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Private Campgrounds in Ontario: 5 Adventurous Getaways

Living amidst nature is a gift. Spending time away from the hustle and bustle of the city is blissful.

When you’re looking for an outdoor adventure with family, making memories with them, and enjoying breathtaking views away from your everyday life, isn’t camping the first solution that comes to mind? Especially as a nature lover?

If you’re in Ontario and looking for an escape from the loud city life, we have a list of some private campgrounds in Ontario that you can look into!

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1. Things About Private Campgrounds:

Private campgrounds are owned and managed by private individuals. The motive of owning a private campground is to earn profit by providing facilities for the people. 

Since private campgrounds are charged as per the people’s needs, the maintenance of the campgrounds is high in quality. To earn more profit, the campground owners always keep the private campgrounds up to date to attract more customers.

The amenities, facilities, the availability of different campsites, and the location maintenance are highly done and up to date. The customers get satisfaction, and the time and the customers’ money are worth it.

They are a large variety of businesses that offer people a great vacation to enjoy and relax.  The cabin rentals, tent sites, and RVs are the best option for the campers to have the camping experience to the fullest. 

Private campgrounds are full-service sites with everything possible for the campers to enjoy full-blown camping.

The best camping happens in Ontario, Canada’s national and provisional parks. But there are other places as well that are famous for camping in Ontario.

Private campgrounds Ontario
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2. Private Campgrounds Ontario:

Private campgrounds in Ontario owned by individuals are said to be budget-friendly, with most sites situated in nature’s wilderness. 

In Ontario, many campground sites allow people to experience beautiful sunsets by camping in cabins and resorts with trees and shores around to have a quiet and relaxed environment in the natural setting.

Private campgrounds in Ontario have many options as people enjoy camping, so camping tourism is quite popular in Canada. So many places offer public and private campgrounds for the people to visit and have their time.

Every weekend, from bigger to smaller campgrounds, it is buzzing with people enjoying, making new friends, and having fun with the different activities available in the private campgrounds. Northern Ontario is said to be the best for camping at any time.

There are many private campgrounds in Ontario, and everyone serves the same purpose of giving the people the best camping experience. 

The locations of private campgrounds are different, each serving an incredible view of nature.

The campsites provide facilities and amenities with different activities like hiking, fishing, and canoeing for people to connect more with nature.

3. Ontario Private Campground Association:

Ontario private campground association is a member-based association of small businesses located throughout the province of Ontario. 

The Ontario private campground association helps private campground owners lift their camping business.

The association provides all the information on the best private campgrounds suitable for the individual based on their preferences. The private campgrounds are spread out in various areas, and some are more enjoyable at particular times of the year.

So the association helps the people to choose when and where to go to have the best camping time.

Top 5 Privately Owned Ontario Camping Sites Rated

4. Prince Edward County:

Prince Edward County is a municipality in Southern Ontario, Canada. Its coastline on Lake Ontario’s northeastern shore is known for Sandbanks Provincial Park, which has sandy beaches and towering limestone cliffs. 

Prince Edward County is popular in Ontario, Canada, because of its famous restaurants, provincial park, and festivals.

The town has a beach and around there many private campsites are situated. The site for camping is all about nature and its new area, so Prince Edward County is said to be the one. 

The breeze of fresh air from Lake Ontario attracts people to camp in the town. There are many popular articles around the web stating how luxurious one feels while camping in the town. 

As the name screams royalty, the camping in Prince Edward County stays true to it. The camping options include renting a cottage, RV, and various campsites.

The amenities, features of every campsite, access to the beach, hiking in the woods, fishing, and every facility are available in Prince Edward County. One can even book a resort to live the luxury experience of relaxation and enjoyment.

5. Lake Huron:

Lake Huron is one of the five Great Lakes of North America. It is the only third largest of the Great Lakes in volume, being suppressed by Lake Michigan and Lake Superior.

 A notable feature of Lake Huron is Manitoulin island, which is the most beautiful site to watch. 

With the view of the island, the clear sky above the lake, and the pure air with the soothing voice of the water, a person can never get enough of the surreal view. 

So camping at the north shore and spending time just relaxing while vibing with the pureness of the world is the best thing one can ever want to enjoy.

If one wants to camp on the shore of Lake Huron, then the best option is a resort named Paul Bunyan Lake Front Resort.

 It is said to be the finest resort around the lake because it is situated at the south edge of the beautiful village of Bayfield, with one of Ontario’s most outstanding lakefront RV parks.

The beauty of the lake can be seen while staying in the resort full of amenities. The park is a family park with the facility of overnight camping. The park offers free wifi and a fire pit with friendly staff all around the park.

The resort offers a paved path to the beach, swimming pools, and various water activities, including boat rentals, to get a closer look at the lake.

6 Best Places To Camp In Private Campgrounds in Ontario:

Ontario, its wide landscape and beautiful places, wants people to spend their time around it. So camping is the best way to fulfill all the people’s wishes.

6.1. Algonquin Park

Algonquin Provincial Park, established in 1983, is one of Canada’s most famous protected areas (declared a National Historic Site of Canada in 1992) and the oldest provincial park in Canada. 

It’s situated between Georgian Bay and the Ottawa River, assumed to be the border between Northern and Southern Ontario. This park has an area of 7653 km2 with excellent features of private campgrounds.

 If you look deeper into the place, you can explore the important rivers in this area, and it’s only one thing that attracts people to spend their time in this park.

There are numerous outdoor adventures that people can indulge in out here alongside camping, that are: 

  • swimming
  • biking
  • canoeing
  • hiking
  • birding
Lake Mazinaw
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6.2. Bon Echo Provincial Park

Officially opened in 1965, Bon Echo Provincial Park is located in southeastern Ontario. 

It is surrounded by a sheer granite rock wall descending 100 meters straight down to Lake Mazinaw – the seventh deepest lake in Ontario – and it is said to have the best camping experience one can ever feel. 

With about 375 campsites surrounded by a hilly area with exposed white pine trees, the park has excellent hiking trails ranging from 1 to 17 kilometers.

Other activities that people can explore alongside their camping experience (RV, car camping, backcountry, and roofed accommodations) in Bon Echo Provincial Park:

  • Rock climbing
  • Hiking
  • Boating (Boat tours)
  • Swimming
  • Interior Canoe-in and Hike-in

6.3. Bruce Peninsula National Park

Bruce Peninsula National Park, as its name suggests, lies on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. A mixture of the rocky headland and inland lakes, 232 sites in the campgrounds are spread across the park.

The National Park also inhabits chipmunks, squirrels, red foxes, coyotes, raccoons, porcupines, skunks, frogs, and many other animals. 

It is also one of the last places where massasauga rattlesnakes are still found. Aside from this, Bruce Peninsula National Park is also home to over 32 species of ferms and 24 species of orchids.

The park offers many activities like:

  • swimming
  • hiking
  • bouldering
  • camping
  • canoeing
  • kayaking
  • cross-country skiing
  • snowshoeing
  • winter camping
  • stargazing
Thunder Bay
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6.4. Sleeping Giant Provincial Park:

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park (established in 1944) is far from Thunder Bay. It’s a 94 sq mi park on the Sibley Peninsula in Northwestern Ontario. 

It’s well known for its abundant wildlife; white-tailed deer, black bears, and about seventy-five different species of birds known to nest in the park. 

Around 200 private campsites are available here, giving Lake Superior a beautiful view. The availability of a picnic area, a beach, and boat ramps makes the experience in this park even better. 

The summer programs here offer guided nature walks, group campfires to add to the experience and films at the park amphitheater.

With more than 100 kilometers of trails, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park provides multiple recreational activities like:

  • fishing
  • cycling
  • boating
  • skiing

6.5. Awenda National Park:

Awenda National Park can be described as a quiet park with a large tract of forested areas. The park was established in 1975 and occupied an area of about 3000 hectares. 

With 330 sites and 3 group camping sites, the park has over 30 kilometers of hiking trails. 

The campsites are far away from each other with just trees, so most people tent and set up a picnic table to enjoy and relax with their loved ones.

Overnight camping is not allowed on the island, so no extra facilities are provided, but the other activities that you can look into in Awenda National Park are as follows:

  • swimming
  • canoeing
  • hiking
  • free camping

Closing Thought

Spending time with nature and washing out all the worries is something that everyone needs in their life. 

With the birds chirping, surrounded by the trees, the cold breeze of the lake air, all together living in nature gives you the feel of the realness of the world, that what camping trip provide.

The places we recommend the most are black river wilderness park, crown land camping, northern ontario mountain hikes, pinery provincial park, and algonquin provincial park, perfect for RV camping, family camping, and even Thanksgiving weekend. Also, for great family memories near water bodies in the Ontario parks are Niagara falls and nearby lake Erie.

Camping is a fun activity with friends and family to spend quality time with them. Private campgrounds in Ontario are set in different locations for the people to have the experience all the way. Visit them today.

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