Culinary Magic: 16 Best Pec Restaurants

If you are looking for the best pec restaurants, here’s what you need to know.

Prince Edward County is well known for its beauty and diverse food culture. You’ll find many restaurants here that can satisfy everyone’s taste buds. The aesthetically pleasing cafes and restaurants with highly qualified chefs are all you need to make your day. Let’s have a look at all the Best Pec Restaurants in town.

1. What’s So Special About Pec?

Prince Edward County, given the short form PEC, is located in the East of Toronto. The place is close to nature and gives a sense of livelihood. You’ll find beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the view of sunrise and sunset. From reagent theatre that has preserved the place’s culture to royal hotels, there are so many places that you can visit and make your trip memorable. If you are tired of work and want a break from your hectic schedule, you can plan a holiday to Prince Edward County.

The county has many beautiful hotels and restaurants where you can spend time with your loved ones. Each hotel is designed to give the best experience to its visitors. You’ll find a lot of greenery and some hotels with the best pec restaurants may also have a lake nearby. Being in PEC is like being close to nature.

2. Best Pec Restaurants in Town

Image by Joshuemd From Pixabay/copyright 2014

These days it is difficult to find restaurants that are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and serve mouth-watering food. But you don’t have to worry about it in Prince Edward County.

The county has end number of cafes, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops that offer great food. From fine dining restaurants to cute little food trucks, you’ll find delicious food at every step.

Whether you are looking for your comfort food in the city or the perfect interiors, this article will cover everything you are searching for. Here’s a list of the most popular restaurants in Prince Edward-

1. King’s Restaurant

If you are craving freshly tossed pizza or authentic Italian cuisine, this place must be on your bucket list!

King’s Restaurant is one of the best pec restaurants serving the best food in town! You can even explore vegan and gluten-free options here, as the place serves a variety of food options.

Going by the reviews, their pizza has won everyone’s heart, followed by risotto and pasta. The Restaurant might not be that big in size, but its hospitable staff and delicious food have managed to attract more and more people.

2. Restaurant at Hotel Dukagjini

What can be better than relaxing in your personal suite and enjoying delicious food? Hotel Dukagjini is located in Pec Kosovo and is one of the elite hotels in town.

There is a wide range of rooms available in the hotel that one can choose from. Whether you want a standard or presidential room, you can opt for any while checking in. The price ranges for each room.

Talking about the food, the hotel has its Restaurant, which serves great food, which is why it is considered one of the best pec restaurants.

The vegetarian-friendly Restaurant serves European and Albanian food at very reasonable prices. So what are you waiting for? Make your bookings now and enjoy the Dukagjini hospitality.

3. Kulla e Zenel Beut

This classy hotel is well known for its historical landmarks and culture. People from all over the country visit this place to get a glimpse. It is a one-stop destination for business travelers.

The staff is very professional and hospitable. The rooms are well-designed and have all the services to make your stay memorable.

The hotel also has a rooftop restaurant which is a must-try. The Restaurant is constructed in such a way that gives a view of the Acropolis. This picture-worthy Restaurant serves the best traditional food in the city.

The prices are minimal. Therefore, you can try plenty of dishes here without thinking twice. From an excellent breakfast to an appetizing dinner, the place is ready to serve you throughout the day.

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4. Flo’s Restaurant

This is one of the hidden gems of Pec. The Restaurant gives a homely feeling with its interior being very simple yet very unique; one must visit this place with friends or family.

The Restaurant is located in the heart of Peja and manages to attract many tourists. The place serves a variety of appetizers that leave you drooling.

You can opt for Terrace eatery or Veranda eatery based on your preference. The service is fast, and the staff is well known for its polite and professional behavior.

The Restaurant has tie-ups with local farmers. Therefore, you’ll enjoy fresh food, local wine, and beer.

5. Restaurant ERA

Do you know what makes a restaurant a top-class restaurant? That it won’t disappoint you when it comes to variety. Whether you wish to have Mediterranean food, European food, barbecue, or Albanian food- you name it, they got it.

Best Pec Restaurants
Image by Cattalin from Pixabay/copyright 2014

The Restaurant is located at a height and gives a good view of Peja. One must visit the place at night to enjoy the lighting and view of the city.

The Restaurant is usually overcrowded in summer, but one can easily get a table if the reservations are made beforehand. All the aesthetics of this place and the amazing food make it one of the best pec restaurants.

People visit this place not only for good food but also to spend quality time with their close ones.

6. Trofta e Drinit

If you are craving some delicious seafood, this is where you need to visit when in Pec. The Restaurant is famous for its freshly prepared food which is finger-licking good.

Their fishes Trofta and hot buttered lobster rolls are two of their bestsellers recommended by many. The service is fast, which is what you expect from a good restaurant. You must visit here if you wish to explore some good seafood and Albanian food.

7. Dio

Hey coffee lovers! Are you looking for a place that serves good quality coffee? Then you’ll be happy to know that your search has finally ended, as Dio Coffee Shop has all you need.

This cute little café is one of Pec’s oldest bars and coffee shops. You can enjoy brewing coffee with delicious sandwiches here.

The coffee shop is located in the center of Kosovo, making it easy for visitors to find it. You can spend an amazing evening here with your friends.

8. Restaurant Antika

All garden lovers will add this Restaurant to the list of ‘Best Pec Restaurants.’ The Restaurant has a beautiful garden with all kinds of flowers and plants.

The seating arrangements are made so that everyone can access the garden view. If you visit the Restaurant at night, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful lighting. The soothing live music and the pleasant view create a very peaceful environment.

The staff is very helpful and friendly. They’ll guide you on everything from taking you to your seat to helping you with the menu. The food is so good that you won’t forget its taste for days.

9. Soho Bar

Whether you wish you visit this place at night or in the morning, it will give you the same vibe.

The Restaurant has an amazing bar from which you can enjoy various drinks. The Restaurant is located in Kosovo, and many tourists visit it now and then.

Going through the menu, the place serves a variety of items, and the prices are nominal. The perfect lighting makes the Restaurant aesthetically appealing.

The seating area is set up according to people’s preferences. If you only wish to enjoy some cocktails, then a separate seating arrangement is made near the bar, and if you wish to enjoy good food, you can sit anywhere in the Restaurant.

10. Doncafe House

It is one of the best places to find good Italian food. The café serves delicious coffee and mouth-watering savory items.

If you are struggling with the menu, you can ask the waiters to help. They are very polite and will guide you through the menu. They will also suggest their bestsellers, and you can try that.

The interiors of this place can make anyone’s day happy. If you take a picture of these interiors and post it on your social media, you’ll get thousands of likes!

The Restaurant is smoker-friendly which can be a plus point and a minus point. Many people don’t like smoking inside and may not like this, but it is a plus point for some people, especially those who smoke.

11. Tabersnack

This place serves the best fast food in Prince Edward County. If you are traveling and craving some flavorsome homemade food, then this is the place you need to visit.

The Restaurant is pretty clean, and the staff’s hospitality makes it one of the best pec restaurants in Prince Edward County. Talking about the food, their onion rings, burgers, fries, and beagle are the most ordered food items on their menu list.

They have many gluten-free options as well. If you are looking for comfort food in the county, Tabersnack is the answer to your search.

12. Balzack’s Coffee Roaster

Best Pec Restaurants
Image by Congerdesign from Pixabay/copyright 2015

This coffee shop is located near lake Ontario. The place offers a cozy environment with a beautiful view of Ontario lake.

You can sit back and enjoy their fresh coffee and bakery items. Although the café is open throughout the day, people prefer visiting it in the morning for a delicious breakfast.

The place is small, but the interiors are finely designed. You’ll find many handmade paintings and posters on the wall, giving a retro look to the place.

If you are searching for the best pec restaurants, you should try this one out!

13. Bloomfield Public House

Bloomfield public house market is a beautiful restaurant with an amazing patio and all amenities.

The place is usually filled with people but will always be peaceful. It serves delicious meals which can make your day better. Not to forget their sweet coffee that can make your heart go crazy.

The Restaurant is located in the middle of the city and, thus, has many visitors. The place is designed in a manner to give an antique look.

For theIf you are in Pec, take a moment to taste the delicious food this Restaurant serves. Ceiling to the plates you are being done, all of which will give you a classy antique look. The staff is very polite and will welcome you with a smile on their face. If your grill House

Merrill house is a very popular hotel located in Pec. The place is well known for its lavish rooms and scrumptious food. They use the best ingredients to prepare the dishes and ensure that their customers enjoy their food.

The place has a beautiful décor that can’t be left unnoticed and a lavish dining room.

Merrill house gives a vibe of a royal hotel when you enter. The rooms are quite huge with beautifully designed interiors. Every corner of the room, corridor, and dining area is decorated with utmost patience.

The friendly staff and their mind-blowing service will make your stay memorable. The staff is hardworking and will ensure you are having the best time there. It is truly said that customer satisfaction is their top-notch priority.

15. Stella’s eatery

Everything about this place is amazing. From delicious food to great ambiance, they’ve got it all covered. It is one of the local gems of the city.

When you enter this place, you will be welcomed by their very cooperative and helpful staff. The dining room is quite spacious with beautiful interiors.

The ResPeople want to visit this place again and again for its delicious food. The restaurant has done a great job while deciding the menu. There are so many creative dishes on the menu that will confuse you. People Condesa

If you are a Mexican food lover, this Restaurant is a steal deal for you. The Restaurant works on an online reservation system. Therefore, you need to confirm your booking beforehand.

The Restaurant uses fresh ingredients to prepare its food, which is why it is so famous among people. If you are visiting this place, make sure you try their bestsellers, a fish taco and a chicken taco.


Prince Edward County is a beautiful place loaded with beaches and beautiful hotels and restaurants. If you live near Toronto, then it’s a blessing for you.

Whenever you are feeling low, having a bad day or just want a break from your daily routine, you can easily visit this place and enjoy delicious food in nature’s company.

Prince Edward County restaurants have a different vibe. The place is so peaceful that it will calm you down to your core. Most hotels are designed to give a home-like feeling to their customers.

You can enjoy royal living with a perfect view of nature which is very relaxing. Going through the lanes of PEC, you can explore various restaurants serving amazing food.

From an appetizing lunch at a cute café to a mouth-watering dinner at a fancy restaurant, the place is always ready to serve you delicious food. Whether you wish to enjoy fresh burgers or want a proper meal, the place has end number of restaurants to fulfill all your demands.

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