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Discover Sunflower Fields Near Ontario: 14 Amazing Locations

On a sunny day, vibrant skies call for a leisure stroll that radiates joy, positivity, and hope and promises everlasting bonds with loved ones.

A visit to sunflower fields fills one to the top while you immerse in splendid beauty and nature. The subtle smell of these 7 to 9 feet tall grown sunflowers on the farm is sure to blossom your lost spirit and add to your vivacity.

Field of sunshine, or sea of little suns, did you say? Let’s see.

1. Best Sunflower Fields in Ontario

Sunflowers originated around 1000 BC in America, Arizona, and New Mexico. The sunflower was earlier cultivated as a food source. Early Americans used its seeds to grind into flour.

Then in 1700, it spread to Europe, and today, it is the national flower of Russia and Ukraine.

Most sunflower farms celebrate the sunflower season as a sunflower festival with the utmost zeal and zest. Some of these have the best sunflower mazes. All this brings the community together and develops an unconditional bond between humans and nature.

So, if you are a local or tourist and love sunflower picking, pick your favorite sunflower farm from the list below.

sunflower fields
Photo by Manny Moreno on Unsplash Copyright 2020

1.1. The Sunflower Farm

The 20-acre sunflower field is beautifully laid in a sunflower shape with thousands of blossoming sunflowers. Isn’t this make it one of the stunning sunflower fields? The Sunflower Farm has multiple trails to accommodate you on peak-bloom sunflower days.

If you are a photographer, indulge in photography of beautiful sunflowers at special hours kept after public for you.

Dos and Don’ts

Buy the exclusive merchandise.


24430 Side Rd. 17 | Beaverton, ON

1.2. Gull Meadow Farms

Gull Meadow Farms in west Michigan are an apt location for fun with your loved ones. The attractions at this Michigan farm make it worth revisiting. The five-acre sunflower patch with two dozen varieties of sunflower is must visit. However, the sunflower days are limited. Check the website for the sunflower season. Listed under are some main activities you can indulge in.

  • For the sunflower fields, you need a ticket if you are above 36 (Adult or Children, all applied).
  • If you are a sunset-lover, buy the tickets and enjoy the Golden Hour (6 pm-8 pm) during sunflower days. Golden Hour ticket is date specific.
  • Look at the petting zoo; the furry animals not only add a smile but will fill your ones with love for the pets.
  • Take a stroll or test your location tracking skills at the twist and turns of the six-acre corn mazes.
  • Enjoy delicious bakery products like donuts and freshly—baked goodies.
  • Season passes at this farm are a gateway to joy any time during the season if you are a true nature lover.
  • Depending upon the season you visit, enjoy the fresh produce of jam, jellies, honey, and cider from the farm market.


8544 Gull Road, Richland, MI 49083

1.3. The Blue House Farms

Visit the Blue House Farms for a U-pick field to pick your own sunflowers and strawberries. About a dozen of sunflower varieties bloom here. Though the period of sunflowers’ peak bloom is short, buy harvested vegetables, fruits, flowers, dry beans, and preserves that can always be well-stocked at this farm.

Apart from this, you can visit the farmers’ market to buy Blue House Farm Certified Organic produce at the various farmers’ markets, food stores, and restaurants in the Bay Area.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Pets are not allowed in fields, but their company is limited to parking or the picnic.
  • It is advised to pick fruits or cut flowers gently to avoid damage.
  • You pay for what you pick. There are no fees to visit the farms.
  • Pick only ripe fruits.


950 La Honda Road, San Gregoria, CA 94074

1.4. Vanhoutte Farms

Vanhoutte Farms is U-pick your own flower from 100-acre flower fields. They are third-generation running farms in Armada, Michigan. They sell a wide range of fresh and dried flowers, pumpkins, and vegetables.

You can purchase a wristband and a jar and cut your bouquet for $15 (the limit is 2 people per jar). Else you can buy a wristband to buzz around in the fields without cutting flowers for $6 per person.

Note- No outside containers are allowed for cutting. They provide the mason jar and clippers to go with it.


69475 Romeo Plank Road, Armada, Michigan 48005

Cross-Streets – Romeo Plank Road and 32 Mile

1.5. Campbell’s Cross Farm

If you wish to connect to nature and embrace wellness, Campbell’s Cross Farm is the ideal location. In their sunflower field, you can experience the aroma of 700,000 blooming sunflowers here. The sunflower fields bloom fully by mid or the end of August.

The Yoga workshops ensure everlasting bonds between kids’ yoga and mother-daughter yoga.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Eat out at the Watermelon’s Sandwich.
  • No outside food or drink is allowed.
  • Enjoy farm-to-table customized lunch and dinner packages if you plan a day out with friends and family.
  • Pick your own sunflower (if you have paid while buying the tickets) from the designated U Pick sunflowers area.
  • Professional photography needs a permit. Check website.
  • Strictly no smoking, even in the parking area.
  • Let your children free in the natural playground, though the surface may be uneven. Keep checking on your munchkins.
  • Dogs are allowed but make sure to scoop the poop.
  • If visiting the chicken coup, don’t feed the chickens.
Image by Alison Innes from Pixabay Copyright 2022


3634 King Street, Caledon, Ontario, Canada, L7C 0R5

1.6. Grandpa’s Tiny Farm

Wish to get lost and immersed in the beauty of sky-high sunflowers? Rush to the sunflower fields; Grandpa’s Tiny Farm. The place is vibrant with the commencement of the Frankenmuth flower festival. Located in southeast Michigan, it lets you free yourself at the Frankenmuth flower festival.

This southeast Michigan farm witnesses thousands of sunflowers that reach the height of an NBA player too.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Enjoy dinner with your loved ones at the shaded sunflower patches in the private sunflower field.
  • Pick your own sunflower during the sunflower festival.
  • Corn mazes
  • Wagon ride
  • Shop at unique vendors from across the state for the festival’s duration.
  • Register for the Sunflower run en routing sunflower fields and join the color party at the end (Participants get a unique T-shirt).


7775, Weiss Street, Frankenmuth, Michigan 48734

1.7. Davis Family Farm

Looking for a perfect picture spot in Ontario, this sunflower field promises a length of a kilometer-long sunflower blooming. What else! Along with a stroll, you can enjoy and partake in sunflower yoga.

Davis Family Farm plants around 60 acres of sunflowers in their town.

Davis Farm Caledon
Photo by Christine Tutunjian on Unsplash/copyright 2019

You can visit them and enjoy the sunflower festival, which lasts about two weeks before fall. The annual sunflower festival begins around the last week of July, the first week of August, and may last till early September.

The ticket information is available here.

Adults (12+) • $13.50
Children (6-12) • $5.00
Children (0-5) (Free Entry)

For more information, visit them at the official site.

What to Buy :

Fresh sunflower honey, candles, sunflower oil, bird’s seed, and eggs.

Dos and Don’ts:

  • Follow the pathways.
  • Respect the boundaries since it is a family-owned farm.
  • Strictly no smoking area.
  • On working farms, don’t climb on equipment or tractors; it may be dangerous.
  • No drone photography.
  • Photography commercial or personal available on-site at a specific time slot.


15770 Mountainview Road, Caledon East, Ontario L7C 2V2

1.8. Burnside Farms

Burnside farms offer over 30 varieties of sunflowers on 50 acres. Isn’t it a feast for the eyes? Be it the size or color; you can pick them at a price. They have sunflowers that you may have never seen earlier. Bi-color flowers are an absolute delight. This is an annual event that continues for approximately 15 days.

sunflower fields
Photo by Manny Moreno on Unsplash Copyright 2020

Dos and Don’ts

  • Props are available on the farm to help you take beautiful pictures.
  • Pick up the sunflower; the price is included in the ticket.
  • Burnside is a good wedding destination too.


5276 Wellington Rd. 125 RR #3, Acton, ON L7J 2L9, Canada

1.9. Zilke Vegetable Farm

Zilke is located in southeast Michigan and has many seasonal activities to its credit. Like, pick your pumpkin, go to the sunflower festival, and go Christmas tree shopping.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Little photo props are set up to click the joyful moments.
  • Narrow paths in between the sunflower farm to explore the beauty from close.
  • There are many shady areas to sit, relax, and breathe in the subtle smell of sunflowers.


12491 Carpenter Road, Milan, Michigan 48160

1.10. Maple Lawn Farms

Sunflower festival in Maple Lawn Farm is an authentic experience to delight your eyes. Tickets to the Maple Lawn Farms include a wagon ride to the sunflower field. Also, each ticket comes with a cut flower or experience live cut flower.

The different sections of the eight-acre sunflower field make the visit more approachable.

The “Display Gardens” section ensures more sunflowers varieties for its visitors.

The “Land of Giants” for 12 feet tall sunflowers and “Teddy bear,” a sunflower garden for 2 to 3 feet tall sunflowers.

Dos and Don’ts

  • 8-foot wide sunflower prop for a perfect picture with your friends and family.
  • Immerse yourself in the changing colors of the sky during sunset.
  • Enjoy the ice cream from the bakery or farm market.
  • Enjoy dinner from food trucks and beverages from the winery while listening live music at this sunflower farm.
  • Enthralling fun activities at the corn maze.
  • Indulge in pumpkin picking from the ten acres of pumpkin land.

Note-“Pumpkin picking generally starts mid-September and lasts till the end of October.”

Get your tickets booked for sunflower field around mid-August as the sunflowers are in full bloom for three weeks. Check the website to book the tickets online.

1.11. Clovermead Adventure Farm

The Clovermead Adventure Farm, run by the fourth generation of beekeepers, is an excellent place to spend time. The outstanding features include –

  • Range of activities available for ages 1 to 100 years old.
  • Cedar Maze
  • Pumpkin patch – Stroll or enjoy pumpkin picking.
  • Corn maze
  • Shelter rentals
  • Birthday packages
  • Visit the goats and chickens at the animal farm.


11302 Imperial Rd, Aylmer, ON, N5H 2R3, Canada

1.12. Sunflowers Farms in Michigan

1.12.1. Rasch Orchards

It is a sunflower field located in West Michigan. If you wish to have fun, drop in by early September for the sunflower maze, as sunflower stalks have attained their full height by this time. A must-visit for U-pick activities like you pick apples, pumpkins, and fresh peaches.

Dos and Don’ts

  • It is an epic farm with a 100-year-old barn. It is believed that the sunflower maze becomes haunted by October. Just try it! It just looks spooky.
  • The creepy corn maze is another fun to be tried here.
  • Plan your trip here with elder kids, as this place may scare the little ones.
  • Rasch has a play area and a few animals; don’t miss it.
  • Farm market
  • Delicious baked goods at sight.
Farm market sunflower fields
Photo by Quin Engle on Unsplash/ copyright 2020


40th Avenue, Conklin, MI 49403

1.12.2. Degen Sunflower Farms

Degen Farms in west Michigan takes you to the sea of sunflowers. They have one of the most photogenic sceneries. The best part is they don’t charge anything for your visit.

Even if you are passing by, you will be stopped by the breathtaking view of this sunflower farm.

This farm has wheelchair friendly parking lot.


Old Hwy 99, Montague, MI 49437

1.13. Hanes Sunflower Mazes

A must-visit human-size puzzle carved into 20 acres of 12 inches tall walls of cornstalks. The maze at this farm is exclusive and experiences a huge turnout. So it is better to reserve your place well in advance.

It takes nearly 1 – 2 hours to complete the maze varying from person to person.

Hanes has its pumpkin patch and is the best place to pick your own pumpkin for Halloween. They sell each size or shape for $5.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Pets are strictly not allowed inside the maze.
  • Bring your flashlight if you wish to complete the maze by the late evening.
  • Shop with a limited supply of hats, ponchos, and flashlights.
  • A wide variety of soup and baked products is available at the bakery.
  • Pumpkin and Corn Blasters is a game to release some of your aggression.


1001 HWY #5 West Dundas, ON, L9H 5E2

1.14. Andreotti Family Farms

Andreotti Family farms are run by the family and have been managed for the past three generations. The 90-year-old farm yields most of the winter vegetables. They also have U-pick Sunflower Field and pick your pumpkin from the patch.

At Andreotti, organic is what keeps them above all. Compost and minerals fill the soil making the product healthier and more nutritious.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Celebrate your birthday or wedding day.
  • Monster Truck Events.
  • Farm tours.
  • Farm-to-table picnics and dinners.
  • Photo shoots
  • Cocktail classes
  • Don’t just see for yourself; the farm volunteers assist you at every step.


800 Cabrillo Hwy N, Half Moon Bay, CA

2. Astonishing Facts About Sunflower

  • The gorgeous sunflowers bloom in vibrant yellow, pink, purple, and white- the rarest, orange, and red.
  • Each part of this flower, seeds, petals, and even sunflower stem is used.
  • Each sunflower gives 1000 – 2000 seeds; imagine the length of the sunflower trail in the future.
  • Sunflower seeds are a healthy snack worldwide as they are rich in calcium.
  • The tallest recorded length of this flower is 30 feet. ‘ Ah! Trying touching the sun.
  • Sunflowers attract many birds, as most seed-eating birds favor sunflower seeds.

3. Best Time to Visit Sunflower Fields

Before booking your sunflower field visiting tickets, you must check the day’s weather. The weather might lead to wrapping up the sunflower fields for the day. Please stay in your parked vehicle during thunderstorms, as it may be dangerous to stay out in the open sunflower fields.

Sunflowers have different peak bloom times depending on which part of the state you are in. Some are typically late August to early September.

4. How to Spend Time in Sunflower Field

This yellow-colored nature wallpaper comes with a varied texture of fun and activities. Come and dart at your choice of action in any of the sunflower fields mentioned above.

4.1. Packages Available

The best sunflower fields let you celebrate your special day. So if you plan a ceremony around mid-July or early August, why not get a sunflower field near you booked?

4.2. Tractor Rides/ Wagon Rides

Sunflower fields are spread over acres. Your vehicle is strictly not allowed on the farm. So be ready to sit tight at the tractor or wagon to ride along the sunflower fields.

Children love the bumpy rides on the rough terrain, and isn’t it a time to connect with nature?

4.3. Bird Sighting

You may find some beautiful birds when you visit the sunflower fields. To ease your difficulty in identifying who’s who.

4.4. Enjoy Fresh Fruits and Ice Cream

Sunflower fields are near full blossom around mid-August, and the time collides with the fruits to rise. Peaches, ripe and juicy, are still on trees. So visiting the sunflower farm promises you some fresh fruit or vegetables and pre-cut flowers.

Moreover, fresh milk from the farm moos is exclusively used to make ice cream.

4.5. Pick Flowers

picking sunflower
Photo by lil artsy on Pexels/ copyright 2018

Pick flowers of your choice. Be it near lavender fields that grow well with the sunflower fields. What a lovely sight, sunflower in one hand and lip-smacking ice cream in the other.

4.6. Farm Animals

Many sunflower fields are home to farm animals. This ensures fresh produce for the restaurants and creates an ecosystem conducive to growing plants. These domestic animals, like hens, roosters, chicks, pigs, and moos, are open to looking at their stags.

During the annual sunflower festival, these farms actively organize activities like pig races to involve kids and adults.

Please check the website links for activities, as most activities are time and date specific.

5. Must Pack Things While Visiting Sunflower Fields

Here are the must-pack things for sunflower fields during the sunflower season.

  • Water bottles
  • A light jacket, wear skimpy clothes, preferably loose garments.
  • Wear sunscreens
  • Boots on rainy days, otherwise good walking shoes as sunflower fields are spread over acres.
  • Don’t forget to keep hats and umbrellas for shade.
  • Bug spray
  • Carry your clippers to the farm to cut your own sunflowers.
  • Stroller(infants or toddlers)

The above tips are well researched; for more details, click Jersey Family Fun. Jersey Family fun is the New Jersey-based mom blog advising on general travel, vacation, and fun ideas in New Jersey or other states.

6. Sunflower Fields – Few Important Tips

  • Sunflower days are pretty limiting, so it is better to plan well in advance and contact the sunflower field to know the exact status of the sunflower festival they tend to schedule.
  • Respect the directions to walk on the sunflower field. Show respect and enjoy the fields. The sunflower season is very short-lived, and it is a business for someone to wait a whole year to see sunflowers bloom.
  • Don’t swat at the bees. Bees help sunflowers to pollinate. These creatures don’t harm you, so try to distance yourself from them.
bees on sunflower
Photo by Crystal Jo on Unsplash/ copyright 2021
  • If you are allergic to bees or sunflower pollen, it is advised not to visit the field. Better stay in the parking area or indulge in surrounding activities and see your loved one running through the sunflower fields.

Most sunflower fields love to call you on this condition, “Leave the sunflower field better than you find it; help us to make them the best.”

7. Takeaway

So whether it’s a special occasion or you feel an urge to move out, a visit to these sunflower fields does more than you expected. If you wish to fill yourself with vitality, fortune, and happiness or convey your loyalty to your love, these sunflower fields embrace you.

I hope this article quenches your thirst for sunflowers and takes you on a visual ride of some of the best sunflower fields near Ontario or in Ontario. I want to end this article with a poem written by me on these skyscraper sunflowers:

Golden ray down the earth,

Golden glow up in the sky.

Sure to add magic to your steps,

Sure to add charm to your soul.

Rush and get hooked,

Get the tickets booked.

If the weather is by your side,

Sunflower festival includes wagon rides.

As the pleasure in a year is about fortnightly,

and for me to leave a comment, I say politely.”

Stay positive and ‘Suntastic.’

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