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Hello, high school graduates! I understand you are very much excited to know how your college or university and your higher education will be like, right?

Did you choose a college or university to study your stream? If yes, which is it?

Because today you will learn about one of the best colleges in Canada, Northern Lights College (B.C. colleges).

About Northern Lights College:

Northern Lights College (NLC) is a public institution founded back in 1975, which provides post-secondary education, and is situated in Dawson Creek, Canada, serving northern British Columbia in 324,000 square kilometers.

Northern Lights College is a part of British Columbia Colleges (B.C. colleges), a local group comprised of 11 colleges from across the state, British Columbia. The conspire approach helps B.C. colleges to graduate highly skilled workers who are equipped with the skills that are very much necessary in today’s world to build healthier communities.

Northern Lights College has 3 access centers and 5 college campuses, namely Dawson Creek campus situated in Dawson City, the second one is Fort St. John campus located in Fort St. John, the third one is Fort Nelson campus located in Fort Nelson, the fourth one is Tumbler Ridge campus, and the fifth one is Chetwynd campus. The three access centers are Dease Lake, Hudson’s Hope, and Atlin.

All the Northern Lights College campuses are known for their three significant excellences- the center of excellence oil & gas, the center of excellence aerospace, and the center of excellence clean energy.

And also, the Lights college maintains a foundation called Northern Lights College Foundation, which receives various types of funds in multiple ways. That amount is spent on different educational programs such as promoting education, providing academic awards, and offering financial aid under the name of college, Northern Lights College scholarships.

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Courses and Programs Offered

NLC offers many programs. Programs and courses at Northern Lights College (NLC) are designed to provide educators with the opportunity to gain the necessary classroom education and implement it with the hands-on options to make the successful transition between a student and an employee.

You have many options to choose from for the academic programs, depending on your chosen career path. You can either do certificate programs, diploma programs, or associate degree programs.

Certificate programs are one year long in duration, and diploma programs are two years long. In contrast, associate degree programs take two years of study. You get 60 credits, which can transfer to the third year of degree programs to any provincial university and university college.

Northern Lights College holds partnership agreements with various British Columbia (B.L.) universities. This facility allows students to directly transfer credits they earned at Northern Lights College towards a degree.

What are the courses or programs you can take at Northern Lights College?

Northern Lights College offers college or university level programs in different sectors:

  • University arts
  • Academic or Vocational program
  • Vocational and diploma programs
  • Aircraft maintenance engineering program
  • Undergraduate programs
  • Vocational program
  • Associate degrees
  • Post degree diploma
  • Diploma in Business Management
  • Business Management Post Degree Diploma-Health Administration Specialization
  • Diploma in Interactive Technologies and Game Design
  • An advanced certificate in Management
  • Certificate in Engineering studies
  • Certificate in Engineering
  • Associate of Science degree
  • Business Management Post Degree Diploma-Information Technology Specialization
  • General Arts and Sciences Certificate
  • Bachelor’s in Practical Nursing
  • Certificate in Business Management
  • Diploma in Criminology

Also, Northern Lights College provides programs in applied business technology, upgrading preparation, oil and gas training, teacher training, aircraft training, engineering, early childhood education.

Campuses Information

Study in Canada with Northern Lights College

Northern Lights College has 5 campuses, and here we’ll see entirely about them. (campus locations, courses offered branch wise and the services provided)

1. Dawson Campus

Contact: +1 866 463 6652

Address: 11401 8th St, Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4G2, Canada

Province: British Columbia

Dawson Creek is the main campus located in Dawson Creek, also called Mile Zero City, with around 12000 people and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2008.

The Dawson Creek campus was the original location for NLC. It started in 1966 as a British Council Vocational school. The actual Northern Lights College was created in 1975 by a province government order in council, with a motto to become B.C.’s Energy College.

Programs Available:

Trades and Apprenticeship programs offered in Dawson Creek include Heavy Duty Technician, Automotive Service Technician, carpentry, Nailcare Technology, Hair Styling, Plumbing, Millwright, Welding, and Esthetics.

Vocational programs include: Visual Arts, Practical Nursing, Healthcare Assistant, Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician, and Applied Business technology also provides mobile training facilities.

Dawson creek Campus services include a bookstore, daycare facility, gymnasium, aboriginal education services, on-site student housing, student recruitment, library, and access to city transit.

2. Fort St. John campus

Contact: +1 250 785 6981

Address: 9820 120 Ave, Fort St John, BC V1J 6K1, Canada

Province: British Columbia

Fort St. John campus is the second-largest campus of Northern Lights College, situated in Fort St. John, also known as an Energetic city with over 18000 local communities.

Programs available in Fort St. John campus include Commercial Transport/ Heavy Duty Technician, Industrial Instrumentation Mechanic, Oil and Gas Field Operator, Automotive Service Technician, Electrician, power engineering, and gas processing.

Vocational and Diploma programs include Social Service Worker, Business Management, Early Childhood Education and Care, Education Assistant, and Applied Business Technology.

Campus services include cafeteria, daycare, internet access, library, book store, access services, financial aid, aboriginal services advisor, and access to city transit.

3. Fort Nelson

Contact: +1 250 785 6981

Address: 9820 120 Ave, Fort St John, BC V1J 6K1, Canada.

Province: British Columbia

The Fort Nelson Campus is Northern Lights College’s third-largest campus providing a lot of facilities to students and the locals, and it came into force in the year 1976, located in the town of Fort Nelson, which is the largest center in the Northern Rockies Regional District with around 4,700 population.

What are the programs available here?

Programs available here include Career and college preparation, Applied Business Technology, University Arts and Sciences, specific Trades and Apprenticeship programs offered periodically in partnership with local industries.

The workforce training education department also offers a wide range of courses that allows students to learn safety and other certifications needed to work in the oil and gas industry and others.

Campus services include a library, internet access, financial aid, and aboriginal advisor services.

4. Tumbler Ridge

Contact: +1 866 463 6652

Address: 180 Southgate St, Tumbler Ridge, BC V0C 2W0, Canada

Province: British Columbia

This campus is located in the northeast wing of Tumbler Ridge secondary school.

Workforce training courses offered here include Bear Aware, First Aid, CORE Hunter safety, and many more others. They also offer online classes, all led by industry experts, and many are nationally known authors. All of their online courses are affordable.

Campus services include a library and internet access.

5. Chetwynd

Contact: +1 866 463 6652

Address: 5132 50th St SW, Chetwynd, BC V0C 1J0, Canada

Province: British Columbia

Chetwynd is the last campus of Northern Lights College situated in the Canadian Rockies in the district of Chetwynd, an hour’s drive west of Dawson Creek with 3100 locals.

Northern Lights College’s Chetwynd campus allows students to study part-time and full-time in university arts and sciences programs, Trades and Apprenticeship, Career and College Preparation, and workforce training/continuing education.

Most of these programs have been designed for the regional job market and help the residents in further education.

Campus services include internet access, bookstore, daycare, financial aid, aboriginal advisor services, and recruiting.


Northern Lights College accepts both National and International student applications for its admission process evaluation.

The information provided here isn’t specific for every stream because the application process varies from stream to stream. So, you should ensure that you meet all their application requirements, such as documents, which are an essential part of admissions, especially if you are pursuing foreign education.

General information:

Northern Lights College also accepts the Duolingo English Test for selected programs for applicants applying to the winters 2022 and spring 2022 intakes since international people cannot access an IELTS test center.


If you are a Canadian or an immigrant applying for admissions in any programs under Northern Lights College, then one must meet the requirements mentioned below to secure access:

For Academic and Career programs:

  • One must be a student or a graduate from B.C. Secondary schools and for some specific programs, an applicant will be selected based on their experience, maturity, and ability.

For Career and College Preparations:

  • One must be 17 years, and they should be out of college/school for at least a year, or
  • It should be 18 years
  • There is no maximum age for this program

Dual Credit and Vocational Programs:

  • Completion of 10th grade, or
  • A few programs require 11th and 12th grades

Are there any special tests for admissions?

Yes, there are. Those who haven’t met their admission prerequisites can take these tests for some college programs.

Common Assessments include the Common Adult Achievement Test, Calculus Readiness assessment, The NLC Writing Assessment, Career and College preparation Math and English Readiness Appraisals. The reviews will depend on the stream a student would enroll into, and each test comes with a specific cost.

Awards and Scholarships:

Paying for your education and your needs can sometimes be challenging. The Awards and scholarships bring all the information you need about funding at Northern Lights College.

Here are two essential terms you have to understand better

  • Loan: A loan is when you borrow money and is repayable. Money where ever you get, like from banks or the loans you take, are all repayable, and they charge interest as you repay them.
  • Awards: Award is money you do not have to pay back. It includes scholarships, grants, bursaries, and awards. Some awards are paid by the government, such as Canada Study Grant, some are provided by agencies private as B.C. Hydro, while some scholarships come from Northern Lights College Foundation.

If your total Grant is 1000 Canadian Dollars, then the rest of the fee should be paid by you.

Both the Provinces and the Canadian Federal Government provide online tools to help you find how to fund your college or the university.

Students Housing:

Northern Lights College offers on-campus student housing only in two of their campuses- Dawson Creek Campus and the Fort St. John campus. In the rest, two campuses, students are advised to search for off-campus housing.

International Admissions

So, here are a few questions we solved for you:

Where do I stay?

Student Housing Dorm @ Northern Lights College Fort St John Campus

Well, you can stay in on-campus housing, or you can also search for off-campus housing, and the best part is Northern Lights College offers limited homestays for ESL (English as a Second Language) students in Fort St. John. Homestay means you live with your local family but only for a semester.

How much Does it cost?

The fee structure varies from program to program, and the duration of the program is also countable. Besides, in addition to approved tuition fees and other fees, you will also have to pay levied by the Northern Lights College Student Association (NLCSA).

How to apply?

There will be Fixed Application Deadlines for every program, and please go through that information a while before you apply.


Check the requirements for your program to study. Every program has its prerequisites and documentations and English language requirements.


Request an application form (you can do this on their official website). Complete the application and submit it with copies of transcripts, English as second language test scores, and a copy of the photo page of your passport.

Once Northern Lights College receives your completed application, they will send you the instructions on the CAD 100 application fee payment.


If applicants complete and meet their admission criteria and have enough room left in the program you chose, you will get a Letter of Offer. To secure your admission at NLC and receive a Letter of Acceptance for your study permit application, you must deposit $6000.

If you are planning to apply for a Study permit through Student Direct System (SDS), you must make more extensive deposits, as required. You will get instructions on payment of their deposit.


NLC will send you a Letter of Acceptance once they receive your deposits along with a welcome guide to help you prepare for your arrivals at NLC.

What’s Next?

Once you get the Letter of Acceptance, you need to complete your Study Permit Application with the Government of Canada.

The government of Canada provides much information about Study Permits and tells you how to apply through the traditional way or direct student system.

Does Northern Lights College Offer PGWP (post-graduation work limit)?

Yes, Northern Lights College offers a Work limit for every international student.

So, this was all about Northern Lights College Canada. I hope we have been thorough enough to clear all your doubts.

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