6 Top Mouth-Watering Calgary Chinese Restaurants For You

Top 7 Calgary Chinese Restaurants

If you are in for some mouth-watering Chinese food, you have landed in the right article. We are listing down the top Calgary Chinese restaurants for you. 

Calgary is a thriving city with lip-smacking cuisines all over the place. Whether you are a local or in Calgary for a trip, the city makes you feel at home. And what better place than home to have some amazing food? Calgary drives inspiration from Canada’s local sources for the majority of their ingredients & prepares something exotic.

When it comes to deciding on cuisines, people mostly love Chinese any time of the day. As it is quick, easy & there’s a mouthful of ingredients. And Calgary luckily happens to have quite a few best Chinese restaurants.

And to help you pick up the best, we have narrowed down a list of the top 6 Calgary Chinese restaurants for you. So without any further delay, let’s check out these Calgary Chinese restaurants.

Top 6 Calgary Chinese Restaurants For You

We have narrowed down this list based on the location of the restaurants, customer services, ratings, variety of dishes, & authenticity. Scroll down further to take a look at the top 6 Calgary Chinese restaurants you can visit sometime.

1. Cherry Inn Restaurant

Location: 6722 4 St NE, Calgary, Canada\

Website: Cherryinn.ca

Contact: 403-274-2282

Operating Hours: 

Monday – Thursday: 1 PM-9 PM

Friday: 1 PM- 10 PM

Saturday: 3 PM-10 PM

Sunday: 4 PM-9 PM

Cherry Inn restaurant is a family-owned business in Calgary, running for over 30 years now. Calgarians consider it the city’s hidden gem, which offers quality Chinese cuisines and satisfactory customer services.

Cherry Inn

Photo from Cherry Inn website.

The restaurant is open all week long; however, timings differ during the weekends. They are famous for their top-notch appetizers, unlike any other restaurant in Calgary.

Whether you are in the mood for dining in their restaurant’s splendid atmosphere or at the comfort of your own home, Cherry Inn is always at your service. You can call them or order online according to your needs. The staff at Cherry Inn very well accommodates the customer’s needs.

Customers can even get gluten-free & no MSG (monosodium glutamate) dishes prepared upon prior requests.

Customer Reviews:

“This place sets the standard for takeout & delivery of delicious Chinese cuisines.”

“This place was amazing. The lunch special was cheap & affordable. The space is small & cozy, highly recommended”. 

2. Silver Dragon

Location: 106 3 Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Website: silverdragoncalgary.com

Contact: +1 403-264-5326

Operating Hours: Monday – Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Friday: 10:00 AM – 11:30 PM

Saturday: 9:00 AM – 11:30 PM

Sunday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

The Silver Dragon restaurant is located right in the heart of Chinatown in South East Calgary. The restaurant was opened in the streets of Chinatown back in the year 1966. And ever since then, been serving Calgarians with authentic Chinese cuisines.

Silver Dragon

Photo from Silver Dragon website.

The restaurant is a family-owned business and an award-winning Calgary Chinese restaurant. They provide a real touch & essence of Chinese food by serving authentic Szechuan & Cantonese cuisines. They offer over 200 dishes on their menu.

The chefs at the restaurant are highly trained from Hong Kong, which puts the restaurant on the upper hand among other Calgary Chinese restaurants.

The restaurant has a warm ambiance with the contemporary, pan-Asia-style decor in the dining rooms. And along with providing customers private dining rooms, the restaurant also has banquet & catering facilities. So, Silver Dragon is also a good space for hosting parties.

And as good as they are with their on-spot services, they provide excellent delivery services too. The restaurant delivers mainly in downtown Calgary and by the suburbs.

Note: You can also visit their second location in Banff, which is a resort location.

Customer Reviews:

“The place has consistently the best Chinese food in Calgary. Their food is always, fresh with lots of flavors & well-executed. A great place all in all”.

“Excellent dishes. Plenty of staff to provide the most hospitable experience. And they have a well-decorated interior”.

3. Ginger Beef Bistro House

Address: 388 Country Hills Blvd NE Unit 400, Calgary

Website: skipthedishes.com

Contact: +1 403-225-1616

Operating Hours: Monday –  Sunday: 10 AM – 9 PM

The Ginger Beef Bistro House is a fully operating Chinese restaurant in North Calgary. It was opened in the North East Unit back in the mid-1980s.

Ginger Beef

Photo from Ginger Beef Bistro website

Ginger Beef serves traditional Chinese delicacies with a modern touch. The chef at Ginger Beef creates Northern Chinese dishes with a western take. Their menu includes various dishes such as hot & sour soups, savory appetizers, entrees & their special Calgary-style ginger beef.

They offer dine-in services, take-out & home delivery facilities as well. And for each service, Ginger Beef has three different concepts: Ginger Beef Bistro House, Ginger Beef Peeking House & Ginger Beef Express.

The Express concept is currently running in six locations and is a take-out & delivery-based concept. It has the same varied menu as its full serviced restaurant, Ginger Beef Bistro House.

Customer Reviews:

Service was amazing, prices were fairly standard, had lots to eat, and the food tasted great.” 

The restaurant offers great Chinese & dim-sum options, must try.” 

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4. John Wong’s Restaurant

Address: 8413 Elbow Drive South West, Calgary, Canada

Website: johnwongs-restaurant.com

Contact: 403-259-3853

Operating Hours: 

Sunday-Thursday: 11 AM- 10 PM

Friday-Saturday: 11 AM- 11 PM

John Wong’s restaurant in South West Calgary is one of the best Calgary Chinese restaurants to serve seafood & Cantonese dishes.

John Wong's

Photo from John Wong’s website

The restaurant is popularly known to serve a wide array of cuisines. From appetizers, noodles, combos, soups, house specialties to chicken & beef dishes, they serve every authentic item.

John Wong’s has a quite different concept than other restaurants; they are not open for dine-out. However, they offer their best services with dine-out, takeaway & delivery.

They take you on a different experience with their traditional delicacies.


The most popular of their dishes are- Ginger Chicken, Beef Fried Rice, & Pan Fried Dumplings.

Customer Reviews:

“John Wong’s restaurant is the best in everything, be it the taste, service, quality, quantity, or value.”


Address:  4119 4 St North West, Calgary,  Canada

Website: ibaozacalgary.com

Contact: 587-315-8558

Operating Hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 11 AM- 5 PM

iBAOZA is an award-winning Calgary Chinese takeaway restaurant in the North West.

This restaurant in northwest Calgary was voted in 2019 as the best Northern Chinese restaurant. Apart from Chinese delicacies, they specialize in steamed buns; this is one of their most valued items.

Their highlight is the dumplings with different fillings, including beef, chicken, tuna, vegetables, and seafood. iBaoza restaurant is the first & of its kind takeaway in northwest Calgary.

The restaurant provides the best accommodations to its customers, accepting special orders & recommendations regularly.

Customer Reviews:

“So amazing, the food is super delicious, and they have fantastic service. I will definitely come back for some authentic Chinese cuisine”.

“A gem of a little place. what great flavors and authenticity they have in their dishes. Great Northern Chinese flavors. Buns, noodles, and burgers are of excellent value”.

6. Great Taste Chinese Restuarant

Address: 123 2 Ave SE, Calgary, Canada

Website: greattastecalgary.com

Contact: 403-265-9880

Operating Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 4 PM- 9 PM

Friday- Sunday: 4 PM- 10 PM

And next up on the list of best Calgary Chinese restaurants is Great Taste Chinese Restaurant in southeast Calgary.

great taste chinese

Photo from Great Taste Chinese website

The Great Taste Chinese Restaurant was opened in 2011 in Calgary. And since then, they proudly serve the best traditional Chinese food that gives your taste buds an extraordinary flavor.

They are most popular in Calgary for their Sichuan dishes and tempting Shanghai dim sums. Their dishes have a strong flavor of China from every corner.

Their versatile menu includes seafood, appetizers, noodles, desserts, rice, meat, & soups. And to complement the dishes, they have a good selection of alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages, such as herbal tea, sweet soy milk, red wine, beer, and Chinese liquors.

And they are not just limited to serving mouth-watering delicacies, but their customer services are top-notch too. They have the most friendly staff in the city.

Customer Reviews:

“Really tasty Chinese food at affordable prices. I would definitely visit again”.

Great Taste Chinese restaurant has the best Tofu in Calgary. I’ve tried all of the tofu I could find in the city, and I’ve settled on Great Taste as the best”.

If you like Authentic Szechuan items, then make sure to pay a visit to this place when in Chinatown. No fancy decor or anything but the food is why you’re here”.

Calgary Chinese restaurants are in an all-time mood winner. Whether you want to go for a fine dine-in or a takeaway, you will have every option you’re looking for.

These 6 Calgary Chinese restaurants that we have listed include both dine-in & takeout restaurants. These restaurants offer you more food choices than you can think of. Their menus have a variety in everything from main courses to soups & desserts.

Although we have listed the very best of Calgary Chinese restaurants, apart from these 6, there are more that you might like to visit.

And to name a few, we have: Emerald Garden Restaurant, Central Grand Restaurant, Dragon Pearl Restaurant, Chinese Cultural Centre Cuisine, Bulage Prague, and more. That’s all about Chinese restaurants & delicacies. However, if you are in the mood for some smokey, spicy Indian delicacies, then check out the best Indian restaurants in Calgary.

So, in short, Calgary has no shortage of places for food. Indian, Chinese, Continental, or anything your taste buds craves, you will find a place if you look for it. So, without any further ado, go check out the 6 Calgary Chinese restaurants that we have narrowed down and let us know your experience over the comment section.

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