Honey dripping on the delicious pancakes. Honey dripping on the delicious pancakes.

How to Buy the Best Quality Honey? A Comprehensive Guide

Honey is healthier and a better alternative to sugar. But it is also one of the most adulterated products. So, how do you find good honey? Which are the top brands known for their quality? Let’s take a look.

1. What Is so Special about Honey?

Honey is an ingredient found in kitchen pantries, known for its culinary and medicinal properties. It can be added to tea used in cooking or baking or enjoyed as it is. However, it’s important to note that not all honey tastes the same.

a honey jar with the dipper.
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1.1) Types of H0ney

Some varieties have a fruity flavour profile while others lean towards a taste. The texture of honey can also vary, with some being creamed honey while others being drizzleable. Even though there are different types of honey, it is advised to use raw, unpasteurized, and unfiltered honey.

Now, let’s move ahead to know about the natural benefits of honey.

2. Benefits of Consuming Honey

Honey has many medicinal qualities and is also a very healthy sugar substitute. Besides this, there are numerous other health benefits of honey to look at.

2.1) Full of Antioxidants

Honey has a lot of antioxidant molecules to protect our body from unwanted diseases. It is rich with polyphenols which is a significant chemical in treating a few cardiological diseases.1

2.2) Source of Phytonutrients

Phytonutrients or phytochemicals are natural compounds that are processed by plants. These nutrients help the plants to be healthy and free from any pesticide attacks. They even protect the plant from harmful UV rays2. Therefore, you can use pure raw honey to serve this purpose.

2.3) Healing Properties

If you have a cough, no worries. Honey has medicinal properties to heal sore throats. You can take 1 tablespoon of honey with warm water or milk to cure your sore throat. Plus, you can eat it as it is to improve your immune system3.

Other than this, honey is effective in dealing with digestive system diseases4 like diarrhea. The probiotics present in this sweet treat will help you solve your problem.

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Pure raw honey can save you from infections as it has many antibacterial and antifungal properties. Because of these properties, this sweet liquid gold can treat eczema.

It may also be used to treat wounds and small cuts as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Canada and Its Honey Production

Canada is one of the top ten countries that produces the largest share of honey worldwide. It also exports more than half of the honey processed to other countries.

Canada has vast pastures and a plethora of fauna which helps bees to make good quality honey. Because of the variety of flower species, we can get different flavored honey too.

One thing you should know about honey is that it gets crystallized after some time. Don’t worry, it’s nothing related to its expiration or quality. Products having glucose, sucrose, or corn syrup tend to crystallize if exposed to low temperatures. Hence it is advised to keep your honey at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

What is the best honey to buy
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Now we know all the basics of honey and its production scale in Canada. Let’s move on to the best honey available in Canada with its distinct qualities.

4. Best Honey Farms in Canada

The best honey is the one that is directly brought from the farms. Therefore, here is a list of the best apiaries and farms from where you can get high-quality honey with different flavors.

4.1) BCB Honey Farm

Location: 4121 King George Blvd, Surrey, British Columbia V3Z 1G6, Canada

Established in 2003, BCB Honey Farm is one of the best manufacturers of honey in Canada. This company specializes in a cold-extraction method that helps the honey to retain all its nutrients which can be lost due to heating. The honey produced by BCB Honey Farm is unpasteurized and unfiltered, maintaining the natural consistency of honey with pollen grains, royal jelly, and antioxidants.

You can choose from a variety of flavors like sweet clover, blueberry, wildflowers, fireweed, and buckwheat honey. You can order this authentic pure raw honey from the official website of the farm or the farm store in Surrey.

4.2) Arlo’s Honey Farm

Location: 2290 Saucier Road, Kelowna, British Columbia V1W 4B8, Canada

Arlo’s Honey Farm is a three generations old farm run by the St. Laurent Family. The farm workers extract the honey in the Okanagan and then filter it to remove impurities. The honey is not pasteurised so all the vitamins and antioxidants remain intact. Even though the honey is filtered, the company provides a variety of raw and unfiltered Wildflower honey.

a professional harvesting bee hives for honey.
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Other than Wildflower, Arlo’s Farm produces some batches of Elderberry, Lindon, Sage, and Noir honey. Fresh Honeycomb is also there for sale to satisfy those who want to cherish the delicious honey.

Arlo’s Honey Farm has a website that sells not only honey but a variety of other products. This includes wax strips, candles, lip balms, and much more. Therefore, you can grab your honey jar by simply placing an order on their website.

4.3) Planet Bee Honey Farm

Location: 5011 Bella Vista Road, Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

Planet Bee Honey is a family-owned farm started in 1997. It claims to have 100% pure, raw, and unfiltered honey. This farm also doesn’t produce pasteurized honey. You can book an educational visit to this farm and the guides will give presentations to satisfy your curiosity.

The farm provides a collection of different products. From honey to body & skincare to health care products, they got you covered. The family also produces honey wine for alcohol lovers. You will be surprised to see unique recipes that can be made using their different flavored honey.

Do visit the official website of Planet Bee Honey and see the wonderful and amazing products which are just a few clicks away.

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4.4) Fresh Roots Farm

Location: MB-3, Cartwright, MB R0K 0L0, Canada

Founded in 2011, Fresh Roots Farm is known especially for its raw honey. The farm provides a vast pastoral land to bees so they can collect nectar and produce top-quality honey. The bees have access to different native and tame flowers like dandelion, willow, clover, alfalfa, and a lot more.

Apart from honey, the farm sells grass-fed lamb, beef, eggs, spices, and butter. You can also order sausages, taco packs, and beef bone broth packs. And to top it all, there are great recipes on their website you can look at.

You can get these genuine and original food items on the official website of Fresh Roots Farm or visit their store in Manitoba.

4.5) Savannah Bee Company

Location: There are many in different regions of the country. Visit the website to locate the nearest office.

Focused on constructing a better environment for bees, Savannah Bee Company also produces many bees-related products. The most popular is their acacia honey. This type of honey is made when the bees pick from black locust trees. Acacia honey5 has special features like runny consistency and negligible crystallization compared to other honey.

a bee hive with a lot of bees in it.
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Apart from honey, the company sells pure honeycomb, bee pollen, mead, and a variety of other honey-related products for skincare and healthcare.

Go through the website of Savannah Bee Company and grab the things that pique your interest.

4.6) Worker Bee Honey Company

Location: 10609 McGrath Road Rosedale, British Columbia, V0X 1X2, Canada

Worker Bee Honey Company is British Columbia’s largest apiary owned by a family enterprise. The company deals with bulk orders of honey in different varieties. Along with honey, you get to buy beeswax too.

Stop at the company’s website and see the variety of honey flavors that are up for sale.

5. Best Honey Brands You Can Use in Canada

Other than farms, we have many brands that sell honey in more convenient ways. To get the best honey you should think about some factors like,

i) From where the honey is processed?

ii) Is the sourcing ethical or not? and

iii) Is it organic or not?

Also, you should always check the shell life printed on the jar or bottle to consume only the good honey. So, to reduce your work, here are the top honey-producing brands to pick from based on your preference.

5.1) Wedderspoon Raw Premium Manuka Honey

This Wedderspoon tasty raw honey is the best overall honey among the other available ones in the convenience stores of Canada. It has a great taste and a long shelf life with living enzymes and antioxidants. A raw creaming process is done to ensure the honey has its beneficial compounds in place.

a close-up of a honey jar with the dipper pouring the honey.
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Having this honey in your daily diet will help you boost immunity. It also has healing properties and is a great ingredient for skincare.

5.2) Hilltop British Blossom honey

The British Blossom honey is made by British Beekeepers and hence is sourced. This amber-colored sweet honey has rich a flavor with mild floral notes. This 100% pure and natural honey is so versatile making it perfect for your everyday use. Add it to your tea or toast and enjoy the sweet delicacy.

5.3) Naturoney Organic Honey

This is the best organic honey you can get from your nearby stores. This amber-colored honey is unpasteurized and gives no artificial flavor. The Naturoney organic honey is the best choice for vegetarians and to improve your nutrient intake.

5.4) HoneyGramz New York Linden Honey

HoneyGramz Linden honey is a pure raw honey that is extracted from the nectar of linden tree flowers. This honey is light golden with a true taste and a unique floral scent. Enjoy the taste of Linden honey by adding in tea or over fruits.

A jar of honey with the dipper in it.
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5.5) New Zealand Honey Company Manuka Honey

New Zealand Honey Company is known for its raw premium manuka honey. This honey is extracted when the bees collect nectar from the flowers of the manuka tree. It is great with natural health benefits and helps with improving your skin. The Company’s honey has many accreditations like a license from UMF(Unique Manuka Factor)6 and is certified by Non-GoMO and FIANZ( Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand)7.

So, don’t wait and grab your jar of New Zealand Honey to enjoy its benefits.

5.6) Dutchman’s Gold Raw Honey

A healthy and sustainable alternative to sugar, Dutchman’s Gold Raw Honey is the best-unfiltered honey in Canada. It is processed using the cold-extraction method to maintain its authenticity. One of the unique characteristics of this honey is that it stays in a semi-solid state at room temperature making it a perfect spread for toast.

5.7) The Honey Company’s Clover Honey

The Honey Company produces different types of honey. But the most demanded among the various kinds of honey is clover honey. It is 100% pure, raw and unpasteurized. Also, it’s not filtered honey and has a mild flavor of tang. It is the best food product to add to your desserts for the right level of sweetness.

5.8) Kiva Certified Raw Manuka Honey

This Kiva-certified raw manuka honey is produced by the nectar of manuka flowers. It is glyphosate-free and is UMF(Unique Manuka Factor) as well as MGO(Methylglyoxal)8 certified. Therefore, feel free to relish in the goodness of this honey with your smoothies, toasts, cereals, or simply in warm water. It is also great for your skin so feel free to apply it to your face and take advantage of the great benefits of this raw manuka honey.

A bee sitting on a flower.
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5.9) Local Honey Man British Golden Honey

The Local Honey Man makes its ultimate honey by making the bees feed on different varieties of flowers. This includes clover, daffodils, manuka trees, blackberries, and many more. It is a great energy-giving food so just take one tablespoon and you are good to go.

5.10) Doyon Pure Natural Honey

Doyon Pure Natural honey is a great aromatic honey in Canada. It is commonly known as the liquid white honey. It undergoes pasteurization leading to its unique golden-white color and characteristic aroma. This product comes usually in squeeze bottles therefore, squeeze this amazing sweetness into your daily diet.

6. Conclusion

Hence we can say that there are many authentic and healthy honeys in Canada to choose from. You can buy any type of honey, be it organic, aromatic, diet-friendly, or raw. Having honey daily will give you significant results with smooth skin and great energy.

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