Discover Lake of the Woods: 10 Intriguing Details

Did you know about Lake of the Woods? If not, there are some interesting and impressive facts about the Lake of the Woods you should know!

Are you a mountain person or a beach person? We have heard this so many times. But hey what about those people who are lake people? Surprised? Nature has its unique way of fascinating us at every step.

One of such amazing creation in the regions of Ontario and the famously known Lake Manitoba is the region called Lake of the woods.

Lake of the Woods is a vastly spread lake located in North America, and the beauty of the lake is just mesmerizing. The fantastic views of the blue lakes, with islands on them and beautiful cities located on the coast, make it one of the best places on earth.

It is also known as a lake superior to the localities considering how rich the landscape and history surrounding the place are.

Lake of the Woods Canada has a lot more to share with its visitors other than its beauty. Lake Nipigon which is one of the popular ones is quite a favorite of travelers.

Besides, the lake of woods township boasts several other facilities like the lake of the woods resorts and a lake of the woods brewery to make your stay and luxurious and relaxed one!

It has some fun and interesting facts associated with it, and the chances of it leaving you impressed are relatively high! Keep reading to know more about the same.

Located between two countries and three cities, the Lake of the Woods is one of the largest lakes present in the world and has some hidden impressive facts that we will explore in this article.

Let’s begin with our expedition of exploring some of the astonishing facts about Lake of the Woods that will make you want to visit the place right away!

Lake of the Woods: 10 Impressive Facts!

1. Dimensions of the Lake Are Quite Impressive!

Lake of the Woods has some astonishing dimensions as the length and width of the lake are around 110 kilometers or 70 miles.

The lake is not only vastly spread, but it is also quite deep, as its average depth is measured to be around 26 feet and its maximum depth is 216 feet, which is located at Whitefish Bay.

This lake is located in the Rainy River district of Ontario, and the area coverage by this lake is 1,700 Square miles.

The coastline generated by the Lake of the Woods is around 65,000 miles, which is quite some information to give you a lump-sum idea about the greatness of this lake.

These extraordinary dimensions make it hard to miss for people around the globe to take notice of the place. This allows the authorities to be keen on how to increase tourism around the place. Ever since then the footfall in this place has been increasing.

The government too takes several steps how to make the place more happening and appealing to the visitors.

2. The Lake of the Woods Is Spread Between Two Countries!

Lake of the Woods is so vastly spread that its expansion is between two different countries. It shares its boundaries with Canadian cities Ontario and Manitoba, and in the United States, it has its expansion to Minnesota.

This makes sure that visitors from both places come to enjoy and relax thus making it a busy area with increased tourism.

The lake separates a smaller land area, which acts as a boundary between Minnesota and the rest of the States.

The two towns of Minnesota named the Northwest Angle and the Angle Township can only be reached by either crossing this lake or traveling to Canada to reach the towns.

Although this place is remote the journey to it is breathtaking and one that you definitely do not want to miss.

3. Lake of the Woods Is a Freshwater Lake!

The lake is a freshwater lake, which means it has been formed naturally, and the salt concentration is relatively low compared to ocean water.

Many cities are dependent on basic water needs from this lake, and its preservation is important. Even many animals from around the region are thus seen coming here often due to the water bodies present.

Several laws and practices are implemented in order to protect it from pollution.

The Lake of the Woods is a freshwater lake, the sixth-largest lake present in the North American region, and also it stands in the 36th position in the world when compared based on area.

Hence the region boasts a wide range of freshwater fishes. The tourists can also enjoy delicacies in the restaurants surrounding the place.

This becomes another unique selling point for this great place as several food enthusiasts can relish the rare and unique varieties of fish.

4. The Name of the Lake Has Been Mistranslated!

There is an interesting story about how the name came into being in the first place.

It is said that the first visitor to this lake was Jacques de Noyon, who came in 1688 and used the lake for a trading route; he traded fur between the Western Canadian region and the Great Lakes.

The name of the Lake originally was Lac de Bois, a French translation for Lake of the Woods, and it was inspired by the surrounding wooden presence of the lake.

It is said that the original name of the lake was given by Verendrye, who was traveling around the lake and saw several islands present in it and said it was called ‘Lake Minitic’ or De Bois.

The local tribe known as Ojibwe translated ‘Minitic’ into ‘islands in a river and ‘De Bois’ into the lake of woods, which is assumed as a mistranslation. The tribe also describes the lake as a ‘lake with uneven sand.’

5. Lake of the Woods Is a Habitat for Wildlife!

The Lake of the Woods is a place that is to the very core of actual unpolluted nature. It has an immense presence of wildlife around it, and because the water is fresh, it also encouraged human inhabitants here.

The chances of spotting some beautiful birds are high here, which makes the whole place livelier.

Fall in Love with Lake of the Woods

You can spot American white Pelicans, piping plover, and bald eagles at the lakeshore in the early 20th-century boreal woodland caribou, like reindeer, spotted near the lake.

The presence of birds and animals makes this lake appear like a movie scene. On a scenic dusk sky, with deep orange splashed across the sky, one can see flocks of birds just flying and chirping around to take your worries away.

Coming to the fish species, you can easily spot multiple species of fish in the lake. Some of them are Whitefish, lake trout, Muskie, Walleye, Northern Pike, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Perch, and lots of other fishes as well.

Walleye is present in abundance, and the Muskie is one of the most delicate quality fishes of the lake. Scientists are worried that extreme urbanization and development could gravely affect birds, plants, and animals.

Thus it becomes imperative to preserve and keep the optimum standards around the place in order to make sure that the rich vegetation of flora and fauna remains intact.

6. There Are Over 14,000 Islands in the Lake!

The fun fact about this Lake is that there are over 14,500 small islands present in the lake. Some of them have a big surface area, and it promotes tourism in the cities.

It is said that the number of islands is so high that you can dream about all of them, which will take 39 years.

The most significant land area present in the Lake of the Woods is the Aulneau Peninsula, connected to the mainland.

Confusion can arise that if the land is a peninsula or an island, the land was a peninsula, but later a canal was cut through it, making it a complete island.

The Aulneau Peninsula is quite huge as its length expands to 32 km and width is 16 km, allowing small to medium boats to travel through the canals.

The fun fact about this peninsula-turned-island is that it has over 80 lakes present in its area.

The biggest lake is named Arrow Lake, and even this lake has thirteen islands on it. The biggest island of the Lake of the Woods was named after a priest killed by the natives.

There are several other smaller and medium-sized islands located in the Lake of the Woods.

Some major islands that have witnessed other historical events include Chapel Island, Copeland Islands, Magnuson’s Island, Massacre Island, Penasse Island, Oak Island, and Sultana Mine, which is located on some islands in some islands in the north.

7. Clean Water Act Has Been Passed!

The Lake of the Woods is one of the country’s government’s top priorities because it promotes tourism, and its preservation is important for nature. But a few decades ago, the lake was affected by an algal bloom because of waste discharge in the water.

The discharge of the chemical waste into the water continued for decades, which led to the excessive presence of phosphorous and other harmful chemicals, which constantly affected the lake’s aquatic life; the charm of the region was fading away.

Keeping the degradation of the quality of water in the lake and its overall effect on nature, The Clean Water Act was passed in 1972, which denied any waste released into water bodies, and slowly the overall quality of the water started improving.

8. The List of Communities Residing Near the Lake Is Long!

Three cities from two different countries surround the Lake of the Woods. The first city in Ontario and the largest numbers of communities live here. Among the 15 communities, Northwest Angel, Kenora, Sioux Narrows, and Rainy River are a few very popular.

In Manitoba, you can only find two communities located near the lake: Middleboro and Buffalo Point First Nation. Minnesota, which is in the United States, has five communities situated at the shore of the lake, and a few known ones are Angle Township, Hackett, and Wheeler’s point.

You can access any community that is near your location.

Still, if you are visiting the lake as a tourist, then Kenora is one of the most popular places to visit as you can find lots of other places to explore around the town, and accommodation is not a problem here because lots of other sites are remote.

9. The Lake of the Woods Keeps on Growing!

The lake is a natural wonder created without any human interference, and some major and minor rivers feed the lake’s water.

Among the major ones are the Rainy River, Kakagi Lake, and the Shoal Lake, the water gathers with the help of tributaries and acts as a source of this lake’s formation; it is one of the reasons for its expansion.

In the late 1800s, a dam was constructed near Kenora, Ontario. That led to the expansion of the lake water as the water grew up to three feet and the overall shoreline and horizontal expansion exceeded.

Global warming is another reason for the melting of glaciers and increased water flow in the rivers. The lake of the woods then indulges in river Winnipeg and later into the nelson river to Hudson Bay.

Although this may seem like it is helping the lake of the woods expand due to furthermore water bodies being formed ecologists are concerned that the quality of water could deteriorate at this rate and would affect the animals as well as plants of the reason.

Thus it is important that proper steps be taken to minimize these adversities brought on by climate change.

10. Lake of the Woods Promotes Fun Activities!

What would be called a fine spot to look out for if there are no exciting things to keep yourself engaged? The Lake of the Woods is a significant tourist attraction in both countries and is one of the best spots for recreational activities for locals and tourists on the weekends.

Where there is water, a lot of marine sports and fun activities automatically become an active choice, and similarly, you can do some of the fun things here like:

  • Fly-in Outpost

There is nothing more fun than flying on a plane and experiencing the views of this fantastic lake. The smaller planes are available for tourists in the Nestor Falls area.

For flying in the outpost, you can get your bookings done on the shore, and; you have options of either spending a night on the island you flew to or coming back on a round trip.

This feature allows you to explore the place better from heights that give you a broader view of the place.

Also, you can choose smaller planes which means it will be just you and your family on the perfect voyage to discover the grandeur and be one with nature.

While you are on the way to Nestor Falls, visit the serene park where the fall is located and try hiking and fishing in the lake area.

  • Cruise Around

Not everyone will have a jolly time on insane heights but don’t you worry as the Lake of the Woods has taken care of that too! One of the best alternatives to flying when you are afraid of heights is going on a cruise.

You can hop on the voyage from the shore of Lake of the Woods and explore some of the significant places of the area in this two hours long journey. This is the best way to go close to the beauty and literally swim your way through it.

Along the way, you can learn a lot about the history of fishing in the lake, the types of fish available, and if you are lucky enough, you can spot a giant Muskie.

If possible, try to explore the lake by Royal Lake of the Woods Yacht Club. You will be mesmerized and enlightened at the same time if you are into getting to know marine life better.

  • Spend a Night in Resorts or Camp Around

You can choose a lodge or a resort for spending quality time here at the Lake of the Woods. There are several islands, and you can find one perfect island lodge on any major island-like Aulneau Peninsula, Regina Bay, Clearwater Bay, Big Narrows, and several others.

If you want to enjoy the shore of the lake, you have choices of staying near Rainy River, Nestor Falls, Whitefish Bay, Kenora, and Sioux Narrows.

While you are nearby the Lake of the Woods, there are lots of fun and adventurous activities to do in the region, so give it a try.

A bonfire around one of these lakes with your loved ones will definitely warm your heart. These places not only give you a feel of the place but are also luxurious in their own way to make your stay a truly memorable one!

These were a few fantastic facts that you should know about the lake of the woods because the outer beauty of this natural wonder is mesmerizing for sure, but the fun facts make it even more attractive to visitors.

One thing is for sure the real beauty of the place is much more than to be just experienced through words. Do make sure to chalk out any specifics if you intend to do there so that you can be ready with the necessary things.

You can bring the equipment for your recreational activity if you plan to head out to The Lakes of the Woods in the coming weekend, as the location is quite remote.

Otherwise, you can visit the city side where everything is available, and you can rent the boats or camping tents as per your choice.

In case you are new to Ontario, you should have some basic information about the city first. For that, you need to click here!

The location is slightly remote so it is best advised to plan a proper trip with all the necessary stuff and transportation taken care of so that things won’t be a hassle and your only worry will be having to leave back this heaven.

Amidst the buzzing city life, we tend to lose touch of what calmness feels like. We all need a moment to just be with ourselves and think about nothing else.

The icing on the cake to this calmness would be an exquisite view of what nature beholds for us. The lake will provide you with a peaceful environment and give you a great and relaxing weekend.

You can also spend a night on one of the island resorts and go fishing, which is one of the best ways of spending some quality time with your friends and families.


If you are the adventurous type then there are plenty of options for you to explore not just in the Lake of Woods but also in the regions surrounding it.

For sports lovers, the place will be a treat for you because what they have done with the place to promote water sports is just breathtaking.

Also, don’t worry if you are the one that just wants to do nothing but breathe! Nature has its own way of engaging, healing, and refreshing one and all.

Just enjoy the view around, meditate or simply laze around to get rid of all the exertion that city life and hectic work schedules bring to you.

So what are you thinking about, make your travel itineraries and pack your bags as there is a world of beauty, thrill, and joy waiting for you!

This was an article onLake of the Woods: 10 Impressive Facts about the place!’ if you have anything more to add, please feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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