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Breast Massage and its 5 Benefits

All about breast massage and why everyone should do this if you love yourself.

Breast massage has many health benefits, and most importantly, it is essential to make it a part of your self-care routine.

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How to Perform a Breast Massage?

First and foremost, there is no right or wrong way to massage the breasts.

Ensure you are in a relaxed space where it is calm and peaceful.

Heat your oil of choice just so it is warm enough.

Start massaging each breast one at a time using four fingers in a circular motion beginning from the nipples towards the outside of the breast.

It is necessary to focus on massaging one breast by applying gentle pressure before moving on to the other.

After this, move towards the armpit, i.e., the outer edge of the breast, and then upwards towards the shoulder joint and the area below the collarbone.

Repeat the series of circular motions on the other breast too.

Through this circular pattern, we have covered the entire breast area.

Types of Breast Massages

There are different types of breast massage, such as:

  • Oketani breast massage

  • Ayurvedic breast massage

Breast massage for

  • Lactation

  • Cancer Detection

  • Lymph node drainage

5 Benefits of Breast Massage

1. Early Detection of Breast Cancer/Breast Lumps

It is very hard to detect lumps in your breasts as we would be unaware and will only realize if symptoms arise due to the lumps being cancerous, resulting in breast cancer.

It can be risky if the lumps turn out to be malignant tumors, as the symptoms would only appear in the later stages of breast cancer.

This can be avoided through breast massage, which also acts as a form of breast self-exam.

In most cases, when lumps in the breast are discovered, they turn out benign and pose no threat to health.

Nevertheless, if these lumps turn out to be malignant, breast massage would help in early breast cancer detection.

Early detection of breast cancer would help the treatment be more successful, resulting in a better outcome than when it is discovered in the later stages.

Research also shows that a good percentage of women detect breast cancer in the earlier stages through breast self-exams.

Massage your breasts, and by including them as a part of your daily routine, you are familiarizing yourself with the shape of your breast. It acts as a breast self-exam which would help detect an unusual bump or dis-regularity in your breasts.

These bumps may turn out to be harmless thickened tissue or cysts and, in a few cases, an infection, but it is always better to detect them early and get them examined in a hospital to ensure it is not breast cancer.

Make regular breast self massage a part of your daily warm-up routine to be an expert about your own body and thereby be cautious through early breast cancer detection if the lumps turn out to be malignant.

2. Relief from Sore Muscles

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The muscles that lie beneath the breasts are the pectoral muscles.

Tensions may arise in these pectoral muscles due to small or large activities.

This tension may also build up due to a series of actions rather than at once.

A regular breast massage would help relieve stresses in the chest muscles or ease the tension built-up in the breasts, improving the person’s mood.

The muscles in the chest area may become tight as a result of tension due to changes in breast size as a result of pregnancy or postpartum feeding.

This tightness can be resolved with the help of chest massages.

In most cases, tensions can arise in the area surrounding the chest or in the pectoral muscles due to strenuous activities.

In some cases, the chest muscles can become sore due to strain in the back muscles.

One should do a back massage to relieve tension in the back muscles, but a chest massage is also needed to relieve the strain completely.

Also, the pectoral and back muscles must work together to maintain a good posture.

Therefore, a back and chest massage will always go hand in hand if you want to get the desired effect of wholesome relief.

If you go for a full body massage, get your breasts massaged too!

3. Lymphatic Drainage

Breast self exam
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Lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is a network of vessels and tissues responsible for helping the body flush out toxins.

The vessels and tissues in the breast are a part of this system.

There are a lot of lymph nodes in different parts of our body, and they help filter out the lymphatic system.

Breast Tissue

The breast tissue extends into the area under the armpit and near the collarbone.

For the lymphatic system to flow properly, some activity or movement is required.

Breast massage ensures this movement takes place by stimulation and aids in the motion of excess lymph fluid.


Damage to the lymph system can cause fluid and waste to build up and cause swellings or blockages in the lymph nodes. This results in lymphedema.

Lymphedema usually occurs in people who have undergone surgery and radiation therapy. The symptoms include swelling in the arms and breasts.

There are chances for it to be a breast cancer-related lymphedema, too, i.e., a person with breast cancer or undergoing breast cancer treatment has a higher risk of developing lymphedema.

Recent studies have supported the claims that breast massage significantly improves the treatment of breast cancer-related lymphedema.

The type of breast massage that helps prevent and treat breast cancer-related lymphedema is also known as manual lymphatic drainage.

The study showed evidence through MRI scans that manual stimulation helped treat lymphedema by moving excess lymph fluid through simulation.

Stagnant lymph fluid can cause soreness between the lower breast and armpit.

Massage your breasts using four fingers to help flush the lymph system of the stagnant lymph fluid and ease pain caused due to swollen lymph nodes.

It is not only in the case of swollen lymph nodes, but breast massage may help detox the body of toxins trapped in the lymph nodes by ensuring constant movement in the lymphatic system.

4. Improved Breast Structure

Breast massage helps improve blood circulation throughout the breast tissue, but that does not lead to any improved appearance, as speculated by many.

There are many claims as to how breast massage may prevent breast sagging and helps improve the firmness and elasticity of the breasts but these lack scientific evidence.

However, it has been found that breast massage helps in preventing stretch marks, especially for lactating mothers or pregnant women.

Any oil, such as almond or coconut oil, can be used for breast massage to prevent stretch marks as long as it aids the process.

5. Beneficial for Lactating Women

Breast massage has many health benefits for breastfeeding mothers and the baby.

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Less Pain

Studies have shown that postpartum mothers experience less breast pain while feeding due to breast massage, especially when it is done 15 to 30 minutes before breastfeeding.

Breast pain also arises from the filling up of breasts with milk, which can also be relieved through breast massages.

Better Milk Composition

Studies have also shown a difference in the composition and quality of milk obtained from unmassaged versus massaged breasts of breastfeeding mothers.

The milk components that improved were the solids, lipids, and casein concentration.

Breast massage may also help generate milk that gives more energy too.

These benefits of breast massage for feeding mothers were seen the most during the first year after delivery.

Facilitates Easy Milk Flow

Breast massage also helps improve the flow of breast milk by warming up and loosening the breast tissue around the breast’s milk ducts, which facilitates the easy flow of milk.

The action of suckling and breast massage together can facilitate the emptying of milk ducts and result in more milk production.

Breast massage may prevent and treat a few issues that can arise from breastfeedings, such as swelling, blocked milk ducts, mastitis, and an infection of the breast tissue.

Breast massage may also help stimulate the blood flow to the mammary glands.

Blood flow results in blood circulation in the chest region, which releases oxytocin, a stress-inhibiting hormone.

Therefore the process of breastfeeding can be made much easier and less painful through therapeutic breast massage.

Alternate Breast Massage Method

Oketani breast massage was reported to be more beneficial for feeding mothers, resulting in less pain than pain relief through regular breast massage.

It is a massage focusing more on the tissues connecting the chest muscles to the breasts.

It also helps improve the breast milk ph and facilitates the sucking speed of newborn babies.

Who is a Licensed Massage Therapist?

A licensed massage therapist is a certified therapist.

To become a licensed massage therapist, one has to complete a few steps, which include:

  • Completion of a massage therapy program.

  • Meet the practical requirements.

  • Pass the examination to get the license.

  • Apply for a state license.

  • Complete the specified certification.

People who have undergone surgery in the chest area or are being treated for breast cancer should be careful around the lumps or scars.

They should consult a licensed massage therapist trained in breast massages and cancer therapy as they can provide the guidance you need.

Which Oils are Good for Breast Massages?

There is no specific oil that needs to be used for breast massage. Any oil that you are favorable to can be used.

Few oils amongst the many options include:

  • Almond oil

  • Coconut oil

  • Jojoba oil

  • Lavender oil

  • Olive oil

  • Tea Tree oil

These oils can be used at room temperature or after warming a bit.

The scent of these oils can also aid in stress relief, providing a sense of calmness, and can be considered a fusion of aroma therapy and therapeutic breast massage.

Different breast massages for different purposes

Breast Massage for Lactating Mothers

Start the breast massage by placing four fingers of one hand on the top of one breast and four fingers of the other hand on the bottom of the same breast and, using both hands massage your breast in a circular pattern.

Then shift your hands to the side of your breasts and massage in a circular pattern by kneading the tissues in that area. You can also use just your fingertips to apply even pressure.

It would be much better to massage with warm hands. Repeat the same for the other breast.

In case of massage to remove breast milk by hand, place your index finger behind the base of the nipple and apply pressure gently and periodically to your breast to push the milk towards the nipple.

This process of pumping out milk manually is called hand expression.

Breast Massage for Cancer Detection or Breast Self-Exam

Stand in front of the mirror and place both hands by your side, then on your hips, and finally above your head.

While doing the three hand positions, observe your breast size, shape, and color.

Place one hand, say left hand, above your head, so your elbow is pointing out, and use the first three fingers of your right hand to massage the breast on the left side.

Apply pressure at different variations and massage your breast. Repeat the same with the other breast.

Since the breast tissue extends under the armpit and up to the collarbone, cover the whole area by moving sidewards and then upwards in a circular motion.

Repeat the same by placing your right hand above the head and massaging the right breast using your left hand.

Finally, massage around the nipples using your fingertips to check for discomfort.

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