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Top 7 Golden British Columbia Restaurants

Golden is a town situated in southeastern British Columbia, Canada. Golden British Columbia compiles under 4000 population. It is built around the convergence of the kicking horse river and the Columbia amidst the Purcell and Rocky mountains range.

The reason behind the pass and river named Kicking Horse was when Sir James Hector, a geologist, naturalist, and surgeon, was kicked by his horse and was believed to be dead by expedition members.

If the mountain enthralls you then do explore this Golden bc a small town burrowed in the mountains is a natural beauty. Calgary is the nearest city to the Golden bc if live their then a quick weekend getaway is a perfect option for you to spend some time in the woods.

Things to keep in mind before visiting Golden BC:-

You can stay either right on the ski hill at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort or you can stay inside the town of Golden. Accommodation is almost inexpensive every year in the winter months and a bit more expensive in the warmer months. Moreover, it’s much cheaper than staying in Canmore or Banff. There is a wide range of places to stay in Golden BC.

The historical aspect of Golden British Columbia existence-


-The majority of Golden BC town is linked with the Canadian Pacific Railway (between lake Louise and Field and the logging industry.

-In the year 1807, renowned fur trader, map maker, and surveyor named David Thompson was assigned a task by the North West Company to start up a trading route to the cost-effective trading territories of the Pacific Northwest first crossed over the Rocky Mountains and then proceed along the Blaeberry River to the ensuing site of Golden BC.

– In the forage of the Columbia River and, ultimately, a passage to the Pacific Ocean, Thompson’s voyage took him to the intersecting place of the legendary Columbia and Kicking Horse River.

– Between the years 1857 and 1860 the Palliser Expedition which was led by John Palliser inspected and surveyed western Canada. The expedition found a high mountain pass across the Continental Divide which later became the path from where the route of the mainline constructed between Lake Louise and Field by the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR).

– The CRP hired a surveyor named A.B. Rogers in 1881 to find a rail route through the Selkirk and Rocky Mountains, and in the following year 1882, he found the pass now named for him.

-Rogers established a base camp for his survey crew led by a man named McMillan. Initially known as McMillan’s Camp, the settlement was the beginning of the town of Golden British Columbia.

– By 1884, in response to a nearby lumber camp naming itself Silver City, the residents of McMillan’s Camp decided not to be outdone and renamed the settlement Golden City, Soon the term “City” became a little too pretentious for most and the town became known simply as Golden.

-Golden BC would not subsist without the Canadian Pacific Railway in short CPR.

-As a matter of fact, the railway’s existence helped establish Golden town place in Canada. As the Canadian Pacific Railway built its cross-country chain of rails, Canadian Pacific Railway used Golden as a base camp as it outstretched further inside the western part of British Columbia.

-The railway project was wrapped-up in 1885 and Golden soon became a popular stop on the line. The Canadian Pacific Railway also make it easies for the construction of the Trans-Canada Highway, which helped to remodel the area from a forest habitation to a true community.

-To construct the Canada Pacific line, which required huge quantities of timber for trestles, railway ties, snowsheds, and buildings, was the catalyst for the growth of the forest industry in Golden. For more than a century, the Canadian Pacific Railway and the forestry industry have provided employment and well-being to the town.

Top 7 restaurants in Golden British Columbia-

1- Indian Kitchen

If you take delight in eating spicy Indian food, you’re going to love it here. It has mouth-watering dishes like Palak Paneer with Basmati Rice and the menu is diverse so there are various options for each person.

A pocket-friendly tip, to get 10% off on your order is to stay at the hotel next to Indian Kitchen and do let the restaurant staff know that you are staying in that Hotel.

Located on 1439 Lafontaine Rd, Golden, British Columbia VOA 1H3 Canada. It’s authentic Indian cuisine one could ask for in Golden British Columbia.

It is highly convenient for the passerby in the golden town, if you are in search of a lunch or dinner spot after a picnic day or just a casual day on the river, you can not get any more convenient eateries than Indian Kitchen.

The restaurant has a spacious dining room so this is a good choice if you are traveling with a group in Golden Bc. If you are not big on dining in there is also the option for take-out.

Don’t forget to try Dal Makhni, Lababdar, Aloo Gobhi, Assortment Grill, Naan, Vegetable Korma, and its vegan friendly as well so you get everything in this Golden British Columbia restaurant.

With a dark brown dining table and chairs and dim yellow ceiling lights, the interior of this Golden BC gives urbane with a local twist ambiance.

2- Eleven 22

Eleven22 Restaurant
Source: Eleven22 website

Looking for a welcoming, intimate, and cozy atmosphere, search no more because Eleven 22 has covered it all.

This Golden BC was converted into a restaurant from an old heritage home, the atmosphere in Eleven 22 is crisp and lively.

The food is undoudebtly delicious especially the Dragon Boat and the gin/elderflower cocktail and the staff is always very friendly.

Experience the fine dining here by munching on seafood pasta along with chocolate cheesecake as after meal dessert you can eat either inside or outside in the little garden.

This is a great restaurant to celebrate special occasions and big milestones – the low lighting and decor make it feel romantic and intimate.

The Eleven 22 has an elegant menu with a concoction of Canadian and Asian cuisine and it also offers various selections of imported wines and liqueurs.

Their dishes are created using fresh ingredients, this Golden BC offers a 3 course special between 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

It is among the smallest restaurants in Golden Bc town, so you should make a reservation before paying a visit to this place.

3- Red Tomato Pies

They definitely have the right spice on their meals, especially in Pizza. Grab a pizza and enjoy it by the Kicking Horse River.

If your go-to food is Pizza, then Red Tomato Pies should be your next stop. There are no dining-in options available take away only, but get it delivered or pick it up in town and have a picnic.

There are benches lining near the Kicking Horse River if you would like to have dinner in a crisp and calm environment with the river flowing by or drive up to Mount 7. It will be one of the best views you have ever experienced while munching on a slice of pizza.

Keep this thing in mind before visiting this restaurant nearby Kicking horse river that their phone system is a bit different.

There will be a way too long silence and you will think either you have dialed a wrong number or something is wrong with the number, but hold on for a bit and someone will pick up.

4- Wolf’s Den

Craving burgers, grab a bite at Wolf’s Den which serves the best burgers in town, the Wolf’s Den offers a big selection of burgers and other dishes like Manhattan-style loaded french fries and a warm atmosphere.

The build-up of the restaurant is full of woods.

Burgers, burgers, and burgers their menu has a variety of them. They definitely win when it comes to selection have you ever tried mac ‘n cheese on your burger? if not then do grab a bite here.

Apart from burgers do try their Poutine.

If you are not in the mood (well it’s impossible considering the ambiance) to dine in then the takeout option is also available here.

The vibe of the restaurant is wild hence the name. The comfy atmosphere in a picturesque log building gives visitors a feeling like they are eating in a warm cabin.

Each Friday night there is a live music performance going on. It is a fun spot to spend your weekends in Golden Bc

Times can sometimes be a Tad-bit long, so plan on relaxing and having a drink and a chat with your loved ones or maybe alone.

5- Whitetooth Bistro

Whitetooth Mountain Bistro is situated in Golden BC  silhouetting the Kootenay Mountains and the Dogtooth Range.

This restaurant has been a go-to for the natives as well as for the tourist since 2007. Visit this restaurant nestled in the Canadian Rockies.

They have a wide range of food items on their menu that too for kids below 10 years.

The food served at this golden Bistro is lips-smacking and every time you come here you will find a good vegan option available in their menu as well.

The food at The Bistro is authentic and fresh. The restaurant has bagged many awards which include Wine Spectator’s ‘Award of Excellence recognizing the bistro’s Pacific Northwest selections as being part of one of the best restaurant wine lists in the world.

At the Kicking Horse Country annual Gala Awards Event, the Whitetooth Bistro won the Gold Medal in the Culinary Award the Winner additionally the boutique also won the Business of the Year by the Kicking Horse Chamber of Commerce.

The interiors of Whitetooth Bistro have a classic deep brown and black buildup of sage green walls, locally obtained wood furniture, with black and white photos as a prop.

They have an ample wine list and a beautiful rooftop patio that overlooks the Kicking Horse River. The Bistro’s menu is a concoction of veggies, meat, gluten-free foods, and vegan.

Undoubtedly they have the best options for vegans like vegan frittata, but also a wide selection of meaty entrees and burgers.

If this isn’t convincing enough for you to explore, and eat here then I don’t know what is.

The Whitetooth Bistro is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and their menu changes seasonally. The atmosphere is simple, and casual with a cozy feel.

The restaurant is tiny and the tables are knitted together making a warm atmosphere. If you are going with more than two people make sure to call ahead to make a reservation.

6- Jita’s Cafe

To begin with, Jita’s Cafe is a hub of instant and yummy food, and a lively environment to connect to the wifi if you need to get an office or school work done while sipping on a hot cup of coffee.

For a quick lunch or an afternoon snack, Jita’s Cafe is a cute place to spend some time gobbling. Everything here is homecooked, from scratch, and here you will also find a selection of homemade treats. The menu offers, sandwiches, wraps, curries, soup, salads, and more, and the food comes instantly.

Jita’s Cafe offers Asian foods on its menu as well as Kimchi a staple in Korean cuisine. The staff here is friendly and works instantly. In Dessert, you can get mouth-watering cakes and pastries.

If you are hungry but on a time constraint, this is where I had recommended it. If you need to complete that work deadline while you are in Golden BC, it is also a convenient spot for that. There is lots of pleasant seating and you can connect to their free wifi.

The open counter set-up of the cafe looks like the replica of Luke’s an iconic cafe in the American TV show Gilmore Girls

If you are traveling in summer times then takeaway an Iced latte and iced mocha from Jita’s.

7- Eagle’s eye restaurant

Considered as the jewel of the crown in the resort industry of Canada the Eagle’s eye is nestled on the Kicking horse trail, in British Columbia.

A visit to Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is incomplete without this essential mountaintop dining experience. Basically, it is very recognizable without up-to-date information it’s tricky to visit, so dine-in reservations are highly recommended.

The winter holidays are incomplete without lodging in the Eagle’s Eye Restaurant.

Eagle’s Eye Restaurant, Kicking Horse has received many praises and had been rated excellent on Trip Advisor over 200 times.

They have an enormously exquisite menu to munch on from starters, entrees, to cocktails. Early dinner dine-in includes gondola access as well.

Eagle’s Eye is open for dinner reservations on Friday and Saturday nights, and holidays. I again recommend making reservations to ensure your table and do confirm that the Eagle’s Eye hasn’t been previously reserved for a special function.

There are many things to explore in kicking horses like mountain biking, gondola, hiking, and ski resort.

It’s altogether an exquisite experience to visit and explore the Eagle’s Eye restaurant, Kicking horse.

Things to indulge on visiting Golden British Columbia-

-There are so many other things surrounding the Golden bc apart from mountains and woods mostly national parks are the closest destination to satisfy your wildlife-enthusiast soul.

– It’s the perfect location to explore Canada’s six national parks namely Banff national park, Yoho, Jasper national park, Glacier national park, Mount Revelstoke, and Kootenay National Parks.

-People usually come to Golden British Columbia to sift through the green trails, to breathe fresh air, to take a break from their hectic schedule, to hike alongside the kicking horse river, to whitewater rafting on the kicking horse river it provides an enthralling journey through Yoho national park which 30 minutes west on the Trans Canada Hwy, the Canadian Rockies, and to spot boo the grizzly bears refuge at kicking horse resort.

-There are so many things to explore in this vast nest of Canadian Rockies, make sure to pack some snug woolen clothes, moisturizers, hiking shoes, torch, and windcheaters if you are traveling in winters.

-Pitt meadows a spirit square is a place where people from the community gather to chill and have fun and sometimes spirit squares often feature live music events in the warmer months Golden. Be sure to walk across the wooden pedestrian bridge in Golden too. On the panels of the bridge, information pieces are inscribed.

-Here staff maintains thirty-six municipal, community, and parks surrounding the neighborhood, and in addition, it includes 27 areas that include medians, boulevards, and traffic circles. Maintaining their residents to have, safe, clean, active, and beautiful spacious green spaces are at the core of the Parks Division’s work.

-An unknown fact about boo the grizzly bear refuge is that it’s the world’s largest one. You don’t have to google about the grizzly bear, they are Northern American brown bears.

-Camping is something that’s on every British Columbia citizen’s bucket list and nothing will give you the experience of beautiful national parks like Yoho National park it is undoubtedly the most beautiful national park in Canada.

Spend your holiday in Golden BC and wander around the rugged landscape of Kicking Horse Country Golden.

Satisfy your appetite for adventure in Golden, from hiking, kayaking, and river rafting to ice climbing, sledding, and heli-skiing.

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