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5 Spectacular Christmas tree farm in Ontario

Ontario owns so many Christmas trees farm but does all of them are worth watching? well, this article included the best Christmas tree farm in Ontario which you can visit and pick your favorite tree for your Christmas.

Starting from facts, did you know that Ontario’s Christmas tree farms exported more than 34,000trees in 2017, and the number is increasing with every following year.

What is the reason behind this? The answer is simple, Ontario Christmas tree farm focuses on growing their trees with the least chemicals, following the natural process of growing trees.

Millions of trees reach worldwide from these Christmas tree farms because they grow naturally and with love and care.

Let’s dig out the best Christmas tree farms in Ontario so that you can pick your dream Christmas tree for a beautiful Christmas this year.

1. Copeman Tree farm

Copeman tree farm

You will be amazed to know that Copeman tree farm has been in the Christmas tree business for the last few 70years, making it a family Christmas tree farm.

Ontario’s one of the oldest Christmas tree farms among the many famous farms for providing fresh Christmas trees to their customers. The trees produce fresh trees and grow naturally, making them smell good when you take them to your home.

The farm is so fun to visit as there are so many activities you can enjoy, including special programs for kids. Visit the site with your family and enjoy a whole day exploring the farm, picking your own Christmas tree, being a part of a community, or buying pre-cut trees.

They offer varieties of Christmas trees that you pick from, and for more info, visit the official website and shop.

2. MacPherson Christmas tree farm

Macpherson tree farm

The farm is big enough to get lost in the Christmas tees forest with so many different varieties, but they are popular for specifically white spruce, which is a type of Christmas tree, and balsam fir, also a type of tree; however, you will find other types as well like pine meadows or pre-cut trees of your choice and also offer pre-cut trees.

The location is outdoors, which adds more fun, and they provide trees, shrubs, and even flowers during the Christmas season. Don’t miss their official website for more info and a quick virtual tour before visiting the location.

The family has been in the Christmas tree farm business for generations now, and they feel proud to be a part of fit as it is not only a cash crop farming or planting trees, but they are helping in coping with the environmental issues, like any other tree Christmas trees also turn carbon dioxide into oxygen.

The farm opens throughout the week except for Sunday, but people face a shortage of trees at the peak of the holiday season; therefore, try buying trees from local farmers to support them and get your perfect pick on time during a limited supply.

3. Benjamin Christmas tree farm

Benjamin Christmas tree farm

Only reading the reviews given online is enough for you to visit the Benjamin Christmas tree farm in waterloo, a city in Ontario. A family business running from 1986 to till now with constant pace is because of their best quality. The services they offer and the hospitality served to the customers are overwhelming.

Everyone who comes to this location never goes back disappointed. You can have a fun tour of this amazing and systematic farm and explore the plants, trees, flowers, and everything along with their Christmas tree farming.

The Christmas season is best to go there as you can watch their special festivals and specific plant for Christmas trees in several varieties. P.S. check out their official website for more info.

They saw thousands of plants every year or more than they cut every season for selling purposes. They offer food and their customers a gesture of hospitality that is free, and I love them.

4. Elliott tree farm

Elliott tree farm

The Elliott Christmas tree farm is the most amazing in Ontario so far, and I am saying this because of so many reasons; the first one is they are even open on weekends, so you don’t need to take time out from your busy schedules but can visit on your week offs.

They have picnic sites to relax and enjoy, special programs, and tours on Saturdays for children and adults. It is so fun to visit this farm as you are not just picking your best Christmas tree but taking home a lot of good memories.

The farm is famous for their best qualities of Christmas trees as after you pick your tree, they pack it free of cost, which is rare. They also add gifts along with your tree, and I feel it is a very good customer-building technique.

The farm has its gift shops and maple syrup to offer. The best part is they even have farm animals that you can play with all day. Check out their official website to learn everything about the farm.

5. Erin hill acres

Christmas tree farms
By erinhillacres. farm

What do you want for a perfect Christmas? a fresh and natural tree which smells best and gives you a happy feeling. Then Erin hill acres farm is what you should look for.

The farm is filled with fun and entertaining activities that you can do and explore. They have been in the tree business since 1985, and since then, they have been providing naturally grown fresh trees to millions of people and places out in the world.

They own a barn that you can visit and make purchases for your tree, and the most beautiful part of the farm is their lavender fields; I am sure you don’t want to miss the soulful smell of lavender flowers. Don’t forget to click pictures.

Their website is well designed and easy to navigate; you will find all types of Christmas trees they produce and upcoming events according to different weather. So, search the official site before reaching the location.

I tried my best to put the best Christmas tree farms in Ontario in one article, and I hope you liked this article. I mentioned all the important things and the links to help you get a perfect plan to a perfect destination. If you do, here is another similar article you might want to read. 

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