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Celebrate in Style: 20 Best Birthday Cakes in Toronto

Hard to imagine a birthday celebration without a birthday cake. Looking for the best birthday cake Toronto? No matter even if it is custom cakes, wedding cakes, special cakes for a unique celebration, or the best birthday cakes in Toronto this article is one stop for all.

Here is the list of the best birthday cake shops, in Toronto.

1. List of the Best Birthday Cakes

1.1. Bunner’s Bake Shop

Bunner’s bake shop is one of the best cake shops in Toronto. Avoiding soy, gluten, or milk in your birthday cake, and on top of it looking for custom cake in Toronto, Bunner’s bake shop is the shop for the best birthday cakes. At Bunner’s bake shop, you can get the cake batter of your choice of flavour and bake it at home.

Planning to present a delicious cake to your loved one in Toronto? A gift card helps you give your loved one the best Bunner’s bake shop treats.

Place your customized order either online or via call. But if you are looking for delivery at door step check their uber eats page.

Find at: 244 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2L7, Canada

1.2. Velvet Lane Cakes

Velvet Lane Cakes in Toronto offer artistic and best birthday cakes, in Toronto. Longing for a dream cake to materialize this birthday, Velvet Lane Cakes in Toronto bakes custom cakes. It is the place to order cakes for occasions worth celebrating.

The finest ingredients are used to make delectable cakes. Dietary requests and allergies are taken care of with ingredients. Get a custom cake to showcase the dessert with standout flavours like lemon and red velvet with hazelnut and caramel inside.

One of the best bakeries in Toronto uses traditional American buttercream in all its creations.

Find at: 194A Carlton St., Toronto, ON M5A 2K8, Canada

1.3. Daan Go Cake Lab

Award-winning chef Christopher Sir at Daan go cake lab, makes sure that there is something for everyone. Working on values like bringing people together and sharing moments with loved ones, at Daan Go they play with the finest ingredients to get the best delivered.

Best Marble Cake Toronto
Image from Daan Go Lab Cake website

They have a separate holiday collection range to fit your diverse holiday needs. It is the best bakery offering customizable french macarons.

Find at: 550 Hwy 7 Building C Unit 70, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 3Z4, Canada

1.4. Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecakes

Japanese cheesecakes are light and fluffy. It is the best birthday cake in Toronto if looking for an offbeat and affordable birthday cake. Apart from the original cheesecake flavour, visit Tetsu’s for Oreo cake, and chocolate cake options.

Find at: 595 Bay St., Toronto, ON M5G 2R3, Canada

1.5. Shu Cake Shop

Planning an extraordinary and stylish birthday party? Looking for a bit different birthday cake? Select your gorgeous cakes from fancy cakes like mousse cakes, crêpe cakes, and cream cakes.

All cakes are freshly made on order at Shu’s.

Find at: 3 Wellesley St W, Toronto, ON M4Y 1E8

1.6. Bloomer’s On Queen

Turn your eyes at Bloomer’s On Queen for the best vegan and birthday cakes in Toronto. Try the new flavours like a campfire with graham cracker crumbs, chocolate raspberry, lime coconut, rose pistachio, and marshmallows.

Remember these birthday cakes are for everyone as the dietary restrictions are well-addressed at Bloomer’s. So now you can enjoy delicious cakes without any guilt.

They serve at two locations at Queen West and Bloorcourt. Open at Uber eats and door dash.

Find at: 715 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1E6, Canada

1.7. Butter Baker

Butter baker is an awesome place to look for a birthday cake with side cookies and pies. In the category of the best birthday cake , Baker’s Birthday Cake is worth mentioning.

This vanilla sponge cake comes with Madagascar vanilla frosting, toppled with rainbow sprinklers, and the white, pink, or blue glaze makes the taste great.

This bakery is the place to materialize your dream cake with all the fresh and local ingredients.

Find At: 120 Dundas St West, Toronto, Ontario M5G 1C3, Canada

1.8. The Rolling Pin

The Rolling Pin, the best bakery offers the best birthday cakes in Toronto. Buy and try from the four tasting kits to choose your taste of flavour at the rolling pin.

Apart from the birthday cake, get an array of baked goods like cake cups, pies, pop tarts, cookie platters, popcorn lollipops, mini desserts, and much more.

Engage your little munchkins with Do it Yourself kits, Donut decorating, Cookies and Cream decorating tree, and many more like cookie dough to bake them back home. Plan the next celebration of your children’s birthday at the Rolling Pin, and involve them in a cake decorating party.

Find at: 1970 Avenue Rd, North York, Ontario M5M 4A1, Canada

1.9. Bake Shoppe

Visit the Bake Shoppe for a range of desserts, mini pies, 6″ birthday cakes, and milkshakes. De

Order the 6″ buttercream variety, like baked raspberry with cream cheese, chocolate fudge cake, marble with salted caramel, Hazelnut cake a mix of Nutella, hazelnuts, and chocolate or chocolate with cookies n cream cake for the special occasion.

Visit Bake Shoppe and eat baked goods and buy “Baked” merchandise like T-shirts. Bakery at two locations Toronto and Bolton.

Did you miss ordering the birthday cake and forget about the best birthday cake in Toronto? Bake Shoppe is the answer. You can walk in and buy a 6″ last-minute birthday cake here.

Find at Toronto: Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1Y5, Canada, or

At Bolton: 2 Queen Street North, Caledon, Ontario L7E 1C8, Canada

1.9. Cheese Garden Japanese Cheesecake

Cheese Garden Japanese Cheesecake offers authentic Japanese desserts well researched by the founder. Japanese-style recipes made with the finest local ingredients of Toronto will surely take you to the streets of Tokyo.

Visit for the perfect Japanese birthday cakes in Toronto like Matcha Double Fromage Cheesecake, Japanese Cheesecake, Shiroi Valentine Soufflé Cheesecake, Uji Matcha Tiramisu, and Yaki Pudding Cheesecake.

Order online with uber eats or takeaway.

Custom cakes are slightly not possible at Cheese Garden Japanese Cheesecake.

Find at: 220 Yonge St Unit H017, (Level 1), Toronto, ON M5B 2H1, Canada, or

5291 Yonge St, North York, ON, and Unit G120, 3250 Midland Ave. Scarborough, ON.

1.10. Nadège Patisserie

Nadège Patisserie, a French bakery promises the use of premium ingredients to bake the best birthday cakes in Toronto. Named after owner and chef Nadège Nourian, a fourth-generation pastry chef who changed the way the Torontonians savoured their cakes in Toronto.

Signature Cake Nadége Patisserie
Image from Nadége Patisserie website

Order individual celebration cakes in different flavours as per the taste of the guest. Along with this indulge in the taste of France with baked goods made with high-quality ingredients, fresh every morning.

Find at: Nadège Patisserie is at six locations in Toronto.

1.11. Serano Bakery

For custom cakes, Serano Bakery offers the best birthday cake in Toronto. Traditional baking along with decades of experience ensures you get the best-themed cakes or a special cake for occasions worth celebrating.

Kids’ birthday cakes, engagement cakes, wedding cakes, loads of bakery goods, shower cakes, and memorial cakes are 48 hours orders away.

The huge counter allows you to walk away with delicious goodies, and for that unplanned birthday celebration cakes in Toronto.

Find at: 830 Pape Avenue, East York, Ontario M4K 3T5, Canada

1.12. Roselle Desserts

If you are looking for a birthday cake with a layer of passionfruit cremeux on the top, Roselle desserts are the place. The earl with little soft balls on the top is the perfect birthday cake for your little one.

Since this is a small setup with a limited staff they don’t entertain custom cakes.

Find at: 362 King East, Toronto, Ontario M5A 1K9 Canada

1.13. Staij & Co

Staij & Co offers 13 best birthday cakes which are Ferrero rocher cake, Raspberry lemon cake, Chocolate lovers cake, Chocolate works cake, and Chocolate salted caramel cake. The category of sprinkle cake comes in four flavours pink, blue, vanilla, and chocolate.

Find At: 552 Parliament St, Toronto, ON M4X 1P6, Canada

1.14. Phipps Bakery

The perfect handmade birthday cake is made with the best and most honest chefs at the Phipps. Marble Galaxy with layers of chocolate and intermingled vanilla buttercream, Flourless Chocolate, Mardi Gras, and Lemon Coconut Snowball are the must-try birthday cakes for the next birthday.

Marble Galaxy
Image from Phipps Bakery website

Find at: 420 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M5N 1A2, Canada

1.15. Whisked Gluten Free Bakery

Visit and order at Whisked Gluten Free Bakery for the best birthday cake in Toronto.

If you are one who would like to grab a gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, peanut-free, and sesame-free cake either for yourself or your loved one, this cake shop in Toronto deliver perfectly delicious cake without any of the mentioned.

Gobble down not just gluten-free cakes but cookies, pies, and pastries that not only taste great but look great too.

High-quality ingredients are used. You can buy gluten-free flour for your personal baking experience.

Find at: 1970 Ellesmere Rd #4, Scarborough, ON M1H 2W1, Canada

1.16. Dufflet Pastries

A true paradise for a vegan lover, Dufflet Pasteries offers the best birthday cake in Toronto. They are certified by VegeCert. The cheesecakes with creme brulee, caramel pecan fudge, and toffee apples will tantalize your taste buds.

Order the best birthday cakes in Toronto from here for a big party. The layer cakes in Toronto are the best at Dufflet. They offer amazing cakes like chocolate banana cake, carrot cake, cherry blossom cake, coffee toffee, cookies, and cream.

if your birthday falls in the holiday season, get the seasonal items at cut-down prices. Isn’t it an exciting side dessert option?

Find at: 787 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1G1

1.17. The Sweet Escape

The Sweet Escape bakery is located at a hidden spot in the Distillery District. You can order your dream cake here and choose from the range of flavours available like creme brulee, winter mint, banana split, and snickerdoodle.

They also make gluten-free cakes and “retro” cakes finished with maraschino cherries.

Find at: The Distillery Historic District,
24 Tank House Lane Unit 102, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4, Canada

1.18. Ampersand Bakehouse

Ampersand Bakehouse stands out to satiate the sweet tooth of your elder keeping in mind health and nutrition.

Ampersand Bakery
Image from Ampersand Bake House website

So, looking for a birthday cake for someone old in the family or an elderly friend, binge on the tasting cakes before you order the final flavour at the Ampersand.

Find at: 1808 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C 1H8, Canada

1.19. Brazilian Bakery

For the best Portuguese birthday cakes in Toronto visit a Brazilian bakery. Order the perfect themed cakes for that special occasions worth celebrating like baby showers, graduation ceremonies, and wedding cakes, and on top of it the best cakes in Toronto.

A perfect catering menu helps you to decide on custom birthday cakes in Toronto. At a hot table, you can even plan your birthday party with buddies or a small family get-together at Brazil Bakery.

Find at- 1566 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6K 1T5 Or

5800 Mavis Rd, Mississauga, ON L5V 2N6

1.20. Mon K Patisserie

Mon K Patisserie offers Japanese and French flavours under one roof. Best birthday Cake to offer to your Japanese or French friend. They take orders 3 days prior to the delivery date. Nice place to buy chocolate, and red velvet birthday cakes.

Find at: 1040 Coxwell Ave, East York, ON M4C 3G5, Canada

2. Points to Remember

If your birthday cake consists of cream, custard, fresh fruit, or cream cheese, consume it in a day or two.

You can refrigerate it but if the cake loses moisture and is hard outside then it might not taste great.

It is important to be assured that the cake you savour is fresh.

3. Takeaway

Toronto, a multicultural city, is one of the largest cities in Canada. For the best birthday cake in Toronto, visit Whisked Gluten Free Bakery for the dedicated gluten-free bakery or Cheese Garden for Japanese flavour. Though each bakery in Toronto bakes cakes that taste great and look stunning too.

Most of the bakeries provide gift card options and greeting cards to accompany the birthday cake to your friend or a family member. How about presenting a bouquet of fresh flowers to accompany the best birthday cake in Toronto?

I hope this article will surely help you choose your not just next birthday cake but delicious cake in Toronto.

Best Wishes & Enjoy the Birthday!

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Best Cakes in Toronto

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