Guide To Whispering Springs – 3 Best Facilities!

Whispering Springs is a place that is probably not known to many. Before going into the details of Whispering Springs, we should probably be aware of a few things first.

It is not uncommon that people will visit new places and explore those places. Most people love to do this and try to explore new places and add them to their visited places.

But going to a particular place is not enough. Before going somewhere or visiting a specific location, one should always know the place’s advantages and disadvantages.

The person should know the things that make the place unique and what things the place can improve to provide stellar service.

To do so, the person should always go through the reviews of the place. Whether the reviews are good or bad, the person should check out the positive and the negative feedback given by customers who have already visited the place.

This is probably an essential part that a person needs to do before visiting a site and exploring it. Similarly, when you visit a place to play golf, you need to know everything about it.

You need to know where the site is, what the area’s specialties are, how many carts will be provided by the club per tee time if there is any place to have food (because one might feel hungry after playing golf), etc.

These are just a few things that one should check out before visiting a golf club.

Moreover, the person should also keep an eye out for the things that the other people say that the club can improve so that when the person ultimately does visit the place, they can judge those things for themselves and not rely on outside comments/sources.

About Whispering Springs

Whispering Springs
Photo from Whispering Springs Golf Club website

Whispering Springs is a Golf course club located at 380 Whispering Springs Drive, Fond du Lac. It is situated on a wooden ledge that overlooks Fond du Lac in Wisconsin.

This golf course club was built in the year 1996 by architect Bob Lohmann. The course is seen to be located about an hour from every central metropolitan area in Wisconsin.

The Whispering Springs Golf Club course begins in an open, grassy meadow type and goes further to the more hilly and forested terrain.

This itself proves the landscape to be pretty diverse, allowing no two holes to look the same. It gives every hole a unique character, whether it is tee or green.

The layout of Whispering Springs Golf Club is set in such a manner that it will put your short game skills to the test.

However, the course is known to be challenging to play on windy days, which makes the club selection all the more critical.

The most challenging part of the course is the greens, which are often surrounded by many different kinds of bunkering and mounding.

However, it is also the five different sets of tees that allow you or give you the option to adapt the game according to your skills, as it also allows you to choose the length of the golf course that matches your playing ability.

Whispering Springs Golf Club is known to be surrounded by a mix of hardwood forests and meadowlands and thus also has an exciting array of golf holes surrounding the entire place.

Whispering Springs also tries to give the best experience to the club’s visitors at a pretty affordable price. The efforts of Whispering Springs Golf Club have helped them earn a reputation that revolves around VALUE.

Whispering Springs Golf Club has staff who are known to provide excellent tips so that you can play the best round of golf. Whispering Springs Golf Club has also been ranked the best Golf Club in Fond de Luc for 11 years in a row!

Aerial view
Photo from Whispering Springs Golf Club website

The parking lot at Whispering Springs Golf Club consists of 72 more than enough spaces to accommodate almost everyone visiting the place. The length of the Whispering Springs Golf Club is 6960 yards, and it is known to consist of 18 holes.

Whispering Springs also provides you with the option to rent the carts and clubs according to your requirement or necessity. The practice or instruction supplied by Whispering Springs Golf Club can be looked up at

A dress code is prevalent for entering this club, which should be an appropriate and proper golf attire.

The facilities available at Whispering Springs Golf club are allowance to visit the clubhouse, complete practice center, banquet facilities, and meeting facilities.

It also provides a full menu of bar and grill facilities to the members of the club.

Tee Details of Whispering Springs

The Tee details of the Whispering Springs Golf Club are the following:

  1. The Black tee is known to have a PAR of 72, a LENGTH of 6960 yards, a RATING of 73,9, and a SLOPE of 134.
  2. The Blue tee is known to have a PAR of 72, LENGTH of 6523 yards, a RATING of 71.8, and a SLOPE of 129.
  3. The White tee is known to have a PAR of 72, a LENGTH of 6140 yards, a RATING of 70.1, and a SLOPE of 125.
  4. The Gold tee is known to have a PAR of 72, LENGTH of 5802 yards, a RATING of 68.4, and a SLOPE of 122.
  5. The Gold (W) tee is known to have a PAR of 72, LENGTH of 5802 yards, a RATING of 73.6, and a SLOPE of 129.
  6. The Green tee is known to have a PAR of 72, a LENGTH of 5505 yards, a RATING of 67, and a SLOPE of 119.
  7. The Green (W) tee is known to have a PAR of 72, LENGTH of 5505 yards, a RATING of 71.9, and a SLOPE of 126.
  8. The Red tee is known to have a PAR of 72, LENGTH of 5207  yards, a RATING of 70.3, and a SLOPE of 121.

Facilities Available in Whispering Springs Golf Club

Here are some of the features of Whispering Springs Golf Club.

1. Tee Times

Booking Policy for Online Tee Times

  • To gain exact accuracy, you will be required to refine your search to the correct date and time range.
  • To guarantee your reservation, you will have to have a valid credit card to book a tee.
  • The tee times can be made up to 14 days in advance.
  • The course has the right to pair up smaller than four players to fill a tee time.
  • Tee times can be made only for a maximum of 4 players.
  • All players are required to check in at the clubhouse before their round starts. This is a MUST.
  • All fees can be paid online before or even upon arrival at the course.

2. Banquets

Photo from Whispering Springs Golf Club website

Weddings can also be held in the Whispering Springs golf club, where there are separate individual spaces to host all the marriage events.

The spot to host the ceremony is there both inside and outside, and depending upon your preference, you can select the necessary space.

The Grand Ballroom present in Whispering Springs Golf Club is known to have more than 3,000 square feet and can seat up to 270 people for a brilliantly delicious dinner.

Several photo opportunities are also present in the golf club itself. You would not be required to go somewhere else to click brilliant pictures because Whispering Springs itself consists of a pond with a running fountain, seasonal wildflowers and grasses, mature trees, quaint pathways and bridges, an old barn, and even a country atmosphere.

Photo from Whispering Springs Golf Club website

Once you have rented Whispering Springs as your wedding venue, many of the items and services are included, such as the wedding tasting, flatware and glassware, china, round tables and chairs, cloth napkins and linens, skirted head, gifts, cake tables, and cake cutting service, dance floor, microphones, house sound system, easels, podium, bartenders, setup and cleaning.

Whispering Springs is also known to have in-house catering as well as bar services. This, in turn, makes it easy for the family to plan the wedding.

Whispering Springs also has two wedding planners who will work with you tirelessly so that your dream wedding remains just a dream no more and ultimately turns into reality.

Photo from Whispering Springs Golf Club website

3. Trepp’s Trap

Trep's Trap
Photo from Whispering Springs Golf Club website

Trepp’s Trap in Whispering springs golf Club is just the place where you should stop after your round of golf as it is the place to get excellent and delicious food and drinks.

After a round of golf, everyone wants to have a fun time with their family and friends. As Whispering Springs puts it, “It’s the one Trap you’ll want to be in at Whispering Springs.”

Grill Hours at Trep’s Trap start from 3:00 pm and go on till closing time from Monday to Thursday and from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm from Friday to Sunday.

The bar hours at Trep’s Trap start from 11:00 am and go on till closing time (if the weather permits) every day, while the snack bar remains open from 8:00 am to 11:00 am.

If you want to pick up your order, you also have the option to call beforehand and place your order.


Whispering Springs is such a Golf Club consisting of all the amenities required to make your day of golf pleasant.

From consisting of an incredibly artful course of holes that would allow you to enhance your golf skills to having a restaurant that is ready to provide you with all brilliant as well as delicious food items, I can honestly say that if you decide to spend the day playing golf at Whispering Springs Golf Club, you will not regret it.

As I have already mentioned initially, it is essential to know about your visit before visiting the site.

Thus, after knowing almost everything about Whispering Springs, I think it is a pretty safe bet that it is a perfect place to play golf.

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