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3 Reasons To Celebrate Spring Season In Canada

Are you ready to see Spring Canada?
Spring is the time of rebirth and resurrection. It is the time when everything shines and spreads freshness. The spring season in western countries is the most beautiful to watch. Spring comes in the west coast area of Canada, along with the arrival of beautiful tulips.
Officially it begins on 20 or 21 March. This period is called the spring equinox or the vernal equinox. The equinox occurs in September in the Southern Hemisphere. That’s how the seasons work: Spring, summer, fall, and winter.
In Canada, which lies in the northern hemisphere, the equinox days and nights are on 20 or 21. The flowers bloom, especially in Calgary.

Spring In Canada | Cherry Blossoms | Toronto

With the arrival of Spring in Canada, the country moves into a mood of celebration.  Let us see what Spring Canada looks like. 

1. Festivals of Spring Season

Spring is a time of celebration, and there is no better place to celebrate Spring than in Canada. Canada hosts a wide range of festivals during Spring. So make sure that you don’t miss a single day of Spring! 

1.1 Canadian Tulip Festival

The Canadian Tulip Festival is held in Ottawa, Canada, in May. It is one of the largest tulip festivals in the world. More than 650,000 visitors experience this treat to the eyes, and many tulips are placed all over the city. It is the best day of the year.
The festival began as a gratitude towards the Canadians by the Dutch Royal family. During the Nazi Occupation in the Netherlands, the Queen took shelter in Canada.
Queen Juliana and her family stayed there for three years. As gratitude, they sent 100,000 tulip bulbs to Ottawa. Eventually, Ottawa became famous for its tulips. The first Canadian Tulip Festival was arranged in 1953. The Ottawa Board of Trade and Malak Karsh, a photographer, arranged it in 1953. This led to the beginning of the festival. 

1.2 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

The city of Vancouver celebrates the spring season with the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. It is a month-long celebration of the pink and white flowers that bloom around the city.
These trees were gifts from Japan. They celebrate the joy and happiness that the spring season brings to the country. The founder of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is Linda Poole. She says that the festival is a way to express their gratitude for this gift. 
Every year the festival takes place in April. The festival begins with the most famous Cherry Jam Downtown Concert. The celebration continues over the month. Other events include garden tours, guided walks, art demonstrations, the Cherry Blossom picnic, and so on
A cherry blossom afternoon has got to be the loveliest day of Spring! Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is the best way to celebrate the spring season. You can join like-minded people in the Petal Picnic.
You can view the parties happening in the city’s parks and gardens. Also, you will be provided with specially-themed lunches for your picnic on payment.

1.3 Elmira Maple Syrup Festival

The Elmira Maple Syrup Festival is annually celebrated in Elmira, Ontario, Canada. This festival came into being on 10th April 1965. When the organizers conducted the event, they only expected around 2500 visitors.
But a crowd of about 10000 visitors came to their surprise. And eventually, the game continued annually. The festival even ranked in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2000. It was the largest single-day maple syrup festival globally, with 66,529 visitors in a single day. Globally, visitors attend the festival annually.
The festival’s attractions are pancakes, apple fritters, and homemade toffee. There are log sawing competitions, arts and crafts, sugar bush tours by tractor wagon, and so on. In 2000, the festival served its 500,000th pancake.
During the festival, the main street in the city, Arthur Street, is closed to vehicles. Here, shops are set to sell souvenirs and other items. A board organizes this and is run by around 2000 volunteers. 
From the start, the festival’s profit is given to charity and not-for-profit organizations. They help people with disabilities. Forty percent of the benefit is given to the Elmira District Community Living. The remaining is divided among the organizations. 
Photo by Nadine Primeau on Unsplash

1.4 Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival

 Another attraction of the spring season is the Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival. It is an annual agricultural celebration. It is held in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley during the last weekend of May.
This festival was established in 1933 to promote agricultural heritage and traditions. People from Windsor to Digby come together to celebrate this festival every year.  It is the best day of the year for the valley residents! The festival is meant to give people the experience of the natural environment of the Valley. It provides an opportunity to enhance the local culture by organizing various events.
The region experienced many changes. As a result, the festival promotes the local culture and natural environment. Around 300 volunteers plan and participate, which begins months before the festival. 
The festival’s main events are Grand Street Parade, Children’s Parade, and Coronation for Annapolis. There is dance, barbecues, and old-styled home-cooked dinners at churches and community halls. A light dinner on a quiet, full-moon night is a lovely experience. There are other social events throughout the city. 
There is also an Apple Blossom Grand Street Parade. It is one of the largest in Canada, with around 100000 people joining. Canada also witnesses the largest Children’s Parade. It is in the early hours before the grand Street Parade. 

2. Places to Visit 

Anytime in Spring is easily the best day of the year for a tourist. Let us see the bright spots of Spring Canada! In addition to the festivals during the spring season, many parts of Canada provide a visual treat as part of the Spring.

2.1 Vancouver

 Vancouver is one of the most beautiful parts of Canada during the spring season. It is filled with parks, mountains, the sea, beautiful cherry blossom trees, and so on. The site is gorgeous and becomes heaven during Spring. You will be confused about where to start.
The city’s attractions during the season include a bike ride around the town by Cycle City Tours. It goes through Stanley Park, Granville Island Public Market, Olympic Village, Chinatown, and Gastown. 
There are many famous restaurants in the city. There is Bao Bei, where you get handmade dumplings. They also serve crispy daikon cakes and Sichuan cucumbers. There is a famous Indian restaurant that hosts people like Justin Trudeau and Harrison Ford.   
There are also a lot of festivals that happen during Spring in Vancouver. The most famous one is the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival mentioned earlier. The streets and roads will be covered with the beautiful flowers of the cherry trees.
The festival includes arts, bike rides, cherry blossom tours, and so on. It would surely be a treat for you to visit Vancouver during Spring. It remains a must-watch site for the spring season. 
Photo by from Shutterstock

2.2 Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria is often forgotten during the spring season behind the limelight of Vancouver. But there is so much that you can do here in Spring.
You can run around the tulip field or have a casual outing in the Spring with your family. Victoria is the perfect place. 
The Butchart Gardens and Hatley Castle and Gardens are perfect for nature lovers. The Butchart Gardens is a 55-acre ground of all things beautiful and bright.
The place is a haven of beautiful flowers like tulips and magnolias daffodils. The Hatley Castle and Garden is a fairyland with historic buildings and flowers. It is filled with hundreds of unique flowers from all around the world. 
Victoria Butterfly Gardens is for butterfly lovers. It is situated in a tropical paradise. You can see a wide range of butterflies. You can wander around watching exotic flowers and carnivorous plants and grass.
There are frogs, tortoises, flamingos, insects, and giant iguanas. There is a wide range of colorful butterflies from many corners of the world.  In Chinatown, you can explore around on foot. There are a lot of courtyards and alleyways through which you can walk and explore. These alleys include many theatres and a wide range of restaurants. There is also Chinatown and the Royal BC Museum for lovers of architecture.
The Royal BC Museum shows you the history of the region. The museum allows you to experience Victoria in the 1880s. There is also a First People’s Gallery. You could get close to intricately carved totem poles. 

2.3 Toronto

Toronto always has something in store at every time of the year. There are many attractions in central Toronto. But there are a few places that are special during the spring season. The Toronto Flower Market, Toronto Zoo, High Park, and Tommy Thompson Park are nice places.
The beautiful flowers and plants in Toronto Flower Market would light up any room. They are the highlights of spring Canada. You can walk around and see beautiful flowers.
You can get some of the best flowers and green plants in Ontario, where it is grown. The market is active during May and goes on until October. Everything you find in the market is unique. All the flowers you see are grown locally in the same month. 
When High Park blossoms in Spring, it is after a long wait since winter. The winter coats go back to the closet. The cherry blossoms would bloom, and the landscapes would be cleaned for new plant growth.
There is also a trackless train in High Park in which you can travel around the park. The stops include Jamie Bell Adventure Playground and High Park Zoo. They also halt at Grenadier Restaurant and Pond and Hillside Gardens.
Spring season is the best time to visit Tommy Thompson Park. You will find the most significant natural habitat here. You can see this corner of the city turning green. Toronto is home to dunes, cobble beaches, wildflower meadows, coastal marshes, and so on. The park is the best for bird watching.
You could walk between April and June and the mid-months of August and November. 
Photo by from Shutterstock

2.4 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Spring Canada experiences warm weather. But Halifax experiences a damp and rainy climate. Even though there is only a little to do, Nova Scotia gives the best Spring experience.
The springtime is the best road trip to see the places before the tourist season begins. Visitors could drive along the coastline. They can go through the Annapolis Valley or along the Cabot Trail.
If the weather is good, you can catch games by the Halifax Mooseheads (the city’s QMJHL team) until the half of May.  Spring doesn’t mean that you can avoid the beach. Winter storms bring a lot of treasures from the ocean. So Spring the best time for beachcombing.
As the place is mostly wet, indoor activities are mostly entertaining. There are a lot of museums and art galleries you can visit in the province. There is a Burger Week taking place around 20 or 21 march equinox annually. For one whole week, the restaurants sell burgers of various flavors.
Following this is a full range of spring season festivals. The Halifax Comedy Fest is in April. The Scotia Festival of Music is in May, and the Shelburne County Lobster Festival is in June. 21st June is the period of the summer solstice.

2.5 Montreal, Quebec

The spring season in Quebec is an endless path to activities. You can do a wide range of activities in this place. It ranges from enjoying the maple season to watching the birds.
Springtime is the sweetest season of maple syrup. You can enjoy the sugar season in the various sugar shacks and learn to gather maple sap in the old style. You can also enjoy a feast of traditional Quebec cuisine. You can walk through the woods, enjoying the enchanting scenery. 
Utilize the time you have and enjoy the whole of Montreal on wheels. Montreal has user-friendly bike paths with rentable bikes. They take you around the whole island.
You can also practice speed cycling at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. It is the famous formula one race track. One can enjoy the panoramic view of the city from various spots.
There are many spots in the city where you can see a great picture of the whole place. You can also head to the Citadelle to watch the Changing of the Guard ceremony. This historic site is famous for its star-shaped formation and view of the city and St Lawrence River.

2.6 Banff, Alberta

The Banff National Park in Alberta has many spring season activities. They include spring skiing and sightseeing. The best time to visit the park is during the spring season. 
If you walk around the park, you will know why it was pronounced UNESCO World Heritage Sirte. Tunnel Mountain, Sundance Canyon, and Marsh Loop will become snow-free by April.
You can walk around watching the situation. Spring is also the time when animals come out of hibernation.  In the heart of the Canadian Rockies lies Lake Minnewanka. It is the largest lake in Banff National Park.
This lake valley provides the most fabulous and spectacular wildlife sceneries. It opens in mid-May when the ice has melted. You can learn about the history of the place, along with native folklore and geology.
Photo by Nick Fox from Shutterstock

2.7 Nokomis

Nokomis is a perfect destination for the whole year. It is a spectacular watch during the spring season. By the end of April and the beginning of May, many birds migrate to this place. This place is easy to access the popular regions for canoeing, golf, and hiking.
The Last Mountain Regional Park is 30 km away from Nokomis. It has a bird observatory where you can watch the process of catching and banding birds. It is the only place where you can watch bird banding. The birds are attached to electronic tags to observe their movements.

3. Things to Do

3.1 Spring skiing

When is Spring in Canada? When can you ski? There are many reasons to go skiing in different parts of Canada during spring. The best part of spring skiing is that the slopes are quieter and shorter.
There is more sunlight at this time of the year. The temperature is warm, and you can drink in the sun after heavy skiing. 
During the spring season, there are high ticket and accommodation deals. During this time, most ski resorts open until the beginning or middle of April. They finish the season with skiing competitions. The participants jump into the icy pool of water, wearing costumes! In general, the atmosphere is calm and pleasant.
Some other resorts stay open until May for the last set of tourists enjoying the season. 

3.2 Watching Waterfalls

When is Spring in Canada? Can you expect waterfalls? The spring season is an ideal time for watching waterfalls in Canada. The snow melting by the start of SprSpringings is a massive current in water flow. The roars of the waterfalls are so loud and amazing to watch.
The places could be dangerous too, as the waterfalls could be slippery due to the mist. Especially in SprSpringhe waterfall flow is higher than the average speed. 
Certain precautions must be taken while you go watching these waterfalls. Stay away from the ledge above the waterfall and keep an eye on where you step. Also, make sure that you don’t climb around the waterfalls. Wear footwear with a good grip, and no flip-flops are allowed. 
Photo by from Shutterstock

3.3 Whale watching

  Whale watching is another attraction of the spring season. As the temperature goes down, the whales come to Canada’s shoreline.
It is more specific in Tadoussac, Quebec, where around eleven whales come to the shore. In Tofino, British Columbia, whale watching goes on for a long time. The tourist season starts as early as 20 or 21 March. 
Whale watching in SprSpring is quite easy. During this time, there are fewer and quieter tour boats on the water. Also, in the ocean, the climate would be colder than on land. So one must make sure to carry the proper gear. 

3.4 Hiking

With the arrival of the spring season, the hiking season also begins. In various provinces, the time of hiking is different. But sea-level hiking usually takes place in May.
With such a warm temperature, British Columbia is the perfect place for hiking. Nova Scotia will be the next in line with the ocean’s wind, keeping the climate warm. 
People going hiking should keep in mind that there are many unavoidable hazards. There is mud, slippery rocks, and an occasional snowfall. So the necessary precautions must be taken

3.5 Victoria Day

Other than Easter, another Canadian holiday during Spring is Victoria Day. It is held on the last Monday before 25th May. It is observed as a federal holiday to commemorate Queen Victoria’s birthday. 
Victoria Day is always the first weekend to go camping. Also, an excuse for a drink! Some cities even arrange fireworks and displays. 
Since 1845, Victoria Day has been celebrated in Canada. It is a holiday in every province and territory except Quebec. In Quebec, it is marked as National Patriots’ Day. 

Closing Thoughts

In the study of meteorological spring, or meteorological seasons as its more commonly known. These seasons are classified as the most important time in the four seasons. Particularly the early spring that bring warmer temperatures to the region. The first day of spring marks the start of the flowering plants bloom in all natural events as the warm air begins to gather in the atmosphere.

It is great to step out for a breath of fresh air. There are several exciting celebrations and activities during the spring season in Canada. If you know more about spring Canada, let us know below in the comments!

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