour is driven by zodiac-style vessels designed specifically for marine wildlife viewing. And they feature both open style & semi-covered vessels, equipped with proper washrooms.

They are the first whale-watching company that operates from the mainland.

Whale at Vancouver Aquarium
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Additional Information

The tour primarily focuses on majestic Killer Whales, Humpback Whales, Sea Lions, Porpoises, & Bald Eagles. 

And the best part is that they have their shuttle service that departs from around nine downtown Vancouver locations at $15 per person.

Also, they have a sighting success rate of 90%

3. Prince of Whales- Adventure

Address: 1516 Duranleau Street, Vancouver

Presenting third on the list of the best Whale Watching Vancouver tours is the Prince of Whales- Whale Watching Adventure.

As the name suggests, this agency is indeed the prince of whale watching companies in Vancouver. Their tours are considered the safest & best whale & marine wildlife adventures in British Columbia.

They are more than mere adventure organizations; they are marine lovers & conversationalists.  Their tour does not only include a sighting experience. The highly qualified team also teaches you the rich history of marine wildlife & on how to conserve them.

They depart from Vancouver, Victoria & Telegraph Cove so that you can choose your adventure. 

And with different areas come more than three different adventure kinds, including Sea Vancouver Waterfront Sighting, Sunset Whale Watching, Half-Day Whale Watching, and Zodiac Whale Watching. 

4. Orca Dreams

Address: 1801 Cowichan Bay Road

On 4th on the list of the best whale-watching Vancouver tours is the Orca Dreams, a four-day whale-watching tour on Vancouver Island.

Orca Dreams provides a complete four-day luxury camping & whale watching tour that will leave you with unforgettable marine sighting experiences.

Orca Dreams is all about the experience you collect in four days. They offer the chance to sight wildlife from both boats & kayaks. 

Professionals fully guide all the tours. And with the opportunity of the marine sighting, Orca Dreams provides luxurious camping in a beautiful location.

Additional Information

Orca Dreams was created by JD & his friends in the summer of 2015. And the tours are organized thrice every year, in the Spring, Summer & Fall.

Big Orcas near Vancouver island.
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5. Vancouver Whale Watching Safari

Contact Info: 1-800-528-3531

Last, the best whale-watching Vancouver tour is- Vancouver Whale Safari. Vancouver Whale Watching Safari is a whale & marine wildlife adventure tour organized by the Lotus & Tours agency. 

This tour is one of the most thrilling adventures, as is a high-speed whale-watching safari.

They make the adventure tour very convenient for you. They offer a 3-5 hour tour, in between which they even pick you up from your Vancouver location. All you got to do is, keep your camera ready, spot some whales & enjoy.

The tour starts along the British Columbia Shoreline and is guided by a trained naturalist and other members. It departs & returns at Granville Island, and the chances of spotting a few majestic whales are nearly 95%.

Closing Thoughts

For all their adventure tours, they use a specially built 74-person express cruiser that is semi-covered and features a beverage package that includes cold and hot beverages, pick-up and drop-off, and bottled water.

Encountering whales closely in their natural habitat will surely awaken your sense of wonder. 

Spotting a whale or any other marine wildlife & learning about their world is a different kind of experience altogether. And there’s no way one should miss that.

Whale watching in Vancouver is a great parent and child bonding and education activity. These great whale watching trip are superb for inspiring interest in young ones for marine mammals like a humpback whale, California sea lions, Salish sea and other less known breathtaking marine wildlife.

This is why we have listed the best whale tours in Vancouver. It covers the best five whale-watching Vancouver tours you can pick from on your trip to Vancouver.

I hope this article on whale-watching Vancouver tours helps those looking for some tips with adventure tours. And please let us know through the comments if there is anything else you want to know.

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