What to buy in Iceland? What to buy in Iceland?

Top 13 Souvenirs to Buy in Iceland

Iceland is the Land of Fire and Ice. Sometimes, it is filled with ice, and at other times, volcanic eruptions occur. This beautiful island lies on the geologic border between North America and Europe. It has massive mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, volcanoes, and the Northern Lights.

Reykjavik is the capital city and main city centre. Around 60% of the population resides in its capital city. It has become a popular tourist spot from where you can shop for various kinds of souvenirs.

Shopping in Iceland: An Amazing Experience with the Top 16 Souvenirs
Screenshot of the Official Website of Visit Iceland

What to Buy in Iceland

You may need help figuring out what or where to buy souvenirs whenever you go out.  And every time, you may end up buying the wrong stuff that is also available at your place. Do not worry! We have you covered. We are here with a complete guide of souvenirs to buy in Iceland. Now, let us go through them one by one. 

1. Lopapeysa

Image by Maridav from Unlimphotos
Image by Maridav from Unlimphotos

Lopapeysa is a wool sweater. These sweaters are hand-knitted in Iceland. These sweaters use sub-Arctic sheep’s wool. To deal with the weather, wearing wool sweaters will be a perfect choice. 

They have a unique design that stands out in any shop. It is a traditional wool sweater. Lopapeysa is one of the authentic souvenirs that is a must-buy when you visit. These fashionable sweaters should be on your shopping list.

There are some bazaars and flea markets where you can buy wool sweaters for a low price. Some flea markets from where you can buy Lopapseya are Red Cross shops, Kolaportid flea markets, and Thorvaldsen’s Bazaar.

You can also try buying from the Handknitting Association, which is in Reykjavik. The capital city has been known for hand-knit sweaters since 1977. They sell traditional wool sweaters. Flaunt yourself with these unique sweaters, all the while protecting yourself from the severe cold of Iceland.

2. Omnom  Chocolate 

Screenshot of the Official Website of Omnom Chocolate
Screenshot of the Official Website of Omnom Chocolate

Omnom Chocolate is delicious chocolate made from cocoa beans and milk. It was started by Óskar Þórðarson and Kjartan Gíslason in 2013.

You can get various flavours of this chocolate. One of the famous flavours is lakkrís. It is a flavour of chocolate-covered licorice, white chocolate, sea salt, etc. There are only a few flavours of this delicious chocolate.

So, where can you find these chocolates? The chocolate factory that you are looking for is in Reykjavik. There is a weekly tour of the Omnom Chocolate Factory, where you can buy the chocolates directly. 

These chocolates are one of the best souvenirs you can take. They have a unique sketch on their chocolate boxes. Their logo is a wolf, and they use pastel colours for packaging.

3. Blue Lagoon Skin Care Products

Screenshot of the Official Website of Blue Lagoon Skincare
Screenshot of the Official Website of Blue Lagoon Skincare

Blue Lagoon is a natural hot spring geothermal spa that helps you relax and rejuvenate yourself. It sells skin care products. They have some elegant skin-care products. Their skincare products use natural silica mud, algae, minerals, sea salt, etc.

They sell body cleansers, oils, and cleansing silica mud masks. Some other organic skincare brands manufacture products made up of fresh herbs for all types of skin. Will it be available in shops? Unfortunately, no. Blue Lagoon products are not available in stores. But if you are going to Blue Lagoon, you can purchase it directly.

Blue Lagoon products are also available in airports and online. If you are searching for the perfect souvenirs for your loved ones, this one will be a great purchase. These products will give you relaxation and protect your skin.

4. Saltverk Sea Salt 

Screenshot of the Official Website of Saltverk Sea Salt
Screenshot of the Official Website of Saltverk Sea Salt

Saltverk is a remarkable sea salt company in Iceland. It makes salt with 100% geothermal energy and minerals.

This salt is not like the ordinary salt you get at home. It is unique and comes in different flavours. Minerals power the local sea salt, which is pyramid-shaped. When you sprinkle this sea salt on your food, the food becomes tasty.

Arctic Sea and Hot Spring water are heated to form crispy and crunchy salt. They use seaweed, rhubarb, licorice, etc., to achieve the flavoured salt. The sea salt is available in shops, grocery stores, online, and at Reykjavik airport.

5. Icelandic Artworks

Every country has its own authentic artwork. Iceland also has different types of arts. When people go on tours, they usually purchase statues, monuments, etc.

Artworks are fabulous souvenirs to decorate your home with or gift to someone. Hand-crafted birds are very beautiful and a good choice for home decor. They also make articles like furry sheep, which will be a perfect gift for children.

6. Icelandic Liquors

Who doesn’t like buying freshly prepared liquor? Some countries are known for their assorted collection of liquor. Here are some of Iceland’s.

6.1. Brennivin

Screenshot of the Official Website of Brennivin
Screenshot of the Official Website of Brennivin

Brennivin is Iceland’s trademark drink. It was established back in 1935. Brenivvin in English means ‘burning wine, also known by another name called the Black Death. This drink has a unique taste and uses fermented mashed potatoes.

6.2. Reyka Vodka

Screenshot of the Official Website of Reyka

Reyka vodka is another special beverage handcrafted in Iceland. It is a premium drink made of glacial spring water. You can buy these liquors in government-owned shops. Duty tax is not applied if you buy it at the airport.

7. Icelandic Blankets

Screenshot of the Official Website of Alafoss

The Icelandic blankets are a perfect souvenir that you can buy to protect yourself from the cold. They are spun from the best sheep wool and have a Scandinavian design.

Alafoss is the oldest company, which has been running since 1896, and is the best seller of Icelandic blankets and wool sweaters. These blankets will warm you and give you a good night’s sleep.

Warmth is what you need in the winter season. So, when you go to Iceland, make sure to buy them and keep yourself warm.

8. Icelandic Jewelry

On every trip, you always end up buying jewellery. Even in Iceland, they make jewellery that is different and unique. You will find some attractive necklaces and rings.

These pieces of jewellery have a connection with the zodiac signs and are made of lava rock. The jewellery pieces are worth taking, as they have stones of different colours and designs.

You can buy this jewellery either online or in jewellery shops. Shops in Reykjavik and Vik sell such authentic pieces of jewellery. Even though the costs are high, they will give you a nice look.

9. Icelandic Clothes

Image by Alyssa Strohmann from Unsplash/ Copyright 2019
Image by Alyssa Strohmann from Unsplash/ Copyright 2019

Wollen sweatshirts and tops are the trendiest clothes in Iceland owing to their cold climate. María Lovísa Design is a popular shop in Reykjavík where you can buy woollen sweaters and other dresses made of wool. Buying this woollen dress as a souvenir would be an amazing choice. 

Laugavegar is another boutique where you can buy stylish and trendy clothes. Herrafataverzlun Kormáks and Skjaldar is another remarkable clothing store in Iceland from where men can buy their choice of clothes.

10. Postcards

Postcards hold significant importance in many countries. And many have the habit of collecting postcards as they are small and attractive. So, if you are one of the many who love collecting postcards during their travel to different countries, you are in luck.

You can buy these postcards at post offices. The post office also provides stamps. Postcards are also available in gift shops in Reykjavik. Stamps are available in grocery shops, bookshops, and some tourist places.

11. Viking Souvenir

You must be wondering, what is the connection between Vikings and Viking souvenirs? Well, Viking souvenirs follow the Nordic culture.

There is a Viking museum at Listvinahus and Reykjavik harbour. In the Viking Museum, you can find beads and horns that resemble the culture of the Vikings. You can buy Viking jewellery, baby dresses, sweaters, or hoodies. If you forgot to buy these, don’t worry; these products are also available online. 

12. Fish Oil

Image by Monicore from Pixabay/ Copyright 2018
Image by Monicore from Pixabay/ Copyright 2018

The people of Iceland are said to lead a very healthy and quality life. It is because they include something special in their diet – fish oil. The oil, which is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, works as an aid in the winter season to deal with winter depression.

Early in the morning, fish oil is consumed as a nutritional supplement. Eating a spoonful of Omega-3-rich fish oil every morning helps grab the benefits out of it.

Fish oil is too expensive in other parts of the world. It makes the fish oil a health-packed precious souvenir to gift to your loved ones. It is available in specific pharmaceutical stores around Reykjavik.

13. Arctic Thyme Tea

Arctic Thyme Tea, or Bloberg, is a classic tea in Iceland. It has the taste of alpine and is prepared from Arctic thyme (a herb). This tea has antibacterial characteristics, which are gained from the thyme.

Consuming this tea helps cure individuals of many bacterial infections like flu, stomach infection, cold, etc. Taking home tea powder or tea leaves is a type of natural souvenir. It is available in all grocery stores.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – 13 items that you can buy during your trip to the land of fire and ice! Although not an exhaustive list, since Iceland is a remarkable country with lots of authentic items to its name, we have made efforts to prepare a list that summarises some of the most sought-after items by tourists. Make sure to check them all out.


1. Where to buy souvenirs?

There are plenty of souvenir shops in Iceland where you can buy the best souvenirs. All the local shops have souvenirs that you want to take home, but you can mostly find everything in Reykjavik. If you need to remember to buy souvenirs in the souvenir shops, you can buy them at the airport or online.

2. What are the best souvenirs?

Some of the best souvenirs of Iceland that you can take home are Omnom chocolates, chocolate, Blue Lagoon skincare products, and sweaters.

3. What makes sweaters and clothes unique?

Sheep have a special kind of wool. It has two types of hair: inner fibre and outer fibre. The fibre that is used helps to warm you. The wool is also water resistant. So, tourists who visit must shop for sweaters, the best souvenirs.

4. Is it true that we can purchase alcohol without duty-free tax?

Yes, alcohol can be purchased without duty-free tax only at the airport. But in normal bars and shops, they will charge you a duty-free tax. Even Omnom chocolates and Blue Lagoon skincare products are bought without duty-free tax. 

5. Where are the gift shops? 

Gift shops are all around the country. But if you want to see multiple gift shops, then you can go to tourist spots. Most of the gift shops are found in Reykjavik and Laugavegar. 

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  1. If I ever go to this heavenly place, because I am quite sensitive to cold weather, my first purchase would be Icelandic blankets, which are the perfect souvenir that I can buy in Iceland to shield myself from the cold in my own region. I’m aware that fish oil is also beneficial for keeping warm during the cold. Thanks to your thorough research, I’ve been able to investigate a wide range of topics of interest. Excellent work.

  2. This article give a inormative knowledge about Icelandic Souvenirs in Exploring Iceland’s diverse and authentic souvenirs seems like a delightful journey, offering a unique blend of cultural and natural treasures. From the traditional Lopapeysa sweaters to the exquisite Omnom chocolates and the practical yet meaningful Icelandic blankets, the article provides a comprehensive guide for anyone seeking memorable mementos from this fascinating country. The emphasis on genuine, locally crafted items adds a thoughtful touch to the souvenir shopping experience, ensuring a connection to Iceland’s rich heritage

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