Bayfield Ontario: 6 Important Guides For Living There

Bayfield Ontario

Are you moving to Bayfield Ontario? Don’t panic. We have listed everything that you need to know about the city!!

Moving to a new city can be one nerve-wracking moment of your life, and that too if you have no idea about the city’s life and ways.

Bayfield Ontario is a beautiful city. We all know that Canada people are known for their welcoming and friendly nature, and settling in such a warm community will be one good experience.

It is normal to feel slightly nervous and clueless about lots of aspects of living in a new city, and for boosting your morale, we have tried to cover a lot of aspects that play a crucial role when you move out. So, let’s do some serious research about living in Bayfield Ontario.

Bayfield Ontario: 6 Important Guides for Living!

1. Where exactly is Bayfield Ontario?

Bayfield is a small but most beautiful community under the Municipality of Huron County on the southwestern side of Ontario, Canada. The Bayfield village is located on the eastern side of Lake Huron, which is almost near the coastal area, and that means there are beaches!

You can reach Bayfield by driving on the Kings Highway 21, also known as Bluewater highway. You can also reach this popular tourist destination by waterways.

The Bayfield community is located around 20 km away from Goderich, which is another beautiful location present in the area, and also considered a competitor of Bayfield in terms of natural aesthetics.

According to a recent survey, this town’s population is deficient, as only 1,100 people reside here. Bayfield Ontario is one of Canada’s prettiest communities and is surrounded by two water bodies named Bayfield River and Huron Lake.

2. A Quick Brief History

Bayfield Ontario: 6 Important Guides For Living There 2

BayfieldON, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bayfield Ontario is a new town comparatively, founded in 1832, making it not even two centuries old. The town of Bayfield is founded by Carel Lodewijk, Baron van Tuyll van Serooskerken who was a Dutchman with great reputations.

This Dutch nobleman purchased the land, which spread in an area of 388 acres from Canada Company.  In the next ten years, a plan was passed to build a community on the land, and also two mills were included in the area.

Bayfield got its name from Admiral Henry Wolsey Bayfield, a British naval officer, and he selected the location because he found it aesthetically pleasing.

The location of Bayfield Ontario is on a naturally formed harbor and that promoted trade between Detriot and Goderich. In around 1869, the location became a port for vessels’ entry and an active sea trade route, and within a short time, a permanent harbor was built here.

With a population of only 125, Bayfield’s area has people busy in different types of factories or businesses like tanneries, wagon and plow making business, blacksmiths, brickyard, and distilleries.

The area’s population was rising rapidly, and within five years, the village officially became a community!

3. Cost of Living

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Photo by vu anh on Unsplash

If you are planning to move to Bayfield Ontario, then having a lump-sum idea about the cost of living in the town is one important aspect of your research; because it will give you an estimated figure of expenses that are likely to occur every month.

So, the cost of living generally depends on the approx range of accommodation cost, job opportunities, number and quality of schools, hospitals and other infrastructure, and some entertainment factors like market, shops, and restaurants.

A. Real Estate

On any trip, the first thing you will search for is a proper accommodation.  A nice & safe place that you can call home is essential if you are not a hippie. The best thing about moving to Bayfield is you will get spacious cottages and warm houses with lots of amenities inside.

The average cost of renting a 2 or 3 beds cottage will range between $600 to $700 per month, with some basic furniture and amenities.

And if you are planning to buy a property, you need to have at least $400,000 of the budget for buying a spacious 2 to 3 beds cottage, and the range can go up or depend on the remote and urban locations.

B. Job Opportunities

Coming to the job opportunities you are likely to get in Bayfield Ontario.

You have potential career growth and development opportunities in this town if you have good educational qualifications. From part-time to full-time jobs and jobs that pay you on an hourly basis, you can find one according to your convenience.

You can find jobs from different industries like chef, housekeeping, train conductor, farm helper, financial customer representative, and many other jobs.

Your average pay on an hourly basis can range between $14 to $25 per hour, and if you are into a full-time job, then on an annual basis, you can earn around $27,000, and there’s no limit to your earning capacity.

C. Schools and necessities

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Photo by CDC on Unsplash

The Bayfield Ontario region has no physical schools, surprising, isn’t it? But it is not that the kids of Bayfield don’t get an education, the students of the village are advanced than you think, and they have virtual schools accessible to students from around the world.

Your children will receive education in one or the other form. This shouldn’t be your concern.

And if you want to send your children to a physical school for better and interactive learning, then you can find many schools that are present in different communities of Bluewater Municipality.

All schools, whether it is a private virtual school, physical elementary, or a middle school, the education system is approved and controlled by the Ministry of Education, Ontario, so there is nothin you should be worried about.

If you are worried about your child’s higher education and looking for some great colleges and universities in the nearby area, then you can read about the top five universities in Ontario here!

And you can read about the guide to living in Ontario and prepare your child accordingly!

D. Restaurants and Stores

Finding a good restaurant wouldn’t be a problem in Bayfield Ontario. That means having a delicious meal will a straightforward and smooth process. . You can spot many restaurants that offer a diverse range of cuisines, and that too at really affordable prices.

As the region is also a popular tourist destination, the presence of restaurants is in abundance. You can find bars, bistro, cafes, outdoor seating, beach-facing, and lovely dining venues.

Some of the more recommended restaurants here are Black Dog Village Pub & Bistro, Renegades Diner, The Docks Restaurant and Bar, Copenhagen’s, and the Little Inn; it is said that you can find restaurants with multi-cuisines options, so don’t worry if you are from some other corner of the world, and crave your comfort food in Bayfield.

Coming to the stores and supermarkets here in the village of Bayfield, you can spot several options like clothing stores, grocery stores, supermarkets, medical stores, and lots of other stores where you can go shopping.

All kinds of essential products and services are available in Bayfield Ontario, so there is nothing you worry about.

4. Best Places to Visit around Bayfield, Ontario

A city or a town where the tourist attractions are not present in abundance is likely to be dull and boring, but that is not the case.

In Bayfield Ontario you can spot lots of tourist destinations from beautiful beaches to historical places and town halls, so let’s explore the happy places of Bayfield.

A. Grand Bend Beach

Grand Bend Beach is considered the best beach in Bayfield Ontario, and this is because it is an award-winning beach. Yes, you read that right, the Grand Bend beach has strict safety measurements and water quality policies, which has earned this beach a Blue Flag Status.

You can join the crowds on the beach’s sandy shores or visit a quieter place on South Beach; the best thing about this beach is the facilities that have been arranged for all kinds of people, as this beach is wheelchair accessible and mats have been laid for the convenience.

Grand Bend Beach is a lovely and lively place to visit on weekends, grab something to drink, call some of your friends, and enjoy sunbathing on this beach.

The families love this location as there isn’t just relaxation to do, its fun place for the water sports enthusiasts and even motorcyclists. You can also visit Houston heights beach, which is located nearby grand bend beach.

B. Pinery Provincial Park

One of the most beautiful parks present in the region is Pinery Provincial Park; it is located in the middle of Lake Huron and Grand Bend Beach, so when you visit the beach, you can head to this park. The park is very vastly spread in the area of over 6,300 acres.

This isn’t an ordinary park as it has been designed to preserve the dune ecology of the beach and the oak savannah trees. The park was established in 1956, and ten years later, more land was added in the parking area.

The park has several spots where you can spend a night camping and enjoy with your friends; the park gained immense popularity among campers that its highest record is 1500 campers in a day.

It has remained one popular tourist destination of Bayfield, Ontario, because of its widespread beauty and camping facilities, as you can camp near the riverside as well. You have another option of visiting pioneer park as well.

C. Bayfield Historical Society & Archives

Being aware of the history of the city you are moving to is important as it’ll help you comprehend the culture of the area better. For that, you need to visit Bayfield Historical Society and Archives.

Society of Historical archives has been created especially for displaying and preserving the history of Bayfield Ontario. You can witness many preserved items from the past like letters, photographs, and other items in their street gallery.

You are free to join the historical society as a volunteer and participate in their services and events. One of the researchers’ favorite spots is Bayfield’s historical society, as they study and develop a personal understanding of past events.

There are some other museums and historical archives present in the Bayfield Ontario region as well, and few of them are Huron County Museum and Historic Gaol, Reuben Sallows Gallery, and Lambton Heritage Museum.

5. Things to do in Bayfield Ontario

Moving to a new city with nothing to make sounds impossible because there are always some other activities that the region’s locals create or find one. And Bayfield, Ontario isn’t a disappointing place.

It has lots of activities that keep tourists and locals engaged and entertained!

A. Bayfield Famer’s Market

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Photo by ja ma on Unsplash

Bayfield Famer’s Market is the place you should go for buying some fresh fruits and vegetables. This is a weekly market where you can visit for having a rough idea about the local farmers and price range.

You will have access to fresh berries, local fruits, vegetables, and homemade cookies and bakery items. You can visit the farmer’s market with your family and get to know many the locals as it is said that no farmer lives farther than 75 km away from the Bayfield region.

Everything that is sold here at the market is locally grown. The market has a mini-festival vibe as you can spot food trucks and several other fun elements.

B. Boating Adventures

As we saw that there is one great beach area in the Bayfield Ontario region. And where there is a beach, it automatically gives rise to some fun and adventurous activities.

Extreme adventure sports like parasailing and calm hobbies like canoeing and fishing, everything can be tried at Bayfield!

You can try extreme adventures of riding the bikes or go on a boating trip. Also, one can visit on the shore of Lake Huron and can try canoeing. It seems like a perfect place where all water bodies are available nearby, and you can do amazing things here.

C. Fishing and golf

Yes, there are great deals of water bodies in Bayfield Ontario, and going for fishing is always recommended for creating that bond between family members and friends. The fishing rods are available near the lake shores. You can buy one.

If you are interested in golf, then there are several golf clubs located around Bayfield to enroll yourself in any of those and have a great relaxing weekend here. Few popular golf clubs present in the area are Bluewater Golf Course, Ironwood Golf Club, Sunset Golf Club, and Oakwood Inn and Country Club.

D. Horseback Riding and Parasailing

Bayfield Ontario: 6 Important Guides For Living There 6

Photo by AJ Garcia on Unsplash

These sound like some fun and adventurous activities to do in a town because parasailing isn’t an option for the metropolitan cities’ weekend activities. You can find a handful of ranches and stables that offer horseback riding in and around Bayfield Ontario.

Taking your kids along and giving them horse riding lessons can be a great activity for them. We suggest you visit Home on the Range, a great horseback riding ranch located in Londesborough.

You can spot lots of different and fun things to do near Grand Bend Beach, and for experiencing parasailing, you need to visit the beach.

You can approach any of the parasailing adventure organizers, try it within the budget of $70 to $100, and don’t worry. All the captains and crew members are licensed experts.

While parasailing, you can go up to the height of 800 feet and have a bird-eye view of the beautiful beach and town. The way you can enjoy parasailing is the same way you can contact them for sky diving experience in Bayfield Ontario.

6. Some Miscellaneous Points

We have explored a lot about Bayfield Ontario, but you should know some minor things as well. Because information eases out complicated things, let’s look at some of the important aspects necessary for your comfortable stay.

A. Transit and connectivity

Reaching Bayfield Ontario is not a problem at all, as you have over six options of traveling to this small town. You can land at Toronto Airport, take a cab, or rent a car, and within a drive of 4 hours, you will enter the Bluewater region.

The transit and connectivity within the city is also not an issue, as there are several modes of public transportation available for your smooth movement. For commuting within the city, you have the option of traveling by bus, train, and subway.

Transits are affordable, and public transportations run on time, and yes, you can always go for cabs if you are running late. And if you have your vehicle or plan on buying one, it’s up to you and a better option for keeping the weather condition in mind.

B. Weather

As the elevation of Bayfield Ontario is around 200 meters above sea level, and its location is in the northern hemisphere, the weather is cold.

And you can expect rain almost throughout the year, and it has been observed that even during the dry seasons, you can witness rain, so that means you need to develop the habit of carrying an umbrella with yourself.

Coming to the temperature of Bayfield, the annual average stands at 70C, but that doesn’t mean you need to wear winter clothes throughout the year. Breaking down, during summers, you can experience an average temperature of 20 0C, which is a pleasant temperature.

During the winter season, the temperature goes as low as -5 0C, and the winter season arrives here from November and lasts till March. In the middle, you can feel an average temperature of 25 0C, which is tolerable to slightly hot.

C. Festivals

Bayfield is a tourist destination because of its natural wonders, and it is not a boring town to live in because the list of organized festivals here is quite long.

Year-round different month’s witnesses different festivals. Some of them are Craft beer festivals and food festivals where you will taste a wide range of Canadian cuisines and handcrafted beer.

Next, there are seasonal festivals like spring music and arts festival, and then there is a fall festival.

Some of the unique festivals you can witness in the Bluewater municipality are hillside festival, Forge Fest, Toddler Expo, and many temporary markets that promote locally handcrafted items and vintage collections.

Coming to the major festivals and celebrations, like Christmas in Bayfield, you can see the Clan Gregor Square laden with lights and festival vibes, with people singing carols around and an overall lively place where happy faces can be spotted easily.

Holiday parades are organized here during Christmas time, in four different communities of Bluewater Municipality. Apart from these festivals, you can be a part of community yard sales, and don’t miss the opportunity of visiting the Zurich Bean Festival.

D. Internet facilities

Internet service has become one vital need of our generation, and the facility is easily available in Bayfield Ontario, and that too at a super affordable cost. You can contact several internet service providers in the area, and the service is quite affordable as you can avail it in the range of $24 to $60 per month.

The rates can vary according to your needs, and you can gather more information about the Bayfield community’s internet service providers by clicking here to know everything about it.

So, you must have had a rough idea of the few aspects before moving to Bayfield Ontario. Bayfield’s town is a beautiful small place with all the basic things people need in their life. From fun beaches to quiet parks and great history, the town is laden with richness.

Bayfield Ontario is one happy community that has everything a person needs to lead a normal life. The town is a tourism sport, but there are all kinds of basic infrastructure present here. The weather is a pleasant one, and the cost of living is comparatively low here in Bayfield.

Apart from great job and business opportunities, you also have beautiful places to explore because a city will remain a stranger to you until you explore its nature and tourist destinations. The warm and welcoming people of Canada will make you feel like you are at home, and their festivals are likely to make you never want to leave the city.

This was an article on ‘Bayfield Ontario: 6 Important Guides to Living!‘. If you have anything to add, please feel free to share your thoughts with us! If not, then let us know how did you find the article about Bayfield Ontario.

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