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The Application Process of College Boreal

College Boreal is a French lingual community college for applied arts and technology located in Sudbury in Ontario, Canada. The province consists the seven campuses of college boreal in its four corners. The goal of the college is to serve the French-speaking community by producing bilingual personnel committed to the province’s socio-economical and cultural aspects.

College Boreal stood out at the top among 25 community colleges in Ontario in all the 5 key aspects of performance determined by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities. College Boreal has the highest student satisfaction rate and graduation rate among all the Ontario colleges. The college is ranked #1 with a student satisfaction rate of 87% and a graduation rate of 76.30% in the province for the continuous 18th time in 19 years.

Some of the must-know information about this college are:

  • College Type- Public
  • Establishment- announced at Northern Ontario in 1993, officially founded in1995
  • Location- Sudbury, Ontario (Canada)
  • No. of Campuses- 7
  • Campus Setting- Urban
  • Language Proficiency Required- French and English
  • Total no. of Graduates- 18,000
  • Total programs- 80+
  • Mode of program- Full-time/ Part-time/ Online
  • Fiscal Aid- Scholarships, Bursaries
  • Admission Helpline- 705-560-6653,

About Campus

The main campus of College Boreal is situated in Sudbury in Ontario, Canada. The College has six premises located at Hearst, Kapuskasing, Nipissing, Timmins, Toronto, and Windsor. Individual campuses have convenient locations in Canada and offer adequate facilities to make it easy for students to adjust.

The main building of the Sudbury campus stood up in an area of 40,000 square meters, having restaurants, workshops, specialized laboratories, an art gallery, etc. There are 138 residential rooms for students with excellent facilities.

The facilities available at the residential accommodations include a kitchen, bathroom, laundry rooms, multipurpose rooms for recreation, study space, Wi-Fi, telephone, cable services, common areas, etc. Rooms are well furnished with beds, drawers, a closet, a desk, and a chair.

Interactive events and activities like theme nights, pool and card tournaments, and movie nights are organized for students. The campus is located in a quiet wooded area, so all the student services like a pub, health services, dental clinic, ATM, cafeteria, etc.

Programs Offered by the College

College boreal offers post-secondary, apprenticeship programs, continuing education, corporative training, upgrading programs, and CNFS programs on its seven campuses. There are 80+ programs offered by the college.

The Seven departments which offer post-secondary education are:

  • Business
  • Health sciences
  • Community services
  • Computer science
  • Environment and Natural resources
  • General Arts and Science
  • Trade and Applied Technology


College Boreal
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College Boreal is a member of the Canadian Colleges of Athletic Association (CCAA), Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA), and Les Vipères , the College team. Substantially four different sports- Badminton, Golf, Hockey, and Volleyball are played by the students in the College Boreal.

College Boreal Application Process

Ontario Colleges Application Service (OCAS) helps with the acceptance of an application for College Boreal. Using a single application, one can apply for up to five courses of their choice (maximum 3 programs per college). Applicants are notified about the admission via mail to their domestic address.

Applying Procedure:

Portal- The application forms must be sent directly to the college under the Ontario College Application Service.


  • Aspirants must have a secondary school diploma of the same state (Ontario) or such as ACE.
  • Aspirants who are 19 years or older and they don’t have Ontario Secondary School Diploma can be enrolled as mature students, Only if they meet the prerequisite conditions.
  • The applicants are required to illustrate their minimum proficiency in English and French language to get accepted.

-Opt for your programs and premise.

-Check the program requirements,

-Attach the last attended institutional certificate/diplomas, identity documents (birth certificate or passport), and language proficiency test scores.

-Pay the operation figure which isn’t refundable.

-The completed operation form and all documents can be submitted to

College Boreal Scholarships

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay/ Copyright 2022

Under the Ontario Student Assistance Program, scholarships will be provided up to 10,000 CAD per year to the students.

The few scholarships provided by the College Boreal are;

  • Daniel Giroux Bursary
  • Pierre Riopel Bursary
  • Gisele Chretian Bursary
  • Jean Watters Award
  • Collège Boréal Foundation Bursary of Excellence

College Boreal Alumni Network

College Boreal has an alumni association of over 17,000 members.

There are a plethora of benefits and gratuities of being a part of the council’s alumni. Some of the benefits offered by the council to the alumni are:

  • Free career comforting and employment services.
  • Low-cost room settlements in the council access centers and premises for conferences and other events.
  • Continuance Library access.
  • COOPs feeding services.
  • Deduction costs on professional development courses.
  • Deduction costs on auto settlements and hostel apartments.
  • Life and health insurance.
  • Credit cards and bank accounts.

College Boreal Placements

86.50% of Boreal council graduates set up employment within six months of scale.

93% of the employers that hired scholars at the council Boreal are seen to be largely satisfied with the scholars.

The council provides its scholars with a dynamic working terrain wherein inventions are promoted.

The career center of the council provides multitudinous career services, including:

  • Support with medication of CV and Cover letter.
  • Individual employment discussion.
  • Classroom workshops.
  • Job bulletin boards.
  • List of career planning websites and job hunt career expositions.
  • Interviewing ways and chops.
  • Boreal guarantee action.

Some employer services include job advertisement service, visits, installation of kiosks on the lot, and classroom presentations.

Cérémonie de remise des diplômes – Campus de Nipissing

Some of the Facts about the College Boreal

1. College Boreal launched Red Dress Campaign

The moment is the National Day of Awareness for Missing and boggled Indigenous Women and Girls.

It’s also known as Red Dress Day. Since 2011, people have been hanging red dresses in public places to flashback missing and murdered Indigenous females in Canada, who are estimated to number in the thousands.

To fete the occasion, Cambrian College, College Boreal, and Laurentian University are launching a red dress campaign.

All three institutions will be accepting donations of red dresses on their demesne.

Dr. Susan Manitowabi, Laurentian’s Interim Associate Vice-President in the Office of Academic and Indigenous Programs, says that “The fall of the red dresses reminds us to break, reflect, suffer and commit to connecting each other and working together to end the current violence toward Indigenous women and girls and all sort of community to ensure a safer world for all.”

The red dress was chosen for several reasons. According to Indigenous culture, red is the only color spirits can see and is a way of calling the spirits of missing and boggled women and girls back to their loved bones. The color red also symbolizes multitudinous effects, analogous to blood, wrathfulness, love, and the strength of women. It’s also eye-catching and hard to ignore.

Richard Meilleur, an elder at College Boreal, says that “As an Indigenous person, I believe this action is truly important for everyone.” In order to heal, this type of injustice has to stop, and further awareness of sweat needs to be made so we can move forward and hopefully help more trauma.

All the red dresses bestowed will be used to produce pathways on each lot to draw attention to bobbled and missing indigenous women and girls in Canada. This event is being held Tuesday, February 14, 2023, during academic time to encourage pupil and hand participation.

Ron Sarazin, Director of the Wabnode Centre for Indigenous Services at Cambrian College, adds, “This important collaboration between all three demesnes will bring awareness to the memory of those gone missing and the significance of reducing and barring violence against women.” “We must learn from the previous incidents and move forward to produce a safe future for our community.”

2. College Boreal was at the top of the podium twice

The 2020- 21 data ensures the consistency of Boreal’s performance:

  • For the 16th time in 22 years, Boreal’s graduate satisfaction rate is the loftiest in the province at 88.3
  • With a 100 rate, Boreal’s employer satisfaction rate is the topmost in the province( ex aequo with 7 other sodalities)
  • In 2020- 2021, Boreal’s results are above the parochial average for all four Key Performance Indicators.

College Boreal ranks first in terms of graduate satisfaction, with a satisfaction rate of 88.3, ten points above the parochial normal. This statistic isn’t surprising when one considers the proportion of graduates who would recommend their program to their musketeers and families ( 93) and that they choose Collège Boreal as their post-secondary institution( 95). Graduates’ satisfaction is not unconnected to that of the employers who, formerly again, gave a perfect score to their satisfaction with the council.

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