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An Amazing Guide To Wahoosh Falls

Wahoosh falls a tiny little waterfall or as famously known small cascade waterfall situated on the outskirts of Mississauga, Ontario. If you are fond of exploring offbeat places, Wahoosh falls your perfect weekend getaway.

A quiet escape hidden somewhere behind a busy city street, Wahoosh falls a hidden gem for people who love staying near calm waters and enchanting surroundings. Wahoosh falls will never fail to give you a refreshing pause. The water stream of the wahoosh falls is never dry and offers a good flow throughout the year during any season.

Wahoosh Falls is located on the wooden stretch of Mullet Creek, just upstream of the Burnhamthorpe road bridge, near the intersection of a nearby street of Burnhamthorpe Road and Mississauga road. Wahoosh falls are 10 ft high and 20 ft wide.

Wahoosh Falls Waterfall:  Exploring Ontario’s Waterfalls Episode #15

1. How to Reach?

Once you reach the intersection of Burnhamthorpe Road and Mississauga rd, you will be able to locate Wahoosh falls towards the north direction of Burnhamthorpe road and the east side of Mississauga road. Drive on a slightly hidden driveway. Find Parking nearby and Park your vehicle a few kilometers away from the falls. You might have to take a short walk and trek for some distance.

Follow the path towards the north of Burnhamthorpe Road, and you will find a lovely forested path in front of you. It might be hot walking with zero shade on sunny summer’s day. Lead the way and head towards the north amongst the trees. Take a few steps, and you will have reached mullet creek. For a friendly, good view, try to stand in the middle of the mullets creek.

Try to be adventurous and get down the creek but be careful. There is no path available to get you down the creek, be careful and do it slowly so that you don’t hurt yourself. You will find swimming signs near the creek saying that swimming is not allowed in the Wahoosh Falls. Respect the swimming signs and try not to jump down the swimming hole. The water level is high during the spring season.

2. When to Visit?

Wahoosh falls of Mississauga, Ontario, attract followers from the city throughout the year. The Wahoosh falls flow during all the seasons, you might find a low level of water in the summer season, but it won’t dry up like other waterfalls in the area like Ontario waterfalls.

Because of the increasing reach of the Wahoosh falls among the people, it is recently becoming a weekend hangout and picnic spot for all ages. I suggest visiting the Wahoosh falls during weekdays when you won’t find anyone in and around the Wahoosh Falls.

Try to reach the Wahoosh Falls before noon; you will be impressed with the morning vibes of the water flow and will get amazing shots of yourself when the morning rays start touching your skin.

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3. About Parking near the Wahoosh falls

Because the Wahoosh falls were not discovered till recently, there is no proper available parking lot around the creek bed. The mentioned street of Burnhamthorpe rd and Mississauga rd are busy streets and do not have any parking facilities. You might find a suitable parking space in woodchuck lane.

Do not park your vehicle in the nearby neighborhood or locality; that might cause a hindrance to the people residing there.

If you want a proper parking facility, go a bit long, and you will find Riverwood Conservancy. Please park your vehicle in their parking lot for free, and you even visit Riverwood and call it a day. Take the Burnhamthorpe road and walk down till you reach Mississauga rd, enter the railroad and walk down the road. You will be approaching Wahoosh Falls.

4. Reviews of Wahoosh Falls

While writing this article, I had to read about the Wahoosh falls, and I happened to visit the actual website of Tripadvisor LLC.

The reviews mentioned there by the visitors are their subjective opinion but let us look at what they got to say.

A review of August 2020 by a visitor says that:

“A manual swing gate stood open in front of a slightly sloping driveway with a sign about the parking lot being closed in winter with no winter maintenance. Wish we knew about this info earlier-we would have taken the car. There were city workers across the street while a city pickup truck and mini loader were parked on the dirt lot. Not counting the 2 city workers at the small parking lot, we were the only visitors in sight. Unfortunately, some litterbugs have been here ahead of us, intentionally leaving their trash (coffee cups and food wrappers) behind.

Wahoosh Falls is a short walk from the swing gate. It is hard to miss the sound of a waterfall that is unmistakable. Facing Mullet Creek, the waterfall is on the left. We managed to go down the creek bank using a low tree branch as a foothold and took pictures from there. Be advised that most photos of this waterfall on the internet were taken from the creek bed–we thought it unsafe to go down there. A city worker eventually told us they were about to start work in the area so we cannot stay long.”

The reviews posted on the website are subjective opinions of TripAdvisor members and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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People visit the Riverwood conservative, and then a quick stop at the Wahoosh Falls, as the falls are 25min away from the park. Recently people are doing a google search of the most worthwhile places to visit for the weekend in Toronto, Mississauga, and Mississauga, Ontario, and are finding Canada Wahoosh Falls in the places worth visiting.

Googling hidden gems in Mississauga, Ontario, will guide you to spend your weekend in Wahoosh falls. You visit Wahoosh falls any time of the year, and you will be invited with the same magical experience as always.

Other places to visit in Mississauga, Ontario

A. Port Credit

By Randy Landicho/ Flickr

The town of Port Credit gives you all the small-town vibes. The town is full of interesting parks where you can spend your quality time with family and friends. Plan a day’s trip to Port Credit and visit all the green and scenic places in the town.

Lake Ontario is a few km from the town, and you can even visit the site.

B. Kariya Park

By Nayuki/ Flickr

Kariya Park is famously known as the twin sister city to Mississauga, Ontario. The park was built as tribute and remembrance of Kariya city of Japan.

The park is located in Mississauga, Ontario, amidst the bustling shopping center. Once you enter the park, you won’t even hear the noisy vehicles on the street outside.

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