10 Niagara on the Lake Wineries

10 Niagara on the Lake Wineries 1

Wineries are the culinary business that produces wine from fine grapes or is involved in manufacturing wine. Niagara on the Lake wineries consists of some best wines in the area. 

People who like to savor the best wine should consider visiting these Niagara on the lake wineries mentioned below. 

10 Best Wineries you should visit at Niagara-on-the-lake : 

1) Peller Estate Winery- 

10 Niagara on the Lake Wineries 2

Photo from the Peller website

Peller Estate Winery is a new winery on the block. Here, the winemaker ( person who oversees winemaking), Katie Dickieson, and Winery chef ( a trained professional in wine culture) Jason Parsons work as a team to create the most igneous wine and food in Canada. 

 Operate daily from 10 am to 9 pm; it’s a winery where visitors come to awaken their tastebuds by tasting and learning about various subtleties of wine.  

Peller Estates Tasting and Wine Experiences guests to the winery to choose from a wide variety of the wine collection. 

Wine can be taken without snacks or food, but it tastes like heaven combined with good dishes. Here in this Niagara on the Lake wineries, you will learn the art of blending wine and food. 

For here, there is something that suits everyone’s taste, and a bonus point is that Peller Estate Winery members will get complimentary or at a low price.

There is no doubt that this winery is awarded the highest Zagat rating, ‘Extraordinary.’

Peller Estate Winery eatery offers an expansive view of the vineyard, along with delicious food and wine combination prepared by the one and only winery chef and personality Jason Parsons that change every passing season. 

The warm, cozy interior is a cherry on top, and it makes people comfortable to explore the winery with relaxing vibes. 

The wine club members get the opportunity to taste the featured wines in the Peller Estate Winery.

2) Reif Estate Winery

10 Niagara on the Lake Wineries 3

Photo from Reif Estate Winery website

The Reif family has practiced the technique of winemaking since their working days in the winery of Germany. 

In 1977, the first part of the property was purchased by the founder of the estate winery Ewald Reif. 

In six years (1938), the Reif Estate Winery owned a 125-acre vineyard under their aegis; hence, it was an established winery located along the Niagara River. 

In Niagara, a few authentic and old vineyards blocks are situated on the sub-appellation of the Niagara on the lake wineries.

The vineyards flora only Vitis vinifera variation, and all Ontario Wines are within VQA standards and are produced with 100% Ontario Grapes.

This Niagara on the Lake wineries provides various amazing winemaking and sensory tours alongside wedding celebration options. 

Here the wines are a reflection of their maturity and distinctiveness terroir of the Reif Vineyard. The wines processed from their oldest vineyard blocks can be devoured in their first growth collection.

The winery has a good history of making great Icewines coming out in 1984. It has received more than 100 Gold Awards since 1984. Reif Estate Icewine is appraised to be one of the best in the Niagara region.

3) Inniskilin 

10 Niagara on the Lake Wineries 4

Photo from Inniskillin winery website

It was established by Kark J. Kaiser and Donald Ziraldo in 1975. This Niagara on the Lake wineries was f dedicated to the concept of producing and bottling great VQA wines. 

The historic Brae Burn Barn has the Visitor and Tour center facility, wine tasting bar, and boutique. 

They specialize in premium wine varieties, which include world popular Icewine for taste and buy.

They also provide a public guided tour and self-guided tour. Private tours are too an option here for 15 or more people. 

Open year-round but is closed on Christmas and New year. 

4) Chateau Des Charmes

10 Niagara on the Lake Wineries 5

Photo from Taku/Flickr

The Chateau Des Charmes was founded by Paul Bosc (the fifth generation of his family of french winegrowers) in 1978

Paul and his family members became familiar with Niagara in the 1960s

From the 60s onwards, they started growing and making wines all by themselves. It is a family-run winery where the owners believe in the Estate Winery model. 

They make wine from their ingrown grapes in the winery. 

This Niagara on the Lake wineries are custodians of their property. From day one of their business, they have believed in sustainability.

They not only believe in sustainability, but they are charter members of Sustainable Winegrowing Ontario.

5) Trius Winery

10 Niagara on the Lake Wineries 6

Photo from the Trius Winery website

Owned by Trius winemaker Craig Mcdonald, its pioneer in  Canadian winemaking. Situated between the Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario

For more than 40 years, they have been working towards premium winemaking, which awards the winery. 

This Niagara on the Lake wineries harvests their grapes from four Niagara on the Lake appellations. 

It is not limited to just making fine wines in the area, but the winery is popular for one of its kind winery tours, vineyard music fests, and movie screening.

6) Diamond Estate Winery 

A 12 hectare Vineyard, situated on the exterior of the Niagara on the Lake with production amenities.

Produce some popular brands, namely 20 Bees, Dan Akroyd Wines, Fresh Wines, Lakeview Cellars, and Sundance Wines. 

From wine sampling to a wide range of wine accessories and beautiful gifts are found in this Niagara on the Lake wineries.

20 Bees used to be the original winery back in the days, but now it’s a part of the Diamond Estate Wine and spirit family.

7) The Good Earth

10 Niagara on the Lake Wineries 7

Photo from The Good Earth website

It is known for its hospitality with many other good phenomena like culinary destination, laid back, relaxing environment.

The Interior view is immaculate, with the rustic patio overlooking the vineyard and flourishing orchard garden.

This Niagara on the lake winery is full of good people, exquisite wine, and good food. 

It provides a gourmet cooking school, a bistro, a wine bar, a stone oven, Plein air painting courses, and an atmospheric experience you don’t want to miss out on.

The food menu changes every season, devoured your food with some exquisite wine of The Good Earth.

The menu mostly includes Thai shrimp and lobster burgers; in dessert, they whisk and cook fresh fruits from the farm to make the Puff with Chantilly and strawberry. 

Everything about The Good Earth Winery is refreshing, and people should come here to experience the exquisite environment of the winery.

8) Jackson Triggs Niagara Estate Winery

Started in 2001, this winery has the most technologically advanced winemaking amenities in Canada.

It facilitates the gravity-flow-assisted systems of wine production that terminate pumping, which is a potential wine ruiner. 

Adjacent to the vineyard is an 11.5 acres property with the finest vinifera clones and rootstocks, a custom grafted in France.

It emphasizes the quality of the wine; that’s why they manufacture ultra-premium VQA wines.

Pinot Noir, Carbnet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon are grown on a large in the Delaine Vineyard. Meanwhile, white varietals like Riesling, Semillon, Gewurtztraminer, Chardonnay round out the plantings.

The Jackson-Triggs Vinyard, other than producing grapes for the ultra-premium label, is also involved in research dedicated to maximum fruit quality.

The research work is done by tracking the impact of different clone and rootstock combinations, soils, pruning, climatic conditions on the grape varietal range.

9) Konzelmann Estate Winery

The landscape of this Niagara on the Lake wineries is the reason for its various mesoclimates. Even a subtle change in the climate, even around a single vineyard, can be crucial for growing trends in viticulture.  

It brings changing effects to the flavor of the grapes and the wines. Winemakers are aware, and they examine the impact climatic patterns can play on their vineyards.

A fourth-generation winemaker Herbert Konzelmann arrived in Niagara on the Lake in 1984 from Stuttgart, Germany. 

He came with design, and he aimed to establish a Canadian winery in his family’s name. The huge factor for selecting Niagara on the Lake, specifically on the shore of Lake Ontario, was the mesoclimate suitable for the Konzelmann wines.

Since it is enormous and deep, Lake Ontario has a moderate effect on vineyard temperatures near the shore. 

The growing season is extended well into autumn since the fall allows the grape to grow into a more natural sweet taste.

In addition to the moisture and heavy dew in the lakeshore vineyards, the morning mist is suitable for Konzelmann wines and gives them a fine and fruity taste.

10) Stratus 

10 Niagara on the Lake Wineries 9

Photo from Stratus Vineyards website

This Niagara on the Lake wineries is committed to its sustainability and producing wines of great quality. 

Its located on the historic Niagara on the Lake. The vineyard is a gravity-flow winery; It is LEED-certified as well.

The Semblage wines are their signature wine, their production pattern, soil quality is incredibly rich, and they a diversely planted vineyard.

On top of the winery’s sustainability attracts many wine tasters to visit their retail gallery with proximity to chic tasting rooms. They make wine to devour for along with a warm welcome.

Wineries are an exquisite form of culinary art that can be mastered with passion and an urge to perform best in this art form. Not only winemakers but wine tasters should know how to savor this globally acknowledged drink. 

If you are wine passionate or have no idea what wine is, you want the heavenly experience of wine tasting. You should check out the wineries mentioned above in Niagara on the Lake wineries.

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