One of Many Costa Rican Beaches during the sunset time. One of Many Costa Rican Beaches during the sunset time.

Smooth Arrival: Essential Information on Entry Requirements for Costa Rica

Although all tourists from all countries are welcome to visit Costa Rica, all of them must also all the requirements established for entry to Costa Rica by the Costa Rican Government, the Costa Rican Embassy, and the country of Costa Rica itself.

Essential Information for Your Travel Plans

Sunset view with beach waves in Costa Rica
Image by Pacificazure from Pixabay Copyright 2014

With a breadth of almost two hundred miles, the rugged Central American country of Costa Rica has its proportions from anywhere between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Costa Rica has 5.154 million Costa Rican Citizens living in the country as its population.

Although it has an area of only twenty thousand miles, the sudden climate variations, the bountiful rainforests, and the exciting volcanoes more than makeup for it. Safe to say, all these natural extravaganzas are more than enough to make Costa Rica a fan-favourite tourist spot.

Costa Rica is comprised of seven administrative provinces. These are Cartago,  Alajuela, Puntarenas, Guanacaste, Limon, Heredia, & San Jose while San Jose stands tall as the capital city.

1. Top Places to Go

All the administrative provinces of Costa Rica as well as the seas surrounding it are filled with awe-inspiring natural beauties. Here is a complete and detailed list of the best tourist spots in Costa Rica.

2.1. Guanacaste

Encompassing a vast expanse of 5,921 sq. miles and boasting over 400 miles of coastline, the Guanacaste tourism region spans from the Nicaraguan border to the Bongo River estuary in the Nicoya Peninsula along the Pacific Coast.

This province is truly a paradise for beach lovers with its amazing coastline views, serene blue waters, and obviously, its beaches e.g. Grande Beach, Blanca Beach, Coyotera Beach, Conchal Beach, Coco Beach, etc.

2.2 Caribbean

An Island in the Caribbean
Image by grebmot from Pixabay Copyright 2019

The Caribbean or as the locals call it “The Costa Rica Soul” spans from the Costa Rican Caribbean to the San Juan River. Having an area of 5027 sq. miles, the area also holds the province of Limon.

The province of Limon resides right in the center of this beautiful region with many coastal ports which welcome cruise ships as well as merchant ships daily.

The main tourist attractions of the Caribbean region’s tourism industry are its islands such as the Calero and Brava Islands which are the biggest in the area. You can also visit the Tortuguero Canals, which consist of the Tortuguero National Park and also consists of an intersection of many other rivers and lakes.

2.3. Puntarenas

The Pearl of The Pacific, the Puntarenas is a tourist area in Costa Rica that takes up an area of 1517 sq. miles Situated in Costa Rica, the Puntarenas holds significant importance as a tourism region.

Boasting a coastline adorned with inlets, islands, beaches, and breathtaking natural wonders, it stands out as an exceptional destination for tourists.

Amidst the various tourist spots, one can discover a diverse range of hotels and traditional cabins located near the ocean, alongside all-inclusive lodging facilities. This magnificent region is conveniently situated near the Central Valley of Costa Rica, merely a two-hour drive and 74 miles away from the capital city.

2.4. San Jose

The region of Costa Rica that offers the best museums in Costa Rica and many other attractions is called the Central Valley of San Jose. Often dubbed as the Heart of Costa Rica, this beautiful place also offers the architectural spectacle of Costa Rica i.e. The National Theatre.

If you are travelling to Costa Rica and are a visitor to the Central Valley, then your first and top priority should be visiting the museums here namely the Costa Rican Art Museum, University of Costa Rica, Gold Museum, Jade Museum, National Museum, and so forth.

The huge building of the San Jose State University
Image by 12019 from Pixabay Copyright 2013

Besides, let’s not forget the fantabulous 1140 seats boasting the National Theatre of Costa Rica. Standing tall right in the middle of San Jose, the national theatre is sure to meet an individual’s artistic Criteria with its marvellous performances and architectural beauty.

And of course, there are the primary volcanoes of the region namely Poás, Braulio Carrillo, Irazú, and Turrialba. Every last one of these volcanoes is called the region’s primary volcanoes. All of these volcanoes are also surrounded and protected by the National Parks which are located in San Jose.

2.5. Northern Plains

Here, in the Northern Plains of Costa Rica, there is a thirty-three square kilometre active volcano that is situated only 7 kilometres in distance from La Fortuna.

Here you can witness both i.e. an area rugged due to eruptions caused by the volcanoes while riding a rental car and on the other hand, you can also gaze at the housing of several different kinds of wild animals.

The northern zone always seems to be filled with tourists with the main attractions here being the lagoons, rivers, volcanoes, and waterfalls. Besides the evergreen landscapes caused by constant monsoon weather is also another eye-catching attraction here.

But, the main tourist attraction here is definitely “The City of Many Waters” itself, Tilaran. It is a subdivision of Costa Rica that resides in the Guanacaste province, Tilaran attracts tourists all year round with its attractive tourism services and lovely views.

3. Activities to Enjoy Once You Enter Costa Rica

Since the natural landscapes of Costa Rica are filled with a great many natural rainforests and humongous water bodies, it’s not an exaggeration to say a tourist won’t be bored easily while visiting here. Here are Some of these activities mentioned below

3.1. Rafting and Kayaking

People doing river rafting in a yellow kayak in Costa Rica.
Image by teacher fuller from Pixabay/ Copyright 2014

Any of these water bodies are post-pandemic-post-pandemic more than capable of handling the rafting desires of even the most avid rafting enthusiast. Whether you go to the Sarapiqui River or visit the Rio Toro River, kayaking and/or rafting is always an option.

But it’s needless to say, we must never forget our safety even amidst the amazing excitement of Rafting i.e. we should always be sure that the entire crew of a raft is wearing their respective rafting gear. These gear include a vest, helmet, waterproof shoes, etc.

Moreover, having a professional on your boat is always a good idea. We should also be sure that no child below the age of 8 years is aboard the raft. Finally, maintaining all the safety guidelines issued by the company of the raft should be your top priority.

3.2. Hiking

Costa Rica is comprised of many tall mountains which are perfect for the entertainment of hikers and campers. If you’ve got yourself a good pair of running shoes on your feet, it’s safe to say you will enjoy hiking on these amazing mountains.

While hiking, be very sure to keep a backpack full of necessary stuff like an extra set of clothes, emergency foods, bug repellent, and of course, water. But don’t go overboard with the packing because it may cause you to fatigue quickly during the hiking due to the excess weight of your backpack.

3.3. Ziplining

A man enjoying a ziplining experience on Costa Rica Island.
Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash Copyrights 2018

Going 90 miles an hour while on a zipline is an experience to behold. Many companies provide ziplining services in rainforest districts as well as in the natural parks of Costa Rica. Although ziplining may seem like a daring task for the average Joe who is visiting Costa Rica, it is very common for the Costa Rican Citizens who are living there.

Before riding a zipline in Costa Rica, always be sure to strap yourself up properly and suit yourself up with helmets and security cables properly. It is to be mentioned that ziplining is only permitted for passengers above the age of 6 years.

Furthermore, the minimum height and weight for using the zipline are 48 pounds and 1.45 meters respectively, while the maximum height and weight for using the zipline are 300 pounds and 2.15 meters respectively.

3.4. Horseback Riding

Is there any feeling better than roaming these mesmerizing landscapes while riding the back of an equally mesmerizing horse? Ride on the back of a horse with trained professionals while gazing at Costa Rica’s natural wilderness.

Subsequently, you should remember to avoid startling the horse by creating loud noises near the horses. This may not only startle your horse but also the horses of the nearby riders.

3.5. Surfing

We all know the main attraction of Costa Rica is its amazing beaches and coastal area. So, beach lovers may rejoice as they have a great chance to surf.

While it is mandatory to say that you can’t enjoy surfing unless you’re trained in it, you can also say this is one of the greatest opportunities for surfers. Ride the coastal waves with your very personal surfboard and experience the true essence of excitement.

Furthermore, if by chance you spot someone in danger, immediately proceed to report it to the nearest Costa Rican authorities.

But, remember to not go too far with the excitement and stay as close as you can to the coast while enjoying your time surfing.

4. What Are the Costa Rica Entry Requirements That the Costa Rican Government Has Issued?

Since the plague disease known as COVID-19 has degraded in its effectiveness, countries all over the world including Costa Rica have opened their borders to tourists and other travellers. From April 1 onwards, the temporary migration measures implemented within the context of national health due to COVID-19 have been revoked.

All travellers entering Costa Rica are to comply with all the migratory processes while fulfilling all of the Costa Rica Entry Requirements that have been introduced by the General Law of Migration and Immigration.

Moreover, it is important to note that if you carry an amount of money that is more than or equal to ten thousand US dollars, you are to declare it to the immigration official as soon as you land. If you fail to obey this protocol, it will result in the effective immediate confiscation of this money.

4.1. The Things You Need to Enter Costa Rica

A man carrying his passport and boarding pass to the airport.
Image by Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay/ Copyright 2020

For international travel, a valid passport and a travel visa act as Costa Rica’s requirements to enter Costa Rica. The passport should also contain all of the seals of your previous travels and the minimum number of countries that you have travelled to before should at least be as much as deemed by the Immigrant Officer.

These act as visa requirements for international travel in this country and these visa requirements play a very crucial role when you are travelling to Costa Rica.

4.1. The Things You Need to Leave Costa Rica

A return flight ticket is a must if you are travelling post-pandemic by air when you enter Costa Rica. This return ticket will act as travel insurance for when you try to exit Costa Rica and/or depart Costa Rica.

Since this complies with Costa Rican law, this return ticket is necessary when visiting Costa Rica and when you are trying to exit Costa Rica.

Since the immigration officer and immigration authorities will be requesting it immediately after your arrival, it is better to have a copy of it yourself along with your current valid passport and keep it prepared for the immigration officer to see and check out beforehand.

4.2. Factors Affecting Your Stay in Costa Rica

There are some things to consider that may affect your stay in Costa Rica. Some of these are given.

  • Your home country plays the role of the X-factor in determining the time and/or the number of days that you can stay in Costa Rica.
  • The officer in charge of the immigration of visitors ultimately determines the number of days you may stay in the country that complies with your passport.
  • The immigration officer might even ask you to show proper documents that showcase that you have enough economic solvency while you stay in Costa Rica.

5. Conclusion

Well, there you have it. We discussed everything that you possibly need to know about the democratic Republic of Costa Rica Entry Requirements and the destinations to check out while you’re there. Be sure to follow all of the protocols that have been mentioned above when trying to visit this bountiful country of Costa Rica so that you may have a peaceful and enjoyable stay.

Costa Rica Entry Requirements & Costa Rica Popular Post Pandemic Travel Destination and Expat Haven

Finally, it is our ardent request that you also follow all of the activities mentioned above and also at least try to visit most of these destinations mentioned above to get the maximum out of this tour. Now, it is time for you, dear reader, to pack your bags and journey to be mesmerized by the amazing and awe-inspiring views of this paradise of a country.

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