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10 Best Halifax Restaurants with Delicious Food

If you are visiting or exploring Halifax city, then a thorough knowledge of the best restaurants in Halifax city is a must to enjoy great food. But first, let us learn a bit about the city; Halifax contributes majorly to Canada’s economy as it is a thriving business center. Halifax is located on the East Coast of Canada, in NS, and is a relatively small city.

If you are looking for touristy spots in Halifax, you are lucky; there is no shortage of those. For instance, Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk,  Hotel restaurants, Halifax Public Gardens, Halifax Harbor Ferry, and Art Gallery of Nova Scotia are a few of the many places you can go to In Halifax city.

The Studio East food, which is tucked away on the outskirts of Halifax Common, is a singular fusion of masterfully prepared Asian cuisine specializing in food with a Cambodian influence, with a large patio and a “very casual hip vibe” in Halifax’s West North End, the finest regional craft beer, and vivid, innovative drinks made to complement the robust flavours of the East.

Each dish created by Studio East incorporates ethically produced, locally sourced, and fresh ingredients. The food on their menu is an ambitious yet approachable Asian-Global fusion that aims for the greatest levels of sustainability while offering a flavorful memory.

Now that you know a little bit about the city, you are ready to venture into the world of food and decide what your food scene in Halifax is going to be like; the restaurants and the food in Halifax are amazing and will make you want to come to Halifax again and again, there are so many restaurants in Halifax, so we will help you choose the right one for you.

Let us look at some amazing food options that you have to try when visiting Halifax and eating at the best restaurants in Halifax, Nova Scotia:

1. Lobster Rolls

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Lobster is one of the most loved foods in Halifax, and serving it with a hot dog bun makes it even better. The lobster is cooked until red; then, the meat is separated and tossed with lemon, mayo, lemon zest, and onions in a separate bowl. A bun is then filled with romaine, and the meat, along with the condiments, is laid on top of the gorgeous bed of romaine.

2. Rappie Pie

A traditional Acadian dish, rappie pie, is usually made from two key ingredients: potatoes and meat like chicken, beef, or others of your choice.

First, the potato is grated, and all the juice from the potato is squeezed out. Then onions are caramelized, and the chicken breast is cooked in chicken broth. An oven tray is lined with baking paper, and half of the grated potatoes are first placed in the pan, followed by the onions and chicken, which are then covered by the remaining potatoes. The dish is baked, and the chicken broth is poured over the pie as the final touch.

3. Fish And Chips

Who doesn’t love the classic fish and chips? The chips, crispy from the outside with a soft inside, go well with the tender fish fried in the oil, coated in the perfect batter to give it the crunchy and fluffy outside.

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The ingredients for the chips are quite simple, which includes just potatoes, to which each restaurant adds its touch; the fish is coated in a batter made with flour, egg, milk, seasoning, and baking powder and is deep-fried in the oil just like the chips in the perfect temperature and using the tartare sauce as the condiment with fish and chips hits the right spot.

4. Donair

Delicious filling encased in soft and fluffy pita bread sounds appetizing. Donair is a Canadian delicacy wherein beef, or other meat, like lamb or chicken, is flavoured with spices like ground coriander, dried thyme, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, dried oregano, onion powder, dried thyme, salt, and ground black pepper.

Then the meat is rolled into a log-shaped roll and frozen. Then the meat is cooked with the help of a skewer, and then the meat is shaved for the filling. Then the donair sauce is prepped, a sweet sauce made of evaporated/condensed milk, vinegar, sugar, and garlic powder. Then everything is assembled; the shaved meat is laid on the warm pita bread, then veggies like tomatoes and onions are added, after which the donair sauce is drizzled, and as the final step, the pita is rolled up.

5. Seafood Chowder

Seafood chowder is a unique form of soup made fresh, creamy, luscious, and smooth. Cream, potatoes, carrots, bacon, a variety of seafood such as shrimp, lobster, scallops, and fresh herbs are among the components.

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The veggies are heated in water, then cream is added to the same pot, along with chopped bacon. The seafood is added and simmered until tender and the soup creamy, then herbs, such as dill leaves and chives, are added as a finishing touch. If you visit a good restaurant, you will fall in love with seafood chowder, so look through the list of best restaurants in Halifax, Nova Scotia, below.

Best Restaurants In Halifax City

1. The Bicycle Thief

Want to have the true experience of nova scotia lobster? The Bicycle Thief is one of the best restaurants in Halifax, Nova Scotia, one of the more casual fine dining restaurants in Halifax, NS, that serves North American Food with an Italian soul. Here you can have a go at the local seafood that Nova Scotia has to offer.

One of those restaurants allows you to pair your food with an amazing collection of wines you can choose from. A husband and wife duo, Stephanie and Maurizio Bertoss, are the brains behind this wildly popular, contemporary eatery. They also serve amazing lobster rolls made with fresh lobster.

There’s a good chance one may start salivating just by reading the titles of the items on the enormous menu because it is so full of stupendously alluring options. Everything on the menu sounds so delicious that one will think they are on the set of a celebrity chef competition show.

The jumbo prawns are sautéed with garlic, cognac, charred grape tomatoes, and a splash of cream to the braised beef short rib ragu served with wild mushrooms, San Marzano tomatoes, and Grana Padano, and natural chicken breast with an almond crumb crust and summer herb salad.

With an amazing dessert menu and delicious delicacies like oysters, Nova Scotia lobster, tender beef, fried calamari, tuna tartare, lobster risotto, and a lot more, by which you will not be disappointed when you taste The Bicycle Thief’s menu, one of the best fine dining experience in Halifax. It is one of the Halifax restaurants with an oyster bar.

Best Restaurants In Halifax
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The Press Gang Restaurant & Oyster Bar in Halifax, NS, like The Bicycle Thief, offers an exceptional formal dining experience with a menu of fresh local seafood, beef, game, and poultry dishes to suit every pallet.

Their oyster bar has one of the best selections in the city, featuring daily oysters from no less than three distinct farms. In addition, they offer a wide range of premium beverages, including single malt whiskies and traditional and innovative cocktails, that can be paired or savoured on their own.

Wine lovers will undoubtedly be drawn to The Bicycle Thief, as the wine bar’s selection of wines is difficult to beat. Children are given extra consideration and can order meals from the children’s menu if they desire.

The Bicycle Thief has a laid-back, come-as-you-are vibe, with a mix of Old School elegance and New School attitude. However, you cannot just walk into the restaurant and hope to have a meal; the restaurant usually remains pretty packed, which is why you need to make reservations before you visit the restaurant.

2. Curry Village

One of the best restaurants in Halifax, Nova Scotia, serves Indian food. This restaurant will take you down the journey of exploring Asian food, especially Indian cuisine, at reasonable prices. If you are looking for delicious Indian food in Halifax, then Curry Village is exactly what you are searching for, and it is also vegetarian-friendly.

If comforting Indian food is what you are eyeing, then Curry Village will not disappoint you; the menu includes delectable dishes like chicken tikka, chicken korma, chana masala, lamb curry, chicken curry, and a variety of other dishes that you can pair with aromatic and flavorful rice or loaves of bread. It provides overall an amazing dinner.

And if you set foot in this amazing restaurant, then butter chicken is one item on the menu that you shouldn’t leave without having. The creamy, buttery gravy and the juicy and flavorful chicken paired with the soft naan will leave you wanting more.

Curry Village is one of the best restaurants in Halifax that offers Indian food at affordable rates.

3. Brooklyn Warehouse

A Canadian Bistro, Brooklyn Warehouse at Windsor Street, Halifax, NS, offers great Canadian food at affordable rates and a fantastic assortment of American cuisine.

Some of the specialties at Brooklyn Warehouse include Arctic Char, a meatloaf sandwich, a fried chicken sandwich, a smoked tofu sandwich, Dragon’s breath salad, oysters, scallops, amazing burgers, and a lot more which gives it the honour of being one of the best restaurants in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Best Restaurants In Halifax
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Brooklyn Warehouse is a peculiar, dimly lighted area distinguished by kitsch furnishings and vibrant colours. Everything about this restaurant suggests fine dining, from the beamed ceilings behind the bar and the hastily posted specials on the blackboard to the out-there modern artwork and the Ikea-like chairs in yellow and orange. That is until you glance at the menu.

They have won multiple honours, including the Coast Readers’ Best New Restaurant Award in 2008, Best Restaurant in2011,2012, and 2013 and Taste of Nova Scotia Prestige Awards Casual Fine Dining Restaurant of the Year (2014), which gives it a place in our list of best restaurants in Halifax.

Brooklyn Warehouse also features a beer bar and eatery called the Battery Park in Downtown Dartmouth, which offers the best of Nova Scotia’s craft beer and serves a fresh seasonal menu. They have a strong desire to reintroduce farm-to-table cuisine into everyday life.

They collaborate with our rural growers, local marketplaces, and regional suppliers to make truly good food from Fresh. With a laid-back bistro ambiance, the Brooklyn Warehouse is cool and relaxed with sophisticated dining.

4. Auction House

At Auction House in Halifax, NS, you can pair your delicious meals with a beer for the best experience; with one of the best craft beers in town, you will not be disappointed by Auction House. If you are an ardent beer lover and are unsure about the kind of beer you want, then don’t worry; they have got you covered; they have a beer tasting room where you can make your pick. This is a very spacious restaurant especially recommended for large groups.

They have the main and brunch menus from which you can choose; the dishes here vary from salads to fish and chips to lip-smacking wings and heavenly mac and cheese. You’ll often find exciting offers that will save you extra bucks.

The menu items here have unique and interesting names like The Dad Bod 17, which is a delicious burger served with fries and salad, and Nacho Daddy 17, which is a corn tortilla filled with mouthwatering toppings like sour cream, jalapeno, salsa, bell peppers, onions, cheese and pico de gallo. The cuisine is classic “pub food”!

The cuisines served here are American and Canadian. The burgers and wings from here are raved about, and the beer is reasonably priced too, which is why Auction House is one of the best restaurants in Halifax. The ambiance here is very chill, and they have an outdoor seating setting too.

5. CUT Steakhouse

One of the best restaurants in Downtown Halifax, CUT Steakhouse, is a fine dining restaurant that has received the 4-Diamond AAA/CAA Award and Wine Spectator Award of Excellence every year since its inception. It is a steakhouse serving Canadian cuisine and even has gluten-free options.

Their menu’s main attraction is the dry-aged USDA prime beef, the wine and craft beer that pairs well with every meal. They specialize in dry-aging steaks, which are produced in-house.

They source their beef from Nebraska, Australia, and the Maritime provinces. Other popular items on the menu include Caesar salad, Chef’s salad, steak, baked potato, and of course, all kinds of steaks that CUT offers.

You can get completely cooked takeout or cook-at-home feast boxes, both of which guarantee a delicious meal. The ambiance and the stylish décor at CUT Steakhouse exude subtle elegance, and the dim lighting will provide you with the perfect steakhouse experience. In the summer, patio eating offers a stunning view of the harbour.

Best Restaurants In Halifax
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The SHUCK Seafood + Raw Bar is located downstairs and contains a seafood market with many Nova Scotia products. Oysters on the half shell, Crudo, ceviche, and entire fresh fish are just a few of the delicious seafood options available. The bar snacks are really good here too.

You can even host private events at CUT and have an unforgettable evening with your family and friends. They also offer beef tableside, with expert waiters advising customers on cut, flavour, and taste. And their sommelier-curated wine range will satisfy even the most discriminating palates.

The price range is a bit steep, but again it is one of the best fine dining restaurants in Halifax, and it is okay to spoil oneself every once in a while, and if the food is this good, you will be fully satisfied with your decision.

6. Lot Six Bar & Restaurant

Lot Six Bar And Restaurant are located in the heart of Downtown Halifax, and they are popular because they source the best ingredients, hunt for the highest quality items, and stay up with skills behind the bar and in the kitchen, which is why there are in the list of the best restaurants in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The cocktails, cuisine, wine, and beer here at Lot Six Bar & Restaurant will make a lasting impact and leave you super impressed.

The bar at Lot Six Bar and Restaurant is a major attraction. Their cocktail menu is broad and complex, with bartenders blending tastes with the agility of a seasoned chef. The wine is another such thing that visits the restaurant again and again.

Our drinks, cuisine, wine, and beer at Lot Six leave a lasting impact. We exclusively use the highest-quality local ingredients, which is why. The foundation of what we aspire to provide our friends and guests is their rich local pantry, the influence of other cultures, combined with our willingness to amuse and educate.

This restaurant takes pride in finding the highest-quality products and offers intimate event spaces and creative beverages for the guests; it is also a crowd-favourite spot for wedding events as the ambiance and the food exudes the right energy for such events. It is one of the best restaurants in Halifax for holding events and enjoying amazing food.

The tuna wonton, duck spaghetti, oysters,  mussels, crafted cocktails, and wines are just a few of the many loved items on the menu. One must taste this restaurant’s scallops and pork belly, which are usually delicious.

The stunning glass ceiling makes for the perfect outdoor date idea, and the amazing food paired with one of the 16 hand-crafted cocktail offerings will light up your day.

7. Five Fishermen

Five Fishermen is one of the best restaurants in Halifax that has fine dining and serves fresh seafood. It is housed in Halifax, NS’s oldest structure, dating back to 1750. They have a lounge bar, the 5 Social, with an in-house DJ and the main dining area. At the lounge bar, you can have shareable plates and cocktails.

There are various options in the dining area; they have a shellfish bar reception area, semi-private spaces, and a private dining room. The ambiance here is classy and elegant, which invites you to a delightful experience at one of the best restaurants in Halifax.

At Five Fishermen, you can also hold social gatherings like wedding parties, rehearsal dinners, bridesmaid luncheons, showers, business meetings, and a lot more, with the option of customized menus according to your liking.

The menu here includes delicacies like the Five Fish Experience 49, Lobster Dinner 55, Stuffed Pork Chop 42, amazing appetizers, salads, and much more. There is a wide variety of options for vegans, too, like the truffle fries, House Veggie Burger 30 charcuterie board, and a lot more.

Best Restaurants In Halifax
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8. Wooden Monkey

Wooden Monkey, which is open in two locations in Halifax, NS and the other in Dartmouth, uses organic ingredients grown locally. They also have a 100% NS craft beer/cider lineup. Another fun fact about them is that they safeguard the environment by organically producing their produce and providing material support for the local farmers.

Another plus point of Wooden monkey that makes it a contender of the best restaurants in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is that you can let the waiter know if you have any problems like nut allergies or want vegan, gluten, or vegetarian-friendly food while telling your order. One of the few upscale eateries in Halifax is The Wooden Monkey, where a veggie curry fits in perfectly between a roast chicken supper and a scallop pasta dish.

Now that we know about the beliefs of this award-winning restaurant in Halifax, let us look at the menu, as the way to a man’s heart is through food. Chowder, meat lovers’ pizza, pasta with scallops, butternut squash soup, braised beef, and Cajun haddock are some of the amazing dishes they offer, along with the great variety of sweet treats they have on their dessert menu.

The great food, environment-friendly practices, and special consideration towards people with dietary restrictions make Wooden Monkey one of the best restaurants in Halifax.

9. Salty’s

The great seafood and the waterfront location make Salty one of the best restaurants in Halifax, Nova Scotia. If you are in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and a big fan of seafood, then a trip to Salty’s is necessary. If you head upstairs, you are in for a majestic view of the Halifax Harbor.

At Salty’s, you will get a wide variety of delicious foods like shellfish, fish, steak, chicken, and lamb. They also have 8 Craft beers from Nova Scotia on tap. Salty’s won’t disappoint you if you prefer a gluten-free diet, as they have a gluten-free menu. Small plates like grilled shrimp and sautéed mushrooms are on the menu, and “seasonal elevated fare” like spaghetti and seafood.

Best Restaurants In Halifax
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Most loved menu items here include seafood chowder, lobster rolls, bacon-wrapped scallops, fish and chips, crab cakes, chicken salad, fish tacos, and much more. Most people love the seafood at Salty’s and enjoy the Harbor view while having their meal.

10. 2 Doors Down Food And Wine

2 Doors Down Food And Wine serves food made with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, is one of the best restaurants in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They have locations in Halifax and Dartmouth and work closely with farmers and artisan food producers for their amazing menu filled with lip-smacking dishes. This very spacious restaurant is recommended for large groups. It serves as a casual urban restaurant, serving a locally produced, seasonally inspired menu along with regional and global wines, craft beer, and inventive cocktails. You can enjoy seasonal cocktails, cider, and craft beer and have an amazing wine list.

The restaurant is best at serving local cuisine, Canadian cuisine, and Vegetarian Friendly and Vegan Options. The crowd favourites at 2 Doors Down Food And Wine are smoked swordfish, kale Caesar salad, fish and chips, calamari, fish tacos, and much more.

You can also hold private events for special occasions like a business meeting, bridal party, or baby shower; the list is endless at 2 Doors Down Food and Wine; you can accommodate up to 26 people and even up to 60 for standing cocktail receptions.

This was a list of the top ten restaurants in Halifax, and each one promises delicious food, a pleasant ambiance, friendly service, and a memorable experience.

You can enjoy popular Nova Scotian dishes here or stick to your classics in these best restaurants in Halifax. Lobster rolls, seafood chowder, oysters, fish and chips, pizza, and they have it at these best restaurants in Halifax.

If you follow this guide to the ten best restaurants in Halifax, you are in for a treat while enjoying your stay in Halifax city.

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