Top 15 Things To Do In Kenora Ontario: Your Best Guide 2022

In Kenora Ontario, Canada, there are many fascinating activities to do and sites to view. Sunset Country includes the region, which is known throughout the country for its magnificent natural beauty.

Although Kenora Ontario, Canada, is a popular year-round destination for outdoor enthusiasts and fishers, there are numerous additional bodies of water in the vicinity that offer excellent ice fishing and other activities. The busiest seasons in Kenora city are spring and summer.

You can’t miss downtown Kenora Ontario if you’re in the town for fishing or camping, whether you’ve just pulled off the highway to do some exploration or staying for a family vacation. Tourists travel from all across Canada to enjoy Kenora City during the summer, including the neighboring province of Winnipeg, the neighboring state of Minnesota, and other parts of Canada.

Location of Kenora Ontario

location: Kenora,Ontario
Photo by British Library : Unsplash/ Copyright 2022

Kenora is located along the Trans-Canada Highway, about 50 kilometers from the Manitoba border and a two-hour drive from CentrePort Canada, Canada’s largest tri-modal inland port and Foreign Trade Zone.

History Of Kenora Ontario

The Hudson’s Bay Company established a trading post on Old Fort Island in 1790, and the area had a gold rush from 1890 to 1891. When it became a divisional railroad stop in 1882, the hamlet was founded as a Manitoba town, but after a territorial dispute, it was awarded to Ontario, in the country Canada. It became an Ontario township in 1883.

Kenora city is a popular tourist destination, especially during the summer months. This city, which was long considered both a part of Ontario and a part of Winnipeg, began its life by the name “Rat Portage.” 

Kenora Ontario was named after three communities, the first two letters of Keewatin, Norman, and Rat Portage. Residents of the town had expressed dissatisfaction with the name Rat Portage for years, but it appears that it took a final push from industry to force the change.

Things To Do in Kenora Ontario

Here’s a list of some of the most popular summer and winter experiences, especially in the months of January, July, October, and December. Take part in various activities when visiting and enjoying life in Kenora Ontario, Canada, including the adjacent areas of Redditt, Keewatin, and Minaki, Ontario, Canada.

1. The Rail Road Museum

Even if you don’t consider yourself a history buff, the Rail Road Museum is likely to appeal to you. It’s not difficult to discover the museum. It’s within a few minutes from downtown Kenora city, right next to Norman Beach. Outside the museum, there are authentic railroad segments on display.

You may visit a vast collection of miniature trains as well as learn about the railway in the area. The museum is guaranteed to be a favorite with the residents and visitors of all ages, but children, in particular, should enjoy everything the museum has to offer!

2. Go for Shopping

Photo by JEsse on Unsplash

There are all the typical touristic businesses selling souvenirs and Lake of the Woods clothing, but there are also some unique boutiques worth visiting in Kenora Ontario. Northern Ontario is known for its great fishing and stunning scenery, but it should also be acknowledged for its artistic talent.

In the neighborhood, there are numerous individual artists and craftspeople. You can often find various types of arts, from paintings and sculptures to jewelry and books by local writers on display or for sale in the shops downtown. Keep an eye out for the murals that have been painted on the sides of buildings in the neighborhood!

3. The Woods Museum

The museum will appeal to people of all ages. The Lake of the Woods Museum and the Douglas Family Centre, which is located in Kenora Ontario is much more than a lovely building in and out of itself. Throughout the year, the center hosts a variety of exhibitions. The museum contains around 25,000 artifacts in its collection, which is big and outstanding. The majority of them contribute to the area’s amazing heritage.

4. Go for Ice Fishing

ice fishing
Photo by Clay Banks : Unsplash/ Copyright 2022

The Lake of the Woods is well-known as a premier sportfishing location in Kenora Ontario. Trophy-sized muskies measuring in the fifty-inch range are not uncommon. Large pike and walleye are plentiful. 

It is also a great place for boating and catching smallmouth and largemouth bass. Because Lake of the Woods is such a popular ice fishing site, the amount of traffic on the Lake and its sheer vastness can be scary to first-timers. There are numerous outfitters and guiding businesses on or near the Lake that can assist you in making the most of your fishing experience.

5. Kenora Recreation Centre

The Kenora Recreation Centre offers a wide range of exercise and recreation equipment and activities to help you keep in shape while also connecting with your community. Each month, the centre provides a range of fitness courses in the Aerobics Room or the Rotary Room, all of which are guided by licensed teachers. Each session has nine spaces available on a first-come, first-served basis.

6. Spend the day exploring, fishing, and paddling

The lovely and pristine inland Black Sturgeon Lake is within a short distance from Kenora. The lake’s clear waters are well-known. The lake is ideal for fishing, especially if you want to explore the area but are scared by Lake of the Woods’ immensity.

Paddling on the lake is fun for canoeists and kayakers, but Black Sturgeon also provides access to the thrilling Winnipeg River system. The lake is ideal for a day trip or a peaceful vacation in the vicinity. The scenery, like most of northern Ontario, Canada, is simply breathtaking.

7. Cruise The Lake of the Woods

M.S.Kenora Scenic Cruises Lake of the Woods | Vlog # 38 | Certainly Venice

Taking the M. S. Kenora is perhaps the quickest, easiest, and most enjoyable method to see Lake of the Woods. The two-hour tour allows you to see the most beautiful parts of the lake. It will be clear why this gorgeous region attracts thousands of visitors each year.

The lake is scattered with islands and has a beautiful shoreline. The trip will also take you by some of the lake’s most beautiful houses and cottages. The cruise ship is also fully licensed and has eating options.

8. The Rushing River Provincial Park

Families and individuals are both attracted to Rushing River Provincial Park, which is approximately fifteen minutes from Kenora, Ontario.

It’s well renowned for its sandy beaches, lovely campgrounds, clean waters ideal for swimming and fishing, hiking paths, and engaging summer programs. The park is also well-known as a starting point for some magnificent canoe routes.

The location is breathtakingly beautiful, with plenty of opportunities for wildlife viewing and bird watching. Winter visitors flock to the area, particularly for the cross-country ski tracks.

9. Learn everything about fishing

In 2012, the Northern Ontario Sports Fishing Centre in Sioux Narrows opened its doors to visitors worldwide. The structure is a work of art, but what’s inside is truly amazing. The three handcrafted totem poles are awe-inspiring. Antique fishing equipment, old motors, and two vintage fishing boats are among the items housed in the facility.

The Centre is happy to display paintings and works for sale by local artists. The Centre’s artifact collection is constantly expanding thanks to generous gifts. The Centre is located in downtown Sioux Narrows, just off of Lake of the Woods, and is well worth the trek out to see, especially at the end of October.

10. The Discovery Centre

The Discovery Centre, located on the shores of Lake of the Woods, serves as a visitor information centre as well as a venue for a variety of rotating exhibits and activities. Take a hike to the upper level of the Centre while you’re there to see beautiful local arts on the display walls.

There are also multimedia outlets as well as educational interactive displays that tell about Lake of the Woods’ history and culture. The structure also houses a 100-seat theatre with sliding glass panels that extend to outside seating space for musical and dramatic performances. The Centre is accessible by boat, and it features picnic tables and a breathtaking view of Lake of the Woods.

11. Take to The Trails

The city contains some of the most magnificent and scenic scenery you’ll ever see. It’s no surprise that the paths in and around Kenora, as well as the lake, are extremely popular. Whether you’re a regular hiker or prefer a more stroll, there’s bound to be a route that’s just right for you. In and around this town, there are over nine separate trail networks. You may learn more about which trail is best for you by visiting the website.

12. Take a Tour of a Brewery Brewing Company

If you’re looking for fantastic restaurants in Kenora Ontario, then go to the Lake of the Woods Brewing Company. They don’t simply serve delicious food in their downtown Kenora city. You can also take a tour of the brewery to observe how everything is made.

There’s also a store on site where you can stock up on Lake of the Woods Brewing Company merchandise. The beers brewed here can be obtained in a variety of beer shops around Northwest Ontario. Try the well-known blueberry ale.

13. Harbourfest

Harbourfest is described as Northwest Ontario’s largest music festival. Every summer, the festival features Canadian bands and performers. This year’s festival will take place from July 31 to August 2nd. While you may not want to visit only for the festival, you may want to schedule your trip to coincide with it. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, located just by Kenora’s lovely harbor region.

14. Go to The Colossal Muskie

Husky The Muskie is a must-see for anybody visiting Kenora Ontario. The massive Muskie statue, located in McLeod Park near downtown Kenora Ontario, rises proudly over the waterfront area. Make sure to get a picture with the forty-foot-tall legendary fish! Head downtown if you’re looking for Husky the Muskie merch, as several of the businesses sell t-shirts and sweatshirts in the Kenora area.

15. The Unique House

The Historical Society and an educational display about the historical Mather family are housed in the Mather-Walls residence. The family was instrumental in the growth of the surrounding area. The home is not simply for history aficionados or architectural admirers. Regardless of age or interest, everyone is welcome to come to view the lovely home and possibly learn something new.

Pack your bags and begin your vacation in Kenora Ontario. There you will find a tourist information centre to assist you in planning your trip. Take a walk to McLeod Park along the water’s edge greenbelt. The M.S. Kenora ship takes daily cruises of Lake of the Woods.

Visit the beaches in Kenora Ontario, which feature beautiful sand beaches and playgrounds. The city is a golfer’s dream come true. Kenora Ontario has two lovely 18-hole golf courses. The Lake of the Woods Museum and the Mather Walls Historical House will appeal to history aficionados.

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